Drei’s Tale…Crusin’ The Streets of San Francisco…Turning The Bay Blue

Leading Off…

For those of you old enough to remember that classic crime drama and that opening theme with that voice-over guy…If only I had that voice-over dude to narrate for me…

“The Streets of San Francisco, a DodgerDrei Production…”


20170425_090710Magic Gnome

Also Starring

20170425_102414-1 Magic Gnome’s Sidekick, Blue Dog…

With Special Guest Star…

20170425_152836Sourdough Sam

Tonight’s Episode…Turning The Bay Blue

Cruising The Streets…McCovey Cove, Tuesday Morning 4/25/2017


Drei here…It’s been awhile since Drei has cruised through The Streets of Baghdad By The Bay…Upon arriving Tuesday morning, April 25th, though not as cold as I expected, Drei still comes prepared for that cool San Fran breeze that comes off The Cove…

The streets around McCovey Cove has changed since Leslie Nielsen once cruised this part of town (Yes, I am serious…)


As you can see, the building next to the Lefty O’Doul Bridge along 3rd Street is still there, used today for mixed use…


Terry A Francois Blvd, pictured above. The area around McCovey Cove as well as AT&T Park was once an industrial part of town. Today, trees line Terry A Francois Blvd, providing gorgeous views of the cove and the bay beyond…


The trail along Terry A Francois Blvd behind the trees. In the distance is a statue of the man who the cove is named after, Willie McCovey. A miniature ballfield is next to the statue for future big leaguers…


The view of AT&T Park from the Lefty O’Doul Bridge…


The morning sunrise from the portwalk beyond right field. Even as a Dodger fan, I gotta admit, this makes for a lovely morning stroll…


Hey, it’s the Magic Gnome going for his morning walk…


Kid K has a great history up here…We’ll check back from The Cove later on…Hey ! Magic Gnome’s sidekick, Blue Dog finally joins in…

Cruising The Streets…Market and Powell


Yo, Magic Gnome ! Ready to hop on one of those classic cable cars? Car 24 is waiting behind you. 24 is a very popular number among the locals…


Can’t forget Blue Dog now…

Cruising The Streets…Cruising The Haight


While Magic Gnome and Blue Dog are enjoying their cable car ride, Drei decides to take a cruise up The Haight. Love is preached a lot in these parts going back to some Summer of Love, 1967…


The “Quiet Beatle”. One year after The Fab Four would perform at Candlestick Park their final concert ever, George Harrison would pay a visit to The Haight…

20170425_101448 Peace and Love

The visit to The Haight wasn’t exactly what George expected…

From The Haight, we discover that a street is named after a certain Kid K who will be taking the hill that evening. For whatever reason, the names Haight and Clayton go hand in hand up in these parts…

20170425_100258On the corner of Haight and Clayton…

20170425_100915“Yo Magic ! What up Blue Dog? Even up here, they give Kid K the ultimate tribute…”

As we continue to Cruise The Haight, we cruise past the complex where James Marshall Hendrix once resided…

20170425_101623Drei has to wonder, why The Red House and not purple ?

20170425_101929 “Hey Magic! You still a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix? Of course Dog! We used to blast Purple Haze all the time! My good pal from Boston, Larry, hated on Purple Haze every time we blasted it on Manchester and Prairie…”

20170425_102414-1“Yo Magic! What’s the big deal about this corner. DOG! 50 years ago in the Summer of ’67, people came form all over to celebrate Love and Peace on this corner of Haight and Ashbury…Haight? Magic, we’ve heard that word “Haight” a lot from the locals. We’re just trying to turn this town Blue while spreading peace and love…”

Cruising The Streets…The Panhandle


This park-like path just north of The Haight was the site of some free concerts among others Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead and even Jimi Hendrix…




Looks like the Magic Gnome is waiting for a one on one pickup game…

” I’ll take anyone one on one…Even that number 30 across The Bay, right here baby !!!”


“Yo Magic, how ’bout we go two on two against those ballers…Heck Magic, after we take care of these two I say we take on Stephen and his sidekick Draymond…DOG! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO BE SUCH A HOT DOG !!!”

Cruising The Streets…Golden Gate Park

But first, a quick cruise back through The Haight…

20170425_095838 The legend…Jerry Garcia

20170425_095850Drei and Jerry, on the corner of Haight and Cole. Hey Jerry, I hear you and some guy named Ben have an ice cream shop down the street on Ashbury…


Or Hipster?


20170425_120640 Hey look…It’s Sourdough Sam ! That lovable Niner mascot who claims to be both the OG hippie turned hipster. Sammy insists we go with him to Hippie Hill…Summer of Love 50th Anniversary exhibit from the De Young Museum to be featured soon…


When his Niners weren’t playing games at nearby Kezar Stadium, Sammy spent many a day up on that darn hill, especially in 1967 (I don’t think Sammy remembers anything from ’67….) About that Summer of ’67…Or the months leading to that Summer of Love…


Hey Sammy, looks like you we’re lost among the throng. All looks calm now compared to 1967…

20170425_152436Never stop preaching Peace and Love…That’s quite a view from Hippie Hill. Speaking of Hills, and Cruising, back in L.A. Kid Marley Marlz has this beat. For some reason this beat from Kid would go perfect up here…

Hey Kid, you look nice and warm back home in sunny L.A….


Hey Sammy ! Looks like Magic Gnome and Blue Dog came to join you up Hippie Hill. I wonder how their 2 on 2 went…

Cruising The Streets…3rd and King

After cruising the streets from The Cove to The Haight, we now head back to the ballpark on the corner of 3rd and King. As we enter the ballpark, we discover that a garden is located beyond the center field fence…

20170425_183117 Yes folks, that is a garden inside the ballpark. 

20170425_183108Lets check out the garden…

20170425_184119(0)Magic Gnome making himself feel at home. That Giants fan be askin’ “Who let that Dodger Gnome in?”

20170425_18413420170425_184145Even with all the Dodger Blue, our Magic Gnome gives this garden, dare Drei say it, a Magic Blue Touch ?


Hey! These fellow Dodger fans found you Magic !!! All this cruising got Drei hungry…

20170425_174753That “Dodger Blueberry Shortcake” sure looks good. They must have known we we’re coming…


Now THAT is a feast ! Drei really liked that cauliflower flatbread on the left. They even have a fennel sausage flatbread here in the garden. Everything was soooooooo good !!!


Hey, Sourdough Sam even joined us !!!


HUGE SHOUTOUT to our master-chefs and their staff !!!


Drei THANKS YOU for all your hospitality, even with all my Dodger Blue on !!! Drei will have a feature on The Garden at AT&T Park both here and on Stadium Journey soon…

20170425_180550 It was quite a day…For Drei…In The City By The Bay…Drei even snagged a BP shot…

20170425_185523It really was quite a day for Drei…Cruising The Streets of San Francisco…Painting the Town Blue…Feeling the love from the locals…From McCovey Cove to The Haight and back (Again we wonder, why all the reminders to Drei, Magic and Blue Dog about Haight?) Oh yeah, all this capped off by a win by The Blue Crew. We sure turned The Bay…Blue

In the City By The Bay, on the days leading to the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love, for two cities and teams that have a long storied rivalry, it is possible that between us, Peace and Love (And good food) can exist…



“Always great to hang with you up here Blue Dog…Good Times Sammy! I won’t tell you buddy Lou Seal that we kicked it together…”


Time to head back to L.A.



Drei’s Notes On a Scorecard…4/15/2017 Vs DiamondBacks…Celebrating Jackie Robinson

J Robinson Statue

This day would mark the 70th anniversary that Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier, opening the way not only for African-American baseball players, but for other international players as well. Fittingly, to celebrate this special day, the first ever statue at Dodger Stadium would honor Jackie Robinson…

Scorecards 4 15 2017

Dbacks Scorecard

Arizona would come into Dodger Stadium atop the NL West after a fast start that saw them win 7 of their first 10. DBacks SS Nick Ahmed would drive in all four runs for the Snakes. Kenta Maeda would strike out 5 but only last 4 innings, once again leaving the bullpen to go another long stretch. Fortunately, Alex Wood would pitch 3 1/3 stellar innings of shutout ball and Kenley Jansen would record the four out save…

Dodgers Scorecard 4 15 2017

Austin Barnes, getting the starting nod behind the dish, would crank his first big league home run off the LF foulpole…

It would be Puig’s 3 run shot in the home 8th that would put the game away…

On a personal note, in the 2 games Drei has been to this season, Puig has 8 RBI’s, 7 of those coming through the long ball…

The Dodgers 8-4 victory over the DBacks would be their 10th in a row at Dodger Stadium dating back to last season.

Though the bullpen would put in another stellar performance, my early season concern has to be how much longer can Dave Roberts continue to throw starters not named Kershaw on the hill and get 5 innings or less.

Both the Dodgers and DBacks would combine for 5 errors.

Despite posting 8 runs, the Blue would leave 11 runners on base. Leaving runners on base has also been an early season issue.

Colorado will be coming in to Dodger Stadium tomorrow night atop the NL West. Both the DBacks and Rockies got off fast starts with the Giants struggling early….

9th Inning…

J Rob Night Pic_Drei J and Nate

Saturday night with ‘Doza and Son…

Extra Innings…

Easter Pic with Soshi

Uncle Drei and Soshi hope you all had a great Easter weekend !!!

Drei’s Notes On A Scorecard…4/6/2017 vs Padres…End of an Era For L.A. Sports

Puig Scorecard

Greetings. Welcome to my first edition of Drei’s Notes on a Scorecard. Today, our scorecards come from my first game of the year on 4/6 as The Blue would conclude their final game of a 4 game series with the Padres. On the notes from above, through 4, The Cuban Missile would do his damage from the bat, twice, driving in 2 runs each time for a total of four runs. That would be 3 home runs in two days for Yasiel Puig…

lad scorecard

Holy Charity From The Friars…

The Blue would score 6 more from the 6-7th innings en route to a 10-2 shellacking of The Friars. During that frame, The Friars would issue 8 walks, forcing in a run while also stealing one as well on a double steal. The Blue would only need 3 hits during that 6 run frame..

sd scorecard.jpg

A Not So Holy Welcome

This would be Jarred Weaver’s first start in a Padre uniform. Weaver would go 5, being taken deep twice by Puig. Weaver was acquired in February off free agency after a successful stint with the Angels.

Brandon McCarthy would go 6 strong, striking out 4. Luis Avilan and Chris Hatcher would have strong outings out of the ‘pen, with Hatcher striking out 3 in 2 innings.

So those are my first Notes On a Scorecard for 2017. It’s great to be back at the old ballgame…

Drei’s Ballpark Tales

blue dog and tremor 2

Featuring Blue Dog and his cousin from Rancho Cucamunga, Tremor…


blue dog and tremor

Nice day for these two to take in a ballgame…Nice of Tremor to make the trek from Rancho to see the big club with his cousin Blue Dog…Tremor’s Quakes kick off their season this week…

End of An Era for L.A. Sports…

vin chick bob

With the Kings 3-2 loss to the Anaheim Ducks tonight, an golden era has come to an end. Bob Miller, the L.A. Kings announcer of 44 years, is hanging up the mic. Miller had experienced some health issues earlier this season however he did come back to broadcast the Kings final two games, including their home finale yesterday. 

Though the Kings will be left out of the post-season, this decade is been the kindest to Miller, as he would be on hand for their 2 Stanley Cup conquests in 2012 and 2014. 

L.A. sports fans, already and admittedly spoiled by Vin and Chick, all agree that of the 3, Bob Miller is undoubtedly the most underrated. Much of that of course has to do with the long history of success by both the Lakers and Dodgers.

Between the 3, a total of 16 World Championships we’re won by their respective teams. Today really does mark the end of a golden era in L.A. sports. Thank You Bob !

9th Inning…R.I.P. Mr. Potato Head

Over the years, the Dodgers have had many a celebrity pay The Ravine a visit. One of the biggest and long time Dodger fans from the Hollywood circuit passed away this past week. Don Rickles, a regular and a frequent player during the early days of the Hollywodd Stars game, passed away at the age of 90. In this clip from 1985, Don Rickles does a roast of The Boys in Blue…R.I.P. Don Rickles



Drei’s 2017 National League Forecast

Leading Off…What Drei Said Last Year

NL East…

“The Nationals, last year’s favorites among many of the experts to win the WS, still posses a pretty potent all-around lineup to compliment their strong rotation, anchored by Stephen Strasburg. Injuries and the lack of team unity played key roles in the Nats late season meltdown, costing Matt Williams his job… It is hoped that proven skipper Dusty Baker will be able to keep this team completely focused…”

In his first season as the Nationals skip, Dusty Baker restored some order in leading the Nats back to the post-season, to be eliminated in 5 games by The Blue. While Dusty may be one of the finest managers of the game, going back to the 2002 World Series his teams have lost 9 straight post-season series clinchers. He can say what he wants about some of Dave Roberts moves in Game 5, fact of the matter is, once again, he was simply out-managed when it counted.

NL Central…

“Many are picking the Cubs to not only go deep into October but to also win that big Fall Prize that has eluded them the last 108 years. This could just be their year…Much of the attention will be focused on their pitching, considered to be one of the deepest with the top 3 in the rotation of Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester and John Lackey.”

Much of what was said here and by the pundits came to full fruition last year for the North Siders, ending a 108 year drought without a World Series title. The Cubs, even with the loss of Dexter Fowler, are once again primed for another deep post season run.

NL West…

“Much has been made of the off-season moves within the division and it is expected to be a 3 team race between the Dodgers, Giants and Diamondbacks…in spite of our early season worries, not every Dodger got hurt during Spring Training. The top 3, led by Kid K with Scott Kazmir and off-season addition Kenta Maeda, will give the Blue a formidable front end of the rotation. My concerns however are how will Maeda, coming off a solid spring,  hold up in his first big league season…”

Once again, the Dodgers are being picked by many to win another NL West crown. This would mark their 5th consecutive division title. During this stretch, only the St. Louis Cardinals have more regular season wins than The Blue. 

Last year, Drei said The Blue would win 91 games…Check. Drei also said the Dodgers would meet the Cubs in the NLCS…Check. Drei said the Blue would take down the Blue Jays in the Fall Classic. Oh how Drei wishes he could trade in the first two for a better final result…

Here We Go…


The Nats and Mets should once again be the class of the division, with both featuring some of the games deepest rotations. Miami, even with the tragic loss of Jose Fernandez, still has a lot of young talent and could be the divisions sleeper. Atlanta and Philly should also see continued improvement from last season. 


Much of the Cubs roster, minus Dexter Fowler, remains intact as they are once again expected to make a deep run in October. St. Louis, though without any true impact players, came within one game of a post-season spot. A mad run by the Giants in the final week including a 3 game sweep of The Blue in the final weekend would undo the Red Birds post-season hopes. The Bucs can’t really be considered a post-season sleeper. Should they avoid any prolonged injuries they still have a formidable pitching staff that can carry them into October. 


Last year, Dave Roberts managed to will the Dodgers to the NLCS in spite of the numerous injuries to the rotation. While it is expected to be a 2 division race between the Dodgers and Giants once again, Colorado may not be too far behind and may even be not only the division’s but the leagues sleeper as well. If the Rockies highly touted young arms can maintain their composure in hitter friendly Coors Field, the Rockies just may make a legitimate run at the post season…

NL Wild Card

Giants over the Mets


Cubs over the Giants. 

Like last year, this will be a tight series that this time will go the full 5 games

Dodgers over the Nationals. 

This could also go the full 5 again. Dusty Baker could also throw shade at Dave Roberts after being out-managed again…

So, in virtually a repeat of what happened last year in the Senior Circuit to this point…


This time around, it’s the Boys in Blue…Dodger Blue, that is, that ends a World Series appearance drought. 29 years may not be as long as 71 years, but for a generation or two of Dodger fans born from 1989 on, it’s time…

And finally…

World Series

Dodgers over Blue Jays in 6. I had these two last year, both came within a combined 5 games of making your truly look the part of a genius. Why change? 

Some of Drei’s concerns…

  • The health of our rotation. Last year, the rotation was literally a mash unit. 
  • Can Kenta Maeda endure a full season this time around
  • Can Corey Seager avoid a sophomore jinx?
  • How much will the Dodger depend on the bullpen
  • How much does Adrian Gonzalez still have left
  • Will Puig’s potential finally be fully realized. Will he be on his best behavior between now and October/November ?
  • Does Andre, the longest tenured Dodger, finally get his World Series ring? 
  • Will Andre still be wearing Dodger Blue in October?



Drei’s 2017 American League Outlook

Leading Off…What Drei Said in 2016

In the Junior Circuit…

“ Boston has a good mix of veterans along with some up and comers in Mookie Betts and Xander Bogarts and the addition of David Price to their rotation should help them contend in the east…”

“ Cleveland has a pretty formidable rotation of Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar. Will off-season additions Mike Napoli, Rajai Davis, Juan Uribe and Marlon Byrd, players not exactly in their prime make a difference ? Having said that, I still feel Cleveland is ready to challenge for the division.”

“The Astros, last season’s biggest surprise, is ready to make more noise this season. A full season with Carlos Gomez certainly can’t hurt the lineup. The Mariners, picked by many last season to represent the Junior Circuit in The Fall Classic after an 87 win campaign in 2014, regressed last season, something that could be of concern in Houston with expectations being higher. The M’s strength is still pitching, led by Felix Hernandez. I expect the Mariners to bounce back and be the sleeper in this division….”

Last season saw Drei pick the AL Central Division winner correctly, while the Blue Jays would take the wild card and Drei’s sleeper from last year, the Seattle Mariners, would see their playoff hopes diminish on the 2nd to final game of the season. Last season’s picks also saw Drei picking Toronto over Seattle in the ALCS.

Drei’s AL Outlook for 2017…


The AL East will once again be the toughest division to fully grasp. Boston, with the addition of Chris Sale to their rotation, is everyone’s favorite to win the East. The Blue Jays, coming off 2 straight ALCS appearances, have lost some offensive firepower with Edwin Encarnacion heading to Cleveland but they still boast a formidable rotation. The rest of the division is capable of claiming one of the two WC spots.


The Tribe came within one game of bringing the city of Cleveland it’s second championship in a 5 month stretch. While The Tribe made it to the Fall Classic on the strength of their rotation, they’ve added some offensive punch by adding Edwin Encarnacion from Toronto.


After surprising many in 2015, the Astros somewhat regressed last season, starting off 15-28 before finishing off with a respectable 84 wins.  The Astros, led by Jose Altuve, are being picked by many to win the AL West. With the teamwide  so-called “sophomore jinx” now out of the way, this could very well be their year they take over the west. Seattle has a pretty formidable lineup themselves especially the heart of the order, where Cano, Cruz and Kyle Seager combined for a total of 95 home runs last season. Felix Hernandez by his standards had an off season last year but is expected to lead the rotation once again. 

Wild Cards

Boston over Houston


Cleveland over Boston

Toronto over Seattle


Toronto over Cleveland

Last season I picked Toronto to win the ALCS with Seattle being the surprise team. While I may not have these two meeting in the ALCS this time around, though the Jays may be a little thinner from last years team, it’d be too easy to go with everyone’s favorite’s between the Red Sox and Indians, though both teams made some impressive off-season moves, especially Cleveland. So, if all goes according to form here, a rematch of last year’s ALCS will be in order. 

All Aboard The Midway…On the Way To The Classic

petco_wbc-2006 World Baseball Classic, Championship Game, Pregame Ceremony, March 2006

The World Baseball Classic will be making it’s way toward the southland with 2nd round games taking place at Petco Park from Tuesday March 14th to Saturday March 18th and if necessary Sunday March 19th. The Championship round will take place at Dodger Stadium from Monday March 20th to Wednesday the 22nd. 


If you’re heading south to San Diego, you will want to check out The USS Midway. If this is your first time aboard The USS Midway, you will want to allow yourself at least 3 hours on board. Most visitors usually stay for 4 hours.

There is plenty to take in aboard the USS Midway, so much so that you couldn’t be blamed if you don’t have a chance to do everything. (Like yours truly…)Docents are active throughout the entire ship to share stories, most of whom actually served on the USS Midway at one point. 

Lots of carriers are also on display, some that allow for guests of all ages to hop aboard and experience sitting in the same cockpits that our veterans once operated. 

One of the highlights aboard The Midway is the guided tour of the bridge high in the island over the flight deck.

If you have a chance, you will also want to “Explore a City at Sea”. Inside this exhibit you’ll  explore among other things the crew’s sleeping quarters, a post office, and even a nice intimate cathedral where service crew of all faiths would once congregate. 







Beyond The Yard: A British Invasion

”  The one MLB venue The Fab Four performed at that is still in use and will be the only one standing after this year. Yup, you guessed it….”

beatles_dodgerstadium(The Beatles, Dodger Stadium, 8/28/1966)


53 years ago this week The Beatles would arrive to America, setting off a British Invasion of sorts. They would later perform on The Ed Sullivan Show.



During their touring years of 1964-66, The Fab Four would perform at 9 various MLB ballparks. Of the 9, of course, Dodger Stadium is the lone one standing. On August 28, 1966, as the Dodgers we’re battling the hated ones in a battle for first place at Candlestick Park, The Beatles would perform their 2nd to last ever concert at The Ravine on August 28, 1966. 

The Beatles would perform their final concert ever the next evening at Candlestick Park. That would be The ‘Stick’s most impressive event of 1966, as our Boys in Blue would win the NL pennant by 1.5 games over the hated ones…

Of course, we can never get enough of Beatlemania, or Vinny. We’ll just let Vin tell a tale of A Hard Days Night at The Ravine on August 28, 1966. The Beatles and Vin…




Andrei here,Southern California Correspondent for Stadium Journey Magazine and StadiumJourney.com, along with the broham, Marlon B, aka Kid Marley Marlz. We like to call ourselves, KID N DREI…2 crazed Dodger fans bringing Da Beatz and Da Talez or sometimes, both. Kid with Da Beats on SoundCloud at MDario GlutenFreeSonds, and Drei with Da Talez.

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