Cruising The Bay, In One Day…Kid N Drei…Part 2…McCovey to The Haight


Tuesday morning, September 13, 2017. Ten minutes before 7 AM. Kid looks all rested…See Part 1


Blue Dog is all excited to be in The Bay…


Strolling the Cove, early Tuesday morning…Drei looking back on when the yard was making it’s way. Even as a Dodger fan, AT&T Park is one of the most gorgeous yard’s Drei has ever been…


OK Kid, time for some breakfast. How ’bout we head toward The Haight? “Sounds good Drei ! Looking forward to cruising the Hyte…” THAT’S HAIGHT KID ! IT’S PRONOUNCED, HATE ! YOU KNOW, THAT WORD WE’LL BE HEARING A LOT TONIGHT…


Kid N Drei…On SF Muni’s N Judah…And that female passenger is like…”These L.A. Kids…So “Hella” weird”…

You know Kid, whenever I find myself cruising The City on the N Judah, I always think of Hey Jude, especially during the chorus when everyone in unison is singing…Na, Na Na, Na Na Na Na, and Paul screams…” Jude Judah Judah…”


Time for breakfast! That pork chop at The Pork Store Cafe sure looks appealing…( Don’t know if “Porky” feels the same way…

The Pork Store is the Haight’s oldest restaurant. Opened in 1916 originally as a butcher shop, it’s become a favorite breakfast spot for Drei whenever he cruises The City…


Inside the Pork Store Cafe. Nothing fancy. Very intimate. Can be cramped when busy. If you appreciate simple dining in an intimate setting The Pork Store Cafe is the place for you. An Upper Haight staple, Drei’s confident it won’t be leaving The Haight anytime soon due to, dare I say your favorite “G” word, Kid…GENTRIFICATION!

Gentrification. Kid N Drei’s topic of discussion during breakfast. It’s a hot topic issue from L.A. to The Bay. It’s a very broad topic that has affected the communities in both these and many major cities, be it L.A’s Boyle Heights or San Francisco’s Mission District among many of L.A and The Bay’s communities impacted by gentrification… It’s a topic Kid is very adamant about. Drei, not so much. It’s not often Kid N Drei have many disagreements. The topic of gentrification is no different. 

That’s not to say Kid N Drei are on opposite ends of gentrification. Matter of fact, Kid N Drei agree with the issues that arise with gentrification. Kid points out to Drei that gentrifiers dont do much when it comes to preserving the local culture. While Drei wholeheartedly agree’s with Kid, Drei also points out that while it is true, bringing in a Starbucks or a CVS to underserved neighborhood can homogenize the community, it’s both a convenience and a luxury that serves many in the communities quite well

One thing that Kid N Drei STRONGLY agree about gentrification? Displacement of residents and local businesses. Renters, low-income families, local businesses being driven out by high-end developers. As said earlier, gentrification is a broad topic. It can also be a divisive topic. When well-rounded minds gather around, the topic of discussion does not stop over breakfast. 

20170913_083924 Still hungry Kid ?

Well, we both had quite a filling breakfast. I think it’s time to cruise toward The Painted Laidies, Kid? “Sounds good Drei…Drei Beatz with The Tour of The Bay…” Thanks Kid, but as I’ve said many times, you the one with the Beatz…Drei tells the Talez…

Well, how ’bout a cruise along The Haight before we see the Painted Laidies…

20170425_101622 The Jimi Hendrix House. Taken back in April. Jimi Hendrix took up residence here during the early 60s…

20170425_095850 Jerry Garcia mural, corner of Haight & Cole, also back in April during my first of four L.A. to The Bay daytrips for 2017

20170913_075331 Hey, it’s Kid & Jerry ! Word has it Jerry has an ice cream shop on Haight and Ashbury with some other dude. Drei thinks it wouldn’t be a bad idea to drop that name in front of Jerry and replace it with…Kid. Hmmm. Kid & Jerry instead of, well…Doesn’t sound bad at all…

20170913_080145 Well, we’re just about done cruising The Haight. Time to pay the Painted Laidies a visit. Peace and Love…And GO DODGERS !!! From Kid N Drei.






Cruising The Bay, In One Day…L.A. to The Bay…Kid N Drei…Part 1

20170912_225509It’s been awhile…A minute or two…Since Kid N Drei brought you a tale or two. Last time Kid N Drei did a tale about cruising, 2 years ago, Kid N Drei did a cruise from From The Ravine…To K-Town…To The Miracle Mile, ya know, ‘Like Cruising Music… 

D Day is finally here ! Kid’s first road trip with Drei outside of SoCal after a trip or two to San Diego. Kid Marls D is really excited about this trip…



Tuesday evening, September 12, 2017, shortly after departing L.A. Union Station. Before Drei could get all comfy, Kid gets the window seat (Usually Drei’s seat…)You know, not many people’s idea of a fun-filled road trip consists of a red eye econo-trip on the Megabus and back, following their favorite baseball team take on their long time nemesis. Some comfort, ok, a lot of comfort can be compromised. But even to my surprise, Kid Marley Marlz is very excited about this trip…Even more surprising, he’s more excited than me…Kid Marley Marlz is as excited as a…Kid. 

Well, I guess when you’ve done it before, these red eye trips become old hat…


20170913_014056 Moments after leaving our rest stop in Lost Hills. Drei still awake, no thanks to Kid’s constant tossing and turning, bumping into Drei !!! ( Hey Drei, I’m not used to spending the night on the Megabus…) And look at Kid, sleeping like a baby “kid”…Next to Drei’s window seat…Not a care in the world…(Yes, Drei has listened to many a tale from Vin…)

20170913_053617 In the meantime, Blue Dog is doing his duty, making sure Kid is all rested for The Bay…

20170913_054752 Hey, it’s Sourdough Sam ! We must have made an unnoticed unscheduled stop in Santa Clara… Kid is still resting comfortably…

As we cruise past Oakland, on the way to The City, Drei finds himself in the mood for some Oak-Town beats from Tony Toni Tone…


Screenshot_20170920-193044When you see that iconic Coke sign coming off the Bay Bridge you know you’ve arrived in The City. Drei has always had this fascination with neon signs.

 From L.A. to The Bay, it was a smooth ride (Especially for Kid. Can you tell by now Drei had very little sleep?). As smooth as the ride was, though Kid’s constant tossing and turning did keep Drei up (THANKS KID !), regardless of whether some KID, all excited like a Kid, is keeping Drei up, Kid N Drei…Ready to Cruise The Bay…The San-Francisco Bay !!!

We’ve finally arrived. Kid N Drei…L.A. to The Bay…Ready to turn The City…BLUE !!!


20170913_06521210 minutes before 7AM…Kid N Drei…Behind us, we can hear Mad Bum (DON’T LOOK AT ME !!!)…Welcome To The Bay, Kid….It’s time to turn The City…BLUE !!!



Sunday Night Tale: Beatz N Bitez…Another Kid n Drei Tale

PicsArt_08-06-08.25.41Hungry Kid? That’s one BIG APPLE! The Blue sure took a big bite out of The Big Apple this weekend…

Hey Kid! You ain’t the only one who had a Big Apple appetite this weekend. Some other Kid in Blue been crushing those apples this weekend…


PicsArt_08-06-08.46.46 Hey, Drei’s got a big appetite for apples too…

As first year broadcaster Joe Davis has said…2017…Moment after moment…

Extra Innings…Beats by Kid

Also featuring Mid City DJ Reno Sparks


Welcome Back to Tinsletown Matt…Home to Some of Baseball’s Most Passionate Fans and Yearly Attendance Leaders (In Case You Forgot)

kemp Kickin’ it with Matt, Santa Monica, February 2011

Hello there ol’ pal ! It’s been over a year since you last set foot inside The Ravine. The last time you set foot you we’re wearing a different shade of blue for the folks down I-5. Before we could see you again, you we’re sent packing to Georgia. As your path took you south, you, in the face of some, threw shade at us laid-back folks of Southern California from the 213 to the 619. Sure, growing up in Oklahoma and being a Braves fan as a kid would be cause for you to be excited to don the tomahawk. But what exactly do you mean when you say you “never really played in a baseball town before”? It certainly isn’t for lack of support. After all, we continue to lead the majors in attendance year in and year out. 

We’re we just “too Hollywood” for you? It’s easy to see how you would feel that way considering that you too had embraced the Hollywood lifestyle, according to your Players Tribune piece, “Hello, Atlanta”.

“In so many ways, I got sidetracked from what I loved most about playing the game of baseball — having fun. I let a big contract, the Hollywood lifestyle, injuries and bad relationships tarnish the reputation I had worked so hard to establish. Sadly, I gained a reputation for being selfish, lazy and a bad teammate. While I may not agree with all the criticism I received in the past few years —and while I believe that a lot of it was unmerited — I take full responsibility for my shortcomings. And I promise you, Atlanta: Those days are gone.”

In all fairness, you’re hardly the first or will be the last professional athlete to get caught up with all that Hollywood and L.A. has to offer. I’m also happy to see that Atlanta has seen most of the old Matt Kemp, sans the defensive liabilities. But fans can have very little patience, let alone empathy, for athletes who are paid millions of dollars and fail to meet expectations. To Joe Fan, someone of Matt Kemp should play beyond the distractions a city like L.A. can offer. 

But back to being a baseball town. What really makes for a baseball town? If attendance figures are a big component than L.A. would certainly more than qualify, especially given the vast entertainment and recreational options we have. Anyone familiar with the layout of the greater L.A. area can certainly tell you going out let alone to a Dodger game is hardly a breeze. Also, to say that the days of lazy Matt Kemp are gone, perhaps you are implying what fans may have perceived of you from 2013-14?

Even the Padres during many a down year in 2016 outdrew the Braves at the gate, ranking near the middle of the pack. From the 213 to the 619 it really comes as no surprise during the Braves recent visit to Petco Park, the reception for Matt Kemp from both the Friar Faithful and the local media was anything but cordial

I really hope Matt Kemp continues to produce. After starting out hot his average has dipped below .300. He is still on pace to 25-30 home runs along with 90 plus RBIs. 

Sure, there was a time we all had a love/hate relationship with the former Beast Mode. His should have been MVP season of 2011 seems but a distant memory to many a blue clad fan. I never really had an issue with Matt Kemp in the few times I’ve crossed paths with him. Does he say much? No. But he’s not asked to be a motivational speaker.  When healthy he certainly could be clutch. Remember the 8th inning home run in Game 2 of the 2014 NLDS? 

While the dream of Beast Mode carrying The Blue toward October Glory may be over, I still wish Matt all the success in the world. As for the type of reception the fans from this so-called baseball town of ours gives you? I don’t expect any drama. If any drama is to happen, it’s more likely to come through some 9th inning fireworks. (Haven’t we seen that a lot lately?)

Extra Innings…Throwing Back Thursday With Kid Marley Marlz


Yes Kid, Ol’ Bison will be back at The Ravine for four this weekend. Hey, 11 in a row for The Blue. They’re just cruising by the competition, you know…Like Cruising Music…

Notes On A Scorecard…7/6/2017 vs D-Backs…Moment After Moment


Leading Off…

Dodgers vs DBacks_42 on Scoreboard.jpg

April 15th shouldn’t be the only day we celebrate Jackie’s legacy, right ?

Dodgers vs DBacks_Scoreboard Back to Normal

OK, back to our normal lineup…

Dodgers vs Dbacks_Final Scorecard

After taking the first 2 of 3 from the Snakes, a pitchers duel between Rich Hill and Robbie Ray would take place. Through 7 innings, both pitchers would combine for 22 strikeouts, 9 of which would belong to Rich Hill. The only blemish from both pitchers would be solo shots from Jake Lamb and Logan Forsythe. 

The Dodgers would have their chances. Two of them, in fact as they had the bases loaded in the 1st and 6th innings, only to come away empty. From the 8th to the 9th The Snakes would score 3, one of them coming off Jake Lamb’s second solo shot. 

But the home 9th would show once again to never count the Blue out, AND, if you’re at any game the rest of this 2017 season and the deficit is 4 runs or less heading to the home 9th to NEVER HEAD TO THE EXITS !!! (Even if the deficit is more than 4 runs, with this years team you may still want put aside any doubts…)


The inning would start innocently enough, with Yasiel Puig leading off with a single. After a walk to Joc Pederson, pinch hitting for Trayce Thompson, Cody Bellinger, getting the night off, would come on to pinch hit for Yasmani Grandal. As excited as I was along with 40,000 other spectators, I couldn’t help but think if Cody lights up a Roman Candle and we go extras (Yes, I’ve been listening to Vin Scully a lot over the years…), who would be catching since Grandal came into the game for Austin Barnes. 

Nonetheless, Cody would also reach on a base on ball, loading the bases for Logan Forsythe. Logan on four pitches would also walk, forcing in a run. BTW, None of the pitches from Snakes closer Fernando Rodney we’re close. That would bring up Corey Seager. Seager, not having one of his better nights having struck out 3 times, would work the count to 2 and 2, before this...

Is it me, or do I have some sort of magical power for Dodger hitters who enter the 9th inning on striking out 3 times or more?

After an intentional pass to load the bases, setting up a force at the plate, Chris Taylor, who already has 3 grand slams, could he deliver his fourth with a walk-off slam?  

You know, I’m more than take that walk-off single. As Joe Davis would say…”Moment After Moment…”, no doubt taking a cue from good ol’ Vin…(Who wouldn’t?)

Instead of salvaging the final game of 3 and pulling within 3.5 games of The Blue, the Snakes would fall 5.5 games behind. The Dodgers have still yet to lose since July 2nd. Since, they have gone from 2.5 games up to now 10.5 games on the reeling Snakes…

Dodgers vs DBacks_SChat Pic

Furious Indeed !!!

What other “scorecard” moment will Drei bring? To quote Joe one more time…”Moment after Moment…Memory after Memory…”

Extra Innings…Goin’ Through The Cycle With The Rookie Sensation








Looking Back at The First Half


In the 37 years i’ve been a fan of the Blue, this past first half has without a doubt been the most memorable. Currently on pace to win over 100 games for the first time since 1974, our Boys in Blue have provided us more than their share of 10 best moments of the first half, including sending six to the all-star game. 

Since Cody Bellinger’s arrival in late April, the Dodgers have been on a tear. As we now approach the 2nd half, here are some of my concerns…

  • Can Rich Hill continue to work past the 6th inning?
  • Can Brandon McCarthy stay healthy enough to pitch into October?
  • Can Cody Bellinger continue to put up his insane numbers?
  • How much offense can we manufacture without relying on the long ball?
  • Do we go after another starting pitcher for the stretch run?

What I look forward to in the 2nd half…

  • Joc Pederson to continue producing. After a slow start and a stint in the DL, Joc has “quietly” produced, hitting 8 home runs, 7 which came in June and getting his average above .240. At his current pace he could still crack 30 home runs
  • Puig to finish with 30 plus home runs and 90 plus RBI’s. Puig has certainly showed more discipline this year
  • Roberts to continue to put certain pitchers on the 10 day DL and utilize either Ryu or Maeda 
  • Starting pitchers not named Kershaw or Wood to pitch into the 7th inning, particularly Hill or McCarthy. Keeping them healthy will be key

This should be quite a 2nd half. The excitement is only beginning…

Looking Back at Drei’s Picks…

So, as we head to the 2nd half, lets look back at what Drei said back in spring about his American League leaders…

Blue Jays_Cap Logo

“The Blue Jays, coming off 2 straight ALCS appearances, have lost some offensive firepower with Edwin Encarnacion heading to Cleveland but they still boast a formidable rotation. The rest of the division is capable of claiming one of the two WC spots.”

After a slow start that saw them as many as 12 games south of .500, the Jays have struggled to surpass the .500 mark. Currently in last place in the AL East by 8.5 games, the Jays, as well as the rest of the AL East, are still in contention to win the division…

Indians_Cap Logo

“The Tribe came within one game of bringing the city of Cleveland it’s second championship in a 5 month stretch. While The Tribe made it to the Fall Classic on the strength of their rotation, they’ve added some offensive punch by adding Edwin Encarnacion from Toronto.”

In spite of a 21-24 record at home, the Tribe heads into the 2nd half with a 2.5 game lead over the surprising Minnesota Twins. The Royals, after a slow start, also find themselves back in post-season contention, trailing the Tribe by only 3 games…

Mariners_Cap Logo

“After surprising many in 2015, the Astros somewhat regressed last season, starting off 15-28 before finishing off with a respectable 84 wins.  The Astros, led by Jose Altuve, are being picked by many to win the AL West. With the teamwide  so-called “sophomore jinx” now out of the way, this could very well be their year they take over the west. Seattle has a pretty formidable lineup themselves especially the heart of the order, where Cano, Cruz and Kyle Seager combined for a total of 95 home runs last season. Felix Hernandez by his standards had an off season last year but is expected to lead the rotation once again.”

No one ever gets all six division winners right? Certainly there’s always got to be a sleeper. Well, it looks like the Astros have the AL West all but locked up, trailing only the Dodgers for the best record. 

So, of my 3 division winners, Cleveland has the inside track to their division. The Blue Jays, while still in the division race, need a fast start and some consistent pitching to keep them in playoff contention. The Mariners can be thankful for baseball’s 2nd wild card, where only 7.5 games separates every non-division leading AL team. 

And now, what Drei said about the Senior Circuit…

Nationals Cap Logo

“In his first season as the Nationals skip, Dusty Baker restored some order in leading the Nats back to the post-season, to be eliminated in 5 games by The Blue. While Dusty may be one of the finest managers of the game, going back to the 2002 World Series his teams have lost 9 straight post-season series clinchers. He can say what he wants about some of Dave Roberts moves in Game 5, fact of the matter is, once again, he was simply out-managed when it counted.”

October rematch Dusty ?

Cubs Cap

“The Cubs, even with the loss of Dexter Fowler, are once again primed for another deep post season run…”

The Cubs World Series hangover goes beyond the loss of Dexter Fowler. Even with the WS hangover, no one could have predicted they would be 2 games under.500 and 5.5 games behind the surprising Brewers at the all-star break…

And finally…

Dodgers Cap Logo

“Last year, Dave Roberts managed to will the Dodgers to the NLCS in spite of the numerous injuries to the rotation. While it is expected to be a 2 division race between the Dodgers and Giants once again, Colorado may not be too far behind and may even be not only the division’s but the leagues sleeper as well. If the Rockies highly touted young arms can maintain their composure in hitter friendly Coors Field, the Rockies just may make a legitimate run at the post season…”

Colorado, after a hot start, has cooled off a bit but still find themselves tied with the 3rd most wins in the NL, behind only the surprising D-Backs and Dodgers. It will be interesting to see how Colorado’s young arms hold up beyond Coors Field in the 2nd half. Arizona has had outstanding production both with the bats and arms. Any other division (Except the AL West) they are the leaders…

I predicted the Dodgers would win 95 games. At 61-29, they would only have to go 34-38 to achieve that plateau. Of course, we don’t ever want The Blue to take their foot off the pedal. The Blue has not experienced a prolonged losing streak…yet. Now before you pelt me with rotten fruit, lets remember that baseball is a marathon. Winning 100 games, especially in the Wild Card era, does not mean much. Slumps happen over the course of 162, both individually and team wise. It’s all about the timing. Should the “inevitable” happen, the best case scenario would be that it happens before October….

Extra Innings…Walk Us Off Logan

There have been many a memorable moment in this past first half. Here’s one of my 2 favorites…Logan Forsythe’s 13th inning walk-off on May 23 off Jonathan Broxton. This was Forsythe’s first game back after 30 days on the DL. Forsythe to this point was 0 for 4 with 4 Ks. Here are Drei’s Notes On A Scorecard from that Tuesday in May…





Hot Dogs and Independence Day

Leading Off…


Of course we all know there is more to Independence Day than just hot dogs and fireworks. As always, we thank the men and women who have fought to defend our great country since 1776. America has and will always be great…

Battle of the Dogs… The Filipino Dog vs. The Colorado Dog


As we celebrate America’s birthday, many of you will be chowing down on your share of encased meats. Some of you will no doubt be taking part in some back yard hot dog eating contest, no doubt walking it off on your way to the fireworks show at your neighborhood park.

 The sausage has come a long way since it’s invention, with it’s accouterments going beyond the relish, mustard and ketchup. Even with the vast dining options the hot dog still remains the most consumed food item inside the ballpark.

The Dodger Dog. A longtime staple inside the walls of Chavez Ravine. A favorite among many a Dodger fan. As for me, I tend to lean more toward the Super Dodger Dog. For only a buck more, you get a beefier and tastier dog. 

On certain nights, a specialty super dog is served. The specialty dog will be themed around that specific game’s heritage night, the opponent or sometimes both. The specialty dog’s, like most baseball stats, are hit and miss, such as The Pike Dog (Mariners) and The Philly Dog (Phillies)

On this Friday evening, during Filipino Night in celebration of Philippine Independence Day,  with the Colorado Rockies in town in a battle of 2 of baseball’s top teams, both the Filipino Dog and the Colorado Dog would be served. 



So, in the battle of the dogs, which dog would come out the top dog? FYI, it has not “officially” been confirmed yet whether future Colorado Dog’s will topped off with Rocky Mountain Oysters   


9th Inning…To Those Who Protect



Andrei here,Southern California Correspondent for Stadium Journey Magazine and, along with the broham, Marlon B, aka Kid Marley Marlz. We like to call ourselves, KID N DREI…2 crazed Dodger fans bringing Da Beatz and Da Talez or sometimes, both. Kid with Da Beats on SoundCloud at MDario GlutenFreeSonds, and Drei with Da Talez.

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