Theme Park Ride Review: HangTime at Knott’s Berry Farm


Cowabunga dudes! Welcome to the first third day of July, the day before we say Happy Born Day ‘Merica! Summer is all about fun and well Drei here had a chance to take on California’s first and only dive coaster, HangTime. 

This surf themed roller coaster certainly does have a SoCal coastal theme, painted in silver and light blue and accented with LED lights that can shine in different colors to mark holidays or special events throughout the year. 

At it’s peak, HangTime towers 150 feet over the Boardwalk area, showcasing gravity-defying inversions, mid-air suspensions and a beyond vertical drop- the steepest in California. HangTime ascends 15 stories up a vertical lift hill and come to a halt leaving riders suspended at the crest for several seconds before descending down a 96-degree drop, through 2,189 feet of steel track and five thrilling inversions. 

I made it a point to go on HangTime twice, during the day and later in the evening when the track is lighted in it’s glorious ocean blue. My first venture my buddy Josh and I we’re placed in the last row. The last row of any roller coaster is actually not a bad row as you can descend toward it’s peak you feel the sudden pull before suddenly dropping. 

As you rise toward the top you are lying flat on your back with your legs above you. 

Resized952018063095140029.jpg I’m the one on the furthest right with Josh next to me. 

Resized952018063095135903.jpgResized952018063095135914.jpg Here we are, suspended at it’s height for 10 seconds. Even form the back you get a nice view of The OC…

Once you get past that 96-degree drop, the ride is about the turns. For all it’s thrills, though under two minutes HangTime provides riders more than it’s share of thrills without it being too aggressive as even the movement through it’s five inversions at 54 MPH is fluid sans the jarring movements you would experience at GhostRider

After taking on the GhostRider, I had planned to take on Xcelerator The Ride before one last visit surf on HangTime but after taking on HangTime and GhostRider along with four less than aggressive rides in between my body was starting to remind me I’m approaching 44 not 24. 

So before taking on that last challenge on HangTime, I decide to kick it on the Timber Mountain Log Ride with my friends Josh and Leticia. 

OK. Round 2 for Drei on HangTime. This time, Josh decides he’s had enough thrill rides for the day. Logic would be for Drei to call it a day for the thrills as well. But then again, Drei doesn’t always play by logic. 

Round 2. Drei decides he’ll find a way to ride the front. After a wait of about 90 minutes as Drei gets toward the platform a single seat is available at the front. HangTime in the Dark…Does not disappoint. 

If you get a chance, you will want at least one turn at the front of the car. From the front, as you make your way up toward the peak, aside from the track nothing else is in front of you except the day/night sky. Once you get to the top of the Negative-G Stall Loop, the first of five inversions, you get 10 seconds worth a front row view of the day/night surroundings. Look to your right. If you dont see a lit halo, well…OK, i’ll put aside my Dodger Blue bias…For the 10 seconds you’re up there, the view is breathtaking. You’ll also want to take one look down. One look and you may wonder what have you got yourself into. Did I mention the highlight is that 96 degree drop. It’s really a sight to behold at night with the track all lit in that Pacific Ocean Blue. 


20180630_231813.jpg10 seconds to hang, dude, or should I say…HANG 10 DUDE !!!

20180630_231957.jpgHang 10 before you WipeOut…Dude !!!

20180630_232005.jpg WIPEOUT !!!

After experiencing HangTime twice, i’m glad to say I was able to…Hang 10 Dude! But that second time I think I was close to, wiping out. Like I said, Drei doesn’t always do things by logic. Of the day and night experience, it’s really a hard call which is the better…

With the summer peak season in front of us, the park hours are from 10 to 10 Sunday to Friday and 10 to 11 on Saturday. With summer being one of the busiest times of the season for theme park goers, though Knott’s may not have as many attractions as it’s neighbors down I-5 you will want to go as early as possible if you plan to experience as many attractions and shows the park offers, especially if you’re bringing kids. 

20180630_234144.jpg One last view…

20180630_160051.jpgA day of fun with Leticia and Josh…




A Kid N Drei Mid-Summer Tale

With the Bucs coming to town and Drei finally crossing paths with Kid for the first time in 2018, we came up with this Kid N Drei tale, as told by Drei. Later on, Kid provides the beatz. We may not do this as often as we used, but when we do, not much has changed, you know, Kid with Da Beatz, Drei with Da Talez… As Kid once told Drei…”We Make Magic Together…”

First tale of ’18…






It took awhile, but finally, the first Kid N Drei Tale of 2018…

Back to The Yard…Drei’s Thoughts


It was a big Sunday at the yard for Matt Kemp as he would drive in 4 runs, including the go-ahead solo shot in the home 8th to put The Blue ahead to stay as they would stave off a three game sweep, taking down the Rockies 6-4. Prior to Sunday the Dodgers had lost three in a row and came in tied for second in the NL West with the San Francisco Giants. Kemp, whose been huge for The Blue to this point, was mired in his first big slump of 2018. His numbers compared to last year at this time are close to similar and with 14 home runs and 51 RBI’s to date, barring a major second half swoon, Kemp would be on pace for 28 home runs and 102 RBI’s. 

The recent slide brought Kemp’s average down to .302. Sunday’s performance lifted his average back to .310. His current slash line, .310 AVG/14HR/51RBI is about what you can expect from Kemp to this point as past years performances have shown. Many of us thought with his defense on the decline the Dodgers would have dealt him to a team in the Junior Circuit where he would have been more productive as a DH at this point in his career but even his defensive play, while not the Matt Kemp of 2011, has been above decent. 

Would it be too much for Kemp to carry The Blue as we head into baseball’s second half of the season? 

Baseball is a long season and every player is due for a slump at some point so I’m not really concerned that the best we’ll see of Kemp in 2018 is behind him. 

If there is any pressure on Matt Kemp to maintain his current numbers, it should be minimal at best. Other than a lighter Matt Kemp, this time around unlike 2015-17 he has a deeper lineup around him particularly in the outfield. My main concern is Kemp staying healthy down the stretch drive. 

Could Sunday’s game be the end of Kemp’s current slump? That remains to be seen. As for now, Kemp has done more than what anyone could have asked. Now it’s time to surround Kemp with some key pieces if The Blue is to make a run deep into October. 

At 43-38, the Dodgers are on pace to win 86 games. However, as we all know, baseball is full of streaks and slumps. One sustained streak and the Dodgers could find themselves over the 90 win plateau for the sixth straight season.

Extra Innings…Walk Us Off With Your Beatz, Kid !


Gratitude is Everything…Featuring Kid’s Bro, RENO SPARKZ






On Deck With Steve Garvey

dre010.jpg (Steve Garvey, 2008)

Steve Garvey enjoyed 14 of his 19 big league seasons in the Dodger Blue. A two-time NLCS MVP, a 10-time All-Star and a two-time MVP of the All-Star game and the 1974 National League MVP.  These days, Garvey does about 45-50 motivational speeches a year through Garvey Media Group working with clients in stadium advertising. At Dodger Stadium he helps with the Kings Hawaiian Grill stand, introducing and marketing new BBQ sauces. 

I had a chance recently to speak with Garvey prior to the Dodgers alumni game on May 12th…

GDWKND: You we’re part of the longest running infield from 1973-81. What was the key in maintaining the infield for as long as you all did?

Garvey: I think the key was staying healthy. We continued to grow as players and understand our roles and performances. We started to work together, the team started to do well and Al Campannis signed us to long-term contracts. When it was all said and done that recipe was a great recipe of success during what I call the Golden Era from 1973-82.

GDWKND: When you we’re being groomed in Albuquerque you had Tommy Lasorda as your manager. When you came up to The Blue you we’re under the guidance of Walter Alston. How was the transition like from Lasorda in Albuquerque, to Alston and then eventually back to Lasorda?

Garvey: It was night and day, it was a 180. Walter Alston was very stoic and quiet, very strong man, Hall of Fame quality. Tommy was gregarious, outgoing, became really the heart and soul of Los Angeles Dodger Baseball by the way he talked about the team and got the fans involved. There’s more than one way to manage success. I was blessed to have Walter Alston to teach me certain things and Tommy Lasorda to teach me the rest. 

After the 1982 season, Garvey would head south and finish his career with the San Diego Padres. Though he wouldn’t put up the same numbers wearing the Padre Brown, Garvey would nonetheless have an impact on the Padres, highlighted by the city’s number one sports moment in 1984 with his walk-off home run in Game 4 of the NLCS off Lee Smith of the Cubs, forcing a decisive 5th game which the Padres would win en route to the organizations first World Series appearance. 

GDWKND: You played for three storied managers, Alston, Lasorda and Dick Williams, three HOF managers. How was it like playing for all three?

Garvey: Dick was tough, very demanding. Dick had won a couple of World Series with Oakland in the 70s, he had some strict rules that he expected you to adhere to. He was a veterans manager. He let the veterans do a lot of the leadership within the team. A very good X’s and O’s in game manager so he ended up in the HOF one way, Tommy one way and Walt one way. There’s no one way to be a leader to produce success. It takes the ability to communicate as the one common ingredient. 

GDWKND: You had an impact not only here but in San Diego as well during your 5 year stint from 1983-87. You will always be remembered for the home run you hit in Game Four of the 1984 NLCS. Do you do any work with the Padres as well?

Garvey: From time to time I get a call from the Padres to do things. I always look forward to it. I always say once I go south of Camp Pendleton I’m a Padre down there. I’m a favorite son and we had some great moments during my five year run capped off by our World Series. It’s like a second home in San Diego, 15 years in L.A and 5 in San Diego, a very blessed career and friendships on both sides. 

As Garvey would be a huge catalyst for the Padres first World Series appearance, they would run into a buzz-saw of a Detroit Tiger team that started off the ’84 season 35-5 en route to 104 wins, breezing through the ALCS in a three game sweep of the Kansas City Royals. In Game Five of the ’84 World Series, some future Dodger named Kirk would hit a huge home run in the 8th inning of a one-run game that all but ended the Padres faint hopes. It would be Kirk Gibson’s biggest home run of his career…To that point…

GDWKND: You had a chance to face Kirk Gibson when he was with the Detroit Tigers in the 1984 World Series. Kirk had that huge home run off Goose Gossage in Game Five that for all intents and purposes closed out the series. What was your thought of seeing Gibby in Dodger Blue in 1988, one year after your final season in baseball?

Garvey: That home run in ’84 had to be a prelude to the ’88 World Series. The irony of Gibson’s home run in ’88 was people thought it was Game Seven when it was actually Game One, he never made another World Series appearance again but it was so momentous a hit that it kick-started the momentum and along with Orel Hersheser’s fabulous pitching performances and a great team of executioners and it turned out a World Championship. 


Drei’s memories of The Garv…I started watching Dodger Baseball in 1980 at six years of age. My first ever Dodger game at Dodger Stadium would be on my eighth birthday in 1982, one year after baseball’s longest running infield broke up. I would get to see 3/4th’s of the longest running infield twice. Then Garvey and Cey would leave Dodger Blue after the ’82 season. 

I may not have seen much of Garvey in Dodger Blue. I do remember he was one of the more popular Dodgers. Every kid in school wanted to be like Garvey. He was, in the eyes of manyMr. Clean (That’s a topic for another discussion…). 

Most of my childhood life as a baseball fan was at the end of his prime. This eight year old kid can remember the night he made his first appearance in that Padre Brown on April 15, 1983. He was given a thunderous standing ovation that seemed to last an eternity. 

To this day, the Dodgers have yet to retire number 6. They have this unwritten policy of only retiring players enshrined in Cooperstown, Jim Gilliam being the exception. It’s a debatable discussion, much like Garvey’s number 6 being retired in San Diego

You could debate that the standards for retiring a number are much higher within the walls of Chavez Ravine. The Dodgers already had a rich history prior to Garvey’s arrival in 1969. The Padres we’re still looking for a baseball identity. One swing of Garvey’s bat in 1984 gave them that. 

When talking of Garvey, baseball fans talk of him in the Dodger Blue, a fact that the most ardent Friar fan will admit. It’s been said down south, ” It took a Dodger to put your team on the map” Ouch. 

I have no problem with Garvey’s number 6 being retired down south. It’s already been done. Without Garvey’s blast in ’84, the Padres may still be looking for a baseball identity. 

How much longer until the Dodger brass retires number 6. Only time will tell. 

This is the first of hopefully more detailed interviews I’ll conduct with former Dodgers as they celebrate 60 years here in L.A. 

I also had a chance to briefly catch up with other former Dodgers during Alumni Weekend. Check it out and other sports news and stadium reviews on Stadium Journey at

20160522_131045.jpg (Just retire Number 6 already !!!)

Drei’s Photo Blog…The 2018 Dodgers Alumni Game

Sights from the 2018 Alumni game, 5/12 2018


BP with the Heavy Hitters, Reggie Smith and Shawn Green. Smith would be among the quartet of 30 plus home run hitters in 1977 along Steve Garvey, Ron Cey and Dusty Baker. Shawn Green would set the single season L.A. Dodger home run record by smashing 49 dingers in 2001.


Saxie! Steve Sax would play eight season with The Blue from ’81-88, winning Rookie of the Year in ’82. Saxie looks like he can still shag some grounders…


Reuniting with The Bulldog. Members of the ’88 team, Ricky Horton, Jay Howell, John Tudor and Tim Belcher reunite with Orel Hershiser…


AM 570’s David Vassegh catching up with Mike Davis. Davis would hit a huge home run in Game Five of the deciding game of the ’88 World Series…


Half of the longest running infield, Garvey and Russell


Bulldog showing he still has it…


Time to take the field! Leading off, at second base, Steve Sax !!!

The rest of the Dodger alumni…


Saxie stepping to the plate to face Fernando. Shawn Green on deck. Hey, how ’bout cuing Greenie’s old walk up song? 


Saxie and Fernie. The 80s are back !


Past glory meet present day. Kirk Gibson and Joc Pederson…


Gibby giving JP some batting tips…(Hey kid, don’t be worrying too much about launch angles…LOL)

20180512_162544.jpgThanks for all the hitting tips Kirk! 

Time to Make Some Fans Happy…


Tim Belcher, Dodger starting pitcher 1987-91…


Closer Jay Howell. After surrendering Mark McGwire’s walk-off in Game Three of the ’88 World Series, Howell would come back the next evening with a huge save, setting the stage for Game Five…


Outfielders Ken Landreaux and Derrel Thomas…

Back to The Future…


Joc Pederson making a fan’s dream from Make a Wish come true…


Drei’s Photo Blog…A Day In The Park, Lets Play 2…San Francisco Open Your Golden Gate

Here are some sights from the Dodgers recent twin-bill with the Giants at AT&T Park, 4/28/2018…

Early Morning. Strolling Mays to McCovey

Just a bit past 8:30 AM. A few scattered clouds, but not enough of a threat to rain on this day…

Arriving at The Yard…


That happy feeling you get when your all alone at the yard…

The Calm Before The Storm…


The morning groundscrew…


Dragging the dirt…


Good Morning Joe ! Joe will be located next to the Dodger dugout today…

Some Giants history. That crab looks very tasty…


Good Morning David. David will be one of your many friendly Guest Service employees happy to help you today…

It’s almost time for the yard to open…

Just past 11 AM, and the fans arrive, entering through Willie Mays Plaza…



Pregame briefing with Dave Roberts…


No BP today. Just some light longtoss…

Time to water down the infield…

Game 1


First pitch, Game 1, 1:05 PM…


Kayakers at McCovey Cove waiting for a splash hit…

Hungry? Charlie is more than happy to carve you a sandwich…


View from upper right field. Gotta love that view of the bay and the Bay Bridge…

View from the Cable Car. Only in SF, a “San Francisco Treat”…


Seats from old Candlestick…


Looking up from the bottom of the bottle…Oh yeah, that’s quite a BIG glove…


Quite an offensive output by The Blue in Game 1…Panda would eventually take the hill in the 9th…


Crew setting up for Game 2 giveaway during the 8th inning…


After 3 hours and 58 minutes, a win for The Blue…


Can we bring some of that to Game 2 ?

With the first game ending 2 minutes short of 5 and gates scheduled to open in a little over an hour, not much time is left for the in stadium crew to prepare for the second game…


Groundscrew back at it…


Invasion of the seagulls…


Taking a break inside the pressbox…

Custodial crew working at a frantic pace. About 30 minutes until gates open for Game 2…


Fans lining up in for Game 2. The line would back up as far back to the portwalk out to the Lefty O’Doul Bridge…


Tonight’s Game 2 giveaway, a Brandon Crawford Gold Glove garden gnome. The gates have opened on time, 6:05 PM…

Game 2…


First pitch, 7:15 PM. Crowd still settling in but many are settled in…


My seat for Game 2. With the Marin Independent Journal not present on this evening, this would be my view. It’s actually very common for reporters of local circulations to miss a game every now and then.

After a lot of walking around before and during Game 1, I could use a seat. The view isn’t so bad either…


Evening view from upper right field, Bay Bridge all lit up…


What’s Up Ashley ! Like all other stadium staff, Ashley has been hard at work throughout the day. It’s the 6th inning of the second game, and she still maintains her energy, happy to serve fans over 21 their favorite adult beverage. That has to be one of the best views any of the in-game vendors can have…



9th inning. Bison getting ready to pinch hit…


Game 2, this one goes to the home team…


Groundscrew doing back at it again. This seems like a ’round the clock operation. Gotta get that field ready for the next day’s 2:05 PM first pitch…


The biggest winner of the night…Keep up the good fight, Kid !


Wrapping things up from the pressbox. It’s been a long but fun day at the yard…





Late Night stroll through Willie Mays Plaza…

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So what was it like to spend a whole day, over 12 hours at the ballpark for a day-night doubleheader? Check out my story, A Day In The Park, The Park By The Bay, Let’s Play Two, on

Drei’s Photo Blog…The Giant Vault

Throughout this season I will be featuring a photo blog from various venues from and beyond the yard. During my recent trip to San Francisco, I took a venture inside the Giant Vault. The vault features artifacts from the rivals history dating back to New York to the present day in San Francisco…

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Drei’s 2018 MLB Predictions

With our Boys in Blue coming within one game of glory, expectations are once again high for a return to The Fall Classic, this time of course, with a happier ending…
American League

  1. Red Sox 93-69
  2. Yankees 91-71 (WC 1)
  3. Blue Jays 85-77
  4. Orioles 72-90
  5. Rays 70-92

Though the Yankees added muscle to their lineup with the addition of Giancarlo Stanton, the Red Sox aren’t relinquishing their division hold so easily. Toronto could be the division sleeper

  1. Indians 98-64
  2. Twins 88-74 (WC 2 Tie)
  3. White Sox 79-83
  4. Royals 69-93
  5. Tigers 64-98

Cleveland, fresh off a 102 win season, looks to reclaim their dominance in the AL Central. The Twins, baseball’s first team to make the post-season after a 100 plus loss season, looks to build upon last years run…

  1. Astros 103-59
  2. Angels 88-74 (WC 2 Tie)
  3. A’s 76-86
  4. Mariners 74-88
  5. Rangers 69-93

No surprise that the Astros are the overwhelming favorite to win the AL West. The addition of Gerrit Cole to their rotation should only add more pitching depth. The Halos look to return to post season play for the first time in 4 years. Shohei Ohtani’s spring struggles don’t seem to faze the off-season acquisition from Japan.
Wild Card Tie Breaker Game

Angels over the Twins
Yes, that’s right, I’m calling a tie for the last wild card spot. While we expect the division race in the West and Central to be runaways, the Wild Card spots throughout the AL are wide open…
Wild Card

Yankees over the Angels
Yes, I’m going against popular opinion by not picking the Yanks to win the AL East. However, they should have more than enough muscle to get past the Halos in the Wild Card matchup…

Indians over the Red Sox
Unlike last year where the Tribe blew a 2 game to none lead, the Indians should prevail this time around.

Yankees over the Astros
No, I’m not bitter over last year’s defeat to the ‘Stros. Matter of fact, I find it hard to believe I don’t have them in the ALCS. This is a series that could, and probably will, go down to all 5 games. It’s too bad, because a matchup of this caliber deserves the full 7…

For the second straight year, these two cross paths, this time in the ALCS. This is another matchup that has the potential to go the full 7 games. The Yankees, after coming 1 game short of their first World Series appearance since 2009, make it back to the Fall Classic…
National League

  1. Nationals 97-65
  2. Mets 84-78
  3. Phillies 77-85
  4. Braves 65-97
  5. Marlins 53-109

Is this Bryce Harper’s final year in the nations capitol? The Mets look to rebound from an injury plagued 2017 and have the arms to make things interesting. Phillies addition of Jake Arrieta adds a veteran presence to their rotation. Giving the Marlins 53 wins might ACTUALLY be generous…

  1. Cubs 96-66
  2. Cardinals 88-74 (WC 2)
  3. Brewers 85-77
  4. Pirates 67-95
  5. Reds 65-97

After winning it all in 2016, the Cubs, after waiting over 100 years, realized just how difficult it is to repeat as champions. 92 wins and a trip to the NLCS would more than satisfy most teams. That’s how much expectations have risen in Wrigleyville. The Cardinals, always a contender and the Brewers should make things interesting for the Cubbies…

  1. Dodgers 98-64
  2. Rockies 90-72 (WC 1)
  3. D-Backs 87-75
  4. Padres 75-87
  5. Giants 71-91

5 straight NL West titles going on 6. The only thing missing, missing for the last 30 years, is that Grand Prize of October. Colorado and Arizona look to continue to challenge the Dodgers in the west. It’s looking like Matt Kemp is going to make the Opening Day roster, maybe even start in left field. With the spring he’s had, he’s certainly made a strong case to start. Can Cody Bellinger avoid a sophomore jinx? Is Kershaw really entering his 11th season with the organization? Oh if he can just come up with that ONE big win HE, and WE, are all waiting for…
Wild Card

Colorado over St. Louis
The Wild Card races will be interesting here in the senior circuit and could have the potential of hosting a tie-breaker game as well. As with any one game elimination wild card, anything can happen. I look for Colorado to muscle past traditional post-season participant St. Louis…

Nationals over Cubs
In what could be Bryce Harper’s final year in Washington, the Nationals, in a series that should go the full 5 once again, finally prevail.

Dodgers over Rockies
While to Rockies continue to progress, the Dodgers should still have more depth to take down their division counterparts…

Dodgers over Nationals
This is another one that was not so easy to figure, with the Cubs and Dodgers knocking each other out en route to World Series trips the last two years. It could very well be those two again, any of those 3 are more than capable of reaching the NLCS. It’s too bad one of them would have to play each other in the brief NLDS. The run through the NLCS won’t be so smooth this time around for The Blue, but I still look for them to prevail, setting up the World Series matchup we’ve waited 37 years to return…
World Series

Dodgers over Yankees
It’s been 37 years since these two have met in The Fall Classic. Time to renew an old rivalry as the Yanks go in via the Wild Card and the Dodgers claim their 6th straight NL West flag. Another classic Fall Classic?

Still waiting to add another one in MY lifetime… Still confident it’ll happen before I turn 50 (Got 6 years to do it…)

Andrei here,Southern California Correspondent for Stadium Journey Magazine and, along with the broham, Marlon B, aka Kid Marley Marlz. We like to call ourselves, KID N DREI…2 crazed Dodger fans bringing Da Beatz and Da Talez or sometimes, both. Kid with Da Beats on SoundCloud at MDario GlutenFreeSonds, and Drei with Da Talez.

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