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Drei’s Sunday Thoughts…Time Heals All Wounds


Or does it? Mike Piazza. shown here in the Dodger Blue. It’s no secret Piazza has had a strained relationship with the team he first called home , even going so far to say he wouldn’t feel comfortable with LA stamped on his head. As he enters the Hall of Fame this weekend in Blue, the Blue and Orange of the Mets, that is, I’m still a believer that Dodger fans, as divided as they can be, would like to fully embrace him again. In his HOF speech, Piazza may have just taken the first step in healing those wounds toward the Dodger Blue

Sunday Night Flashback…The Son of the Blank Blank 

RANCHO_SCOTT VAN SLYKE With Scott Van Slyke last year during his rehab stint in Rancho

Scott Van Slyke, whom Tommy Lasorda once called his father Andy a Blank Blank, would make quite an epic MLB debut on Sunday Night Baseball on a nice Sunday evening, against his dad’s former team no less

Around The NL West…Rough Road for the Leaders

The Giants have just completed a rough 1-7 road trip coming off the All Star Break. Though the Dodgers have seen a couple of blown opportunities along the way, with a win tonight they can come within 3 games of the hated ones. Both teams return home tomorrow night, with the Dodgers welcoming in the Rays for 3 and the DBacks next weekend. Opportunity could still be knocking for The Blue….


R.I.P. Mr Padre, Tony Gwynn

In his 20 MLB seasons, all of them in a Padre uniform, we had the pleasure to watch Tony Gwynn many a time , be it at Dodger Stadium or Jack Murphy Stadium . I really couldn’t tell you how many times I saw Tony Gwynn torment the Dodgers . Yes, he was a thorn on our side, as he was to every team he faced. But he played the game the right way. And in this day and age of high salaries and free-agency, he played all 20 of his seasons in a San Diego Padre uniform. Some career numbers against the Dodgers from the Dodgers-LowDown

Tony Gwynn Career Numbers Vs. Our Dodgers

225 Games
215 Games Started
931 Plate Appearances
822 At Bats
126 Runs
271 Hits
49 Doubles
8 Triples
10 Home Runs
90 Runs Batted In
32 Stolen Bases
16 Caught Stealing
90 Walks
30 Intentional Walks
41 Strikeouts
.330 Batting Average
.396 On Base Percentage
.445 Slugging Percentage
.841 On Base + Slugging Percentage

From L.A. to San Diego via Twitter

TGwynnDodgerStadium9202001 Tony Gwynn, in his final Dodger Stadium appearance as a player, 9/19/2001, during a pre-game ceremony celebrating his 20 year career .

TGwynnFanFest2010 Tony Gwynn sharing his baseball stories to fans at the All-Star Fanfest in Anaheim, July 2010 .

TgwynnandJr Fathers Day, June 2011 with then Dodger and current Phillies outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. . I had the pleasure to greet the elder Gwynn after the game as I was walking through the Stadium Club level. He was very cordial and took the time to greet well-wishing fans .

From Junior…

Tony Gwynn was more than Mr. Padre. He was Mr. Baseball. It can also be said that Tony Gwynn was the face of San Diego. R.I.P. Tony Gwynn. Baseball fans all over will miss you .


TonyGwynnStatue Here I am standing next to the Tony Gwynn Statue , April 2009 .

Countdown to Opening Series… 4- Duke Snider

The Duke of Flatbush
DukeSnider Duke Snider , hailed as The Duke of Flatbush, would play 18 seasons in the bigs from 1947-1964 . He played with both the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers from 1947-1962. The Duke would hit 40 plus home runs in 5 consecutive seasons, as well as winning a World Series title both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Duke Snider was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1980. Here is a clip from his HOF induction…

4 More Days . Are You ready Marlon ?