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Blue Monday

Blue Monday. It’s the Monday after the regular season ends. It’s the feeling you get when you try to come to the realization that the best to ever bring you the game will never set foot inside a broadcast booth again…It’s the feeling you get when you try telling yourself you will no longer hear the countless stories that was poetry in motion…It’s the feeling you get when the man himself won’t be there to provide you moments of grief…Moments of heartbreak…Moments of joy…It’s that moment when you realize you will no longer hear the echoes from the man himself…IT’S TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL !!!

Through all those feelings of great sentiment, that, my friends, is not Blue Monday.

Blue Monday is a playoff moment that is tied to The Blue and our NLDS opponent, the Washington Nationals. It happened on October 19, 1981, during Game 5 of the 1981 NLCS. Olympic Stadium, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. When the Nationals we’re the Expos and called the provincial land of Quebec their home and native land.  

In this deciding 5th game, with the game tied at one in the top of the 9th and 2 outs, Rick Monday would deliver…

The Dodgers would hold on for a 2-1 victory, sending them to a World Series date with the New York Yankees and an eventual championship. The 1981 season’s would also mark the only time the Montreal Expos would reach post season play. Ironically, 1981 would also be the last time the Dodgers and Yankees, frequent rivals in the Fall Classic, would face each other in World Series play.  

The Expos would eventually move to DC in 2005 and become the Washington Nationals. To this day, especially in Montreal, this day is forever known as…Blue Monday

RickMonday (The swing that coined the phrase, Blue Monday…)

1981, BLUE MONDAY, AND THE MONTREAL EXPOS (With the man responsible for Blue Monday…Mr. Rick Monday)







Magic Number Countdown…16…Looking Back on Perfection



Rick Monday would patrol the Dodger outfield from 1977-1984 wearing number 16. His most memorable moment in a Dodger uniform would come in the decisive Game 5 of the NLCS on October 19, 1981. With the Dodgers and Expos tied at 1 in the top of the 9th and 2 outs, Rick Monday would deliver the decisive blow with a solo home run that would be the difference in a 2-1 win over the Expos, sending the Dodgers to the World Series to take on the Yankees. The day is still referred to in Montreal as Blue Monday

Drei_RickMonday With Rick Monday, 2008

And Today…

Dodgers_Ethier Walk Off Andre Ethier, photo credit to Jon SooHoo. Andre, with 14 walk-off’s, his latest against the Angels on August 2nd, is currently the longest tenured Dodger, now in his 10th season beginning in 2006…

ethier Since 2006, It Always a Good Dre Day …

Other Dodgers to Wear 16…

Ron Perranoski

Hideo Nomo

Paul Lo Duca

Sun Devils Turned Blue…

3 of the Dodgers to don the number 16, Monday, Ethier, and Lo Duca, at one time played their college baseball at Arizona State…

16×2… Celebrating Perfection On This Day

Dodgers_Koufax Perfect Game  On this day, September 9, 1965, 50 years ago, Sandy Koufax would throw a perfect game no-hitter against the Chicago Cubs. It still remains the only perfect game thrown in L.A. Dodger history…

Extra Innings With Kid N Drei… From The Park…

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-07-07-57-12-1.png Kid n Drei, from the Park at the Park, PETCO Park in San Diego, re-creating last season’s foam party . I guess we’re never to old to have some fun at the Park… ( Who was having the most fun ? Kid or Drei ? ) Kid n Drei got more from the park… Stay Tuned… ‘Til the Next Episode…

Baseball Beyond The Nations Captitol…Retracing It’s Roots to Montreal

It’s been 10 years now since MLB has returned to the nations capitol. With the Dodgers and Nationals battling each other this weekend in the nations capitol, many are saying that this could be a playoff preview. Should these two teams cross paths in the post-season, it would not be the first time. Prior to big league ball returning to the nations capitol as the Washington Nationals, their history could be traced back to 1969 during their days as the Montreal Expos. In 1981, the Dodgers and Expos would battle it out in an epic best of 5 NLCS that went the full 5. It would be the Expos only post-season appearance and thanks to Rick Monday’s home run in the top 9th that would give the Blue a 2-1 lead and eventual victory en route to a World Series triumph over the Yankees, citizens of Montreal still refer to Game 5 of the 1981 NLCS, played ironically on a Monday, as  Blue Monday.

Drei_RickMonday With the man who gave me one of my first happiest moments as a Dodger fan…

The Expos had some pretty decent players during it’s heyday, from Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Tim Wallach, Tim Raines. In 1994, a young pitcher, Pedro Martinez acquired in a trade during the off-season, Dodger fans…  would be a part of a team, also featuring Larry Walker, a team that many felt would win that season’s World Series. Unfortunately, as their record stood at 74-40, baseball came to a halt, and the season never resumed.  Many to this day feel the Strike of ’94 not only killed the Expos chance at winning a World Series, it killed the Montreal Expos, if not an immediate death.

After the 2004 season, MLB relocated the Expos to DC. It was often said by those in the MLB office and among the Expos brass that Montreal was not a baseball town due in large part to sparse attendance. I’m not so sure. It also did not help matters that the Expos, for many years, we’re  having stadium issues, playing their home games in what many called an ashtray, Olympic Stadium.

Prior to the Expos becoming a MLB franchise in 1969, Montreal already had a proud history of baseball with the Montreal Royals serving as the Brooklyn Dodgers minor league affiliate. Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente, two of baseball’s most influential figures, would make their way up to the big show through Montreal.

Clemente_MontrealRoyals Young Jackie, as a member of the Montreal Royals, the AAA affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers

Today, there is talk that the city of city of Montreal is ready for baseball to return. Attendance at recent exhibition games in Montreal could be a glimpse of hope that big league baseball is ready to return to Montreal. Who knows ? Perhaps the day will come when our beloved Boys in Blue will continue to some day provide more happy moments from The City of Saints. ( On a personal note, perhaps I can hear the bilingual version of Oh Canada echoing through Chavez Ravine once again on a yearly basis…) .


This season marks the 30th anniversary of the 1981 World Champion team that rallied from a 2 game deficit to beat the hated Yankees to claim their 4th World Series title in their 24th season in Los Angeles.  In honor of the 30th anniversary , on Sunday May 1st the Dodgers will be giving out retro 1981 World Champion T-Shirts .  One of the more memorable highlights of the 1981 season was during the ’81 NLCS , Game 5 against the Montreal Expos at Olympic Stadium.  With the series tied at 2, it was winner take all . ( Best of 7 in the LCS would not take place until 1985 ) .  The Expos, whom many of you know now as the Washington Nationals, had some good teams in the late 70’s and early 80’s , amongst the players we’re Tim Raines, Gary Carter, Andre Dawson, Jeff Reardon, Steve Rogers, and last but not least Tim Wallach. ( I wonder if he will want to observe any 30th anniversary celbrations that may take place this year…)  In the top of the 9th of a pitchers duel between some 20 year old kid named Fernando ( Who would later be the teams 3rd straight Rookie of the Year ) and Ray Burris of Montreal, Steve Rogers, the Montreal ace, would come in and pitch the 9th.  Rogers would retire Garvey and Cey and then, Rick Monday would hit what was then the biggest home run in Dodger history.  Fernando came back out in the bottom of the 9th  and retired the first two hitters before walking Gary Carter and Larry Parrish, putting the tying and winning runs on base. ( Back then folks, emphasis on pitch counts was non-existant, if a pitcher felt he could finish what he started, it was his game to finish no matter the score )  So Lasorda goes to Bob Welch, who 3 years prior, had struck out Reggie Jackson in an epic battle to end Game 2 of the World Series, to record the final out of the game, sending the Dodgers to New York in what would be the final time the Dodgers and Yankees would see each other in post season play.  Who would have thought that after so many battles with each other going back to the Brooklyn days that these two would not see each other in the World Series for 30 years and counting.  As for the Montreal Expos, this would be their only post-season appearance in their 35 year history.  It’s too bad MLB and Bud Selig didn’t have any interest in saving baseball in Montreal.  Many felt that the players strike in 1994 had a lot to do with the downfall of baseball in Montreal.  The Expos had baseball’s best record at 74-40 when the strike hit, and with the post-season being cancelled, the Expos best chance of winning a world series, and perhaps the future of their franchise, was dealt a sever blow.  OK, below is a clip from a Montreal news station I found on youtube giving a recap in French  of game 5 of the LCS including Rick Monday’s home run. 



And speaking of Mr. Monday…..