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Turning The NL West Blue: Recapping Drei’s Journey’s Through The Yards of The NL West

It’s a baseball fan’s dream to venture to all 30 MLB parks. Along the way, some minor league yards and an international yard or two may be on the list. As for me, I still got a ways to go before I hit up all 30. But prior to this season, I made it a personal goal to catch a Dodger game in all NL West yards all in the same season. 20190831_203851

Though I wasn’t the best good luck charm on the road this season, the Dodgers have more than held their own as they prepare themselves for a 7th straight NL West title and another deep October run. 

The journey through the NL West was an exciting one. Each yard and city has it’s own story. And of course, each yard has it’s own personality. 

I’ve always believed that the best yards in baseball reside here in the NL West. Putting aside my personal biases toward our beloved Chavez Ravine, how do the rest of the yards in the NL West stack up with Drei?

4. Chase Field: Arizona DiamondBacks, Visited 8/31/2019


Of the 5 yards in the NL West, this is easily my least favorite. Having said that, there still some redeeming factors that make Chase Field enjoyable, such as the Friday’s Front Row Bar & Grill above left field and it’s patio that gives fans an opportunity to dine with friends and family while taking in a ballgame. 

20190831_144900Kid n Drei pregaming at Friday’s before the Dodgers-DBacks game, 8/31/2019

The retractable roof is a nice convenience from the scorching desert weather and on that rare occasion when the yard is filled, as it was on this evening as a Chase Field record crowd of over 50,000 we’re on hand (You can thank us Dodgers fans for bumping up those numbers…), the atmosphere can be electric. 

Aesthetically, this is decidedly the least attractive of the other 4. Though the roof is a nice convenience, when closed, you get the feel of watching a game inside a huge airport hangar. Or as my former supervisor who now resides in Phoenix once told me, it has the excitement of going to Costco.  

Though established in 1998, just 2 years before Oracle Park, The Snakes are looking for new digs. Though Chase Field is only 21 years in existence, we’re in the era of the disposable ballpark. 20190831_164542

So Chase Field may not rank so highly among ballpark travelers and baseball fans. It’s main signature feature is a pool that in only available to private groups. But after only 21 years is a new yard really necessary?

3. Coors Field: Colorado Rockies, Visited 6/29-30

20190629_190615My favorite mascot among division rivals, Dinger! 

If there’s one thing Dinger and I have in common, it’s our disdain toward that Seal up in San Francisco. 

Of the other 3, it’s very easy to put the remaining NL West trio in any order. Coors Field, opened for business in 1995 is the 3rd oldest yard in the Senior Circuit behind Wrigley Field and Dodger Stadium. Not bad company to be with for a yard soon approaching it’s 25th year. 

20190630_134510Coors Field. Established 1995

Opened for business 3 years after Oriole Park in Baltimore, Coors Field opened it’s gates at the height of the 90’s retro yard craze. I’ve often stated that the term retro is often overused. However, with Coors Field, the elements within the yard justify it’s status, or at least it’s exterior, blending in with the continuously developing LoDo neighborhood… 

20190629_132632Greetings From LoDo, Blue Dog !!!

With the Rockies in playoff contention at the time of our visit, Coors Field was filled to capacity during the 2 games we came. Coming off of last year’s playoff appearance after finishing one game behind The Blue, there was a buzz felt throughout the weekend. The Blue would split the two games that my buddy Josh and I attended. 


Recent changes to Coors Field was the elimination of outfield upper deck seats behind right field, replaced with The Rooftop. 20190629_184028It’s a great social spot for the casual fan and a great way to get in the yard on the cheap. But if you come to ACTUALLY watch the game, get yourself a seat, even if you land one on the Purple Row. 20190630_115454

The landscape beyond CF add’s to Coors Fields charm, surrounded by local natural rocks and greenery complimented by a water display. 20190629_171610Hey Blue Dog! You sure like traveling with Drei !!!

If you should be so daring, do try the Rocky Mountain Oysters at least once. 20190629_194540Taste’s like chicken!!!

If that’s not enough, try out the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout at nearby Wynkoop Brewery. 

20190629_222430This Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout got a good deep malty touch…

20190630_170552See you made a new friend Blue Dog!!!

2. Petco Park: San Diego Padres, Visited 5/5/201920190505_135226

Opened in 2004 Petco Park definitely screams San Diego, with it’s exposed white beams and it’s navy blue seats. With all the so-called retro yards opened in the 90’s, Petco bucked the trend sans the Western Metal Supply Co. Building

20190609_114704Western Metal Supply Co. Building, from the outside…

Daytrips to San Diego are a regular occurrence for the Dodger Blue Faithful as many a Dodger Blue clad fan makes the trek down I-5. Next to Coors Field, Petco may have the best neighborhood vibe of the yards here in the west, with it’s location right next to the Gaslamp. 


2019050595164509.jpgThe Garv. First number ever retired by the Padres. Of course it took a Dodger to accomplish this feat…

And finally, again putting all biases aside and to the dismay of some…

1.  Oracle Park: San Francisco Giants, Visited 5/1/201920190501_175946

Soon to be in it’s 20th year, Oracle Park is now under it’s 4th name. In spite of certain locals of all ages, including some old enough to be my grandfather, personally wishing me ill will, I really enjoy Oracle and The City. 

Though The Blue would fall on a Buster Posey walk-off, on a personal note, my record over the years at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T/Oracle Park is 10-9. 20180428_083809.jpgThe Portwalk…

Oracle Park is one of those yards if your visiting for the first time you’ll want to arrive early to check out the various viewing points. Before setting foot inside Oracle take a stroll along the portwalk. Check out the distant views of the bay and the kayaker’s setting up shop along McCovey Cove. 20180428_141225.jpgCody Bellinger has already deposited one to The Cove. It’s only a matter of time Joc drop’s one in…

If you end up in Oracle’s upper reaches, don’t see it as a bad thing. Next to PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Oracle has one of the big’s most distant picturesque views with The Bay as the backdrop…20180428_145237.jpg


As for the food, if you really wanted to you could spend the whole game on a food run. On this night, I went with the 40 clove garlic chicken sandwich and garlic fries. 20190501_181902Mints optional…

So there’s my wrap around the NL West. I can now say I’ve chased The Blue in every NL West yard in one season. Here’s more from my visits to Oracle ParkPetco ParkCoors Field Day 1Coors Field Day 2 and Chase Field


As if I didn’t have enough, I also had a chance to catch The Blue in Charm City, Baltimore. Charm City report coming soon…





Cruising The N.L. West: Kid n Drei’s Desert Invasion and The Pantone 294 Experience, 8/31/2019


The day started off really early. With a 4 AM  meetup time at Union Station, I catch the last Red Line train of the day at just before 2:30 from the North Hollywood Station. Arriving at Union Station just before 3, with an hour to kill I head to that classic American late night diner across the street from Union Station’s east end, Denny’s.


Shortly before our 5 AM departure with some of the other fans traveling with Pantone 294. It would be a mix of veterans and newbies. A total of five buses would bus us to Phoenix, 2 of them out of Pomona. After checking in with our bus leader we depart just outside of Olvera Street a little after 5. A little groggy, I’m just glad we’re on our way.

After a brief stop in Pomona for the other Pantoners we make our way along I-10 en route to The Valley of The Sun…

20190831_051640Kid Marlz all comfy with his neck rest…

After almost 4 hours on the road we make a pit stop at Carls Jr. in Blythe, just short of the CA-AZ border. 

20190831_094722Bus 1. The one bus with the 294 logo…

20190831_094500Waiting to get back on the bus. We would take a group photo before continuing on to Phoenix…

As we left Blythe the mood on the bus is a bit livelier now with everyone fully awake, with music blasting and keeping us entertained. The fans sitting around us we’re really friendly, sharing some of their brews with us. As I said earlier, our bus was a good mix of newbies and us first-timers. 


One more rest stop before we hit up Phoenix. 

20190831_115701Some in-state fun facts…

As we got closer to Phoenix approximately 30 minutes away we play have some games and trivia. One of the games was to see who could do the best impression of anything or anyone of choice. I could not help but do my best Vin Scully impression…”IT’S TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL !!!”. Along with answering correctly who managed the ’59 and ’53 Champs (Walter Alston), I would win this water bottle and flag…


Through raffles some lucky fans in all the buses would win a chance to be on the field prior to the national anthem.


Shortly after 1PM, we have finally arrived. Most of the traveling bunch would head over to Game Seven Grill next to the yard. Game Seven Grill would be to huge and impersonal for Kid and I, confirming the 2-Star reviews on Yelp so we decide to head over to Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill inside Chase Field. But before we do some pregame dining, I decide to take Kid to the lower viewing area of Friday’s, which has a patio above the left field as well that fans can access through the restaurant…

20190831_134221Greetings from AZ!!! From Kid n Drei

20190831_144900Lunchtime at The Yard…

We would be seated next to the open garage door window that gave us a great view of the field, giving us a chance to watch both the Snakes and The Blue take BP. Those seats turn into gameday table seating for a charge. There are outdoor patio tables that seat 4 as well, above left field and inside the yard. Those would be a great experience with 3 of your buddies, dinner and a game…

20190831_144750Another yard hit up by our Blue Dog…

The food at Friday’s is your typical bar food, nothing spectacular but at this particular one your mostly here for the experience of dining inside a MLB ballpark. My android of course knew where we we’re because as soon as Kid and I we’re done ordering, as I was posting on IG I see an offer for a buy one get one free entree, which our waitress gladly honored…

To be fair, I can see why Pantone 294 would choose Game Seven Grill as their pregame meeting spot with it’s 2 floors and all that space to accommodate all their traveling fans.  Friday’s would not have been able to accommodate all the traveling Patoner’s, though some would do their pregame dining there as well…

The 20-Year Experience


Celebrating their 20 year existence in 2018, the DBacks have a nice little beyond the left field concourse highlighting some of the teams memorable moments, highlighted by their 2001 World Series triumph over the Yankees…

20190831_164542Pregame view from atop the left field line….

20190831_174305The view from our seats in right field. With all the Blue provided in our section by the travelling Pantone 294 group you’d think this was a Dodgers home game…

OK. In many ways, this felt like a Dodger home game, with a strong contingent of Blue throughout the yard. 20190831_201130Blue Dog trying to lead the Pantoner’s to a 9th inning rally for The Blue

Unfortunately, the rally would fall one run short. For the 3rd straight game The Blue would surrender a 3-run lead to The Snakes. This time, it would be with Kid K starting. Kenley Jansen would appear in the home 8th and quickly surrender a solo shot. Usually when talking about Kershaw and Jansen in the same sentence that would be enough to send bad thoughts to opposing hitters. That has not been the case as of late. Can these two find their old stroke back before October?


So I wasn’t exactly a good luck charm on the road this year for The Blue. But hey, I set out what I wanted to do this year and check out The Blue in each NL West yard. Petco Park in San Diego is the one I’ve frequented the most, of course, with SD being the closest to L.A. 

It would be my first time back to Chase Field since 2003 when it was known as Bank One Ballpark, aka, The BOB. It would be Kid Marlz first trip to Chase Field…

The DBacks have let it known they want a new yard. Though Chase Field has only been in operation since 1998, the Local 9 have been in a battle with Maricopa County with the current condition of their new yard. True, the Chase Field experience may resemble being inside an oversized airplane hangar, or as one of my former supervisors who now resides in Phoenix describes the atmosphere, ” A day at Costco”, Chase Field at least to the naked eye hardly seems outdated. Of course, we’re talking in the era of “disposable yards”…

 20190831_204426Kid kickin’ it by the pool after the game. Drei was so tempted to toss him in…

The Traveling Fleeces

20190831_204522Blue Fleece 2004

20190831_204539Blue Fleece 2012

One of my goals also is to bring the Blue Fleeces to as many yards possible. Both these fleece’s have ventured to each NL West yard! More on the fleeces later…

It was quite a venture with Kid and the Pantone 294 group. Ironically there we’rent too many shenanigans this time around with Kid N Drei (That might be a first…We gettin’ old Kid?)

This would be our first time traveling with the Pantone 294 group. If you enjoy being among a group of rabid Dodgers fans traveling with the Pantoner’s should be on your list of Dodger road-trip to-do’s. Everyone is really united as one with a mix of regulars and first-timers, partying up and offering drinks while keeping everything under control. The one thing I was hoping to see at the game and be under was it’s travelling flag. Several regulars told me stadiums we’re no longer permitting the flag inside their yards…

20190831_215952Waiting on our ride…

It’s been quite a day. If any of you have ever done a Vegas or casino turnaround, think of this as a Dodger baseball version of one. It was a great time had by all wearing the Dodger Pantone 294 Blue. We would also be a part of Chase Field history, as on this night, August 31, 2019, a record crowd of 50,180 would be on hand, many of course wearing the Dodger Blue, a fact not lost among the locals…

20190831_214335HEY KID! You’re hair gets longer and longer each time I see you, which isn’t so often these days. That’s what happens when you get older folks…Savor the good times you have with your close one’s…

20190831_214453Blue Dog seems to like your long hair Kid…

20190831_230611Kid’s beat, and no Beatz from Kid…Time to head home to L.A. 

The route to Phoenix along I-10 really isn’t so scenic. But it’s a direct one. One of these days I do hope to travel along the old Mother Road along old Route 66. 

Well Kid, you’ve seen the Dodger Blue on the road through with Drei through 4 of 5 NL West yards. If all goes to plan, we’ll hit up Colorado some time down the road, something Drei did earlier this year. 

It’s been quite a year cruising the NL West, giving each rival yard a Touch of Blue. Gonna recap my visit to each yard soon….

20190831_213127Another NL West yard out of the way…Just a Rocky Mountain yard away from you to complete the NL West Blue Invasion, Kid…’Til the Next Episode



Looking to Continue Their Road Dominance and The Freedom to Support Your Teams Colors in Enemy Territory

After sweeping their 2 game set in Arizona, the Dodgers look to continue their winning ways on the road as they take their MLB best road mark of 42-26 down south to PETCO Park this weekend for a 3 game series with the San Diego Padres , as Dan Haren looks to continue his recent success, having won 3 of his last 4 decisions. Haren will be matched up against Andrew Cashner, who , in spite of his 2-6 record, sports a very solid 2.43 ERA.


Pool Party ( Again ) Anyone ?

By now, you’ve all become familiar with the Dodgers pool party that took place last season after clinching the NL West at Chase Field. We all know that not everyone, particularly those in the DBacks organization, we’re none to thrilled about The Blue’s ” Pool Party ” .

Senator McCain even went so far as to call the Dodgers out for their actions , to which Brian Wilson tweeted…

So this past week, a buddy of mine decides to wear a shirt he has made in reference to last season’s pool celebration. Armando Mendoza, @daadozer on twitter and instagram, was asked during this past Tuesday’s game to turn his shirt over inside out…

Of course in this day of social media where nothing is a secret, this made more than headline news . Unfortunately, this is NOT the first time the Arizona Diamondbacks organization has gone to such lengths to prevent Dodgers fans from wearing their favorite blue attire .

However, thanks to the power of social media and the help of other fellow Dodger fans and fansites such as DodgersBeat and the Dodgers-LowDown among many who helped out a fellow Dodger fan, sanity prevailed and the shirt was allowed to be worn in it’s proper position. As for the shirt…

Here is the link as to where you can purchase the same shirt Armando wore. Oh yeah, you don’t have to be an Arizona native Dodger fan to proudly sport it…

Also, with the upcoming Labor Day weekend, check out his twitter handle @daadozer and thank Armando not only for being a hard core Dodger fan but also thank this former U.S. Marine corporal for helping protect our country as well. Perhaps the Diamondback organization could do a pre-game honor in recognition for his military work for all the commotion they have created ?

dodgerfans Hey Mando, you had our country’s back, Eric from the Dodgers Low-Down and I got your’s.

MandoNJessica Hope to see you and the wifey here in October…

Drei vs. Food, Fat Tuesday, 3/4/2014

If any of you may be enjoying Spring Training in The Valley of the Sun, you may want to drop by Alice Cooper’stown in Phoenix, across the street from the U.S. Airways Arena and down the street from Chase Field for your Fat Tuesday fix…

Drei_Dogs To the left is a Big Unit Hot Dog, 22 inches and 1 pound of beef sandwiched between that bun. What, you want some toppings on that Big Unit ? Well, there’s the ” Man vs. Food ” Bases Loaded Big Unit as well, that comes with chili, cheese sauce, bacon, sauerkraut, jalapenos, onions, relish, and shredded cheese. The Dodger Dog looks impressed…

DreiTakingOnBigUnit My attempt to take on this ” Man vs Food ” Big Unit !!! Or should I say, Dre vs Food . Food got me this time.

What food/baseball adventure is next for Dre ? ( FYI, don’t expect to many DvF adventures….)


And Now…. We Wait

But if you still haven’t had enough from last Thursday, well then here goes…

Oh yeah, just to get this off my chest…. IT’S A SWIMMING POOL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD !!!! OK, I won’t go into any more of the pool crashing story lines, but I gotta say, it sure looked very inviting, could you really blame our Boys in Blue for taking the celebratory plunge ? Hey, having come from 9.5 back and to overcome the early season adversity, I’d say they certainly earned it…..

OK, now comes the waiting game. With 6 games to go, the only thing we do now aside from play out the string, is wait and see who we get in the LDS and see if we start here in L.A. or elsewhere. And with the records of the Dodgers, Cardinals, and Braves , the 3 division leaders, only seperated by 1.5 games, the top seed and still up for grab. As for the Cardinals, who are already guaranteed a post-season spot, they currently sit 2 games up on both the Reds and Pirates for the NL Central Crown. As for the Reds and Pirates, with both of them winning tonight, both have also been asured of playing past this Sunday as well, so congratulations to both clubs especially the Pittsburgh Pirates !!! Hey, 22 straight losing season is more than enough to endure. And with 5 games left, though they would need some help along the way they just may steal the NL Central…. Allright, here are the current NL standings….

MLB National League

Cardinals 92 65 .586 – 49-27 43-38 6-4 W1

Reds 90 67 .573 2.0 49-26 41-41 7-3 W2

Pirates 90 67 .573 2.0 50-31 40-36 5-5 W1

Brewers 70 86 .449 21.5 37-44 33-42 6-4 W2

Cubs 65 92 .414 27.0 30-49 35-43 2-8 L2


Dodgers 90 66 .577 – 46-32 44-34 4-6 W2

Diamondbacks 79 77 .506 11.0 44-34 35-43 6-4 L1

Padres 73 83 .468 17.0 43-35 30-48 6-4 W1

Giants 72 84 .462 18.0 38-38 34-46 6-4 W1

Rockies 71 86 .452 19.5 44-35 27-51 4-6 L2


Braves 92 64 .590 – 52-23 40-41 4-6 L1

Nationals 84 73 .535 8.5 47-34 37-39 6-4 L1

Mets 71 85 .455 21.0 32-45 39-40 6-4 L1

Phillies 71 85 .455 21.0 43-38 28-47 3-7 L5

Marlins 58 99 .369 34.5 32-44 26-55 3-7 W1

Again, as you all can see, the only thing we know as of this moment is this….

And right now, that’s just fine by me. As excited as I am to see the Blue back in post-season play and as much as i’d like for us to have home field throughout the NL playoffs, I think i’ll just sit back and let the remaining 6 games dictate our destination come next Wednesday. My only concern is we head into October all in one piece, a thought i’m sure Mattingly is aware of as well and I can only guess our starters will see limited action, 5 innings at the most. Oh yeah, i’m not even going to try to explain possible tie-breaker scenarios. You have MLB.com for that…. ( We haven’t even reached October yet we’re all excited….)….

Need Some October Gear ?

A buddy of mine was so kind to model some Dodger stuff for a friend of his who owns Bling Circus in the Los Feliz area . Anyways, here are some of the Dodger apparel that’s on sale at Bling Circus, including these ladies cut shirts …


And this lovely Dodgers jersey purse which, was so enthusiastically modeled by a good friend of mine….

jon ( Head was cut off to protect his identity…. ) The location, Bling Circus,http://blingcircus.com/, 1918 Hillhurst Ave

Outside the Yards….

And finally, of the NL teams in the playoffs, i’ve had the chance to visit St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta, with Cincinatti not yet on my list of ballpark adventures. So tonight, I share with you 3 local landmarks in case some of you should be so fortunate to follow the Blue on the road throughout the playoffs, or yet, do some future ballpark adventures of your own…..

The Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pastored, located in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood of Atlanta. Service is held there every year on Dr. King’s birthday….

The Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis. Along old Rte 66 is this landmark pedestrian bridge depicting the old motherroad. Speaking of 66, here’s hoping that should The Blue take on the Red Birds our #66 leaves a lasting impression…..

cathedral The Cathedral of Learning, on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Many of you may recognize this landmark from the movie 42 in one of the last scenes when Jackie Robinson is rounding the bases in old Forbes Field . ( On a sidenote, it’s been said that Jackie Robinson did not hit a homer at Forbes in 1947 ) . Also, the flagpole you see there is one of the remnants that remain from old Forbes Field, just on the other side of some brick wall not in this picture. That brick wall ? Affectionately known as by the locals as Maz’s wall.

Division Race Memories, and My First Taste of the Dodgers-Giants Rivlary

With the Magic Number down to 6, it is possible that the Dodgers could clinch by Sunday at the earliest.  And I know all you fellow Dodgers fans would like nothing more than to have our long time rivals watch us celebrate, although for this to happen we would have to either take 3 of 4 from the hated ones ( Not beyond possible ) while the Snakes would have to be swept in all 3 by the Rockies at home, or sweep all 4 from the hated ones ( Also not beyond possible) and the Snakes would have to lose 2 of 3 to the Rockies at Chase Field.   While words can’t quite describe that feeling of celebrating in front of our rivals, though they are long out of contention for 2013, the last thing they would want is for us to rub salt into their wounds in an otherwise nightmarish season for the hated ones.  So yeah, we all know they will be going all out this weekend to prevent a celebration of the NL West in their presence.  So yeah, even in an off year, they still have something to play for if not the role of spoiler, which, is how I, as an 8 year old kid in 1982, got introduced to this great rivalry…..

While Joe Morgan, who was recently honored by the Reds this weekend ( Against the Dodgers no less….), will be forever linked to The Big Red Machine of the 70’s, it was he who gave me my first taste of this storied rivalry on October 3rd, 1982. It was his 3 run home run in the last of the 7th off Terry Forster that would prevent us from tying the Atlanta Braves for the division lead that would have forced a 1 game playoff the next day at Dodger Stadium ( Which my uncle had bought tickets to. Also, yes, at that time, the Atlanta Braves, led by Joe Torre, we’re in the NL West ). It would also my first taste of the BEAT L.A. chant. Yeah, I am aware that the chant was started at Boston Garden earlier that year, but over the years, that chant has never been yelled with such ferver than through the fog across the Golden Gate…..


Fast forward to 1983, the 25th Anniversary of the Dodgers in this great city of L.A. since their move from Brooklyn. In what should have been a year of transition, the first year minus Cey and Garvey, the Dodgers and Braves would find themselves in another dogfight for the NL West crown. With the Dodgers leading the west by 3 games with 3 to play on the season’s final weekend, yup, you guessed it, it would be the hated one’s in town….

While clinching the NL West in 1983 may not have had the same drama that the previous years events had, it sure had to feel great to have the hated ones watch our Boys in Blue celebrate. Heck, even mother nature couldn’t ruin our night to party !!!! Oh yeah, in that 1983 clip, how ’bout that little known pitcher who came in for Fernando ? Yup, Orel Hershiser. Those two would make quite a tandem eventually…. As for the reserves who came in from the 6th inning on, Cecil Espy and Sid Bream. Well, those two would take part in another epic playoff battle 9 years later… ( Notice how much slimmer Sid Bream was in 1983 ? Now if it was the Sid Bream of ’83 that would have beat Barry Bonds throw in 1992…. )

So there are my memories. 30 years since ’83 huh ? I hope you enjoyed the clips posted, especially the opening theme from the ’83 one, featuring Earth Wind and Fire’s Rock That. ( I could picture Vin Scully yelling IT’S TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL to that….) If you didn’t watch them in their entirety, it’s all good. I mean, that’s almost 6 hours of timeless memories right there. And i’m most certainly sure that you all have your own favorite Dodgers/Giants memories as well . So, am I alone in wanting the Giants watch us celebrate this Sunday, even if the odds are against it ?

In Game Tweet from (@Good_Drei) 4/13/2013 @DBacks

Andrei Ojeda (@Good_Drei) tweeted at 5:26 PM on Sat, Apr 13, 2013: @Dodgers Pitching has been great, time for the offense to heat up !!! @TheRealMattKemp is making some fan in the pool happy tonight… (https://twitter.com/Good_Drei/status/323230622598459392) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download If not for our pitching we may be struggling like the Angels as well. Hopefully tonight the offense heats up. And of course the armchair QB in me has to let it out every now and we all know that Matt Kemp has started the year off slowly. So I’m gonna call it and say his first Beast Mode shot lands in the pool at Chase Field…. Follow my tweets @good_drei