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Notes On A Scorecard…7/6/2017 vs D-Backs…Moment After Moment


Leading Off…

Dodgers vs DBacks_42 on Scoreboard.jpg

April 15th shouldn’t be the only day we celebrate Jackie’s legacy, right ?

Dodgers vs DBacks_Scoreboard Back to Normal

OK, back to our normal lineup…

Dodgers vs Dbacks_Final Scorecard

After taking the first 2 of 3 from the Snakes, a pitchers duel between Rich Hill and Robbie Ray would take place. Through 7 innings, both pitchers would combine for 22 strikeouts, 9 of which would belong to Rich Hill. The only blemish from both pitchers would be solo shots from Jake Lamb and Logan Forsythe. 

The Dodgers would have their chances. Two of them, in fact as they had the bases loaded in the 1st and 6th innings, only to come away empty. From the 8th to the 9th The Snakes would score 3, one of them coming off Jake Lamb’s second solo shot. 

But the home 9th would show once again to never count the Blue out, AND, if you’re at any game the rest of this 2017 season and the deficit is 4 runs or less heading to the home 9th to NEVER HEAD TO THE EXITS !!! (Even if the deficit is more than 4 runs, with this years team you may still want put aside any doubts…)


The inning would start innocently enough, with Yasiel Puig leading off with a single. After a walk to Joc Pederson, pinch hitting for Trayce Thompson, Cody Bellinger, getting the night off, would come on to pinch hit for Yasmani Grandal. As excited as I was along with 40,000 other spectators, I couldn’t help but think if Cody lights up a Roman Candle and we go extras (Yes, I’ve been listening to Vin Scully a lot over the years…), who would be catching since Grandal came into the game for Austin Barnes. 

Nonetheless, Cody would also reach on a base on ball, loading the bases for Logan Forsythe. Logan on four pitches would also walk, forcing in a run. BTW, None of the pitches from Snakes closer Fernando Rodney we’re close. That would bring up Corey Seager. Seager, not having one of his better nights having struck out 3 times, would work the count to 2 and 2, before this...

Is it me, or do I have some sort of magical power for Dodger hitters who enter the 9th inning on striking out 3 times or more?

After an intentional pass to load the bases, setting up a force at the plate, Chris Taylor, who already has 3 grand slams, could he deliver his fourth with a walk-off slam?  

You know, I’m more than take that walk-off single. As Joe Davis would say…”Moment After Moment…”, no doubt taking a cue from good ol’ Vin…(Who wouldn’t?)

Instead of salvaging the final game of 3 and pulling within 3.5 games of The Blue, the Snakes would fall 5.5 games behind. The Dodgers have still yet to lose since July 2nd. Since, they have gone from 2.5 games up to now 10.5 games on the reeling Snakes…

Dodgers vs DBacks_SChat Pic

Furious Indeed !!!

What other “scorecard” moment will Drei bring? To quote Joe one more time…”Moment after Moment…Memory after Memory…”

Extra Innings…Goin’ Through The Cycle With The Rookie Sensation








Looking Back at The First Half


In the 37 years i’ve been a fan of the Blue, this past first half has without a doubt been the most memorable. Currently on pace to win over 100 games for the first time since 1974, our Boys in Blue have provided us more than their share of 10 best moments of the first half, including sending six to the all-star game. 

Since Cody Bellinger’s arrival in late April, the Dodgers have been on a tear. As we now approach the 2nd half, here are some of my concerns…

  • Can Rich Hill continue to work past the 6th inning?
  • Can Brandon McCarthy stay healthy enough to pitch into October?
  • Can Cody Bellinger continue to put up his insane numbers?
  • How much offense can we manufacture without relying on the long ball?
  • Do we go after another starting pitcher for the stretch run?

What I look forward to in the 2nd half…

  • Joc Pederson to continue producing. After a slow start and a stint in the DL, Joc has “quietly” produced, hitting 8 home runs, 7 which came in June and getting his average above .240. At his current pace he could still crack 30 home runs
  • Puig to finish with 30 plus home runs and 90 plus RBI’s. Puig has certainly showed more discipline this year
  • Roberts to continue to put certain pitchers on the 10 day DL and utilize either Ryu or Maeda 
  • Starting pitchers not named Kershaw or Wood to pitch into the 7th inning, particularly Hill or McCarthy. Keeping them healthy will be key

This should be quite a 2nd half. The excitement is only beginning…

Looking Back at Drei’s Picks…

So, as we head to the 2nd half, lets look back at what Drei said back in spring about his American League leaders…

Blue Jays_Cap Logo

“The Blue Jays, coming off 2 straight ALCS appearances, have lost some offensive firepower with Edwin Encarnacion heading to Cleveland but they still boast a formidable rotation. The rest of the division is capable of claiming one of the two WC spots.”

After a slow start that saw them as many as 12 games south of .500, the Jays have struggled to surpass the .500 mark. Currently in last place in the AL East by 8.5 games, the Jays, as well as the rest of the AL East, are still in contention to win the division…

Indians_Cap Logo

“The Tribe came within one game of bringing the city of Cleveland it’s second championship in a 5 month stretch. While The Tribe made it to the Fall Classic on the strength of their rotation, they’ve added some offensive punch by adding Edwin Encarnacion from Toronto.”

In spite of a 21-24 record at home, the Tribe heads into the 2nd half with a 2.5 game lead over the surprising Minnesota Twins. The Royals, after a slow start, also find themselves back in post-season contention, trailing the Tribe by only 3 games…

Mariners_Cap Logo

“After surprising many in 2015, the Astros somewhat regressed last season, starting off 15-28 before finishing off with a respectable 84 wins.  The Astros, led by Jose Altuve, are being picked by many to win the AL West. With the teamwide  so-called “sophomore jinx” now out of the way, this could very well be their year they take over the west. Seattle has a pretty formidable lineup themselves especially the heart of the order, where Cano, Cruz and Kyle Seager combined for a total of 95 home runs last season. Felix Hernandez by his standards had an off season last year but is expected to lead the rotation once again.”

No one ever gets all six division winners right? Certainly there’s always got to be a sleeper. Well, it looks like the Astros have the AL West all but locked up, trailing only the Dodgers for the best record. 

So, of my 3 division winners, Cleveland has the inside track to their division. The Blue Jays, while still in the division race, need a fast start and some consistent pitching to keep them in playoff contention. The Mariners can be thankful for baseball’s 2nd wild card, where only 7.5 games separates every non-division leading AL team. 

And now, what Drei said about the Senior Circuit…

Nationals Cap Logo

“In his first season as the Nationals skip, Dusty Baker restored some order in leading the Nats back to the post-season, to be eliminated in 5 games by The Blue. While Dusty may be one of the finest managers of the game, going back to the 2002 World Series his teams have lost 9 straight post-season series clinchers. He can say what he wants about some of Dave Roberts moves in Game 5, fact of the matter is, once again, he was simply out-managed when it counted.”

October rematch Dusty ?

Cubs Cap

“The Cubs, even with the loss of Dexter Fowler, are once again primed for another deep post season run…”

The Cubs World Series hangover goes beyond the loss of Dexter Fowler. Even with the WS hangover, no one could have predicted they would be 2 games under.500 and 5.5 games behind the surprising Brewers at the all-star break…

And finally…

Dodgers Cap Logo

“Last year, Dave Roberts managed to will the Dodgers to the NLCS in spite of the numerous injuries to the rotation. While it is expected to be a 2 division race between the Dodgers and Giants once again, Colorado may not be too far behind and may even be not only the division’s but the leagues sleeper as well. If the Rockies highly touted young arms can maintain their composure in hitter friendly Coors Field, the Rockies just may make a legitimate run at the post season…”

Colorado, after a hot start, has cooled off a bit but still find themselves tied with the 3rd most wins in the NL, behind only the surprising D-Backs and Dodgers. It will be interesting to see how Colorado’s young arms hold up beyond Coors Field in the 2nd half. Arizona has had outstanding production both with the bats and arms. Any other division (Except the AL West) they are the leaders…

I predicted the Dodgers would win 95 games. At 61-29, they would only have to go 34-38 to achieve that plateau. Of course, we don’t ever want The Blue to take their foot off the pedal. The Blue has not experienced a prolonged losing streak…yet. Now before you pelt me with rotten fruit, lets remember that baseball is a marathon. Winning 100 games, especially in the Wild Card era, does not mean much. Slumps happen over the course of 162, both individually and team wise. It’s all about the timing. Should the “inevitable” happen, the best case scenario would be that it happens before October….

Extra Innings…Walk Us Off Logan

There have been many a memorable moment in this past first half. Here’s one of my 2 favorites…Logan Forsythe’s 13th inning walk-off on May 23 off Jonathan Broxton. This was Forsythe’s first game back after 30 days on the DL. Forsythe to this point was 0 for 4 with 4 Ks. Here are Drei’s Notes On A Scorecard from that Tuesday in May…





That Bittersweet Feeling…

It’s the ending that’s become all too familiar with us. 4 straight division titles…Yet so close to the Grand Prize… Only the St. Louis Cardinals have more regular season wins during that span than the Dodgers. But…(Of course whenever the word “But” is used, more often than not is it used in a not so positive context) during that 4 year span in which they have averaged 92 wins each season the closest the Blue has come toward the trip to The Fall Classic is 2 games…Twice.

Winning 4 straight division titles is no small feat, especially in baseball. 

But…In a town where style overshadows substance…In a town starved for baseball’s grand prize that has now eluded us 28 years and counting…Close isn’t good enough. 

Is it fair? It depends who you ask I guess. 4 straight division titles. Have we become the Buffalo Bills of baseball? Not quite. At least the Bills made it to 4 straight Super Bowls. Have we become the new Atlanta Braves of the 90s and early 2000s? Not quite yet. The Braves won 14 consecutive division titles with one World Title. Has our fanbase reached a point that soon attendance at October baseball games not played against some AL Champion will resemble that of past Braves or even Yankees? Only time will tell. Was this season a disappointment? Again, it depends on who you ask. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say most Dodger fans would say no.

As previously stated, winning 4 straight division titles is no small feat. At the end of the day though, a team’s feats are measure by whose flashing the bling. A lot of progress was made this past season by first year manager Dave Roberts. With all the injuries throughout the lineup and in particular to our starting rotation the fact Roberts was able to guide The Blue as far as he did was more than enough to earn him Sporting News 2016 NL Manager of the Year

David Crane — Staff Photographer
Dodger’s manager Dave Roberts, left, was named Sporting News’ 2016 National League Manager of the Year on Monday. Dave Roberts-Photo by David Crane

The accolades don’t stop there either…

dodgers_corey-seager_robert-gauthier-la-times Corey Seager: Photo by Robert Gauthier, L.A. Times

As expected, Corey Seager was named 2016 Sporting News NL Rookie of the Year

Questions will arise once again during the off-season. It’s been 28 years now since Chavez Ravine has hosted a Fall Classic. Our country has gone through 2 Bush’s and by the time our Boys in Blue win their next Fall Classic it just may be through a second Clinton. 

Of the 4 division winners from 2013,talent wise, I’d say the 2014 had the most. As for heart, I without a doubt can honestly say I felt this years team displayed the most, especially during the stretch without our Ace, Kid K. Most thought our Boys in Blue would fold. As A-Gon said during the LCS, it was Us Against The World. The Cubs we’re just the better team. They weren’t the best team in the regular season by accident. 

As a baseball fan, I wish the Cubs well in the World Series. I also wish Cleveland well. One of those two teams will break a long drought. 


Well, this all but concludes my 10 year anniversary bringing the tales. The same amount of time for the longest tenured Dodger, yup, you all know it…Dre couldn’t do much this season. As we and even he knows, father time is starting to creep up on him. As much as we’d all for Dre to get that bling wearing the Dodger Blue we all know that he could be elsewhere come spring training, a phrase we’ve all heard countless times during the last several years. 

9th Inning…Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Here’s a little flashback from 1988…

And you just wanted to relax on some fictional resort along the Florida Keys…With some tropical “Cocktail”…To the rhythm of a steel drum band…


Counting Down That Magic Number…5

Bottom 1st…A High 5 Toward 5…

A 5 run first highlighted by this 3 run blast from Puig would get the ball rolling toward the Magic 5…

Of course that wouldn’t be the only highlight of the night from Puig. Has Puig finally rediscovered his form of 2013?

dodgers_corey-seager_robert-gauthier-la-times(Corey Seager. Photo Robert Gauthier/LA Times)

While Corey has blown a bubble or two, not many pitchers have been able to blow much by  our no doubt N.L. Rookie of The Year

Other Magic Moments From the Number 5…

dodgers_juan-uribe_harry-how-getty-images (Juan Uribe, Harry How/Getty Images)

Who could forget this 8th inning blast from Game 4 of the 2013 NLDS from Juan Uribe…

image (Mike Marshall, L.A. Times)

Remember Mike Marshall? The outfielder who donned the Blue from 1981-88. Most fans dont remember that he led the team in RBI’s in 1988, not, well, you know… While many Dodger fans remember one home run from the ’88 World Series, Mike Marshall would also come through huge in Game 2…

9th Inning…Drei’s Tale…Presented by Vin…From The Left Field Pavillion With Kid n Drei…

Kid: Hey Drei, what’s up with Corey Seager’s walk up song? 

Drei: What’s wrong with his walk up song Kid? So Corey goes country? Hey, if it brings him NLROY and maybe MVP honors he can play what he wants… Just because he ain’t playing what you want, you know…Miley Cyrus…


Drei: That’s right Kid…

Dodgers_Home Jersey Logo



Counting Down That Magic Number…22

22 Brett Butler

Dodgers_Brett Butler Brett Butler would don the Dodger Blue for just over six seasons from 1991-94, and after a brief stint with the Mets to start off 1995, would return to The Blue later that season and finish his career in Dodger Blue in 1997. Throughout his career which would span 5 teams Butler would amass a career .290 batting average along with 558 stolen bases. Many a Dodger fan would remember Brett for his speed as well as his ability to get on base while bunting. 

Currently Brett is the 3rd base/outfield coach for the Miami Marlins, whom the Blue will see this weekend, just in time for our present day 22 to return to action

Dodgers_Kershaw (Kid K. Photo: Allen J. Schaben/L.A. Times)

Welcome Back Zack…

We never said we’d be gracious hosts, did we ?

This has been one crazy 2nd half. After whacking around former Dodger Zack Greinke with 5 home runs en route to a 10-2 win, the Dodgers now find themselves 4 games in front of the hated ones. Since the all-star break the Dodgers have erased a 6.5 game lead by the Giants, gaining 10 games in that stretch. Regardless if the Giants have gone through and continue their 2nd half swoon,as pointed out by a certain sports network, The Blue, for all it’s injuries, are still on pace to win 90 plus games for the 4th straight season. As for the Giants, they are on pace to be the first team to have the best record before the All-Star break and the worst after it.

picsart_07-12-09.01.55.jpg Feels great to lead the way, doesn’t it Kid ?

Chasing Dreams at The Skirball Cultural Center

As The Boys In Blue continue to chase their dreams toward October, the Skirball Cultural Center features Chasing Dreams: Baseball and Becoming American, the first large-scale exhibition featuring the story of Jews and baseball as well as the sports impact on other immigrants and minority communities, including Italians, Asians, Latinos and African Americans. Planning on bringing the kids? Check out the Family Art Studio where the whole family can create one-of-a kind art projects themed around Skirball exhibits, as well as its current baseball exhibits.

Bringing the kids along? One thing the whole family will enjoy is making personalized baseballs using ping-pong balls to be placed along the wall of Skirball All Stars, lined of course with baseball cards of various MLB players from the 80s and 90s.


You will also want to take your kids through Noah’s Ark. Inside this wooden ark, kid of all ages are invited  to experience a hands on experience filled with endless imagination. 

Monkeying around inside the Ark…Just another SUN-DAY, FUN-DREI !!!  We’re just never to old to monkey around are we…

The Skirball Cultural Center is located on 2701 N. Sepulved Blvd. The museum hours are Tuesday-Friday 12:00-5:00 P.M., Saturday-Sunday, 10:00 a.m.-5:00p.m. General Admission is $12, $9 for Seniors 65 and over as well as for F/T Students with ID, and Children over 12, $7 for Children 2-12. Admission is free on Thursdays.

Extra Innings…Ross Porter on the 2016 Dodgers and Dave Roberts


Former Dodger Ross Porter recently spoke to an audience at the Skirball Center as he presented Baseball Stories. A Q&A also took place and I asked Ross his thoughts on this years Dodgers as well as Dave Roberts. Please excuse the audio quality.  Here’s a snippet…

Drei’s Post All-Star Thoughts


(Photo: Jon SooHoo)

The Stars in Blue…Kershaw, Jansen and Corey. Some of you may have been wondering what up with the road grey’s since Petco Park in San Diego, home of the Padres, a National League team, was the host. Seems like a legitimate head-scratcher. Hopefully, this explanation of NL Parks hosting the Mid-Summer Classic 4 years in a row will clear up confusion. I really don’t see the big deal of who is determined the home team in a high profile exhibition game that occurs once a year. The only players who it would greatly impact are those who play there 81 times a year. Now, ask me how I feel about the current format where the winner decides what team gets home-field in the World Series, and that’s where my rant comes in. Yes, I get that former commissioner Bud Selig wanted to change things up after the 2002 All-Star Game fiascoA better solution? How about letting position players who have already been taken out return if deemed necessary? It couldn’t hurt the integrity of the game could it? If anything, this could add some late inning spice toward the game, especially with fans wandering if their favorite player from said team would actually come back later and, what, get that game-winning hit? 

The fact that a high-profile exhibition game that has no bearing on the standings could determine later on if a team with 88 wins gets home field over one with 100 plus wins gets home field in The Fall Classic makes absolute no sense. This would definitely not fly in the NBA or NHL, especially the NHL, where their ASG is void of any real physical contact ( If any at all…). 

Of course, I am not the only one who is not crazy over the “This One Counts” theory, as one L.A. Times beat writer has come up with his five ways to improve the All-Star game.

As for being the road team in Petco Park…


The greeting  Kershaw, Jansen and Seager wasn’t exactly so hospitable. Corey Seager heard the Beat L.A. chants as he entered the yard. It’s OK kid, the fact that our neighbors to the south, ones who have always looked up to L.A, would yell the chant to you is the ultimate compliment. Just wait ’til you hear it yelled directly at you in San Francisco. That’s beyond the ultimate compliment…

Plenty of Season Left to Hit The Road…

Stadium Journey

With the Mid-Summer Classic now over, the 2nd half of the season gets under way. I know plenty of you Dodgers and baseball fans are just itching to get out on the road on your Stadium Journey to follow the Blue or your favorite team through all 30 yards. Check out our new look as we have partnered with the good folks over at Scout.com. I know there are a lot of you Dodger fans heading to Arizona this weekend. Here’s some tips for you following the Blue to the desert this weekend

9th Inning…


Hey Kid !!! It’s Time For…

10 Years a Good Dre…Steve Garvey

picsart_07-08-06.28.12.jpg Steve Garvey, Camera Day, May 2008

As we head toward the All-Star game taking place in San Diego, also with the Padres finishing their 4 game series with The Blue, today’s 10 Years a Good Dre features a popular Dodger among the fans who wore the Dodger Blue for 14 seasons from 1969-82 before finishing his career as a Padre. Garvey was a 10x all-star from 1974-81 and twice with the Friars in ’84-85. Garvey to this day holds the NL record for consecutive games played at 1207. However, Garvey’s, and perhaps the Padres franchise most memorable moment may have been in Game 4 of the NLCS, Don Drysdale with the call… 

Of course, it would be a former Dodger with the call. I wonder if ever got a chance to call a memorable home run that involved one in a Dodger Blue uniform…

wp-1468126570671.jpeg Garvey’s retired number…As a Padre. I don’t see this being retired by The Friars if not for that home run in ’84. Many a Dodger fan still feels his number 6 in The Blue needs to be retired as well. Oh yeah, like the Dodger Blue touch I gave number 6 ?

wp-1468125673218.jpeg With the legend himself, April ’15

Blue Stars Shining Bright In America’s Finest City…

Dodgers_All Stars

Congratulations to Kenley Jansen, Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager on being nominated to the 2016 All-Star Game. The big focus of course will be on Corey Seager, our rookie SS who’s having himself a memorable season. Seager, the team leader in home runs, will be participating in this years Home Run Derby. This will mark the 2nd consecutive year a Dodger will be participating in the HRD, with Joc Pederson coming in 2nd last year. This will also be the 2nd consecutive season a Dodger rookie is taking part. I can only guess this is a first in team history.

Lots has been debated about the so-called Home Run Derby Curse . I along with many Dodger fans have been skeptical as well. Bill Plaschke is not so thrilled about Corey taking part either, pointing out Joc Pederson’s 2nd half swoon. However, Joc had already been on a swoon before the all-star break. It is debatable, but hey, this should not stop us from cheering the rookie on, right ? From Dodger fans i’ve spoke to, not many are concerned that his numbers will be affected come the 2nd half, when we’ll really need his productivity. Should Corey go in a slump, something all hitters go through eventually, it would just be a case of the league catching up to him. 

9th Inning…Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn