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Throwback Thursday, Drei’s Ballpark Adventures…Coors Field, 8/29-30 2006


In the 12 plus years I’ve had a chance to travel to various MLB and MILB yards, much has changed in regards to the way we view and share our experiences. When I first started my baseball stadium journey’s, not counting yards here in California, I would look at other ballpark travelers experiences online and see what they had to share. Of course, when I started all this in 2003, digital camera’s where still on the rise, I was still using 400 film, and we we’re trying to figure a way to share our experiences instantly (At least I was). After all, back then, most of us we’re still using flip phones. No twitter or facebook, no hashtagging, no droids ( What else wasn’t in our vocabulary when I started all this in 2003 ? ) I know I got excited when I got my first camera phone. Of course it came with an attachment. Oh how far we’ve come with technology since…

Coors Field, August 29-30, 2006

Today, I share with you some of my pics from my trip to Coors Field 8 years ago. My purpose of my off-season posts of various yards i’ve visited is to share my experiences at my time of visit. With constant changes that occur in our favorite yards, it is my hope that other’s will share their experiences at the time of their visit as well and see what has changed inside these various yards over time.

Coors Field is located in the LoDo district of Denver. Opened in 1995, at the time the capacity was just over 50,000. In spite of it’s large capacity, Coors Field felt surprisingly intimate. This past season, Coors Field did some renovations, decreasing the capacity by removing a vast number of upper deck right field seats and adding a rooftop viewing area for fans to roam around and socialize while taking in the action. It is one feature I would like to experience should I return to Coors anytime soon.  


Home plate entrance


View from the CF Rockpile seats. $4 day of game back in 2006…


Coors Field’s signature feature out in centerfield, The Rockpile, with real rocks and trees that also has a water display in between innings. Hmm, some of those trees would make for some wonderful Christmas use this time of year. I wonder how many home runs have landed in the rockpile…


Visitors bullpen by The Rockpile. That’s got to be one of the most scenic bullpen settings in all of MLB. I’m guessing the visiting teams must enjoy this not only for it’s scenery but the fact that it’s distant from the stands, avoiding any potential hecklers…

Neon Artwork Outside of Coors…

More Artwork…


Mural of construction workers getting Coors all ready for action. Trivial tidbit… the batter wearing 95, yup, 95 represents the year Coors Field opened. Is it really going to be 20 since Coors Field’s opening ? 


Down the street from Coors Field’s left field entrance. I love how Coors Field just blends in with the local architecture, as is the case with many ballparks built after 1992, the year Camden Yards opened…

On This Day, 8/30/2006


Troy Tulowitzky would make his MLB debut at shortstop for the Rockies. I just wonder what kind of future this former Dirtbag from Long Beach State would have…

9th Inning With Drei…


And they say dinosaurs no longer exist ! Drei kicking it with his new buddy Dinger !!!

So, for anyone reading, particularly any Rockies fans out there who may have “stumbled” across over here, what else has changed at Coors Field that Drei and other baseball fans should look forward to in their next visit to the Mile High City ? Oh yeah, Dodger fans and of course baseball fans can never plan out their ballpark adventures to early. Planning on visiting Coors next year ? Here’s a more detailed review of Coors Field from Stadium Journey magazine .  Be sure to check out Stadium Journey for all your sports themed road trips. 

Extra Innings…

I hope you’re all having a great holiday season so far. Speaking of the holiday’s, one could never go wrong with a classic Andy Williams . After all, what are the holiday’s without some Andy Williams tunes ?


Dre’s Sunday Slides and Sunday Funnies, 7/6/2014

As if there was any doubt who would be named pitcher off the month for the month of June.   Let the numbers,  which also include his 15 strikeout no-hit performance against the Rockies,  speak for themself.  At this moment,  Kershaw currently has pitched 36 consecutive scoreless innings.   His next start will be  Thursday evening art Dodger Stadium against the San Diego Padres.

The Sunday Slide

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Pregame bullpen session , KKKKKKKKKKKKKershaw ! On this day, 6/29/2014, Kershaw would accumulate 13 Ks against the Cardinals.



From the stands and fans throughout June…

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Celebrating Philippine Heritage Night and a 2nd Stanley Cup for the L.A. Kings !!!


Anze and Mini Puig together on the field after the post-game fireworks, on Philippine Heritage Night. Did I also mention we were celebrating a Stanley Cup for the Kings ?

Daniel, my lil’ bro, has it all covered tonight….

image This is L.A. !!!

Hey Daniel ? Who influenced you ?</

The lil’ bro Daniel reppin’ Team L.A. . Again, I ask Daniel, who influenced you ?

The Sunday Funnies

Today, Mini Puig and his author, yours truly, pay a visit to some pre- historic friends of ours….

Somewhere in Rancho….

Mini Puig, back where it all started , is having a playful reunion with his buddy, Tremor. From Tremor to Mini Puig… ” I See You ” . Tremor couldn’t help but to pay homage to Mini Puig’s buddy HanRam .

Traveling back in time, somewhere up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains in the summer of 2006…

Yours truly is having a great time with his Jurassic buddy, Dinger ! Yeah, he may be partial the Rockies, but aside from this weekend, Dinger and Dre, or Double D, we’re actually good buds. If there’s one thing we agree on, it’s our disdain for some Seal up in The Bay. When I took this pic with Dinger on 8/30/2006, a LBSU alum was making his MLB debut for the Rox. Some Dirtbag named Troy Tulowitzky …


Josh Beckett takes the mound today for the Blue Crew as they try to make it 3 of 4 over the Rockies. The Dodgers, 29-18 away from The Ravine, currently holds a 1/2 game less over the San Francisco Giants for the NL West division lead.

30 In 25 By Ground

How many of you baseball fans have ever dreamed of following your favorite team on a road trip ? How many of you have dreamed of seeing a game at all 30 MLB Parks ? How would you plan it out ? 30 in one summer ? 30 over a period of time ? 30 in 30 days ? Or how about… 30 in 25 days, all on ground !!!

Of course a lot of preparation is involved when it comes to road trips. But 25 in 30 days, on ground ? That would be a world record if accomplished. Personally, I couldn’t even do 30 in 30 let alone 30 in 25. When i’m travelling, even when ballpark hopping, I like to take it slow. Here are some of the yards i’ve seen our Boys in Blue play, and some parks where i’ve made some new “friends” .

And some new furry friends along the way…

OK, I’ll include one AL Mascot….

Moose Gotta love playing with the Mariner Moose. As long as I don’t bring some “monkey” inside his yard he’s always happy to play with me….

As for how many current yards i’ve been, my count right now is at 17. I will hit the 30 mark eventually. So, what are some of the yards you’ve strolled through ? What we’re your favorites ? Oh yeah…. Nothing beats a day at the ballpark ….