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Cruising A Legendary Path to Dodger Baseball

Leading Off…Like Cruising Music…Kid Marley Marlz…

Pretty soon, many of you blue blooded Angelenos and other baseball fans will be driving up ( Or crawling depending on our traffic…), or perhaps maybe walking up, or, maybe, Cruising Up… A Legendary Path to Dodger Baseball. To put you all in the mood, how ’bout some beats from The Ravine…From Kid Marley Marlz…You know…Like Cruising Music



That’s right ! This familiar sight that generations of Dodgers and baseball fans have traveled toward that Magic Castle on the other side of that hill will have a new name. If everything goes according to schedule, in just a few days Elysian Park Avenue will be renamed after our very own legend Vin Scully . That’s, of course, if everything goes to schedule. Personally, i’d like for our city council to wait until closer to Opening Day, the final one to be called by the legend… No matter though, pretty soon, we’ll all be driving, or walking up ,or…CRUISING A LEGENDARY PATH TO DODGER BASEBALL… IT’S TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL !!! ( Uh, OK, almost time…)


 (Photo, Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA Today Sports)