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Hot Dogs and Independence Day

Leading Off…


Of course we all know there is more to Independence Day than just hot dogs and fireworks. As always, we thank the men and women who have fought to defend our great country since 1776. America has and will always be great…

Battle of the Dogs… The Filipino Dog vs. The Colorado Dog


As we celebrate America’s birthday, many of you will be chowing down on your share of encased meats. Some of you will no doubt be taking part in some back yard hot dog eating contest, no doubt walking it off on your way to the fireworks show at your neighborhood park.

 The sausage has come a long way since it’s invention, with it’s accouterments going beyond the relish, mustard and ketchup. Even with the vast dining options the hot dog still remains the most consumed food item inside the ballpark.

The Dodger Dog. A longtime staple inside the walls of Chavez Ravine. A favorite among many a Dodger fan. As for me, I tend to lean more toward the Super Dodger Dog. For only a buck more, you get a beefier and tastier dog. 

On certain nights, a specialty super dog is served. The specialty dog will be themed around that specific game’s heritage night, the opponent or sometimes both. The specialty dog’s, like most baseball stats, are hit and miss, such as The Pike Dog (Mariners) and The Philly Dog (Phillies)

On this Friday evening, during Filipino Night in celebration of Philippine Independence Day,  with the Colorado Rockies in town in a battle of 2 of baseball’s top teams, both the Filipino Dog and the Colorado Dog would be served. 



So, in the battle of the dogs, which dog would come out the top dog? FYI, it has not “officially” been confirmed yet whether future Colorado Dog’s will topped off with Rocky Mountain Oysters   


9th Inning…To Those Who Protect




Filipino Night to Another SUN-DAY, FUN-DREI… THIS IS HOWIE DO IT !!!

The themed nights the Dodgers throw are nothing new for the organization and it’s fans and throughout baseball. Since the MY TOWN theme night of 2009, the Dodgers have kept the theme nights simple. However, like the good old game of baseball, there we’re hits and misses.

The Hits…

DODGERS_ FIL NIGHT SHIRT Of all the Filipino Night shirts the Dodgers have provided us over the years, this has to be the best . As a true blue blooded Dodgers fan, the shirts should be blue every year. I just love how the signature interlocking L.A. logo pays homage to The Philippine flag.  Good call by The Blue. Also of note, Filipino night since 2012 has been celebrated during the week of Philippine Independence, another good call by our Boys in Blue. DODGERS_FIL NIGHT GROUPPhoto by Edel P

SWING AND A MISS… While I do applaud the Dodgers efforts for reaching out to the Philippine community of Los Angeles, their attempt at doing a Filipino themed Super Dodger Dog was quite a miss. Not a total miss, but for a brief moment, I’m going to go from Good Drei In L.A. to Ask A Filipino…

DODGERS_FIL DOG 2 Our resident Dodger Dog doing his best to honor The Blue’s efforts at this Filipino Dog…

DODGERS_FIL DOG So here it is, The Filipino Dog, a Super Dodger Dog with diced spam, pineapple cubes, chicharrones and Sabrett’s sweet onion glaze. Sounds more like a Hawaiian theme to me even with the ties the Philippines and Hawaii may have with each other. As for the chicharrones, I guess you could say they could be a substitute for Crispy Pata. If I had been the one giving this Dodger Dog a Filipino theme, I would have used shredded pork adobo meat on top of the Dog. Not even difficult to prepare, as any Filipino can prepare pork or chicken adobo. ( If I really wanted to go full-on Filipino theme, I would actually use sisig, ( Leave a comment if you want to hear more on that…) Overall, Filipino Night was once again a success. As for the in-game highlights… That won’t be the only case of robbery by the Young Joc…   And THAT… IS HOWIE DO IT !!! As for ” HOWIE ” did it in the stands…

Let The Music Play

Last week, it was reported that our beloved organist Nancy Bea Hefley would not be returning next year because she no longer fit in with the organizations plans. Well, thanks to the loyal Dodger fans both young and old ( Including this old one here…), Nancy Bea Hefley has been offered a lifetime contract with the organization.  Now how about giving Nancy Bea some more playing time ? Hey, I’m not against in-game entertainment. I get the fact that the overall baseball experience must keep up with the times, but hey, Nancy Bea is just as much a treasure to Dodger fans of all ages as our Boys In Blue are on the field…

NANCYBEA With Nancy Bea, August 2014

Wanted For Robbery

If that earlier clip of Joc Pederson robbing the DBacks Yasmani Tomas of a potential tying 3 run home run had you buzzing for more, how ’bout this from PETCO on Sunday that saved the game for The Blue. It’s being talked of as perhaps the catch of the year so far. With The Blue eventually winning in extras and taking the series from the Friars, it’s even being talked of as The Catch that may have cost Bud Black his job as Padres skipper.

9th Inning… Another SUN-DAY FUN-DREI !!!… From Rancho…

As our Boys in Blue we’re taking 2 of 3 down south in Diego and Young Joc was committing robbery,  Drei here would pay a visit to Rancho to see some potential future Dodgers.

RANCHO_JOE BROUSSARD With Rancho Cucamonga Quakes pitcher Joe Broussard, donning the Sunday Dodger Blue look

Every now and then a minor league player works his way up to the bigs from the Single A level and comes back for a rehab before heading back to the big show…

RANCHO_SCOTT VAN SLYKE Here I am kicking it with The Stache… Scott Van Slyke. It was nice to see him back where it all started, even if it was at Inland Empire when the 66ers were the Dodgers Single A affiliate at the time. I also had a chance to see him play at Albuquerque. Looking forward to seeing you back in The Big Blue, our offense could use your bat

Extra Innings… Fun N Games With Drei

RANCHO_AFTER SHOCK Drei and his Jurassic buddy… AFTERSHOCK !!! Stylin’ the shades no less…