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Drei’s Food For Thought For 2016

dodgers0831_2 The Dodger Dog. The number one food item among generations of Dodgers fans. One of the things we Dodger fans look forward to when visiting The Ravine. This is the Super Dog, my preference. A lot more beef than the usual foot long. 

Ballpark dining has come a long way from the usual hot dog, peanuts and cracker jacks, with Dodger Stadium being no different. Speaking of cracker jacks…

img_20160326_162158.jpg How ’bout this latest creation ? A Cracker Jack & Mac Dog, to be served at PNC Park this season. This latest creation from Pittsburgh,a town known for throwing just about anything in their sandwiches, tops this dog off with mac and cheese, jalapenos, Cracker Jacks drizzled with caramel sauce on pita bread. I wonder if that toy prize actually comes with the dog ?

Of course PNC Park is hardly alone when it comes to ballpark dining creativity, or yet, throwing some form of popcorn into their dog…

img_20160326_164137.jpg @FoxSportsSouth  Meet TED, The Everything Dog, being served at Turner Field. On top of that all beef dog is pretty much everything in both your fridge and cupboard, and some, including popcorn, chili and Coca-Cola infused BBQ sauce, among other accoutrements… That’s not the only thing Turner Field is introducing in it’s final season…

 Twitter @darrenrovell  Dubbed the Burgerizza, this gut buster is “grilled 20-oz. all-beef patty, covered with five slices of cheddar cheese, topped with crispy bacon, and served between two 8-inch pepperoni pizzas.” Obviously not approved by the folks at PETA… These are just two of the creations Turner Field will be serving up Braves fans in it’s grand finale. Of course, the league ballpark dining creations don’t end there, many of these making Dodger Stadium’s new food items for 2016 seem rather tame. 

King's Hawaiian loaded hot dog Matthew Moreno-DodgerBlue.com

The King’s Hawaiian Dog, a Super Dog inside of course a King’s Hawaiian bun, topped off with a pineapple salsa. The Dodgers during the last few years have served up themed dog’s based on a particular heritage night being celebrated or who the visiting team is. The themed dog’s have been mostly a hit, but like our national pastime, some misses as well. So, you may be asking, what themed dog’s has Drei had ? 

Heritage Dogs


The Filipino Dog, served during last year’s Filipino Heritage Night. As a Filipino-American this was really more of a Hawaiian theme, with my fellow Pinoy Dodger fans echoing the same sentiment… Hit or Miss ? Miss

wpid-20140817_120823.jpg wpid-20140817_121625.jpg The Cuban Dog, served during Cuban Heritage Night/Day or when the Miami Marlins are in town. For those familiar the with the medianoche, this super dog is complimented with roast pork, ham, mustard, Swiss cheese and pickles. While I won’t be too picky to ask for this delight to be placed in a press, perhaps this dog would really go well on Cuban bread ? Hey, if the King’s Hawaiian can come in it’s own bread, why not the Cuban Dog ? Hit or Miss ? Hit

Visiting Team Theme Dog’s…

wpid-IMG_20130527_015246.jpg The St. Louis Dog, topped off with pulled pork, sweet bbq sauce and fried onion strips. Neither hit or miss, on this occasion I seemed to get more sauce than I did pork. 

Pike Dog The Pike Dog. Named after Seattle’s famous Pike Street, where on 1st and Pike some coffee shop sits, this was actually a Brooklyn Dog cream cheese and caramelized onions. Concept wasn’t quite there. Maybe some salmon inside the cream cheese could have bumped this dog up ? Hmm ? Lox and Dogs ? Hey, people in the Emerald City love their salmon…Hit or Miss ? Miss

PHILLY DOG The Philly Dog. My favorite of the visiting team themed dogs. There is no shortage of meat in this offering with this offering topped off with thinly sliced ribeye, whiz and onions. This even had the Phanatic’s approval, perhaps explaining why of the mascots featured here he has the biggest waist-line. A hit indeed and perhaps the only reason as of recent to  see the Phillies…

So those are some of the “themed” dogs that Drei has had a chance to devour, along with the Coney Dog (Tigers), Bratwurst ( Brewers. How original huh ? ) or the Chicago Dog (Cubs/White Sox), with the Philly Dog ranking as Drei’s top dog. Yeah, these Dog’s haven’t done much to help shrink Drei’s waist-line either… 

So, what other “visiting team themed dogs” does Drei here think Dodger Food Services can come up with? Hmm, how ’bout these suggestions…

Georgia Dog (Braves) Top it off with some sauteed vidalia onions and cole slaw

Cincy Dog (Reds) Some Cincy chili with a hint of cinammon

And if the Blue Jays ever make it back here 

Poutinne Dog. The thought of a super dog topped with fries, gravy and cheese curds has me drooling

 It probably won’t be long before they start selling tums or Rolaids in the stands. Frankly, I really don’t think the Dodgers are to worried about trying to outdo the league in regards to the ballpark culinary cuisine.  Because at the end of the day, the Dodger Dog is still the top dog among the blue blooded Dodger fans.

marls_2 GAMEOVER2 Seems like all this talk of food has got GlutenFreeSounds, Kid Marley Marlz,  into a food coma… Speaking of Gluten Free, something I highly doubt these food creations are, Kid Marley Marlz and his…GlutenFreeSounds