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From 42 to 21, Some Dodgers/Pirates History and a Look at PNC Park

The Dodgers take on the Pirates tonight in the 2nd of a 3 game set at PNC Park, with the Boys in Blue winning last night behind 7 strong innings from Hyun-Jin Ryu and some early run support. The Dodgers and Pirates are two of the most storied franchises in the bigs. Both organizations can proudly say that two of the games most influential players played for them.

Dre_JackieNRoberto Two of my favorite pieces of baseball art, honoring Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente, numbers 42 and 21 respectively .

Most of you are familiar with Jackie Robinson’s story. You may also be familiar with Roberto Clemente as well, especially if you are a fan of the Bucs. But did you know that Roberto Clemente played one season with the Montreal Royals in 1954 , the Triple A affiliation of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The same organization where Jackie Robinson played before his historic entrance to the bigs in 1947.

Clemente_MontrealRoyals Roberto Clemente, Montreal Royals, 1954. Imagine Roberto Clemente donning the Dodger Blue and roaming the outfield of Dodger Stadium in the 60s …

There are plenty of tributes to Roberto Clemente in around PNC Park, one of my favorite yards I’ve had the privilege to visit.

ClementeBridge The Roberto Clemente Bridge, closed off to vehicular traffic on game days so fans can walk across the river to the park…

ClementeBridge_VideoPicofClemente Paying tribute to Roberto …


ClementeStatueNBridge Statue honoring Roberto Clemente behind the left field entrance of PNC Park with the Roberto Clemente Bridge in the distance. Perhaps someday Dodger Stadium will have a statue of Jackie Robinson. In the meantime, we do have the number 42 up on the top deck …


If you do want to see a statue of Jackie Robinson…

Jackie_Statue Located along the 1st base concourse at Jackie Robinson stadium in L.A.’s west side, where the UCLA Bruins baseball team plays it’s home games .


Clemente_21footwall Why is the right field wall at PNC Park exactly 21 feet high ?

More from my past visit to PNC Park, a yard that you ballpark road-trippers must visit…

PNC_behindhomeplate What a view …

Dre_PNCPark Greetings from PNC Park, September 2005 …

Dre_PirateParrot Another one of my furry friends i’ve befriended on my ballpark travels, the Pirate Parrot. Perhaps our teams may see each other in October Mr. Parrot ?

Jackie Robinson Day

Tomorrow, baseball celebrates the day Jackie Robinson broke MLB’s color barrier. This will mark the 10th anniversary of Jackie Robinson Day, first officially celebrated league wide in 2004. In it’s 1st season, the Dodgers we’re in Petco Park battling the Padres and ever since have played at home on this special occasion. It was thought that the Dodgers would be playing at home every season on Jackie Robinson Day, just as the Red Sox do every year on Patriots Day .

Here’s a clip form last year, looking at the legacy Jackie Robinson left behind, as told by of course Vin Scully

For the Dodgers to play away from The Ravine on this day honoring Jackie Robinson just does not seem right, especially with the game being at AT&T Park against our rival Giants. Let’s also not forget this fact that Jackie Robinson refused a trade to the Giants in 1957. Yup, Jackie is forever a Dodger !!!


All personal fan bias aside, something just doesn’t seem right with The Blue being away on this special occasion, a sentiment shared over at Dodger Blue World .

jackie robinson stadium Jackie Robinson Stadium, home of UCLA Baseball, next to the statue and mural dedicated to Jackie on the 1st base concourse

42 A number never to be worn again

Tonights InstaPic and Some Jackie Robinson Trivia

Before I start, I must say it was sure nice for the offense to show up today. I know it’s inly April but hey, a 6 game losing streak will always have us fans on edge. Heck, I know some of you are calling for Mattingly’s job. Hopefully today will be the start of good things to come. However, we’re going to have to do it minus Grienke for at least 7 more weeks, and now Billingsley for at least another 2 starts. ( So much for our depth in starting pitching right now… ) OK, tonight’s InstaPic…


And now tonight’s trivia. This mural, dedicated at Jackie Robinson Stadium last weekend, depicts every organization that Jackie was ever associated with, including his time with the U.S. Army. I’m sure many of you are aware that prior to his Brooklyn days he played for the Dodgers minor league affiliate Montreal Royals and of course the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Leagues. And of course you know that he was also a UCLA Bruin in 4 sports. OK, now the question… What does the horse in the lower left corner of the mural represent ?

Celebrating My Jackie Robinson Themed Weekend

With the release of 42, I was determined to make this past weekend a Jackie Robinson theme, meant that anything that had to do with Jackie Robinson or the movie 42 would be documented. ( I’m such a baseball geek….LOL….) . To start things off, a buddy of mine had an extra ticket to a volleyball matchup between UCLA and their crosstown rival USC.  Those of you who have read some of my past posts may know by now where my college allegiance lies.  Now why I point this out is because, as I said, anything that had to do with Jackie Robinson would be documented.  And since Jackie Robinson was a Bruin, this event goes.  FYI, UCLA ended up sweeping this best of 5 matchup.  To be honest with you i’m not much of a volleyball fan though I do watch occasionally….


dre_joe Good times with Joe Bruin….

joebruin Joe Bruin rockin’ that Dodger cap….

On Sunday I made the trek over to Jackie Robinson Stadium for a Sunday afternoon college baseball game between the UCLA Bruins and the Loyola Marymount Lions.  Admission was free for those who came dressed in any 42 or Jackie Robinson attire.  ( Gotta love free baseball !!!! )  .  Prior to the game, a mural dedicated to Jackie was unveiled next to the Jackie Robinson statue behind the 1st base concourse….



muralandstatue_afterdedication  And there it is.  A new mural in honor of Jackie Robinson right next to his statue…

mural The new mural by artist Mike Sullivan depicting Jackie Robinson in his days as a Bruin, as well as other logos linked to him.  Can anyone guess what the horse in the bottom represents ?

42onthirdbase Throughout the weekend Jackie Robinson’s 42 was placed between the bases

jackieviewingthegame Jackie viewing the game from up above the 1st base concourse.  What an appropriate spot to put this statue of Jackie.  LMU would end up beating the Bruins on this day 4-1….



dre_statueandmural Honoring Jackie in his glory in both Blue and Gold and Dodger Blue….


Review of 42 and Jackie Robinson Night…

OK, the review of 42.  Being the hardcore baseball fan who knows many of the game’s historical moments, I can’t really say that this movie had a strong impact on me.  That’s not to say that you should not see this.  If anything, I know the baseball fan in you will go out and see this if you haven’t already.  Word of advice to those hard-core baseball and Dodgers fans who may know too much, it would be best to bring someone who isn’t so much a hardcore baseball fan or maybe doesn’t know as much of the game’s historical facts.  If anything, you may actually appreciate the movies plot that much more . 

What I really liked about the movie was not so much Harrison Ford’s role as Branch Rickey or Chadwick Boseman’s role as Jackie Robinson, because as said earlier, being the baseball fan and Dodger fan I am, already know so much about the impact both Jackie and Branch on the game, but the way the supporting actors , particularly the players who we’re on the opposite sides of Jackie, made their roles against Jackie as authentically blatant as could be for the time period.  Particularly that of Alan Tudyk, who made  the role of Phillies manager Ben Chapman so believable that he would later admit as much that he was pained by it.  Yes, the N word is used a lot in the movie  especially by that of Alan Tudyk, in reference to what Jackie endured during the time of 1947.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention this is also a baseball movie ?  Given that fact,  in the scenes where Jackie is in Ebbets Field and the other parks of the time, particularly The Polo Grounds and Forbes Field, being the baseball geek I am, of course I was going to be looking for both accuracies and inaccuracies.  FYI, I wasn’t the only one doing this either.  And in this day and age of CGI, i’m sure many of you did the same thing to.  Especially you fellow Dodger fans out there who may have been looking for the Abe Stark ad in right field.  Yup, it’s there.  The Chesterfield Ad in Centerfield of the Polo Grounds ?  Check.  And of course, in the scenes at Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field, I was looking for the famed Cathedral of Learning.  In the end… Check.  Speaking of, here’s a couple other sources where details we’re both accounted for or missed, some highlights from this Philly.com post, and another from a Pirate’s fan’s blog as well.  In the blog you will want to read the comment’s below the post.  Overall, 42 did a great job of documenting not so much  Jackie and Branch’s contributions, but covering with as much accuracy the other baseball references as well.  Both the staunch baseball fan, the casual fan, and the newbies would be really impressed with 42.


I didn’t really get to take any pre-game ceremony pictures .  However, I did get this clip of another former UCLA great from behind before he would take part in the pre-game ceremonies….

kareem_jimhill “Wait a minute !!!  I know you !!!  You’re Kareem Abdul-Jabar !!!”  .  Next to him is local CBS-LA Sports reporter Jim Hill.

The Dodgers would lose on this night 6-3 thanks to some missed scoring opportunities ( Haven’t we said that a lot so far this season…), but this day was all about Jackie Robinson.  The man who opened opportunities not only in baseball, and not only for African-Americans,  but other sports as well….



dre42 Me honoring 42…

dre_mike42 With my friend Mike also honoring Jackie’s number 42…

Celebrating Jackie Robinson Weekend

Unlike many of you, I haven’t had the chance to check out 42 yet.  However I did get a chance to see an unveiling of a new mural for him at Jackie Robinson Stadium before yesterday’s baseball game between UCLA and Loyola Marymount.  The mural, by artist Mike Sullivan, stands next to a statue of Jackie Robinson along the 1st base concourse.  Speaking of statues, hopefully we will see one soon at Dodger Stadium honoring the man who played his entire MLB career for the Blue.  Here are some pics.  More on my Jackie Robinson weekend later this week, including some recaps from tonights events at Dodger Stadium and my take on the movie 42.  For now, here are some pics.  Enjoy !!!!



Before and after the unveiling….




Me repping both UCLA and Jackie Robinson in Blue and Gold and Dodger Blue….  FYI, Jackie did not wear 42 in his football playing days at UCLA…..

Tweet from Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers)

Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) tweeted at 10:02 AM on Sat, Mar 23, 2013: 9 Days! Reply w/ #OpeningDayLA for chance to win 2 tix to the Robinson, Newcombe and Campanella Statue game on 4/15: http://t.co/fEoc0kgSMS (https://twitter.com/Dodgers/status/315508802923405314) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download We’re that much closer to Opening Day folks !!!! Oh yeah, for those of you with twitter accounts, I thought i’d share with you the chance to win tickets to Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe and Roy Campanella statue night. Speaking of statues,I really think it’s just a matter of time before Jackie Robinson get’s his at The Ravine….


From Jackie Robinson Stadium in West L.A., home of UCLA Baseball….

Today’s InstaPics Theme….March Madness

But first….

As a UCLA fan, I still get chill’s when I see that clip…..  Speaking  OK, now I know a lot of you baseball fans out there are caught up in the Madness. And I know a lot of you will probably be joining me this weekend tearing your brackets up. BTW, as much as I love my Bruins, i’m not naive enough to think number 12 will be hoisted upon Pauley’s rafters come November. ( I have Louisville winning it all BTW ). Like many of you, baseball ain’t the only thing I watch. And of course being here in L.A. we have a plethora of sporting events to choose from. And when I get a chance one of the venues I venture into is Pauley Pavillion . As many of you know Pauley underwent some renovations….


Just one of the changes inside Pauley. Speaking of renovations, anyone else looking forward to seeing Dodger Stadiums upgrades ? So sticking with the theme of March Madness, here’s some pics of the past and present representing not only UCLA but also the Lakers and last but not least the Dodgers…. 2006


Former UCLA Bruin Lucius Allen


Me with former Bruin and Laker Jordan Farmer. We didnt know it at the time, but this was Farmer’s last home game at Pauley. He would later be a teamate of..


Poor Adam Morrison. But all Bruin bias aside, I really enjoyed watching Adam Morrison play. That pic ( Not done with Instagram) really tells the story of one who puts out his finest effort just to come up that short…. Now as a Bruin fan, I say…” THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES !!! ” Pauley Today




Tyus Edney, now an assistant coach with UCLA. We’ll always remember 4.8 ….  Oh yeah, earlier I mentioned something about getting chills to this day over certain clips.  Well, here’s another one even 18 years later I still get the chills….




Having a lityle fun with Larry Drew II, re-enacting his buzzer beater earlier in the season against Washington ( I was playing the part of Shawn Kemp Jr. )… You may have noticed that my Pyramid of Success poster being signed over the years. Well…


The Wizard of Westwood. Final home game of the ’06 season…. How ’bout some Instapic Statues ( And this time they are all Instagramed….)


Hey wait a minute !!! I know you !!! You’re Kareem Abdul-Jabar !!!


Coach Wooden And finally, One of the Greatest Bruins. Also one of the Greatest Dodgers as well….


Jackie Robinson. This is at Jackie Robinson Stadium in West L.A. where the UCLA Baseball team plays. So, when is Dodger Stadium getting a statue of Jackie Robinson ?