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Throwing Back Thursday…A March Madness Tale

Leading Off…R.I.P. Joe

A good part of my childhood on Saturday afternoons was spent watching the NBC Game of The Week, listening to the tandem of our Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola. Vin_Joe G.jpg

The man who would along with Vin call 3 of the most epic games of my childhood, one involving heartbreak ( Jack Clark in 1985 ) and one that even Hollywood couldn’t script ( Gibson, 1988 ), broadcasting legend Joe Garagiola passed away Wednesday at the age of 90

DODGERS_Joe G Vin Tommy Joe, Tommy and Vin

A March Madness Tale

March Madness is the first sounds of the cry…”PLAY BALL”…


March Madness is Kid Marley Marlz dreaming of a World Series title…

March Madness…March Madness is KID…



and Dre blowing bubbles…Waiting for the season to start

March Madness… March Madness has been anything but kind to Dre…

For Dre must now wait before he can play…

Dre and Drei, both feeling Blue, and not the right kind of Blue…

Oh the madness…

Madness Moments…Throwing Back Thursday…HEARTBREAK CITY, Oakland CA, 2006

As the Madness continues tonight with some Sweet 16 action, let’s go back 10 years to one of my favorite March Madness moments…HEARTBREAK CITY…

33ab.jpgSS…H With Jordan Farmar,  godson of former Dodger Eric Davis. This was after his final ever game at Pauley Pavillion, unbeknownst anyone’s knowledge, March 2006 before…THE MADNESS…HEARTBREAK CITY !!! 


Also throwing back to 2006…BACK THE PACK…3 Bruins and a Duck…Now, it’s Oregon who is representing the Pac 12 in The Sweet 16… So, how have your brackets held up ? Or are you just like the rest of us ? Just waiting for baseball to start ? Yup, the wait can be…VERY MAD’NING…Yup, It’s March Madness…

9th Inning

wp-1458705266252.jpeg WAKE UP KID !!! IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL !!!



Throwback Thursday…Jackie’s First Game…Oh The Madness…



Jackie’s First Game, 3/17/1946


OK. You’re all probably saying, ” Wait a minute, wasn’t his first MLB game on 4/15/1947 ? ” That is correct folks. However, Jackie Robinson’s first ever integrated spring training game would take place on this day, 70 years ago on March 17, 1946 in Daytona Beach Florida for the Montreal Royals, the Triple A affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Here is perhaps the earliest recording of Jackie Robinson playing for Montreal on April 2, 1946… 

Throwback Thursday…Drei’s March Madness Memories

     “Let’s hope UCLA can continue their streak and perhaps RETURN TO GLORY.  Good luck Bruins in       the NCAA Tourney.  U…C…LLLL A…UCLA FIGHT ! FIGHT ! FIGHT ! “

My words from 2006 as prior to UCLA’s run toward The Final Four. These day’s, the State of UCLA Basketball is anything but glorious, another reason why Drei can’t wait for the regular season to arrive. But hey, i’m sure many of you have a great interest. Before your done reading this post, your brackets ( As well as mine ) will probably be broken. Yup, it’s March Madness folks…

7f72.jpg 3/12 2006. 3 Bruins and a Duck. Fast forward to the current day and it’s now Oregonwho is atop the conference and the top seed in the west. Oregon is one of 7 Pac-12 schools, including USC, playing in the tournament…

33ab.jpgKickin’ it with Jordan Farmar, 3/12/2006. Unknown at the time of this pic this was after Jordan’s final game at Pauley Pavillion. I asked Jordan if he’d be playing for dough come October ” Let me hang a banner up there first…” As for that 12th banner, well…LOL

fb_img_1458184060124.jpgFormer Bruin and current assistant Tyus Edney…

fb_img_1458184261883.jpg Ty Edney will always have a place in the heart of this Bruin fan for one moment in ’95 that took all but 4.8 seconds…

wp-1458188472318.jpeg Well Skip, since our Sons of Westwood ain’t dancin’, hopefully you’ll be the one who get’s us to that ” Other ” dance come October. It’s been 28 years..

So what’s your favorite March Madness memory ? 




Countdown to Opening Series…. 2


The most famous Dodger to evr wear the number 2….. Tommy Lasorda.  Lasorda would manage from 1976-1996.  From 1958-1996 he was one of only 2 who managed the Los Angeles Dodgers, the other of course being Walter Alston.  Since, the Dodgers have had 7 different managers.  9 managers in 56 years in Los Angeles.  Still not bad.  Probably as many as Steinbrenner had in a 5 year period back in his heyday……

March Madness


So, who else has already lost out on their Billion bucks ?


With former UCLA point guard Tyus Edney.  We’ll always remember the buzzer beater in ’95 against Missouri….


And former UCLA point guard and current Laker Jordan Farmar, March 5th 2006 , Farmars sophmore season.  We didnt know it at the time, but it would be Farmar’s last game ever at Pauley Pavillion as UCLA went on that late season run all the way to the Finals before falling to Florida.  Farmar is also the godson of former Dodger Eric Davis.


Even Blue is caught up in March Madness !!!  Oh I love this time of year…. Go Dodgers !!!  UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !!!

Today’s InstaPics Theme….March Madness

But first….

As a UCLA fan, I still get chill’s when I see that clip…..  Speaking  OK, now I know a lot of you baseball fans out there are caught up in the Madness. And I know a lot of you will probably be joining me this weekend tearing your brackets up. BTW, as much as I love my Bruins, i’m not naive enough to think number 12 will be hoisted upon Pauley’s rafters come November. ( I have Louisville winning it all BTW ). Like many of you, baseball ain’t the only thing I watch. And of course being here in L.A. we have a plethora of sporting events to choose from. And when I get a chance one of the venues I venture into is Pauley Pavillion . As many of you know Pauley underwent some renovations….


Just one of the changes inside Pauley. Speaking of renovations, anyone else looking forward to seeing Dodger Stadiums upgrades ? So sticking with the theme of March Madness, here’s some pics of the past and present representing not only UCLA but also the Lakers and last but not least the Dodgers…. 2006


Former UCLA Bruin Lucius Allen


Me with former Bruin and Laker Jordan Farmer. We didnt know it at the time, but this was Farmer’s last home game at Pauley. He would later be a teamate of..


Poor Adam Morrison. But all Bruin bias aside, I really enjoyed watching Adam Morrison play. That pic ( Not done with Instagram) really tells the story of one who puts out his finest effort just to come up that short…. Now as a Bruin fan, I say…” THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES !!! ” Pauley Today




Tyus Edney, now an assistant coach with UCLA. We’ll always remember 4.8 ….  Oh yeah, earlier I mentioned something about getting chills to this day over certain clips.  Well, here’s another one even 18 years later I still get the chills….




Having a lityle fun with Larry Drew II, re-enacting his buzzer beater earlier in the season against Washington ( I was playing the part of Shawn Kemp Jr. )… You may have noticed that my Pyramid of Success poster being signed over the years. Well…


The Wizard of Westwood. Final home game of the ’06 season…. How ’bout some Instapic Statues ( And this time they are all Instagramed….)


Hey wait a minute !!! I know you !!! You’re Kareem Abdul-Jabar !!!


Coach Wooden And finally, One of the Greatest Bruins. Also one of the Greatest Dodgers as well….


Jackie Robinson. This is at Jackie Robinson Stadium in West L.A. where the UCLA Baseball team plays. So, when is Dodger Stadium getting a statue of Jackie Robinson ?