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4 In A Row…Dear Vin


Of the 4 NL West crowns going back to 2013, this years just might be the most enjoyable. Most experts predicted the Giants with their lavish off-season moves and some even picked the D-Backs especially with the acquisition of Zack Greinke. 

For awhile it seemed the pundits may have had it right when the Giants climbed out to an 8.5 game lead. With Kershaw missing most of the 2nd half and a record 30 different starting pitchers on the DL among the seemingly endless amount of injuries this team has endured, to would have been easy to write off The Blue for 2016. 

Then late August The Blue took over 1st place and never looked back, capped off by this walk-off home run by recent callup Charlie Culberson, as he would hit his first home run in two years. This, on our very own Vin Scully’s final broadcast at Dodger Stadium that, appropriately enough, in a town of many scripts… A Hollywood ending…

 Recalling Being There For Vin’s Top 20s

Recently the fans had a chance to vote for Vin’s Top 20 Dodger calls. Chances are some of your personal favorites probably didn’t make the list. Chances are you we’re there for some of those. Of the 20 that we’re voted on by the fans I was there for 4 of them, 3 of which I’ll share now…

20. Mark McGwire clears the Left Field Pavillion roof, 5/22/1999

I would also be there when Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins cleared it last season as well…

18.Yasiel Puig’s Grand Slam, 6/6/2013

In his first week in the bigs, Yasiel brought a spark that has slowly started to come back. We can only hope Yasiel can carry it through October…

13. R.J. Reynolds…The Squeeze!

The Dodgers and Braves we’re in a heated battle for the NL West. On this Sunday afternoon, trailing 6-3 heading to the home 9th, the Braves we’re 3 outs away from closing in on the Dodgers. A Braves win, and they would be a mere one game out. The Blue would rally for 3 to tie, and then this…

The Dodgers would go on to win the NL West by 3 games. 

Dear Vin…

There’s so much I could go on about. As you finish up in enemy territory this weekend, in many way’s it is only fitting you finish your storied tale in the City By the Bay…On this Throwback Thursday, here’s to that time in April, 2001 when you, never one to let anything pass you by…Well, you we’re only so kind to ham it up for this fan…

20160924_124651.jpg Pac Bell Park, 4/17/2001. Why hello there Vin !!!

4 years prior, long after a late September game, as I was walking down the stairs in the parking lot, as I was approaching the Stadium Club lot I heard this voice exiting from the Club and thought ” Why does this voice sound so familiar “. Of course…It Had To Be You. The ever so humble human you are, you took the time to give me 2 minutes of your life, even acknowledging me as a “fellow southpaw” after I shook you hand with my left hand. ( FYI, I’m actually ambidexterous…LOL). I had my Brooklyn Dodger hat that you we’re so kind to sign for me in my right hand I had now choice but to shake with my left. After saying our goodbye’s and saying, ” I’ll see you in October”, well… I’ll just say, thanks for making me feel like I’ve known forever…Like I would have stopped everything at that moment if you had any other stories to share…Even if I only spoke to you for 2 minutes. Only Vin could make those 2 minutes seem like a lifetime…

9th Inning…Jose Fernandez 1992-2016

img_20160926_002406.jpg (Jose Fernandez, May 2013. Photo by Allison Williams, ESPN)










Dre’s Friday Bits and Bytes, 5/16/2014

Tonight’s happenings in the world of L.A. Sports…

greinke Zack Greinke takes the hill for the Blue as they take on the Arizona Diamondback for the 4th time this season as the Blue looks to build upon their 7-1 mark against the Snakes as they embark on a 10 game road trip. After finishing 3-4 on their current homestand against the Giants and Marlins, the Blue will also look to improve upon their 13-7 road record . Also…

That’s right ! GO KINGS GO as the Kings and Ducks battle it out in Anaheim tonight in Game 7 of the NHL Western Conference semis with as the Kings look to return to the Windy City for a rematch of last years Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks . There is certainly no shortage of sporting events for L.A. sports fans tonight…

Early Concerns ?

With the Dodgers currently 5 games behind the Giants, this certainly was not the start the Dodgers and the fans had hoped for. However, we must remind ourselves that this is a long season and that there is certainly more than enough time to get back in the race. Whether we should expect a repeat of last seasons 40-8 run, well, that may be asking much to repeat that feat. Here’s some numbers to look at…

Prior to and after last seasons summer run where they went 40-8, the Dodgers had a combined record of 52-64. Going into tonight’s action , aside from their 7-1 record against the DBacks, they would be as of right now 15-19 against the rest of the Majors, including a 3-7 record against the Giants. So we do know how good this team can really be. We also know too that this team can be really streaky as well. Believe it or not, the Dodgers are actually in better shape at this time then they we’re at this time last year. So yes, it is a little to early for us, including this fan here, to be pushing the panic button right away. A little tweak here and there and in no time we got ourselves a pennant race.

Also, some other numbers to chew on around the bigs

The Cardinals and Nationals, 2 other clubs expected to win their respective NL divisions, are also off to pedestrian starts as they too also sit only 2 games above .500 . In the AL East, the defending champion Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, the two expected to finish atop the AL East, are both struggling as well with a combined 38-44 record as those 2 as of right now occupy the bottom half of the AL East. 3 of the 4 teams mentioned here we’re last years LCS participants, with the Red Sox winning it all. We certainly don’t expect these teams to continue to struggle, do we ?

Dre’s Scorecard Notes, Tuesday 5/13/2014 vs. Marlins

dodgersfish In my latest of my in-game scorecard notes, we feature this past Tuesday night’s game against the Marlins…

marlinscard Josh Beckett continues to impress after sitting out virtually all of last season, pitching 6 1/3 innings against his former club, striking out 4 and allowing only 1 run. Would Beckett finally get some run support ?

dodgerscard Josh Beckett finally get’s those runs as the Blue would score 5 times in the home 6th, started off by a 2 run double by Hanley Ramirez. The Dodgers would also tack on runs in the 7th and 8th, as they would pull away from the Marlins. This is the 2nd game in a row I would attend that the Dodgers would score in the 6th-8th en route to a win and , Josh Beckett’s first win since 2012.

HanRam getting the scoring started for the Blue in the 6th

Beckett’s strong start

Best of luck to Marlins pitching sensation Jose Fernandez , who underwent successful Tommy John surgery. Here’s to a full recovery and a long career ahead of you .

Dre’s Bytes….Celebrating a Birthday, OK, a Belated Birthday, at The Old Ballgame

IT’S BACK !!! Dre’s ballgame bytes !!! Doin’ it again this season and tonight, we got El Viejo Brandoreno here…

Tuesday Night at The Ravine, 5/13/2014 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

And later on that evening, with the Dodgers comfortably up in the 8th, as we mess around somewhere inside of Dodger Stadiums hallowed halls…

Somewhere Inside The Ravine from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed your night out at the park celebrating your belated birthday against the Marlins….Marlon !!!

More of Dre’s bytes to come…TO BE CONTINUED. Happy Friday everyone !!! LET’S GO DODGERS !!! GO KINGS GO !!!!

Dre’s Thoughts 5/5/2014, HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO !!!

Putting It All On The Line

Can we all put to rest all the talk about Yasiel Puig not being a team player ? He may not have succeeded in making this game-saving catch, but I think he may have won more hearts over among Dodger fans with this outstanding effort. The Cuban Missile may still be a work in progress, but let’s not question his heart and effort.


josefernandez Marlins sensation ace Jose Fernandez, last years NL Rookie of the Year, checking up on Puig after the game.


Dodger fans, where you may be celebrating today, perhaps you may have this tune ingrained in your heads…

Probably the most played song among Dodger fans today.


Cinco_Dog How ’bout this Dodger fan showing some spirit on this Cinco de Mayo !!!

Team L.A.

Kings_Dodgers Tonight is another busy night for our locals, with the Dodgers beginning a 3 game series in DC against the Nationals tonight, with Zack Greinke taking the hill for the Blue as he looks to go 6-0 on the season. Let’s also not forget the Kings, who look to take a commanding 2 games to none lead in their NHL Western Conference showdown against the Ducks in Anaheim. We also can’t forget the Clippers as the begin their 2nd round Best of 7 NBA Western Conference showdown tonight in OKC as they take on the Thunder. This should also be another intriguing match up as well with Chris Paul and UCLA’s own Russell Westbrook showcasing the spotlight for their teams.

HAPPY CINCO EVERYONE !!! No shortage of games for L.A. fans on this Monday night !!!

No Off-Season for Dre’s Thoughts, MARAMING SALAMAT…THANK YOU !!!

I guess there is no off-season when it comes to posting stuff is there ?  It’s been almost a month now since we last set foot inside The Ravine.  My latest thoughts…

NL Rookie of the Year



As much as I would like to see Jose Fernandez build upon his ROY status in 2014, I really do have to question this one. Yeah, our own Yasiel Puig has at times done some things to rub fans, reporters and even teamates the other way but when you compare the impact that these two had on their teams it really does not compare. Before Puig came up in June the Dodgers we’re in the NL West basement looking up until Puig’s June callup provided the Blue Crew some much needed spark. And who could forget his magical June ? He would struggle down the stretch but there is no arguing the impact the Cuban Missile had on the Blue. What is surprising is that the votes we’re not even close.

Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS Game 3 So you didn’t get ROY. It’s all good. Perhaps the MVP next year ?

Meanwhile, Down South…

It was announced on Monday that the Atlanta Braves will be leaving Turner Field after the 2016 season to move into the suburbs of Cobb County. Should this go through as planned this would be the first of the post Camden Yards era yards to be left in it’s dust. Feelings are mixed amongst the fans in Atlanta about the move. Having been to Turner Field in 2007 I wouldn’t exactly put the Ted amongst the top yards in terms of game day experience but it certainly is nowhere near the bottom either. A lot of it has to do with location. Not exactly in the greatest part of town and access isn’t the greatest either. Having said that, the Ted really isn’t a bad yard at all. If the plans for the new stadium go through in time for the 2017 season ( though a rendering of the yard has not been released ) this would mean that Turner Field will have lasted only 20 seasons not counting the 1996 Olympics. Not good considering that yards built after Camden Yards we’re designed to last a good long time.

tomahawk With my souvenier tomahawk

dre_hank Looks like you may be moving to newer digs Hank

Other Post-Season Awards

Puig may have missed out on the Rookie of the Year, but 3 other Dodgers certainly didn’t miss out on their share of accolades. Zack Greinke, while outstanding on the mound even after battling back from a broke collarbone, was also pretty lethal with the bat as well, winning the Silver Slugger Award for his .328 average, best amongst all pitchers. Not too shabby considering his previous 8 seasons we’re spent in the American League where he hit a combined .170


Also, Juan Uribe was named the Dodgers Wilson Defensive Player of the Year for his outstanding work at 3rd base this season. Yeah, like many of you, I had my doubts about Juan coming into the season, and in spite starting the season backing up Luis Cruz, Uribe would have a strong season, highlighted by this 2 run home run off David Carpenter the Braves in Game 4 of the NLDS, sending the Blue to the NLCS.


And Finally…

Was there really any doubt who the 2013 NL Cy Young Award Winner would be ? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves…


Congratulations Kershaw on your 3rd consecutive Cy Young !!! Next season, a World Series ring !!!


OK, now back to a more serious topic. By now all of you are aware of the devastation that the people of The Philippines are going through. Over 1,700 have been confirmed dead, and the numbers are likely to rise. I am proud to say that California is home to the largest Filipino community not only in the United States, but also outside the Philippines. I am also proud to say that Los Angeles, with a Filipino population of over 330,000, is also home to the largest Filipino population of any U.S. city, so it would be safe to say that the Dodgers have the largest Filipino baseball fan base as well, ranked even higher than the Giants Filipino fan base ( Yeah, I had to go there. I’m sure our friends up in Daly City are reading this too…LOL… Hey, a little humor to a serious bit never hurt anyone…) . All kidding aside, understandably, there is much concern amongst the Filipino community here in California from San Diego to The Bay Area and of course all the way back here in Los Angeles as many relief efforts are being put to place. In addition , AT&T and Verizon are waiving fees for those who need to contact their loved ones in the Philippines.

If you are interested in helping the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, you can click here for a list of organizations where you can donate funds to assist those in need. From this Filipino-American Dodger fan, other Filipino Dodger fans in Los Angeles, but more importantly, Filipino’s in Los Angeles, throughout California, and everywhere, we say, MARAMING SALAMAT !!!! THANK YOU !!! Also, a huge MARAMING SALAMAT to the good people of Team Rubicon, a team of military vetrans that are also assisting in The Philippines under ” Operation Seabird “. If you’re unable to contribute, a simple thought and prayer will also do.

FiLApino Filipino’s repping L.A. and the Dodgers !!!! Thanks Jon for the pic !!! Oh yeah, if you’re a Filipino Dodger fan here in L.A. and have any pics of you and your friends and family at Dodger games, or any sporting events here in L.A, please do send them my way. I would like to feature them here on my blog.


lafilipinos Times may be rough for our fellow citizens of The Philippines, but the sun will shine once again…