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L.A. to The Bay…3/22-24The Road to The Final Four

The evening prior to making my way to San Jose for the NCAA March Madness Regionals, I would take in a Kings game at Staples Center against, of course, the San Jose Sharks. With the SAP Center being occupied for the upcoming weekend for the NCAA Regional’s the Sharks would be on the road. Though the Kings have had a rough year on the ice, they would still come out on top on this Thursday evening on a night we’d receive a miniature Wayne Gretzky statue…

20190321_191051This one’s JUST a little larger than our mini statue…

On this night our lovable Lion King of a mascot, Bailey, couldn’t help but poke fun at our NoCal rivals…

After seeing a rare Kings win, I decide to take in some late night bites at a historic 24-hour L.A. institution, The Pantry…


20190321_231316I can never go wrong with the Ham Steak & Eggs…

Allright, time to head to LAX and TRY, I mean, TRY to get some shut-eye before a Friday Morning 7AM departure…


20190322_065126Little Bailey decided to tag along for this road trip…


Our featured mural for this trip, painted sometime in the mid to late 2000’s with the image of Joe Thornton of the Sharks and¬† HP Pavillion, now the SAP Center. There was recent talk of this iconic mural going away to perhaps make way for (more)¬†Google Transit development,¬†an already¬†sore topic to residents in San Francisco.¬†If visiting San Jose anytime soon, you may want to capture a pic of this mural before it potentially goes away…

20190322_101922SAP Center, home of the San Jose Sharks and host of the NCAA Mens Basketball Regionals

20190322_102024Little Bailey having a great time trolling the streets outside the SAP Center…

Here for my first ever March Madness assignment for Stadium Journey the day would start off early as the first of four games for the day would match the 13th seed UC Irvine Anteaters against the 4th seed Kansas State Wildcats. 


There’s a reason why they call this March Madness. Schools that you least expect to make in impact end up coming out of nowhere and making a name for themselves. The first game would see UC Irvine pull off the first upset of the day. The win by the Anteaters would be the first ever tournament win for UCI to the delight of many in the building. Though UCI did bring a good contingent up from SoCal, the building was decidedly pulling for the underdog, as most venues in the early rounds tend to do…


The second of four for the day would pit the Pac-12 against the Big-10 as the 12th seed Oregon Ducks would take on the 5th seed Wisconsin Badgers. Any college basketball fan will tell you that 12th seeds have a long history of pulling off first round upsets and the Oregon Ducks, who struggled early in the season but finished strong and we’re one of the hottest teams entering the tournament.¬†


As you can see Wisconsin was no match for Oregon as the Ducks would dominate Wisconsin, making them the second team to pull of an upset on this day. On a side note, though Oregon was a 12th seed, it really wasn’t much of an upset as mentioned earlier they we’re one of the hottest teams coming into the tournament and 12 seeds have a history of pulling off first round upsets. But an upset is just that….

20190322_154454Deforest Buckner, defensive tackle for the 49ERS showing support for his alma mater…

20190322_154624Had I known I would cross paths with DeFo I’d have donned my Niner hat. DeFo was very gracious taking pics with the Oregon and Niner Faithful…

20190322_144127Time to do a hard push to set up for games 3 and 4. Do your business before the “under four” timeout…

20190322_104308Time to help myself to a couple cupcakes provided to the media. That’s quite a display. I’m tempted to want to chomp on that chocolate replica trophy…

20190322_155117Counting down the minutes to tip-off between the 12th seed Liberty University Flames and the 5th seed Mississippi State Bulldogs

In spite of¬† Liberty U being one of those lower seed schools that could carry your heartwarming March Madness story-line, not everyone¬†was crazy about jumping on Liberty U’s Cinderella bandwagon.¬†

Nonetheless, Liberty U would make their own March Madness history by knocking off Mississippi State and becoming the third double-seed team at the SAP Center. With one more game to go talk started swirling around the building of a complete 4-game sweep by double digit seeded teams. With their victory, Liberty U, like UCI earlier would win their first ever NCAA March Madness game. 

20190322_184924Liberty U players celebrating with their fans after their first NCAA tourney victory…

One more game to go on this Friday, this time between the 4th seed Virginia Tech Hokies and the 13th seed St. Louis Billikens. Can St. Louis pull off the sweep?


Not quite. A cold start by the Billikens would lead to their demise as Virginia Tech would escape the barrage of upsets…

20190322_213305Counting down the final seconds…

20190322_21350020190322_213634End of Day One. Time to get some rest…

The first day of action would provide plenty of excitement. According to sources, the SAP Center would be the 7th venue to produce 3 double-seed first round winners. Had St. Louis U been able to pull off the sweep, the SAP Center would have been only the second venue to pull off a 4-game first-round sweep by double-seed teams. Hey, 3 of 4 isn’t bad, 2 of the 3 winning their first tourney game ever and the 12th seed Oregon, well, could they really be considered a Cinderella?¬†

Saturday, 3/23. Media Day

FB_IMG_1553531656115Interviewing UCI Guard Max Hazzard, the grandson of former UCLA Bruin Walt Hazzard. Max would hit a buzzer beating trey at the end of their first half battle with Kansas State that would send the ‘Eaters into the locker tied at 30 at the half… (Pic credit UCI Mens Basketball)

The day between rounds would give the media a chance to catch up with the players and coaches of the first round victors. 

20190323_144355Oregon Ducks forward and Bay Area native Kenny Wooten (Check out his tat…). Kenny Wooten is not to be confused with another legendary Kenny from UO,¬†Kenny Wheaton

After the day’s media sessions, I would head over to the Hayes Mansion where a pep rally would be held for UC Irvine. (Hey, I gotta show my support for our states only team in the tourney. Besides, who doesn’t like a good Cinderella story?)


20190323_190011Hey, I’m in Northern California. Why not indulge in some of their finest wine and cheese selections?

Sunday, March 22

20190324_120534Lil’ Bailey sure having a great time “trolling” the streets of San Jose…

20190324_120617We’re doing the best we can to stay out of any mischief before the Sunday games…

20190324_121653The second of two games. The game I wanted to watch but couldn’t because I had to catch my flight out of San Jose. The tipoff for that second game would be later than I expected…

20190324_124544.jpgWith some time to kill before the first game I decide to stroll the concourse and check out the plaques displayed along the San Jose Sports HOF. Here is one for former MLB Commissioner Peter Ueberroth, who played an instrumental role in landing L.A. the 1984 Olympics…

20190324_125742Throughout the 80’s the 49ERS teams we’re often labled a “finesse” team. If that was the case, Ronnie Lott never got that memo…

20190324_125224The man who started a Dynasty…R.I.P. Dwight Clark


As for the first game of Sunday between Liberty U and Virginia Tech the Hokies would end Liberty U’s dream of moving on to the Sweet 16. The final day of games in San Jose would not produce the dramatics that Friday’s games did as Oregon, in spite of a frantic 2nd half rally by UCI, would be too much for the Anteaters as they would punch their ticket to the Sweet 16…

20190324_171013Lil’ Bailey and Blue we’re on their best behavior during the weekend, even receiving some love from the UCI folks and surprisingly some of the locals as well (They must’ve been A’s fans…)

It was a fun weekend in San Jose. It was fun hearing stories from the visiting fans and reporters particularly those from Kansas and Virginia talking about seeing the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time. That must’ve been some hella-hyphy sight for our visitors (Yup, we just used the Bay-Area slang once again…)

The SAP Center is tied with the Honda Center in Anaheim as the 4th oldest NHL venue. Like the Honda Center, it has that early 90’s feel but like the OC venue, don’t expect it to go anywhere anytime soon…

20190324_170717It was HELLA fun, San Jose! Next stop…The Sweet 16 and Elite 8…Anaheim !!!

20190323_191250ZOT ZOT !!!

20190323_19130320190323_191414It was a great run by UCI…

So that was my weekend in The Bay. Here’s some other bits from¬†my Stadium Journey piece.¬†

20190323_191755Kicking it with Peter the Anteater. It was a fun run, stay hungry Pete !!!

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Drei’s Notes On A Scorecard…4/6/2017 vs Padres…End of an Era For L.A. Sports

Puig Scorecard

Greetings. Welcome to my first edition of Drei’s Notes on a Scorecard. Today, our scorecards come from my first game of the year on 4/6 as The Blue would conclude their final game of a 4 game series with the Padres. On the notes from above, through 4, The Cuban Missile would do his damage from the bat, twice, driving in 2 runs each time for a total of four runs. That would be 3 home runs in two days for Yasiel Puig…

lad scorecard

Holy Charity From The Friars…

The Blue would score 6 more from the 6-7th innings en route to a 10-2 shellacking of The Friars. During that frame, The Friars would issue 8 walks, forcing in a run while also stealing one as well on a double steal. The Blue would only need 3 hits during that 6 run frame..

sd scorecard.jpg

A Not So Holy Welcome

This would be Jarred Weaver’s first start in a Padre uniform. Weaver would go 5, being taken deep twice by Puig. Weaver was acquired in February off free agency after a successful stint with the Angels.

Brandon McCarthy would go 6 strong, striking out 4. Luis Avilan and Chris Hatcher would have strong outings out of the ‘pen, with Hatcher striking out 3 in 2 innings.

So those are my first Notes On a Scorecard for 2017. It’s great to be back at the old ballgame…

Drei’s Ballpark Tales

blue dog and tremor 2

Featuring Blue Dog and his cousin from Rancho Cucamunga, Tremor…


blue dog and tremor

Nice day for these two to take in a ballgame…Nice of Tremor to make the trek from Rancho to see the big club with his cousin Blue Dog…Tremor’s Quakes kick off their season this week…

End of An Era for L.A. Sports…

vin chick bob

With the Kings 3-2 loss to the Anaheim Ducks tonight, an golden era has come to an end. Bob Miller, the L.A. Kings announcer of 44 years, is hanging up the mic. Miller had experienced some health issues earlier this season however he did come back to broadcast the Kings final two games, including their home finale yesterday. 

Though the Kings will be left out of the post-season, this decade is been the kindest to Miller, as he would be on hand for their 2 Stanley Cup conquests in 2012 and 2014. 

L.A. sports fans, already and admittedly spoiled by Vin and Chick, all agree that of the 3, Bob Miller is undoubtedly the most underrated. Much of that of course has to do with the long history of success by both the Lakers and Dodgers.

Between the 3, a total of 16 World Championships we’re won by their respective teams. Today really does mark the end of a golden era in L.A. sports. Thank You Bob !

9th Inning…R.I.P. Mr. Potato Head

Over the years, the Dodgers have had many a celebrity pay The Ravine a visit. One of the biggest and long time Dodger fans from the Hollywood circuit passed away this past week. Don Rickles, a regular and a frequent player during the early days of the Hollywodd Stars game, passed away at the age of 90. In this clip from 1985, Don Rickles does a roast of The Boys in Blue…R.I.P. Don Rickles



Sights and Sounds From Westwood to DTLA

Happy Friday everyone ! ¬†As we all get ready for the one event that divide’s all of us Dodgers fans, the SC-UCLA game, Drei here brings you some sight’s, rants, and sounds from Westwood to DTLA, all in one night, Thursday, 11/20/2014. ¬†But first, some big Dodgers/UCLA related news..

The Legacy of 42 Continues…

As many of you know, Jackie Robinson was not only one of the greatest ballplayers who donned the Dodger Blue, but was also an outstanding humanitarian. Perhaps many of you are aware that Jackie Robinson was a 4 sport athlete at UCLA . ¬†Today, it was announced the¬†UCLA will be naming 22 of it’s athletic facilities¬†after the Dodger/UCLA legend. ¬†The number 42 will also be painted into the Rose Bowl field at the 25 yard line for tomorrow night’s clash. ¬†



From Westwood to DTLA

Here L.A., we can never have enough entertainment options. ¬†Sporting events are no different. ¬†So on this Thursday evening, I made the attempt to pull double dip, finding myself at what should have been the BEAT SC Bonfire ( more on that later ) and the Kings game at Staples Center. ¬†Here it is, starting from Westwood…


Greetings from the Hills of Westwood…


Oh the sight of The Victory Bell in it’s rightful blue color never get’s old…


My buddy Hugo also getting in on the action. ¬†He was one happy camper last night with his Raiders FINALLY winning a game…


Waiting for the rally to get started. ¬†Drei couldn’t stay for the whole rally as Drei had a hockey game to go to thanks to some free tickets. ¬†Drei would find out later that the rally would be without the bonfire. ¬†Why ? ¬†Because 50 student protesters decided to put a halt to the bonfire in protest to the recent¬†UC tuition fee hikes.¬† While I do wholeheartedly agree with the cause, I also do feel there is a time and place for civil protests, having participated in one myself recently. ¬†Putting a halt to an event that is meant to celebrate an annual rivalry as well as unify students even as an escape from reality for ¬†2 hours , well, may have just left a bad taste among the other . I understand the concerns of rising tuition costs and support the students in their concern, but to put a halt to a long standing tradition that has nothing to do with the current tuition hikes ? ¬†I hope this does not cloud the thoughts of the other student’s who we’re most certainly looking forward to the bonfire. ¬†I actually don’t think it will in the long run because once the dust settles from this weekends game, the majority of the students, all throughout the UC system as well, will still all be unified as one against these tuition hikes. ¬†OK, that’s my rant for this week. ¬†As for the bonfire being put to a halt, Jim Mora…

Before we head toward the Staples Center…


Gotta make sure our Bruin Bear is well protected from such the evil sources of Troy…

Mid-City Beats

As we make our way toward Staples Center, here’s some¬†beats from Mid City’s resident DJ, once again… Reno Sparks. ¬†Yo Reno, What It Be ? What It Do ?

Staples Center, Kings vs Hurricane


My view from up in 305. ¬†Arrived just in time to see Tanner Pearson end his scoring drought with the game winning goal in the 2nd period as the Kings would come out victorious 3-2 over Carolina. ¬†Hopefully, I’ll have more to bring you from Staples Center as the hockey season goes along. ¬†For a venue now entering it’s 16th season, Staples Center sure doesn’t feel like it’s age . ¬†

And that, folks, is your typical Thursday evening in L.A, from Westwood to DTLA.  Hey, enjoy the game this weekend.  Regardless of your allegiance, it should be a great game.  Drei here is sticking with his pick earlier this week, UCLA 34 USC 24.  Your prediction ?

Ah, the sweet sound of VICTORY to ring in the weekend !!! ¬†If all goes well, the Victory Bell will remain in it’s rightful color, BLUE !!!

Sunday Adventures With Mini Puig 6/8/2014

This weeks theme, The Stanley Cup… Go Kings Go !!!


Earlier this week, our Mini Puig cruised the streets from Inglewood to DTLA, seeing all kinds of support for the Kings,  playing in their second Stanley Cup Finals in 3 seasons.   Before he ventures the streets,  Mini Puig makes a quick stop at Randys Donuts,  where they too are showing their support for the Kings.


After a couple of donuts Mini Puig sends to be a happy camper.¬†¬† Hopefully those donuts don’t show him down during upcoming games…..


Moving right along Mini Puig makes a stop at the one time home of the Kings,  The Fabulous Forum.   The Kings would call this place home from 1967-1999, appearing in one Stanley Cup final.


Moving right along,¬† Mini Puig has now found his way toward Staples Center,¬† taking his place alongside The Great One.¬†¬† ” Hey Wayne,¬† maybe someday they will have a statue in my honor at Dodger Stadium ”


Oh yeah !¬† Lord Stanley’s Cup.¬†¬† Two more wins and that cup comes back to L.A. ! GO KINGS GO !!! ¬† Puig still believes he will help The Blue bring home a trophy of a different sorts.¬†¬† One that has eluded them since 1988.¬† It’s going to be a tough climb again this year,¬† With The Blue currently 9.5 games behind the Giants.¬†¬† But hey, they overcame their 30-42 stay last season , due in large part to Big Puig’s arrival, along with 42-8 run, which would be asking a lot again.¬†¬†

A Look At The Standings


For all the talk of the Dodgers struggles,¬† lost amongst all this talk is the fact the Dodgers have the 3rd most wins in the NLCS along with the Braves and Cardinals,¬† two teams the Dodgers faces in last year’s playoffs.¬†¬† The Pirates,¬† who have struggled on the road this season,¬† are starting to warm up.¬† When all is said and done,¬† at this point,¬† With exception of the Giants and Brewers, there is a lot of parity in the senior circuit, including all 5 NL playoff participants,¬† 2 who see themselves south of the .500 mark .¬† As I said earlier,¬† expecting another 42-8 run would be asking too much.¬†¬† Putting together a string of wins,¬† certainly this team is more than capable.


Not exactly a lineup that instills far is it ?  See the tweet from the Dodger fan below the lineup….


The Dodgers with Kershaw on the mound as they try to take 2 of 3 at Coors Field.  Away from Dodger Stadium, where the Blue is 13-19, the Blue have actually held their own,  spring a 19-12 record away from The Ravine.   After today,  the Dodgers travel to Cincinnati for a four game set with the Reds before returning home Friday night against the DBacks . 

Honoring Milestones Today

On this day, 1964, Sandy Koufax pitches his 3rd career no-hitter . Koufax would finish with a total of 5 career no-hitters, his final one being a perfect game . Also during the early 60’s, Koufax would also own a motel of his own in West Hollywood. From L.A. Observed


Celebrating 10000

Dodgers_10000wins Tonight the Dodgers will be celebrating another milestone moment as they commemorate the franchise’s 10000 plus wins, giving the first 40,000 fans in attendance this commemorative pin. I’m sure you all have a favorite moment from a game you attended. What was your favorite ? My favorite ?

And of course, we find ourselves at this moment 7 behind the hated ones. As we all know, as much as the Blue Crew has struggled this season, the season is far from over. From Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle, we just may see another Epic Finish between these two storied franchises. It’s a long summer folks. Plenty of baseball still to be played.

42 and 42


Also on this day, 1972, for the first time in franchise history the Dodgers would retire players numbers. Sandy Koufax, Roy Campbell’s and Jackie Robinson would be the first Dodgers to ever have their numbers retired. This would be Jackie Robinson’s final appearance ever at Dodger Stadium.

Team L.A.

For you L.A. sports fans doing double duty tonight, and I know there are a lot of you out there….


Good luck to the L.A. Kings in their quest to bring Lord Stanley back to L.A. for the 2nd time in 3 years, as they take on the New York Rangers in the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals .

Dre’s Friday Bits and Bytes, 5/16/2014

Tonight’s happenings in the world of L.A. Sports…

greinke Zack Greinke takes the hill for the Blue as they take on the Arizona Diamondback for the 4th time this season as the Blue looks to build upon their 7-1 mark against the Snakes as they embark on a 10 game road trip. After finishing 3-4 on their current homestand against the Giants and Marlins, the Blue will also look to improve upon their 13-7 road record . Also…

That’s right ! GO KINGS GO as the Kings and Ducks battle it out in Anaheim tonight in Game 7 of the NHL Western Conference semis with as the Kings look to return to the Windy City for a rematch of last years Western Conference Finals against the Chicago Blackhawks . There is certainly no shortage of sporting events for L.A. sports fans tonight…

Early Concerns ?

With the Dodgers currently 5 games behind the Giants, this certainly was not the start the Dodgers and the fans had hoped for. However, we must remind ourselves that this is a long season and that there is certainly more than enough time to get back in the race. Whether we should expect a repeat of last seasons 40-8 run, well, that may be asking much to repeat that feat. Here’s some numbers to look at…

Prior to and after last seasons summer run where they went 40-8, the Dodgers had a combined record of 52-64. Going into tonight’s action , aside from their 7-1 record against the DBacks, they would be as of right now 15-19 against the rest of the Majors, including a 3-7 record against the Giants. So we do know how good this team can really be. We also know too that this team can be really streaky as well. Believe it or not, the Dodgers are actually in better shape at this time then they we’re at this time last year. So yes, it is a little to early for us, including this fan here, to be pushing the panic button right away. A little tweak here and there and in no time we got ourselves a pennant race.

Also, some other numbers to chew on around the bigs

The Cardinals and Nationals, 2 other clubs expected to win their respective NL divisions, are also off to pedestrian starts as they too also sit only 2 games above .500 . In the AL East, the defending champion Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, the two expected to finish atop the AL East, are both struggling as well with a combined 38-44 record as those 2 as of right now occupy the bottom half of the AL East. 3 of the 4 teams mentioned here we’re last years LCS participants, with the Red Sox winning it all. We certainly don’t expect these teams to continue to struggle, do we ?

Dre’s Scorecard Notes, Tuesday 5/13/2014 vs. Marlins

dodgersfish In my latest of my in-game scorecard notes, we feature this past Tuesday night’s game against the Marlins…

marlinscard Josh Beckett continues to impress after sitting out virtually all of last season, pitching 6 1/3 innings against his former club, striking out 4 and allowing only 1 run. Would Beckett finally get some run support ?

dodgerscard Josh Beckett finally get’s those runs as the Blue would score 5 times in the home 6th, started off by a 2 run double by Hanley Ramirez. The Dodgers would also tack on runs in the 7th and 8th, as they would pull away from the Marlins. This is the 2nd game in a row I would attend that the Dodgers would score in the 6th-8th en route to a win and , Josh Beckett’s first win since 2012.

HanRam getting the scoring started for the Blue in the 6th

Beckett’s strong start

Best of luck to Marlins pitching sensation Jose Fernandez , who underwent successful Tommy John surgery. Here’s to a full recovery and a long career ahead of you .

Dre’s Bytes….Celebrating a Birthday, OK, a Belated Birthday, at The Old Ballgame

IT’S BACK !!! Dre’s ballgame bytes !!! Doin’ it again this season and tonight, we got El Viejo Brandoreno here…

Tuesday Night at The Ravine, 5/13/2014 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

And later on that evening, with the Dodgers comfortably up in the 8th, as we mess around somewhere inside of Dodger Stadiums hallowed halls…

Somewhere Inside The Ravine from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed your night out at the park celebrating your belated birthday against the Marlins….Marlon !!!

More of Dre’s bytes to come…TO BE CONTINUED. Happy Friday everyone !!! LET’S GO DODGERS !!! GO KINGS GO !!!!

Dre’s Thoughts 5/5/2014, HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO !!!

Putting It All On The Line

Can we all put to rest all the talk about Yasiel Puig not being a team player ? He may not have succeeded in making this game-saving catch, but I think he may have won more hearts over among Dodger fans with this outstanding effort. The Cuban Missile may still be a work in progress, but let’s not question his heart and effort.


josefernandez Marlins sensation ace Jose Fernandez, last years NL Rookie of the Year, checking up on Puig after the game.


Dodger fans, where you may be celebrating today, perhaps you may have this tune ingrained in your heads…

Probably the most played song among Dodger fans today.


Cinco_Dog How ’bout this Dodger fan showing some spirit on this Cinco de Mayo !!!

Team L.A.

Kings_Dodgers Tonight is another busy night for our locals, with the Dodgers beginning a 3 game series in DC against the Nationals tonight, with Zack Greinke taking the hill for the Blue as he looks to go 6-0 on the season. Let’s also not forget the Kings, who look to take a commanding 2 games to none lead in their NHL Western Conference showdown against the Ducks in Anaheim. We also can’t forget the Clippers as the begin their 2nd round Best of 7 NBA Western Conference showdown tonight in OKC as they take on the Thunder. This should also be another intriguing match up as well with Chris Paul and UCLA’s own Russell Westbrook showcasing the spotlight for their teams.

HAPPY CINCO EVERYONE !!! No shortage of games for L.A. fans on this Monday night !!!