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Drei’s Super 9 Super Sunday’s

Super Bowl Sunday. 50 years of history. Like baseball, each Super Bowl Sunday has been hit or miss. My first Super Bowl Sunday, January 24, 1982 when the 49ers won the first of 5 Super Bowls. Joe Montana won the first of 3 Super Bowl MVP honors. Growing up, the Super Bowl was always the last or second to last Sunday of January. Now, it’s carried over to the first Sunday of February. February 7 is the latest possible day a Super Bowl can be played barring any national tragedy. The only other time a Super Bowl was played on February 7 ? 2010, when Drew Brees led the Saints to their lone Super Bowl title . I guess you could say this is the equivalent of the World Series being played in November. 

So, in all the Super Bowl Sunday’s over the years going back to 1982, what make’s Drei’s 9 ? With the exception of number 1, this was not an easy list. 

9. Super Bowl XLIV Saints 31 Colts 17, 2/7/2010, The Saints Go Marching In…

8. Super Bowl XXX Cowboys 27 Steelers 17 1/28/1996, Rivalry Renewed…

7. Super Bowl XXXVIII Patriots 32 Panthers 29, 2/1/2004, Adam to the Rescue Once Again…

fb_img_1453690629349.jpgWith former Panthers running back DeShaun Foster. Foster would score a touchdown on a 33 yard run in the 4th quarter…

6. Super Bowl XLII Giants 17 Patriots 14,  2/3/2008, Perfection Denied…

5. Super Bowl XLIII Steelers 27 Cardinals 23, 2/1/2009, First to Six…

4. Super Bowl XXXVI Patriots 20 Rams 17, 2/3/2002, A Dynasty Born…

3. Super Bowl XLIX Patriots 28 Seahawks 24, 1 Yard Away…

2. Super Bowl XXXIV Rams 23 Titans 16, 1/30/2000, Oh So Close…


1.Super Bowl XXIII 49ERS 20 Bengals 16, 1/23/1989, The Drive of The 80s…

Yeah, this list is debatable. I know you have your own Super 9 Super Sunday’s. If you’re older than me your Super Sunday’s may even go as far back as the first Super Bowl in 1967. This list I put together has the Patriots in four of these, while the Steelers and even the Rams are on this list twice. Unsurprisingly, the 49ers and Cowboys are only mentioned once as they we’re once Super Bowl world beaters. As to why Super Bowl XXIII is my top number 1 ? Yeah, this is a Niner fan telling the story. Aside from that, this would be the first SB to be won on a game winning drive. On another personal note, Super Bowl XXIII would cap quite a sports year for me in 1988 as I would hit the trifecta…

Lakers…Back to Back


(Getty Images)

Dodgers…The Impossible

kirk-gibson(Getty Images)

49ERS…The Drive of the Decade

49ers_JT (US Presswire)


So, what’s your Super 9 ? Enjoy your Super Sunday folks ! We’re that much closer to baseball !!!




Drei’s Random Bits

If the Kansas City Royals do go on to win the World Series, they will have really deserved it. Twice in the playoffs have they either staved off elimination or came from behind to win. In Game 4 of the ALDS, down 2 games to 1, trailing 6-2 heading to the 8th inning and 6 outs from elimination, like last year’s AL Wild Card, the Royals would mount an amazing comeback against the Astros, sending the series back to KC where they would win in 5.

Game 1 of the World Series, 3 outs from going down 1 game to the red hot Mets, the Royals would come back and tie the game, eventually winning in 14 and are now 2 games from their 2nd World Championship title. 

Still searching for The New Skip…

With news of Don Mattingly being hired as the new skipper of the Miami Marlins, the wait for a new skipper for the Dodgers continues, with Gabe Kapler and Ron Roenicke being 2 top candidates….

Beyond the Yard, To The Hardwood…

** FILE ** In this April 23, 2008, file photo, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant reacts after making a three-point basket during the second half of Game 2 of a first-round NBA playoff basketball game against the Denver Nuggets, Wednesday, April 23, 2008, in Los Angeles. Bryant has won the NBA's MVP award for the first time, the Los Angeles Times reported on its Web site Friday night, May 2, 2008, citing anonymous sources familiar with the outcome of voting by media members. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill, file)
Kobe Bryant now in his 20th season !

Is it really Kobe Bryant’s 20th season with the Lakers ? The milestones just don’t seem to end. Rare is it for a player of any caliber to remain with the same team in any professional sport throughout their career let alone 5 years. Playing with the same organization for 20 years without leaving ? That is an accomplishment. We can probably count how many professional athletes in our liftetime that have not only played 20 seasons but  all with the same organization, such as Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn

Drei_Tracy Murray With former UCLA Bruin and Laker Tracy Murray

Tracy Murray, the onetime Laker known for his outside shooting prowess, will be the shooting coach with the Lakers this upcoming season. I cant think of a more deserving person for the role than Tracy. I had the opportunity to interview Tracy back in January while he was the radio commentator for UCLA basketball for an article I did on Pauley Pavillion for Stadium Journey. For being my first interview, I already saw why he was a radio commentator and feel very strongly he will be a great asset to this young Lakers squad…

9th Inning Beats With Kid Marley Marlz…

Marlz_Dave Hey Kid ! What time is it ?

Extra Innings… Is This the Year The Great Pumpkin Shows Up ?

Drei_C Brown Ghost Outfit HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!! 

The Magic of Baseball Among African Americans and a Mini Puig Sighting in Westwood

Another interesting read focuses on the state of the game among African-Americans, this time from MLB.com beat writer Terence Moore, who feels Magic Johnson dispels myths that blacks aren’t into baseball . That, of course, is still debatable. Here’s an excerpt from his latest read…

” Let’s start with Williamsport, Pa., where a totally African-American team from Chicago is competing in the Little League World Series. Not only that, the star of the whole event so far is a 13-year-old Philadelphia girl, Mo’ne Davis, who throws a baffling slider when she isn’t frustrating hitters with 70 mph fastballs. “

Speaking of Mo’ne Davis

Perhaps we will see Mo’ne in the bigs some day ? I really hope so. Baseball integrated players of all colors , why not integrate the two genders ? If she has the ability to hurl a 95 MPH fastball in 10 years or prior, I say, Why Not ? In the meantime, Mo’ne has issued a pitchoff challenge to Clayton Kershaw .

Yasiel or Kobe ?


Perhaps this piece on Yasiel Puig may greatly influence your decision on what to name your newborn child, assuming it’s a boy. You will also be glad to know that the name Kobe increased in popularity in 1997 after some HS kid named Kobe was thrust right into the spotlight of another storied L.A. franchise…

KOBE This will be Kobe’s 19th season donning the Purple and Gold. At 35, Kobe says in basketball years he is 70 . I’d say that’s a good way of analyzing any professional athlete north of 30. Even at 70 basketball years, I think most teams would still clamor for your service Kobe …

Mini Puig Sighting in Westwood

For those of you who have followed my past Mini Puig posts, today, the Mini one pays a visit to the home of The Sons of Westwood, where he pays homage to another great who donned not only the Dodger Blue but also the Blue and Gold..

Puig_Jackie Paying homage to Jackie Robinson at the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame .

Puig_VictoryBell Oh yeah. Gotta love the sight of The Victory Bell in Bruin Blue, 2 years in a row !!! Looks like our Mini Puig is calling for an 8-Clap !!! It’s almost that time of year folks where we do double-duty !!!

hundley With Brett Hundley during the Beat SC bonfire back in November. Mr. Heisman ? This is going to be a big year for The Mighty Bruins. I’ll have to get Mini Puig to pose with you at the next Beat SC bonfire…

Dre’s Magic Number of October, 33 !!! Thank You, Maraming Salamat !!!

But first…


A huge Maraming Salamat to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers for their contribution of $150,000 to typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines. Basketball has long been one of the Philippines national pastime and the Lakers have always had a huge Filipino fan following here in L.A. and in the Philippines , as Dwight Howard would eventually find out. For the Lakers and Kobe to be a part of the relief efforts certainly does not go unnoticed amongst their Filipino fan base. So again, we say… THANK YOU !!! MARAMING SALAMAT !!!! Also, as i’ve been doing this past week, I will continue to post this link that you can click here for a list of organizations that you can choose to contribute reief efforts to , as well as these upcoming events that you would like to participate in, including a 3 hour telathon that will be aired tomorrow night locally on KTLA 5 from 7-10 PM, with proceeds going to the Red Cross. Also, if you have a Twitter account, on your tweets, please do include the hashtag #HelpThePhilippines. Your thoughts and prayers to those affected by Typhoon Haiyan are greatly appreciated.

October was quite a roller coaster ride for us Dodgers fans. It was also quite a month for me as well covering as much playoff action as I possibly could. Much of this was made possible not only by the Dodgers going deep into October, but by you fans as well for visiting and reading very heavily on my posts. Because of you, my October Ranking amongst MLB Fan bloggers hit a personal high at 33 !!! October also set a personal record for me for having my highest visitor count ever. So again, to you the Dodgers and baseball fans, I say…THANK YOU, and of course,as has been my ongoing message lately, MARAMING SALAMAT !!!!

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sun From L.A. Filipno Dodger fans, may our sun always shine brightly….

26 Years and Counting Since 1988, Part 1, 1989 And The 90’s

Re-blogged from last season.  It is 26 years now since Chavez Ravine has hosted a World Series.  Here’s a recap of each season, part 1, from 1989 to 1999


On the eve of the 109th World Series will mark 25 years now since the Dodgers won their last World Series title, let alone appear in one.  While I enjoy telling stories what it was like being a fan experiencing the Dodgers triumph in 1988, explaining the feeling to the fans who have potentially graduated college in the last 4 years certainly is not making me feel any younger.  Now that I have all but let it out that i’m up there in years, lol, let’s now look back on the last 25 years, first with the 90’s, with it’s highs and lows.  And let’s hope by this time next year i’m writing a piece about The Boys in Blue in the World Series.  But first…

OK. Let’s look back upon the last 25 years of non World Series years

1989 77-83 4th Place

Despite leading the NL with a team ERA of 2.95, the last time anyone finished the season with a team ERA below 3.00, the Dodgers, one season after shocking the world, would finish in 4th place 14 games behind the Giants. So anemic was the offense that Orel Hershiser, despite winning 15 games with an ERA of 2.31, would also lose 15 as well , finishing the season with a .500 mark.

So the 80’s finished on a down note. However, the Dodgers was still a strong decade for the Boys in Blue, winning two World Championships (1981 and 1988), four National League Western Division titles (1981, 1983, 1985 and 1988) and 825 games, tying them with the St. Louis Cardinals for most victories by a National League team during the decade. The 80’s was also a strong decade in L.A. sports as well. Between the Dodgers 2 titles, the Lakers 5 titles, and the Raiders lone Super Bowl in 1983 9 This is a 49ERS fan acknowledging this), 8 championship titles we’re won for the great city of Los Angeles. Oh yeah, let’s also not forget the 1984 Olympics, with baseball debuting as an olympic sport here, played at, of course, Dodger Stadium. Those we’re some fun times as a sports fan in the 80’s. The 90’s certainly look promising, right ? kirk-gibson One last look of the 80’s

The 90’s

The United States enacts Operation Desert Storm, destroying the Iraqi army and ending the Gulf War in a few short weeks. A video is released of driver Rodney King being beaten by L.A. police officers following a traffic stop, igniting a national controversy. Bill Clinton is elected the 42nd president of the United States. Magic Johnson announces his retirement from the NBA after contracting the HIV Virus ( What’s Magic up to these days ? ). In the meantime, on the field…

1990 86-76 2nd Place

Even without Orel Hershiser for much of the season due to shoulder surgery and an injury plagued Kirk Gibson a mere cry from his 1988 season, the Dodgers would finish 5 games behind the eventual World Champion Cincinatti Reds. This would also be the last season for Fernando Valenzuela in a Dodger uniform, as he would be released prior to the 1991 season.

1991 93-79 2nd Place

Hometown product Darryl Strawberry, who put up big numbers in his eight stormy seasons with the New York Mets, would be signed in the off-season for a then whopping 5 years, $20.25 million dollars. After a slow start, Strawberry would lead the team in both home runs (27) and RBI’s (100) In spite of a strong 20-8 finish to the season, the Dodgers would finish 1 game behind the upstart Atlanta Braves for the NL West crown.

1992 63-99 6th Place

Eric Davis, the one time Cincinatti Reds outfielder, would team up with childhood buddy Darryl Strawberry in the outfield. However, both Strawberry and Davis would miss much of 1992 and the Dodgers, for the first time since 1905, would finish the season in last place

1993 81-81 3rd Place

In the final season before the current 3 division alignment, the Dodgers would improve upon their 1992 performance by 18 games. Though they would miss out on the post season , the second of 5 consecutive Rookie of the Year winners would don the Dodger Blue as Mike Piazza , with 35 home runs and 112 rbi’s, would take home the prize, Eric Karros winning the award in 1992. 1993 also marked the final season a 100 plus win team would miss out on post-season play as the Dodgers, on the final game of the season, highlighted by Rookie of the Year winner Mike Piazza’s 2 home runs, would knock out the Giants 12-1, leaving the Giants 1 game behind the Atlanta Braves for the NL West crown ( Yup, I was at that game folks ). The following season would be the year divisional re-alingment would take place as well as the wild card. From 1969-1993, only the division winners qualified for the LCS. So yeah, had the wild card been in effect in 1993, the Giants would have easily made the post season. Bummer huh ? ( In my sarcastic voice, LOL ) piazza93 Mike Piazza being greeted by future 3rd base coach Tim Wallach after belting one of two home runs to knock the Giants out of the playoffs

1994 58-56, 1st Place *

In the first year of 3 division aligment, the Dodgers would finish in 1st place, and yes, that is an asterisk next to the feat, if one can consider being 2 games over .500 one. That is because in August, a bitter labor dispute between the players and owners would lead to the cancelation of the remainder of the 1994 season and wipe out post-season and World Series play altogether. Raul Mondesi would win the 3rd of 5 consecutive Dodger Rookie of the Year Awards. Darryl Strawberry, with his countless off the field problems during his time in L.A, would be released prior to the season.

1995 78-66, 1st Place

One year after the strike had put a black eye on Major League Baseball, in a 144 game season due to the previous season’s strike that carried over into 1995, the Dodgers would capture the NL West by one game over the Colorado Rockies 3 years into their existence. Hideo Nomo, The Tornadoe, would win the NL Rookie of the Year. In the first official League Division Series, not counting 1981’s ” intra-division playoffs “, the Dodgers would be swept in 3 straight by the NL Central Champion Cincinatti Reds.

1996 90-72 2nd Place, Wild Card

Tommy Lasorda, one of only two L.A. Dodger managers along with Walter Alston dating back to their arrival from Brooklyn in 1958, would step down from his managerial duties after suffering a mild heart attack. Bill Russell would take over the reins for Tommy. With a 2 game lead over the Padres and 3 to play against the Friars, San Diego would sweep all 3 games at Dodger Stadium to win the NL West by 1 game, pushing the Dodgers to Wild Card status. They would be swept in 3 straight in the LDS by the Atlanta Braves, ending the season on a 7 game losing streak. Todd Hollandsworth would round out the 5 consecutive Dodger Rookie of the Year Award winners dodgersROY The 5 consecutive ROY’s would surpass the 4 consecutive the Dodgers had from 1979-1982 when Rick Sutcliffe, Steve Howe, Fernando Valenzuela, and Steve Sax won the prize

1997 88-74 2nd Place

This time, a late September swoon would cost them. Leading the NL West over the Giants by 2 games on September 16, they would be swept in a crucial 2 game series in San Francisco, the beginning of a 1-6 stretch that would find themselves 2 games behind the hated one’s heading into the final weekend of the year, in which the Dodgers would eventually finish 2 games behind the Giants but miss out on the Wild Card. This would also mark the final season of ownership under the O’Malley family

1998 83-79 3rd Place

In their first season under the Fox group, Mike Piazza , after a lengthy contract dispute, would find himself traded to the Florida Marlins along with Todd Zeile for Gary Sheffield, Charles Johnson and Jim Eisenrich before landing with the Mets one week later. With a 36-38 record in June, Bill Russell would get his pink slip, as well as general manager Fred Claire. The thought of a Dodgers manager was unheard of at the time considering up until 1998 they had only 3 managers. Glenn Hoffman, brother of Padres relief phenom Trevor Hoffman, would finish out the season as the skipper. 1998 would also be the year that future Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa we’re involved in the home run record chase, with McGwire finishing with 70 home runs. piazza Though he did put up big numbers in Dodger Blue , Piazza will forever be remembered as a Met. To this day, I still don’t believe he has buried the hatchet towards the Dodgers and his fans. I wonder if he will blame me next for the Dodgers fans turning on him .

1999 76-86 3rd Place

Davey Johnson would take over as manager, and Kevin Brown, coming off 3 straight dominant season and two World Series appearances with the Marlins and Padres, would be signed to a 7-year $105 million contract just one year after Piazza had been offerred 6 years at $80 million, rasising some questions amongst the fans why the same deal could not be offered to Mike, an everyday player, as opposed to Brown, who only toes the hill every 5 games. The Dodgers would finish 24 games behind the 2nd year Arizona Diamondbacks.

So the 90’s we’re not exactly some glorious times for L.A. sports fans. The Lakers, though they would continue to make it to the post season, making the playoffs in 9 of the 10 years, also failed to bring L.A. another championship . The Raiders and Rams would leave L.A. after the 1994 season ( I really didn’t care since i’m a 49ERS fan ) , the Clippers we’re a far cry from what they are today, and the Kings would appear in the Stanley Cup in 1993 to lose to the Montreal Canadiens in 5 games. So next, the new millenium. Glory day’s are bound to return to L.A, right ?

Dre’s Bits , Thursday 8/15/2013

For those of you who still can’t get enough from last night….


I know it’s only August but it’s almost to the point now that no matter what obstacle the Blue must overcome it’s to the point where it’s become expected.   Dodger Stadium truly has become a Magic Castle, hasn’t it ?

OK, after the all-star game I said that the Dodgers would go 44-24 in the 2nd half and win the NL West. Well, they have gone an astonishing 23-3 since, including 3 wins where they rallied from 4 or more.runs down and 6 of them in their final at-bat. Talk about coming through in the clutch !!!! So, do I still think the Dodgers finish with an overall record of 91-71 ? All they would have to do is olay .500 ball the rest of the way to accomplish that. Somehow, I don’t see the Dodgers taking the foot off the pedal. My only concern though, as a fan amidst all this excitement, is that they don’t cool down come October. Their play right now is off the charts, but October is still a long ways to go. Speaking of October…..


Some pics of my lil’ sis at her first ballgame in ’98 and a more recent pic from that other yard up north back in ’09. Lil’ sis, Sarah, was born in 1989, yup, one year after our last World Series title. And like many of you young Dodger fans ( I can’t believe I said that….), it is not lost on her mind that she has not experienced a World Series title in her lifetime…..YET !!! It’s been 25 years, it’s time !!!! It’s also time for a new generation of Dodgers fans to finally know the feeling of a World Series title. In the 25 years since, the Lakers have brought us 5 titles and heck, even the Kings have brought us a Stanley Cup. Yeah, I know it’s only August, but i’m gonna say it…. IT’S TIME !!!! ……

And my InstaPic for the night…..


Now I know many of you have taken pics of your hats when seeing The Blue on the road. If online photo sites and we’re more readily available as well as instant downloading and hashtagging before lets say, 2005, oh the places and landmarks I could have taken pics of good old Blue….. Anyways, I’ve taken pics of Blue in various places in L.A. and when I do eventually get back on the road and re-join the “#LATakeover “, I will be more than sure to snap pics of Blue on the road as well. But in the meantime, since Blue does make it’s home here in L.A., tonight I feature this pic taken down the street from it’s home over at Echo Park Lake , taken a few weeks ago. Echo Park Lake had been closed recently for some major cleanup and has since recently re-opened. So it’s only appropriate that Blue pay a visit to it’s newly re-furbished neighbor down the street. Plus, a good part of my childhood was also spent their, especially on the peddle boats….. So, that’s my featured InstaPic of Blue for tonight. Where in L.A. does Blue appear next ? Oh yeah, you can follow me on Instagram @Good_Drei.

The ride has been fun !!! Next stop…. Philadelphia. Let’s keep this ride on the Dodger Blue Magic Carpet going !!!!!

Today’s InstaPics Theme….March Madness

But first….

As a UCLA fan, I still get chill’s when I see that clip…..  Speaking  OK, now I know a lot of you baseball fans out there are caught up in the Madness. And I know a lot of you will probably be joining me this weekend tearing your brackets up. BTW, as much as I love my Bruins, i’m not naive enough to think number 12 will be hoisted upon Pauley’s rafters come November. ( I have Louisville winning it all BTW ). Like many of you, baseball ain’t the only thing I watch. And of course being here in L.A. we have a plethora of sporting events to choose from. And when I get a chance one of the venues I venture into is Pauley Pavillion . As many of you know Pauley underwent some renovations….


Just one of the changes inside Pauley. Speaking of renovations, anyone else looking forward to seeing Dodger Stadiums upgrades ? So sticking with the theme of March Madness, here’s some pics of the past and present representing not only UCLA but also the Lakers and last but not least the Dodgers…. 2006


Former UCLA Bruin Lucius Allen


Me with former Bruin and Laker Jordan Farmer. We didnt know it at the time, but this was Farmer’s last home game at Pauley. He would later be a teamate of..


Poor Adam Morrison. But all Bruin bias aside, I really enjoyed watching Adam Morrison play. That pic ( Not done with Instagram) really tells the story of one who puts out his finest effort just to come up that short…. Now as a Bruin fan, I say…” THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES !!! ” Pauley Today




Tyus Edney, now an assistant coach with UCLA. We’ll always remember 4.8 ….  Oh yeah, earlier I mentioned something about getting chills to this day over certain clips.  Well, here’s another one even 18 years later I still get the chills….




Having a lityle fun with Larry Drew II, re-enacting his buzzer beater earlier in the season against Washington ( I was playing the part of Shawn Kemp Jr. )… You may have noticed that my Pyramid of Success poster being signed over the years. Well…


The Wizard of Westwood. Final home game of the ’06 season…. How ’bout some Instapic Statues ( And this time they are all Instagramed….)


Hey wait a minute !!! I know you !!! You’re Kareem Abdul-Jabar !!!


Coach Wooden And finally, One of the Greatest Bruins. Also one of the Greatest Dodgers as well….


Jackie Robinson. This is at Jackie Robinson Stadium in West L.A. where the UCLA Baseball team plays. So, when is Dodger Stadium getting a statue of Jackie Robinson ?