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Drei’s Sunday Thoughts…Time Heals All Wounds


Or does it? Mike Piazza. shown here in the Dodger Blue. It’s no secret Piazza has had a strained relationship with the team he first called home , even going so far to say he wouldn’t feel comfortable with LA stamped on his head. As he enters the Hall of Fame this weekend in Blue, the Blue and Orange of the Mets, that is, I’m still a believer that Dodger fans, as divided as they can be, would like to fully embrace him again. In his HOF speech, Piazza may have just taken the first step in healing those wounds toward the Dodger Blue

Sunday Night Flashback…The Son of the Blank Blank 

RANCHO_SCOTT VAN SLYKE With Scott Van Slyke last year during his rehab stint in Rancho

Scott Van Slyke, whom Tommy Lasorda once called his father Andy a Blank Blank, would make quite an epic MLB debut on Sunday Night Baseball on a nice Sunday evening, against his dad’s former team no less

Around The NL West…Rough Road for the Leaders

The Giants have just completed a rough 1-7 road trip coming off the All Star Break. Though the Dodgers have seen a couple of blown opportunities along the way, with a win tonight they can come within 3 games of the hated ones. Both teams return home tomorrow night, with the Dodgers welcoming in the Rays for 3 and the DBacks next weekend. Opportunity could still be knocking for The Blue….



Throwing Back Thursday…El Toro and Doc

Leading Off…Drei’s Thoughts…

In spite a 16-16 record, the Boys in Blue, thanks to the rest of the NLWest going through their own struggles, find themselves in a first place tie with the Giants heading into the final game of a 4 game set with the Mets. Kid K takes the hill for The Blue against Bartolo Colon, no spring chicken himself as the Blue tries to salvage a split. The Blue has lost 8 of their last 10 home games averaging just under 3 runs a game. While the Dodgers have struggled at home, they have been the opposite on the road, winning 10 of 16 away from Chavez Ravine.  Runs should once again be at a premium tonight. It’s only a matter of time before the offense gets on track up in the hills of Chavez Ravine…

Throwing Back Thursday…El Toro and Doc

The Dodgers and Mets have produced their share of outstanding pitchers over the years. Fernando Valenzuela and Dwight Gooden we’re no exceptions. These two 80s phenoms once combined to pitch 20 shutout innings in a September 1985 showdown, El Toro pitching 11 of them. ( Imagine the backlash a manager would face today if he let his starter even go past the 9th ? ) The two would also combine to  strikeout 6 consecutive batters in the 1984 All-Star game, 3 that would some day make their presence in Cooperstown. El Toro and Doc, 2 pitchers many thought would be future HOFers, never really quite reached the pinnacle of their careers, both suffering arm injuries that wouldn’t allow either pitcher to regain their dominant form of their early 80s prime. The battles these two would display we’re still pretty epic.

1984 All-Star Game, Fernando and Doc

Entering The 2016 Hall With Class…

wp-1452227640910.jpeg Ken Griffey Jr. in left field during his last appearance at Dodger Stadium, 6/28/2009

OK. So it might seem like a diss toward Mike Piazza that I would not make first mention of his HOF feat. I’m not even disturbed that he didn’t leave the Dodgers on the best of terms. As fans, we all tend to forget that sports is no different from any other business. Players come and go. Emotions are displayed, but often times, time heals all wounds, or does it ? 

piazza Mike Piazza in Dodger Blue

It’s practically been 18 years since Piazza’s bitter departure from Chavez Ravine. A high school senior was entering planet earth. You’d think 18 years and two ownership changes later, as well as his continued accolades with the Mets would be more than enough time to bury the hatchet. Dodger fans were not to thrilled about his departure either. 

“If the Hall came to me and said, ‘We want you to go in as a Dodger,’ I’d say, ‘Well, then I’ll go in as nothing,'” Piazza wrote. “I just wouldn’t feel comfortable with LA stamped on my head for all of eternity.”

I am a firm believer that, in spite the anger and bitterness displayed by the one-time Dodger catcher, Dodger fans want to go back to truly embracing him. If only Piazza would just let it go. Heck, one of my favorite moments as a Dodger fan involved Piazza, on the final game of the 1993 season In his recent biography, he blames good old Vinny for having the fans turn on him. ( Perhaps this further establishes the theory Vin Scully is God around Chavez Ravine…).

Piazza is entitled to his opinion. It’s been 18 years. I really don’t have a problem with him entering the HOF as a Met. Most baseball fans today more likely remember his feats in the Blue, Black and Orange. In some ways, that would be like Shaq entering the HOF as an Orlando Magic. Heck, Shaq wasn’t exactly welcomed back in Orlando with open arms right away in his days donning the Purple and Gold, but he is still welcomed back where his NBA career started.

Mike’s accomplishments are deserving of a permanent place in Cooperstown. Let’s not deny that. Perhaps some day Mike will put aside his bitterness toward the Dodgers and perhaps some day we will have a place inside Chavez Ravine’s hallowed walls to honor the greatest hitting catcher of all-time, in the place where it all started for him. Until then… Oh yeah, Congrats Mike…

From The First Base Dugout…


Now this is entering the Hall With Class. I really believe if Ken Griffey Jr. had injuries not slowed him down, Kenny Grif would be holding the all-time home run record.  Be it in a Mariners or Reds uni he was always a joy to watch. He always looked like he was having fun, the way the game is supposed to be. Oh yeah, thanks for waving at us back in ’09 Junior ! A true class act…


Just Like That, It’s Over

The baseball season consists of 162 games. That does not include the 25 plus Spring Training games or the potential 10 plus post season games that 30 teams dream of playing.

Yet when the final out of the World Series is recorded, we ask ourselves, ” Did this season just fly by ? “

KC Royals_Banner

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals on winning their first World Championship in 30 years. It certainly was well deserved. 3 of their 4 wins during the World Series the Royals came from behind in the 8th inning or after to win. Throughout the playoffs, the Royals would run into some sort of adversity, including staving off elimination against the Astros during Game 4 of the ALDS, which the Royals would find themselves 6 outs from the golf clubs trailing 6-2. Here’s how the comeback kids did it….

Daniel Murphy the new Bill Buckner ?

Much has been made about Daniel Murphy’s error at 2nd base in the 8th inning of Game 4, drawing comparisons to Bill Buckner in ’86. I don’t totally agree. The Royals we’re not in the brink of elimination at the time Murphy’s error happened. Yes, it played a huge role in the Royals comeback, but let’s not forget the game did not end on that error. The Mets had 2 innings to redeem themselves. Murphy’s error did not end the game…

Terry Collins the new Grady Little ?

As we all know by now, Terry Collins was faced with the decision to take out Matt Harvey after 8 strong shutout innings Sunday night, or go to his closer Jeurys Familia as he intended.  Harvey pleaded vehemently to stay in the game in the top 9th and again, we all know the ending…

Who deserves the blame ? Certainly no one person deserves the blame here. You have to like the competitor in Matt Harvey. No serious competitor ever wants to leave the game with the game on the line. However, Collins as the manager does have the authority to make the final call. Having said that, that’s why we love the second guess.

Not discussed is the fact the Jeurys Familia was not having his best series to this point. Also forgotten was Lucas Duda’s throwing error to the plate .  An accurate throw and Eric Hosmer is out at the plate, the series moves on to Kansas City for a 6th game, and well, anything can happen when a team has even an ounce of life left, as the Royals have shown throughout the playoffs. Let’s also credit Eric Hosmer on his gutsy baserunning. Perhaps his gamble made Duda rush the throw ? Regardless, it was quite a play there by Hosmer. 

9th Inning…Kid N Drei

KID N DREI_BAR BASIC Can you believe the season is over Kid ? Lot of good times this past season bringing the readers another season of Kid N Drei’s fun n games from The Old Ballgame. I’ll certainly drink to that…

Extra Innings…The Bromance Never Ends…

KID N DREI_LACMA 2 Hey Kid, Drei here’s you got some beats on the way ? No off-season for Kid Marley Marlz, right ?

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-07-08-11-15-1.png Good Times Kid… 

If Drei Can Go Back In Time to 1985…

BTTF Happy Back to the Future Day baseball fans ! By now you no doubt know that today is the day when all things predicted about the future are “supposed” to occur, such as the Cubs finally winning the World Series

BTTF_CUBS In the immortal voice of Harry Carey…” CUBS WIN ! CUBS WIN ! “

If Drei Can Go Back In Time…

wpid-fb_img_1445460659740.jpg GREAT SCOTT ! MY VERY OWN TIME TRAVEL DELOREAN !!!

wpid-picsart_10-21-02.49.13-1.jpg OK, not quite my very own time travel delorean… In sticking with today’s theme of time travel, we all have our moments when we would just like to go back in time and change the past. This is true for sports fans, especially baseball fans. Especially in this very month of October. Dodgers fans are no different. 

So if Drei could just hop on a time travel delorean right now and change just one dark October moment in Dodger history, what would it be ? Ironically enough, it would be October 16, 1985. Game 6 of the NLCS against the Cardinals, Top 9th, Dodgers up 5-4, one out away from sending this to Game 7 and…” Hey Tommy, DO NOT PITCH TO JACK CLARK !!!!  I REPEAT !!! DO NOT PITCH TO…”

On a sidenote, who was on deck for the Cardinals ? Andy Van Slyke. Yup, the dad of future Dodger Scott Van Slyke…

RANCHO_SCOTT VAN SLYKE GREAT SCOTT !!! Hey Scott !!! I say let’s go back in time to that fateful day in October ’85 and advise Lasorda to walk Clark, and pitch to your dad !!! How ’bout that Scott ?

wpid-picsart_10-21-02.37.52.jpg So there’s my one dark Dodger moment in time that if given just one, I would change. Dodger fans…Baseball fans… If given the chance to go back in time and change one dark moment, what would it be ?

Will the Cubs win the World Series as in Back to the Future 2 ? It will be a difficult task for them at this point being one game away from elimination….

Some Brief After Season Thoughts… The Ravine Life

For the 27th year in a row, a World Series will not be hosted in side the walls of Chavez Ravine. To any Dodger fan born after 1988, keep your heads up, your day of glory will come eventually.

Should He Stay or Should He Go ?

While 3 consecutive post-season appearances is no small feat, the fact of the matter is whether Don Mattingly should stay or go

Case For…

As said above, 3 consecutive post-season appearances is definitely no small feat. Managerial post-season failure is nothing new in any sport. Bobby Cox, who guided the Braves at 14 consecutive division titles, was the winner of only one World Series title during that span.

Case Against… 

With high expectations and  a payroll of over $300 million, just making the playoffs is anything short of success to the eyes of many. Mattingly has also come under criticism for not fielding a consistent lineup as well. 

To management’s credit, the Dodgers have not made a quick knee-jerk reaction as for the fate of Donnie Baseball. It’s easy to act upon emotion. The loss to the Mets still hurts. Does Mattingly deserve all the blame ? The answer here ? No. 

Every manager gets second guessed. Mattingly, in spite of his $300 million roster, went as far as he did for what he had to work with. The Mets, one game away from a World Series appearance, are peaking at the right time anchored by their outstanding pitching, something that came under scrutiny when not talking about pitchers not named Zack or Clayton. 

Live By The Long Ball…

Well, you know the rest. The Dodgers we’re a team that scored a bulk of their runs via the long ball. If they we’rent goin’ yard, they often found themselves struggling. During the 5 games against the Mets, only 2 home runs we’re hit by the Blue, both coming late in Game 3 with the game out of hand. The inability to drive in runs without the aid of the long ball would definitely prove costly in Game 5.

Regular Season vs. Post Season

During the regular season the Cubs had a decided edge over the Mets, sweeping the season series 7-0. After knocking off the Cardinals in their NLDS, the Cubs we’re favored by many to finally snap their 117 year drought. It could still happen. However, after the Mets Game 3 victory over the Cubs, the Mets find themselves one game away from their first World Series appearance since 2000. The  regular season and post season are two different beasts in their own rights…

As much as I would like to see the Cubs end their 117 year drought, if the Mets we’re to prevail, I would not be one bit upset. After all, wouldn’t it be best to say we lost to the champs ? The fact that the Mets have been able to cruise through the NLCS to this point is really no surprise. The playoffs especially in baseball are a crap-shoot. They often say “survive and advance”. Often times, teams who fight a hard fought series and escape end up playing their best right after. Right now, that team could very well be the Mets…

9th Inning…Kid N Drei

wpid-picsart_10-20-10.09.16.jpg So we didn’t have that deep October run, Kid ! Viejo Dre says hang in there, your day will come. No Matter… through good and bad…WE LOVE L.A. !!! 

Hey, just because the season’s over, don’t mean Kid N Drei have an off-season. We may not be heard from much, but hey, we’ll still continue to keep you posted on any antics we may have, as well as some occasional beats form Kid Marley Marlz. In the meantime, check out all our fun and kid-like moments from the stands and beyond from this past 2015 season in a series we call, The Ravine Life. It was another fun season folks. Forever Dodger Blue !!!

Drei’s Game 5 Thoughts… Looking Back at Winner Take All’s… A Pre-Game 5 Tale From Kid N Drei

Leading Off, In the Junior Circuit…

Congratulations to both the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals on advancing to the ALCS. Both teams had we’re on the brink of elimination with the Blue Jays rallying from an 0-2 series deficit to come back and win their series against the Texas Rangers. Their epic Game 5 saw a crazy 7th inning, capped off by this 3 run homer by Jose Bautista 

Unlike Toronto, there would be no such drama in Kansas City as the Royals advanced to the ALCS for the second straight yearknocking out the Astros 7-2 behind 8 strong innings from Johnny Cueto, holding the Astros to two hits and two runs. Kansas City will have the home field over Toronto in a rematch of the 1985 ALCS.

Drei’s AL Thoughts… Big Flipping Deal ?

During that wild 7th inning in Toronto, you may have witnessed that ” sick ” bat flip by Jose Bautista. I really thought it was great given what was at stake. With so much riding on this game and series, emotions fly high. This really is no different than if a wide receiver scores a go-ahead touchdown with under a minute to go in a playoff game. On another note, while Jose Bautista is receiving well-deserved praise, at the same time, I don’t want to hear one more word if a certain Cuban Missile comes through with a clutch home run from this point on in the playoffs. 

The Blue in Winner Take All Games…1981 and 1988

In 1981, the Blue would find themselves in 2 winner take all games, both times coming away winners en route to the World Series and an eventual World Title against the Yankees. The Blue have been in other winner take all games as well, their last coming in 1988 against, yup, the New York Mets. We all remember what happened in that memorable 7th game in ’88 with the Bulldog on the hill that evening…

The losing pitcher for the Mets, some current analyst for TBS, Ron Darling…. ( Withholding comment…)

OK, how ’bout one more trip down memory lane Dodgers fans…

gibson-hershiser Captain Kirk and The Bulldog…

Drei’s Thoughts Going to Game 5

Both teams will be throwing their ace out there so runs will once again be at a premium with Jacob deGrom matching up against our very own Zack Greinke. deGrom will be given the task of defeating two aces within less than a week in a pressure packed game. Zack is 10-1 at Dodger Stadium this season with a minuscule 1.46 ERA. Getting runners on base will be a huge key. Look for both teams to run more than usual to force the action. Each run will be huge. Only a trip to the NLCS is at stake, that’s all ? My Pick ? C’mon on now ? Do I really have to tell you ? All personal bias aside, I do expect a really close low-scoring affair…

Top of the 9th… Kid N Drei’s Tale

wpid-picsart_10-14-08.41.30.jpg With our special guest, Minion Dave. Kid N Drei’s ” official/unofficial ” Rally Minion…

wpid-picsart_10-14-08.50.41.jpg Minion Dave and Kid Marley Marlz, back at it in their mischievous ways, doing their best to lighten the mood before Game 5… 

wpid-picsart_10-14-09.00.45.jpg Hey Kid ! Minion Dave loves bananas ! Kike Hernandez loves those rally bananas…

Minion Dave_Bananas Get those bananas out Dave !!!

Dodgers_Rally banana

Bottom 9th… One Word…