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Beyond The Ballpark…Tailgaiting With Drei, 11/1/2014 Arizona vs. UCLA

Before we go beyond the ballpark…


A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Clayton Kershaw for becoming the 1st pitcher since 1968 to win both the NL Cy Young and MVP in the same season.   Also, not forgotten here in the southland…


Congratulations to Angels outfield Mike Trout on his MVP season as well.  It was a huge season all-around for both teams here in the southland.  Though it ended prematurely for both teams, it does not take away from what these two accomplished during the regular season.  


Perhaps a deep run into October in 2015 ?  Never to early to look ahead…

Tailgating With Drei ( Trying to, Anyways…)

I’m sure by now many of you have turned your attention to the other major sports.  I’m also sure many of you are also huge fans of the pigskin, be it the NFL, college, or both.  I don’t even doubt that many of you enjoy a good tailgate prior to watching your favorite team do battle among the gridiron.  Many of you probably tailgate every game, while a good many of you may do it on occasion.  Many of you probably have traditional recipes  and gameday rituals as well, from dressing up your area with your favorite teams paraphernalia to preparing that day’s main dish based on that day’s opponent, for example, for an NFL game if the opponent we’re the Philadelphia Eagles, your spread could include anything with a bird or Philly Cheese Steaks, among many countless ideas . 

For my most recent tailgate this past Saturday at The Rose Bowl prior to the UCLA-Arizona game, with the U of  A Wildcats in town, I have decided to throw in a Southwest theme ( for Arizona ) along with an Asian influenced theme as well ( A nod to my Asian roots and the heavy Asian-American student population at UCLA….) .  For my Southwest theme, I have prepared a Sonoran Style Chorizo Burger.  Here are the preparation notes, which by the way, was prepped for two people, so the prep may vary.  It’s pretty simple really…

Drei’s Sonoran Style Chorizo Burger

Mix 1 pound of ground beef or pork with some chorizo meat

Add a half to 3/4 packet of chili powder.  I used the New Mexico Style chili powder

Store in your fridge and marinade overnight

Now my notes for my Asian themed bite

Drei’s Coconut Curry Chicken Thighs

For my chicken thighs…

1 can of coconut milk

Approximately 2 tbsps. of coconut vinegar

Curry powder

Coconut flakes

A touch or two of brown sugar

Store in fridge to marinade overnight.

Again, depending on how many are taking part of your tailgate, the amounts and preparations will vary. 


Gettin’ our tailgate on.  Yeah, preferably we’d like a bigger grill, but hey, our miniature Weber would do just fine.  Hey, our Pet Minion Dave has joined us once again.  Minion Dave has sure got around with us this past year.  He wasn’t quite so mischievous this time around.  Perhaps it was because he wasn’t around his favorite mischievous Uncle Marly Marlz this time…

Marlz_Dave2 Dave and Marlz.  Two of the most mischievous characters you’ll ever encounter at a sporting event…

Lesson’s learned by Drei.  OK, who doesn’t love bacon with their burgers ?  If you must throw some bacon on the grill if cooking with charcoal,  you may want to put some aluminum foil on top of your grill .  When grilling your bacon, always monitor the progress .  You don’t want to cause a grease fire thus possibly burning anything else that may be on your grill.  Also, when grilling the burgers, before placing on the grill, I also discovered it be best to flatten the burgers out as much as possible if anything it not only  reduces cooking time but is also much easier to grill than grilling one big thick burger, per se. 

As for my Coconut Curried Chicken Thighs, they could not have come out any juicer than I could have imagined.  So, how’d the burger turn out ?


Here it is.  My Sonoran Style Chorizo burger, topped with jack cheese, bacon, black fiesta beans, roasted Anaheim Chile, and guacamole.  After a couple of tries, this burger actually turned out allright.  Also , as a side, I added a raspberry blue-cheese spinach salad as well . 


Getting one last chug in before the main course…


Minion Dave sure loves all the scenery, highlighted by the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance… 


Kickin’ it with the lil’ bro Daniel after another UCLA win…


Minion Dave all happy after UCLA’s 17-7 win over Arizona


Next home game.  The one time of year Dodger fans throughout L.A. are divided…


Our pet Minion Dave sure has gotten around this year…

So these are the highlights from Drei’s tailgate and the UCLA/UofA game.  To be honest, it wasn’t one of my best efforts and Drei could have done a few things different, but hey, I still enjoy a good tailgate . Ideally, you should have more than 2 people with you at a tailgate.  Even though you may not try to, with only 2 at a tailgate, you always end up having more than you really need.  Got any tailgate tips you’d like to share ?  Need any tailgate tips and recipes ?  You may want to check out this Pro Football Cookbook .  Planning on hitting the road to see your favorite team ?  Check us out at Stadium Journey for your travel needs, including those for UCLA and USC football.

Next up, the one thing that divides all Dodger fans this time of year. The annual football game between USC vs UCLA…


The Victory Bell.  The prize the two schools play for each year.  The bell has been that nice shade of blue the last couple of years…





Looking Back…Looking Ahead

Dodgers All-Star Bits

Did you all enjoy last night’s all-star game ?  Our boys that represented made quite an impression last night, particularly Kershaw and Greinke, striking out a combined 3 batters on only 21 pitches during their 2 innings.

Dee Gordon also made his presence felt scoring on a 2 out double by Jonathan Lucroy of the Brewers and making a fine defensive play in the 6th inning.

Yasiel Puig was not so fortunate last night, striking out 3 times in his first all-star appearance, tying 11 players for the  record for most times to strike out in an all-star game.  However, Puig is in some fine company, as Lou Gherig, Mickey Mantle, Willie McCovey, Johnny Bench, Albert Belle and Craig Biggio have also achieved this dubious feat.  Hey, even the great one’s have their bad days…

Other All-Star Bits

Congratulations to the Angels Mike Trout on being named the 2014 All-Star MVP .  At 22 years of age, Trout is the second youngest player to win all-star game MVP behind Ken Griffey Jr. in 1992.

Tip of the Cap 

Thank You Derek Jeter for 19 memorable seasons.  Last night marked the final time the Yankee captain would participate in an All-Star game, marking the 13th time he would play in the mid-summer classic.  


Last All-Star Thought

The all-star game should not determine home field advantage for the World Series.  I have felt that way since the inception of the rule in 2003 regardless of which league comes out the winner…

Looking Back at the 1st Half


The first half of the season, which seems like the longest 1st half in recent memory given the season officially started in Australia on March 22nd, was filled once again with it’s highs and lows, highlighted of course by the no-hitters thrown by Josh Beckett and Clayton Kershaw.

Like last season, the Dodgers did not exactly start the season off fast out of the gate, falling behind as much as 9.5 games in the standings behind the Giants. However, the Dodgers, like last season, have rebounded to finish the 1st half strong and will head into the 2nd half not only in 1st place in the NL West but also with the National League’s best record.

Why Dre is Happy ?

What else can you say about Kershaw and Greinke, perhaps the best 1-2 starting combo in the game right now ?

Dee Gordon has proved to everyone that he is now our everyday starting 2nd baseman. Gordon looks more confident in his play this season with both the bat and glove and it is certainly showing .

A strong finish to the 1st half has our Boys in position to reclaim the NL West.

Dre’s Concerns

The back end of our rotation. Dan Haren can be on or off, but his recent lack of velocity could be a factor as to why he has given up 20 home runs. Josh Beckett, at this point a strong candidate for Comeback Player of the Year, has not pitched a full season in 2 seasons and concern over his recent hip condition has raised some other concerns as to how much further into the season he can pitch. Whether he does come back, my concern for Josh is if he can keep up his 1st half performance.

Which Brian Wilson will we see in the 2nd half ? Brian blamed the lack of a prolonged spring training to his early season stint on the DL, but since his return has still struggled to return to his late season form of last season. Can Brandon League continue his resurgence into the 2nd half ? JP Howell has quietly done his part in getting the ball to Jansen, who hasn’t quite been as dominant, but still is one of the league leaders in saves. I look for another strong 2nd half finish from our closer.

Productivity from the offense. The reason the Dodgers are where they are right now ? You know it. Starting pitching. However, even the best starting 5 could use some needed run support. How will the outfield situation pan out ? Will a trade be in store for the Blue ?

This is Still Matt’s Team

Yup. That’s right. I said it. This is still Matt Kemp’s team to lead. That is if he want’s to be that leader. Do I expect a rebirth of the Matt Kemp of 2011 ? No. What I want to see from Matt Kemp, present day, 2014 ? I want to see him take control of the clubhouse and be that vocal leader every team should have. I don’t necessarily mean showing anger when he is in a slump. Puig is still to young and ripe for that role. Kemp, the longest tenured Dodger alongside Andre Ethier, needs to show that this is still his team . As Matt goes, so goes the Blue. Hopefully, into another deep run into October…

Looking Back at My Pre-Season Picks

American League

Overall, my forecast have been on and off . In the AL East, Tampa struggled early but has climbed to within 9.5 games of the lead. A recent run has Detroit standing 6.5 games ahead in the AL Central, the largest lead of any division leader heading into the 2nd half. Wholesale changes could be in order for the Rangers, 21 games under .500 and 21 games out. I stated that 2 managers could be on the hot seat in the AL West, the two being Ron Washington and Mike Scioscia. It’s safe to say that one is off the hot seat. The other ? Do the Rangers reward Washington for the past 5 seasons and honor his contract extension through 2015 ?

So, where do I call an audible ? In the AL East, I’m going to stick with the Rays, even with the fact they sit 9.5 back and have 4 other teams to get past. Should the Rays still be in contention by the end of this month, perhaps all talks of David Price in another uniform will die down.

In the AL Central, I picked Detroit and will stick with that. In the AL West, this is where I call an audible, and a huge audible too. This is where I picked the Rangers to reclaim the AL West. As I said, that’s where I call my audible. The AL West could possible have 3 teams in post-season play. 2 of them could very well be a serious threat into October. My call ? Oakland wins it’s 3rd straight AL West title, with the Angels and Mariners as the wild cards. If Seattle can find some offensive support down the stretch, they may be a serious October contender.

Playoff Picks. Wild Card Angels over the Mariners , ALDS Tigers over the Angels, A’s over Tampa. ALCS Oakland showed they want it now with the acquisition of Samardzija and Hammel. I’m still sticking with my pre-season AL Champ pick. Detroit. Detroit over Oakland, 3 years in a row. This could be a developing rivalry, right Justin Verlander ?

National League

Here is where my accuracy is somewhat on target. In the NL East I said it would be a 2 team race between the Nationals and Braves and as of now both stand tied atop their division . After struggling early in the season, the Cardinals have made up 6.5 games in the standings within the last 2 weeks and sit 1 game behind the Brewers atop the NL Central. 3.5 games separate the Brewers, Cardinals, Reds and Pirates in the NL Central. It is possible 3 teams in this division see post-season play again this season. Who could be the one left out of the dance ?

And finally. The NL West . In spite of the fact the Dodgers were the overwhelming favorites to repeat as NL West Champions, I still felt the division would not be a runaway. The Giants started out hot but have fizzled as of late. The Dodgers, in spite of some offensively challenged numbers, head into the 2nd half with not only the lead atop the NL West but with the National Leagues best record and are still the favorites to come out on top in the NL West. The Giants will continue to challenge The Blue, but lack of a serious offensive threat and depth will derail them in the end.

As for my other pre-season NL picks, Dre call’s no audible here. For the Wild Cards, i’m sticking with the Pirates over the Braves. For the NLDS , the Cardinals over the Nationals, and the Dodgers over the Pirates, setting up a rematch of last year’s NLCS between the Dodgers and Cardinals, in which I have our Boys in Blue coming out on top.

Want more coverage of our Boys in Blue ? Follow theDodgers Low Down for all things Dodger Blue. This should be an exciting 2nd half. GO DODGERS !!!

drei_ben_nye1 In front of City Hall, NYE 2013 with Benny P. This is gonna be our year !!!!

Tuesday’s Happenings, 5/6/20014, and a Tribute To Derek Jeter

Kershaw_Nats Welcome Back Kershaw ! In his first start since the season opener down under, Kershaw throws 7 shutout innings while striking out 9 as the Dodgers behind 14 hits take the 2nd of 3 in Washington, defeating the Nationals 8-3 .

Down I-5

With the Yankees doing battle against the Angels until tomorrow night, barring a post-season matchup against the Halos or even a Fall Classic showdown with, well…. this will mark the final appearance in the southland for future Yankee Hall of Famer Derek Jeter. Even if you hate the sight of pinstripes, you got to give it up for the legend. 19 seasons all in the same uniform, 16 playoff appearances, 13 all-star appearances, 5 time World Champion, AL Rookie of the Year in 1996, 5 time Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award winner, 2000 World Series MVP. Yeah, we can go on. Derek Jeter, the game is going to miss you. Much respect from Erick Aybar, who coincidentally dons the number 2 in honor of Jeter, Mike Trout, who, growing up in nearby Millville N.J., idolized the Yankee captain, and baseball fans, from Dodger Blue to Angel Red to the future HOFer.

Jeter_Dodgerstadium View from the Top Deck after Jeter strikes out, June 2010

To this day I still say fan interference on Jeffrey Maier !!!

Jeter_yankeestadium Thanks for the memories Derek !!!

Old-Timers Lineups Set

For the 2nd straight year the Dodgers will be featuring an old-timers game this time featuring Dodgers from the last 5 decades. Here’s the list of Dodgers participants for this years game. On a side note, for me personally, I know i’m getting old when I’ve seen 21 of the 24 participants don the Dodger Blue at one time or another. Being that the Dodgers are playing the Giants this weekend I would have loved to see a battle of past Dodgers and Giants even for laughs. Speaking of, 4 of the participants, Dusty Baker, Reggie Smith, Darryl Strawberry, and Steve Finley, donned both the dreaded Halloween colors and the Dodger Blue at one time or another. Speaking of Steve Finley, perhaps you may remember this from 10 years ago….