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Meet Me In St. Louie……

Before Psycho takes you on a tour of Busch Stadium tonight, here’s some pics from my visit to St. Louie back in ’05 and ’06.  Of course no trip to St. Louis is complete without a stop at The Gateway Arch….

stlouie Underneath the Arch, May 2005, all decked in Blue.  One of the few in town wearing Blue since everyone here is decked in their Cardinals red garb during baseball season.  Yup, this definately is a baseball town !!!!  I wonder what the view from the top of that arch must be like.  To find out, we must ride up a tram to get to the top, or as one local described to me, a ferris wheel with no view….

gondola  The doors that lead inside the tram to the top of the arch…..

viewofbusch  And finally.  Our view from the top of the Arch.  This is looking westward and  look, it’s the home teams new digs, Busch Stadium….III !!!  This was taken in my return trip in August ’06.  On the other side of the Arch would be a view of the Mississippi River looking eastward toward the state of Illinois.  And depending on time of day, you can even see the Arch’s shadows on the river.  What’s the highest point of the Arch, you ask ?…..

arch_highpoint 630 feet.  And with the width between one end to the other i’m more than certain we could fit a baseball field in between, right ?  ….

Speaking of baseball in St Louie…..

ozziesmith A replica locker with Ozzie Smith’s jersey.  The Wizard of Oz as he was known around here, one of the greatest shortstops to play the game.  Yup, giving credit to one who gave me one of my darkest moments of my life as a baseball fan, sometime in October 1985.  I sure wasn’t ” Going Crazy Folks”……

mcgwire Remains of the old scoreboard from the previous Busch Stadium.  This section featuring the home run totals from ’98 between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa.  I wonder what McGwire is doing these days…..  And finally, a tribute to one of our favorite fans….

martythesignman Me and my buddy Josh with Marty the Sign Man, a familiar face amongst Cardinals fans.  This was back in August 26, 2006 after the Cardinals had defeated the rival Cubs on a walkoff grand slam by backup catcher Gary Bennett, playing in place of an injured Yadier Molina.  Ironically, Molina is on the DL right now and won’t be playing tonight.  OK, enough of my tour of St Louie.  Time to make it 16 in a row on the road for The Blue !!!!!