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And Now…. We Wait

But if you still haven’t had enough from last Thursday, well then here goes…

Oh yeah, just to get this off my chest…. IT’S A SWIMMING POOL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD !!!! OK, I won’t go into any more of the pool crashing story lines, but I gotta say, it sure looked very inviting, could you really blame our Boys in Blue for taking the celebratory plunge ? Hey, having come from 9.5 back and to overcome the early season adversity, I’d say they certainly earned it…..

OK, now comes the waiting game. With 6 games to go, the only thing we do now aside from play out the string, is wait and see who we get in the LDS and see if we start here in L.A. or elsewhere. And with the records of the Dodgers, Cardinals, and Braves , the 3 division leaders, only seperated by 1.5 games, the top seed and still up for grab. As for the Cardinals, who are already guaranteed a post-season spot, they currently sit 2 games up on both the Reds and Pirates for the NL Central Crown. As for the Reds and Pirates, with both of them winning tonight, both have also been asured of playing past this Sunday as well, so congratulations to both clubs especially the Pittsburgh Pirates !!! Hey, 22 straight losing season is more than enough to endure. And with 5 games left, though they would need some help along the way they just may steal the NL Central…. Allright, here are the current NL standings….

MLB National League

Cardinals 92 65 .586 – 49-27 43-38 6-4 W1

Reds 90 67 .573 2.0 49-26 41-41 7-3 W2

Pirates 90 67 .573 2.0 50-31 40-36 5-5 W1

Brewers 70 86 .449 21.5 37-44 33-42 6-4 W2

Cubs 65 92 .414 27.0 30-49 35-43 2-8 L2


Dodgers 90 66 .577 – 46-32 44-34 4-6 W2

Diamondbacks 79 77 .506 11.0 44-34 35-43 6-4 L1

Padres 73 83 .468 17.0 43-35 30-48 6-4 W1

Giants 72 84 .462 18.0 38-38 34-46 6-4 W1

Rockies 71 86 .452 19.5 44-35 27-51 4-6 L2


Braves 92 64 .590 – 52-23 40-41 4-6 L1

Nationals 84 73 .535 8.5 47-34 37-39 6-4 L1

Mets 71 85 .455 21.0 32-45 39-40 6-4 L1

Phillies 71 85 .455 21.0 43-38 28-47 3-7 L5

Marlins 58 99 .369 34.5 32-44 26-55 3-7 W1

Again, as you all can see, the only thing we know as of this moment is this….

And right now, that’s just fine by me. As excited as I am to see the Blue back in post-season play and as much as i’d like for us to have home field throughout the NL playoffs, I think i’ll just sit back and let the remaining 6 games dictate our destination come next Wednesday. My only concern is we head into October all in one piece, a thought i’m sure Mattingly is aware of as well and I can only guess our starters will see limited action, 5 innings at the most. Oh yeah, i’m not even going to try to explain possible tie-breaker scenarios. You have MLB.com for that…. ( We haven’t even reached October yet we’re all excited….)….

Need Some October Gear ?

A buddy of mine was so kind to model some Dodger stuff for a friend of his who owns Bling Circus in the Los Feliz area . Anyways, here are some of the Dodger apparel that’s on sale at Bling Circus, including these ladies cut shirts …


And this lovely Dodgers jersey purse which, was so enthusiastically modeled by a good friend of mine….

jon ( Head was cut off to protect his identity…. ) The location, Bling Circus,http://blingcircus.com/, 1918 Hillhurst Ave

Outside the Yards….

And finally, of the NL teams in the playoffs, i’ve had the chance to visit St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta, with Cincinatti not yet on my list of ballpark adventures. So tonight, I share with you 3 local landmarks in case some of you should be so fortunate to follow the Blue on the road throughout the playoffs, or yet, do some future ballpark adventures of your own…..

The Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. pastored, located in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood of Atlanta. Service is held there every year on Dr. King’s birthday….

The Chain of Rocks Bridge, St. Louis. Along old Rte 66 is this landmark pedestrian bridge depicting the old motherroad. Speaking of 66, here’s hoping that should The Blue take on the Red Birds our #66 leaves a lasting impression…..

cathedral The Cathedral of Learning, on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Many of you may recognize this landmark from the movie 42 in one of the last scenes when Jackie Robinson is rounding the bases in old Forbes Field . ( On a sidenote, it’s been said that Jackie Robinson did not hit a homer at Forbes in 1947 ) . Also, the flagpole you see there is one of the remnants that remain from old Forbes Field, just on the other side of some brick wall not in this picture. That brick wall ? Affectionately known as by the locals as Maz’s wall.

Tonight’s Magic Number Fun Fact….12

Going into tonight’s action, the Magic Number for the Dodgers to clinch the NL West is 12. A combination of 12 Dodger wins and DBack losses, and the Blue will be celebrating their 11th NL West crown. In doing the math, the earliest the Dodgers would be able to clinch the division would be next Wednesday night against the DBacks. Given the unlikelihood that the Dodgers clinch at the earliest next Wednesday, that would mean that realistically, the Blue could and in my mind should have the division clinched by next weekend and if that holds true, we would celebrate in front of…..THE HATED ONES !!!! Which now brings me to this fun and informal poll….

Magic Number Fun Fact….12

Back to tonight’s magic number…12 . Worn by Tommy Davis. Played with the Dodgers from 1959-1966. Was the last Dodger to win a batting title, doing so in back to back seasons in 1962-63….

Tommy Davis, 2008. Always glad to talk baseball with the fans….

In Other News Around the National League….

With a little over 3 weeks of baseball left, the only race now is in the NL Central between the Pirates, Cardinals and Reds. While it’s all but certain that the 2nd and 3rd place finishers would meet in the 1 game playoff, it is also quite possible that the 3 teams could finish tied for first come the season’s end. So, how would the NL Central champ be determined if that should be the case ? Well, according to this…http://www.baseballnation.com/2013/9/3/4687008/three-way-tie-breaker-nl-central-scenario. Which leads to my next poll….

Speaking of the NL Central…. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Pirates !!! With 81 wins under their belt, they have finally broken that dubious streak of 21 consecutive losing seasons !!!! And hey, we just may see them come October…. I actually am glad the Bucs have put a halt to that streak….

Me chatting it up with the Pirate Parrot at PNC Park, 2005. Looks like the Parrot will actually experience October baseball for a change, and we just may bump into each other once again….

All Shades of Blue

With the college football season already started and the NFL kicking things off tonight with Broncos thrashing of the Super Bowl Champion Ravens ( As a Niners fan the talk of the Super Bowl still somewhat stings…LOL ), I recently thought it’d be appropriate to combine what I call All Shades of Blue, so here goes….


Oh yeah, go ahead Bruin fans !!! I just had to give the Victory Bell a touch of Dodger Blue ( The annual prize given to the winner of the USC-UCLA football game… ). Like I said…. All Shades of Blue….

Apples Outside The Ravine

During the last homestand a couple of the All-Star Apple statues from New York were on display outside the left field entrance….



dre The 2 won in my lifetime. It’s been 25 years… It’s time to add another one !!!! Can you tell i’m excited about the Race to October ?