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Drei’s Tale…A Nine Inning Oak-Town Elephant Hunt

On my recent trip to Oakland, prior to the Mariners-A’s game on September 1st, I had a chance to cruise Oak-Town. One of the celebrations taking place as the A’s celebrate their 50th anniversary in Oakland is Stomper In The Town. Stomper is that lovable elephant mascot for the A’s and to celebrate, there are fifty six-foot tall statues of Stomper scattered throughout Oakland, each with a different theme designed by fans and artists. I had a chance to track down nine of the fifty, including the two located at Oakland Coliseum. Here they are in the order tracked…

1st Inning…Bleacher Creature


Located in the Piedmont neighborhood, this would be the first statue i’d cross paths with prior to a hearty breakfast at Fentons Creamery

20180901_095240Crab Omelette at Fentons

Fentons, an Oakland landmark is well-known for it’s ice cream and fountain sodas with a breakfast menu on weekends. The crab omelette and potatoes we’re hearty and tasty. But of course I wasn’t stopping there…


That’s the Banana Junior ! The Banana Special is a 3 pound version of what you see here and 6 times the size of the junior. Perhaps someday I’ll take on the Banana Split Challenge. The challenge? Down that Banana Special in 15 minutes and win a free shirt ! WOOHOO !!!


I could use the help from Stomper and The Mariner Moose…

20180901_103745 (1)

Stomper and The Moose bailed on me. I guess i’m finishing this split off…


Finish this Stomper !!!

20180901_104459 (1)

We did it boys !!!


I think I had my fill for the day…


2nd Inning…A Show of Hands


Moving on to the Grand Lake neighborhood just outside the Grand Lake Theatre is this colorful work of art, A Show of Hands…




Moving right along… 

3rd Inning…Golden Stomper


This one is located outside of the Ordway Building on 1 Kaiser Plaza


4th Inning…The Oakland A’s Rock


Stomper Rockin’ out some of his East Bay beats…(Now why would someone tag his hat?)


YEAH !!! 

5th Inning…MC Stomper


Getting closer towards Broadway and MC Stomper flashing that bling and his custom made Hammer pants…

2 Legit To Quit…

6th Inning…Oaklove Stomper


Located inside Oaklandish this Stomper statue gives a nod to Oak-Town’s landmarks


7th Inning…Night-Night Stomper

20180901_132551 (1)

Stomper in his ‘jammie outside of a Walgreens 

20180901_132648 (1)

That’s really cool of Stomper that he’s not phased by my Niners colors. Then again, he’s also delighted he won’t have that “other team” in his house much longer…

Off to the Coliseum…


Kickin’ it with The Greatest base-stealer of all-time (Sort of…)

8th Inning…Stomper’s Authentically Oakland Jersey



Located outside The Treehouse at The Coliseum is indeed this Authentically Oakland look…


Finishing off…

9th Inning…#AtTheColiseumStomper

20180901_202520 (1)

Located at Championship Plaza between the Coliseum and Oracle Arena this one is a collage of pics taken by A’s fans over the years…

20180901_202610 (1)

So those are the nine Stomper Statues I was able to chase down in Oak-Town…

Of the nine, which was my favorite? They’re all unique in their own way and each certainly has it’s own story. This is not easy, and these three really do deserve top billing…

Bleacher Creature really gives an animated fan perspective of a day at the yard…

A Show of Hands show Stomper’s musical and artistic side

Oaklove Stomper really shows  his hometown love with his Oak-Town landmarks…

But now i’m gonna cut it down to these two…

A Show of Hands vs. Oaklove Stomper. Again, picking a favorite was not easy. But of all the Stomper’s stompin’ through Oaktown, Drei’s favorite?


A Show of Hands. It came down to this pachyderm bringing out the kid side in me, particularly the keyboards, the keys i’ve tried to get back to lately.


Even the Mariner Moose is impressed. If only I had the discipline and determination as a kid to JUST KEEP PRACTICING…


I could be the one entertaining 56,000 fans in October and the man to my right, Dieter Ruehle can just focus on Kings fans at The Staples Center…(OK, Dieter isn’t such a bad choice for our present day Dodger Stadium organist either…). Speaking of music…

Extra Inning From The Bay…It’s Like Cruising Music

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Kid Marlz…Here he is, 2017, struttin’ his swag from across The Bay, Golden Gate Park, giving the 4-1-5 a Touch of Dodger Blue. Hey Kid? Dodgers and Oakland in October, like 1988? ‘Til the Next Episode…



Your Journey To The Summer of Love, Peace and Baseball

Summer of Love_Haight and Masonic MuralThis month marks the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love. Should your Stadium Journey guide you on a magical trip toward peace, love and baseball, then you’ll want to take a journey toward The Bay Area. 

June 19-22, Houston Astros at Oakland Athletics

Oakland Coliseum

Baseball’s hottest team will be making their way toward the East Bay as they take on the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum for a four game series. The Oakland Coliseum remains the only venue to house both a MLB and NFL team, with the Raiders all but certain to leave and the A’s looking for new digs. Earlier this season the A’s dedicated their field in honor of the all-time stolen base king and former Athletic Rickey Henderson by naming the field in his honor, Rickey Henderson Field. First pitch for the first three games are 7:05, and the finale at 12:35PM. Parking for the Tuesday evening and all Tuesday games at Oakland is free. 

Rooted In Oakland Mural Rooted In Oakland

With the Raiders all but certain to head for Sin City and the Warriors looking to move across The Bay, the Oakland A’s have launched a new campaign this season, #RootedInOakland in an effort to strengthen fan support. Earlier this season this 8 story mural of the A’s elephant mascot Stomper was unveiled in Downtown Oakland. This massive mural, commissioned by the Oakland Athletics is located about 15 from the Coliseum on 19th and Webster, about a 5 minute walk east from the 19th Street BART Station. 

Stomper Mural_Drei.jpg

June 23-25, New York Mets at San Francisco Giants

The New York Mets pay the City By the Bay a weekend visit as they take on the San Francisco Giants for a 3 game set at AT&T Park. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love, on Sunday the 25th, the Giants will be giving away 50th Anniversary Summer of Love Blankets to the first 20,000 fans. 

20170425_102907A Celebration of Love

Looking to celebrate your Summer of Love inspired Stadium Journey on the cheap? This Jimi Hendrix inspired walk  through The Haight is one way to celebrate that whimsical summer of 50 years ago. The walk also takes you through the famed Red House where he once took up residency, as well as The Panhandle, where he, along with Jefferson Airplane, The Greatful Dead and other artists performed free concerts. You’ll also want to venture toward Golden Gate Park, especially Hippie Hill. 

The de Young Museum , also located in Golden Gate Park, is featuring The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll, featuring iconic rock posters, photographs, interactive music and light shows, costumes and textiles, ephemera, and avant-garde films. If the walk through The Haight does not inspire you, perhaps this digital story might. Or maybe this “trip” inside the light show may further inspire, or for some of you, take you back in time… 

These are some of the activities happening toward this journey to Peace, Love and Baseball, as you cruise through The City  or both sides of The Bay. 

Stadium Journey Update…

Stadium Journey

As you may know by now, the Stadium Journey site recently suffered a site crash. There is some good news though. The old site is back up and running and many of the stadium reviews dating back to January 2015, particularly the baseball stadium reviews are still available. A revamp to the site is currently in progress and we hope to have the new site up and running by early August. In the meantime, any news items on my end I will feature here on my blog. Stay tuned for more updates…

Extra Innings…


That’s quite a mural they made for you Stomper…