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Opening Series Countdown… 3

steve_sax_1981 Steve Sax. Dodger 2nd baseman from 1981-1988. Sax would be the last of 4 consecutive Dodgers to win Rookie of the Year awards from 1979-1982, the previous 3 being Rick Sutcliffe, Steve Howe, and Fernando Valenzuela .

baberuth Oh yeah, there was another baseball player who once wore the number 3. He was also a coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers as well for one season. Speaking of Ruth coaching, Julia Ruth Stevens, daughter of Babe Ruth, 97 years young, recently told of how the Sultan of Swat, if given the opportunity, would have broken baseball’s color line before Jackie Robinson did as told here in a recent article from the New York Times .

Happy Birthday Kershaw !!!


And Finally….

VinKoala Words just can’t caption this….

Countdown to Opening Series… 4- Duke Snider

The Duke of Flatbush
DukeSnider Duke Snider , hailed as The Duke of Flatbush, would play 18 seasons in the bigs from 1947-1964 . He played with both the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers from 1947-1962. The Duke would hit 40 plus home runs in 5 consecutive seasons, as well as winning a World Series title both in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Duke Snider was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1980. Here is a clip from his HOF induction…

4 More Days . Are You ready Marlon ?