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My Journey Through The Gridiron Pac: From Berkeley to Pasadena

The 2019 College Bowl Season will be underway shortly. The Pac-12 will be sending 8 of their 12 teams bowling, with Pac-12 Champion Oregon representing the conference in this years Rose Bowl. 

I had the chance to visit 3 of the Pac’s football venues this past season for Stadium JourneyWith my journey’s taking me to Memorial Coliseum in Berkeley, the Memorial Coliseum in L.A. and The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, here are how the game day experience rankings came out, with a possible high of 5 stars. 

1. Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum-USC Trojans  


Recent renovations to The Grand Old Lady have improved the USC Football game day experience. SC fans remain a loyal and demanding bunch. Even with the enhancements The Coliseum maintains it’s historic National Landmark status. 

Score: 3.86 

2. The Rose Bowl-UCLA Bruins


Another historic venue in the L.A. Area that reeks of many historic moments. With the team’s recent struggles The Rose Bowl’s scenic surroundings along with it’s history and mystique is what’s pushed the UCLA game day experience score higher than what it probably should be. 

Score: 3.57

3. Memorial Stadium-California Golden Bears


Located within the campus confines, even if the stands aren’t always filled a game at Memorial Coliseum, another historic college venue has a true college feel, with street lined frat parties as you approach the stadium. On a clear day, views across the San Francisco Bay are visible along the stands atop the stadium’s east rim. 

Score: 3.43

There are several factors that are taken into account into the scores, 2 of them fan support and return on investment. To be fair, late kickoff times, as well as kickoff times undetermined until in some cases 6 days within gametime, along with the Pac-12 not being a national power, it should be no surprise that attendance, while down across the college football nation, has had a significant impact across Pac-12 venues

Click on each link above the pictures to find how I came to each score. 

20191130_195433.jpgUCLA vs. Cal, 11/30/2019 at The Rose Bowl. Plenty of good seats available !!!

Getting Close to Deciding It…

It’s Down To 2…

It has been announced that the 2 finalists for the Dodgers managerial position are Gabe Kapler and Dave Roberts. Kapler is currently the club’s director of player development, having managed one season at Class A, while Dave Roberts is currently the bench coach of the San Diego Padres. Both bring an impressive resume to the table, with Kapler having some managerial experience as well as the front office, while Roberts has several years of MLB on-field coaching experience.

2006_DAVE ROBERTS We just may see you back in Dodger Blue, Dr. Robert… ( PETCO Park, 4/30/2006 )

From the Diamond to the Gridiron…

Could the Pac 12 races be any more congested than the 405 freeway ? Here it is as we head into the final two weeks of the regular collegiate football season.

In the Pac 12 North…

Just when you thought Stanford had the inside track to possible representing the Pac 12 North for the BCS crown, Oregon, once looked at in a transition year, pulls off the victory at The Farm, all but putting an end to Stanford’s national title hopes. Stanford still leads the Pac 12 north by one game and can still win their division outright with a victory over rival Cal in this Saturday’s Big Game. Oregon, perhaps playing the best ball in the Pac 12 at this moment, can still win the Pac 12 north with victories in their final 2 games over USC and Oregon State and a Stanford loss to Cal this weekend.

In the Pac 12 South…

This is where it really gets interesting. Any of 3 teams can still win the south division, with 2 teams controlling their fate.

Utah, ranked highly through much of this season, can still play in the Pac 12 title game with victories over UCLA and Colorado and a USC loss to either Oregon or UCLA 

USC and UCLA are both in control of their own destinies. If either team wins out, they will be making their way toward Santa Clara for a Pac 12 title date with the north champ. Should USC lose this Saturday and beat UCLA next week, they can still play in the Pac 12 title game with a Utah loss in any of their next two meetings. This would create a tie between USC and Utah, with USC winning the tie-breaker via their victory over Utah.

UCLA, in spite of 3 losses in the conference, can still win the south as well with road victories over Utah and USC. At worst for UCLA, a 3 way tie with USC and Utah would be created, with UCLA owning all tie breakers due to head to head victories. 

Simple right ? Yup. Gotta love Pac 12 football. 

No off-season for Drei…