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Last Call For Vinny…From The Gridiron

Leading Off… R.I.P. Glen Frye

Vin _Frey.jpgVin Scully with Glen Frey, June 1985 (Jason Foster, Sporting News)

Glen Frey, one of the founding members of The Eagles, passed away this past Monday at the age of 67. At one time, Frey aspired to be a baseball announcer, even announcing alongside our very own Vin Scully during a game against the Houston Astros in 1985, announcing a 2 run home run by Pedro Guerrero. The shot called by Frey was part of a historic month for the Dodgers and Pedro Guerrero. Guerrero would set a franchise record for home runs hit in a single month, belting 15 for the month of June.

From the Diamond to the Gridiron…


As we get closer toward the Super Bowl, that just means we are that much closer to baseball. (YES !). Before the Super Bowl, we have the conference championships. If this past weekends games are any indication, the conference title games should be just as exciting. The AFC features two longtime heavyweights as the New England Patriots will take on the Denver Broncos in Denver, while the NFC game will pit the Arizona Cardinals and the Carolina Panthers.

Vin_Booth (Photo, Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA Today Sports)

By now, many of you are aware that this upcoming season will be Vin Scully’s final season in the booth calling Dodger baseball. This season will be Vin Scully’s 67th season as our beloved storyteller. While many are aware of his work with the Dodgers, many may even remember him being during NBC’s Saturday Game of the Week, Vin Scully also called NFL games as well for CBS Sports from 1975-1982, at one time teaming up with John Madden. What many of us didn’t know, and probably many still don’t know, is that Vin was approached to be the original play-by-play man for ABC’S Monday Night Football

Vin_MaddenVin Scully and John Madden, @VinScullyTweet . Just imagine…

Last Call for Vin…

The_Catch,_Dwight_Clark,_S.F,_Ca._1981“Montana … looking … looking … throwing in the end zone … Clark caught it! Dwight Clark! [Crowd noise … 29 seconds] It’s a madhouse at Candlestick.”‘ Vin Scully

The 1981 NFL season would be Vin Scully’s final season calling games for CBS. CBS had decided that Pat Summerall worked better with John Madden thus making them the networks top announcing team for their Sunday lineup. Before leaving CBS, one of football’s more memorable moments took place during the 1981 NFC Championship was called by none other than the man himself. No one knew it at the time, but as Vin Scully would call his final NFL game ever, he would be calling the Death of a Dynasty, and The Birth of a New One, simply known to 49ERS fans as, The Catch

Now I know I am NOT the only Dodger fan out there who is also part of the Niner Faithful. Here’s the full game. You Dodgers/Cowboys fans are certainly more than welcome to watch as well…

We can all hope that this season will bring every Dodger Blue Blooded fan yet another memorable finish for our favorite storyteller. 

9th Inning… You Belong to the City








So We Meet Again, St. Louie…

For the 5th time in both these team’s rich history, the Dodgers and Cardinals meet once again in post-season play.  A look  back at what drama these two have brought upon each other going back to the 1985 NLCS…

1985 NLCS … Go Crazy !!! ( Not !!! )

Two of the darkest days of my childhood as a Dodgers fan took place within 2 days of each other.  With the series tied at 2 in the bottom of the 9th in St. Louis,switch hitting Hall of Fame shortstop Ozzie Smith, had never homered from the left side of the plate.  Then this happened…

Two days later at Dodger Stadium, one out away from a Game 7, top 9, runners on 2nd and 3rd for the Red Birds, and Jack Clark , the Cardinals lone true power threat at the plate with first base open… 

To this day, those of us that we’re around, we still ask… ” Why did you pitch to Jack Clark ? ”  .  The batter that was on-deck ?  Some unknown at the time, Andy Van Slyke,  Yup,  the father of Scott Van Slyke.  Andy may best be remembered with his days as a Pirate, but when conversation of Andy and Scott come up, most Dodger fans from the day will always remember Andy’s brief time with the St. Louis Cardinals .  OK, we remember more for his role on the on-deck circle on that fateful Wednesday afternoon in October of 1985.  

Of course, had Lasorda walked Clark, he probably brings in Jerry Reuss from the bullpen to pitch to the left handed hitting Andy Van Slyke, who probably would have been pinch hit for by Tito Landrum.  ( Either way, I would have liked the Reuss-Landrum match up over pitching to Clark…)  29 years later… ” Why did you pitch to Jack Clark ? ” ( FYI, I’m long over it now…)


Pedro Guerrero slamming his glove, like a Bad New Bear,  to the grass moments after Jack Clark’s home run sailed deep into the left field pavilion…

Seeing Red

Giving a shout out to my buddy Jason and his band Red Sun performing at Cheers in San Gabriel.   What did you guys think I was going to say  when I said seeing red ?  

2004 NLDS… Lima Time

After an 8 year hiatus from post-season play, the Dodgers would make their first trip back against the Albert Pujols led Red Birds.  After dropping the first two in St. Louis, Jose Lima would pitch a complete game shutout in Game 3 at Dodger Stadium.  The Dodgers would fall the next evening as the eventual National League Champion Cardinals would knock the Dodgers out 3 games to 1


Lima Time !!!

2009 NLDS…. An Early Holliday Gift…

One out away from tying this best of 5 NLDS at one, James Loney would slice a fly ball toward Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday for what should have been the games final out…

Holliday’s drop would prolong the home 9th, and 4 batters later, the Dodgers would complete their unbelievable comeback and send the series to St. Louis with a commanding 2 games to none lead, en route to an eventual 3 game sweep…

I know this is 5 years later, but Matt…

What happened ?

2013 NLCS…Even the Best Are Only Human…

After 5 close games , the Dodgers would head to St. Louis down 3 games to 2 with Kershaw on the mound for Game 6.  Win, and a 7th game is on the way.  Kershaw on the mound, you had to like our chances right ?

Well, even a sure bet can come up snake eyed as Kershaw would uncharacteristically come apart as the Red Birds would knock Cy K and The Blue around for a decisive Game 6 win, sending them to their 4th World Series in 10 seasons.  

What They’re Saying In The Show Me State…

The jabs have unofficially began .  So , what is being said in St. Louie about L.A. ?  Here’s their 10 Reasons Why It’s Better to Live in St. Louis Than L.A. .  You may find some of the reasons to be very funny…

Breaking It Down

So these two storied franchises meet in October once again.  How do the Dodgers and Cardinals matchup ? With a healthy lineup this time around and a deep bench, I really like our chances against the Red Birds.  Of course, St. Louis has had a long history of post-season success and like it or not , are one of only two teams to have success against Kershaw .  However, Kershaw just seems to get better each year ( Is that even possible ) , having won his 4th straight ERA title en route to a possible MVP season.  In a short 5 game series, anything can happen.  Will Game 1 between two game tested battlers between Adam Wainwright and Clayton Kershaw set the tone ?  Runs will probably be at a premium here.  However, with a deeper lineup and most everyone coming back healthy, I gotta like our chances to advance …

Drei Say… Dodgers in 4

Extra Innings…


Our Pet Rally Minion Dave is ready !!!

Ninth Inning Magic…

Vin Scully calls the action from Game 2 of the 2009 NLDS, bottom 9, 2 outs.  Yes, this is the Matt Holliday game ….

Magic Number Fun Facts…3

wpid-screenshot_2014-09-21-21-09-47-1.png Steve Sax

Steve Sax, also know to many as Saxie, would don the Dodger Blue from 1981-88 .  During his 8 seasons with the Dodgers, Sax would be the last of 4 consecutive Dodgers Rookie of the Year winners from 1979-82.  Sax would be nominated to the All-Star game as a Dodger in 1982, ’83 and ’86.  A solid fixture at 2nd base, Sax of course will always be remembered for his defensive misfortunes in 1983, the season he committed 30 errors.  Pedro Guerrero, not exactly a handiest 3rd baseman either before returning to left field, once said ” First I pray to God that nobody hits the ball to me.  Then I pray to God that no one hits the ball to Steve Sax ”  

Other Dodgers to Wear Number 3

Willie Davis

Alex Cora

Cesar Izturis

and currently…


Down Memory Lane With Dre, 2004

Of all Dodgers/Giants games I’ve attended in over 30 years, this of course is without a doubt my most memorable.  With the slam by Steve Finley, the Dodgers would win their first division title in 9 years , and their first in a non-strike season since 1988.  

FERNIE On this day, 1986, Fernando Valenzuela would win his 20th game, beating the Houston Astros at the Astrodome 9-2, becoming the first Mexican born pitcher to win 20 games in the bigs.  Thank you Dodgers-LowDown !!!  For all your Dodger fun facts and Dodger related news, follow the Dodgers-LowDown on their facebook page.  Tell them Drei here sent you !!!  

DLD_9222014 Round 1 of 3 begins tonight, with Dan Haren taking on Jake Peavy at The Ravine.  The Dodgers are coming off a 4 game series against the Cubs in which they took 3 of 4, with the bullpen by committee doing just enough yesterday as the offense lifted the Blue over the Cubs 8-5.  Haren, who was originally slated to start yesterday, was held back so that he could start tonight’s huge game against the hated ones as the Blue looks to move one step closer to clinching another NL West title.  The Giants come into Dodger Stadium limping, having been swept over the weekend in San Diego by the Padres.

wpid-img_20140916_222740.jpg Just a reminder, the Dodgers want a Blue Out for these 3 games against the hated ones !!!  Time for a DODGER BLUE OUT !!!   


NLCS Show Down at The Show Me State….

But first….

RickMonday Rick Monday, 1981

KirkGibson Kirk Gibson, 1988


Uribe Juan Uribe, 2013

Who’s next ?….

OK, for the 4th time in post season history, the Dodgers and Cardinals will face each other .  The Dodgers had a slight edge over the Cardinals in the regular season, winning 4 out of 7, with the visiting teams winning their respective series.  How much of an advantage either team may have on one another, who knows ? So how do the Dodgers and Cardinals matchup heading into the NLCS ? We do know that this time around both teams will be coming into this series at their best unlike during the regular season, when the Cards took 2 of 3 at Dodger Stadium back in May as the Dodgers we’re still mired in their early season funk and the Dodgers took 3 of 4 at Busch Stadium in early August when the Dodgers we’re at the height of their post all-star break run while the Red Birds we’re experiencing a swoon of their own having lost 13 of 18 during that stretch…..

Oh how things have changed much since late May.  Let’s see…. Hanley and Greinke we’re still on the DL, Puig had not arrived yet, the offense was in a funk, and who knew what was up with Matt Kemp. Yeah, Kemp won’t be able to contribute, but hey, The Blue found a way to make it this deep into October even without Matt making a significant contribution. Thing’s we’re so bad at the time, the fans we’re getting frustrated, and the “frustration” would reach all the way up to the Top Deck between me and my buddy J on this Sunday afternoon in late May against the Cards…..

Rally Time From the Top Deck…5/26/2013 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

Allright J, so you did say we’d snap out if it after the all-star break, we actually snapped out if it just before the break, and Dre to this day still thinks you ” jinxed ” Matt Kemp…. J !!!! LOL….

TEAM L.A. !!!!!


Even though the puck has been dropped to start a new season in the NHL, the Kings of the Staples Center ice show their support for their neighbors up 110…. This was on Dodger Pride Night last season. Speaking of the L.A Kings , who out there is going to outdoor stadium game against Anaheim come January ? Hockey Night at Dodger Stadium !!!

No Strangers to the Postseason….

The Dodgers and Cardinals share a rich history between the two when it comes to October headlines. 17 World Championships have been won between these two storied franchises, with the Red Birds winning 11, second most in the majors only behind the Yankees. As said earlier these two teams will be meeting each other for the 4th time in post-season history, twice in the NLDS and NLCS. Both teams have inflicted their share of heartbreak on each other during the post-season….

2004 NLDS….Cardinals 3-1

lima3 Lima Time !!! In the lone win of the series, Jose Lima ( RIP Jose ) pitches a complete game shutout in Game 3, 4-0

1985 NLCS….Cardinals 4-2

2 of the darkest days of my life as a Dodgers fan occurred within 2 days of each other. And this 11 year old kid certainly did not GO CRAZY after this series….

You had to pick this game to hit your first ever home run from the left side of the plate Ozzie ?

That home run by Ozzie would be voted by Cardinals fans as the number all-time greatest moment in old Busch Stadium’s history….




Why did you pitch to Jack Clark ? The question asked in L.A. all winter long in ’85….

I’m still trying to figure out how I picked up enough courage to reflect upon my 2 darkest days as a Dodger fan. I never really came down hard on Tom Niedenfuer for giving up those home runs. If anything, I was actually harder on Lasorda for having Niedenfuer pitch to Clark with 1st base open and 2 outs. The hitter on-deck ? Andy Van Slyke, father of future Dodger Scott Van Slyke. Yes, I am aware that Andy is best remembered for his playing days with the Pirates, but at the time, no one knew who he was. As we said 28 years ago…. ” WHY DID YOU PITCH TO JACK CLARK !!!! “…. Speaking of the number 28…

My favorite Dodger as a kid, Pedro Guerrero. Put up some big offensive numbers for The Blue througout the 80’s , yet my lasting memory is of him throwing his glove down in disgust after Jack Clark’s decisive 3 run home run sent the Red Birds to the World Series against their in-state rivals the Kansas City Royals, in which they would eventually lose in 7 games. ( To any Cardinals fan that may be reading this, yeah, Don Dekinger blew the call at 1st base in Game 6, but having broken the heart of this 11 year old kid 10 days prior, my only feeling was and even at 11 years old… ” Hey Cards fans !!!! Oh well !!! Life’s a B***H isn’t it ? ” . 28 years later those feeling’s haven’t changed….LOL .

OK, let’s go outside the yard for a bit. Anyone remember this from 1985 ?

2009 NLDS… Dodgers 3-0

After “reminiscing” over my two worst days as a Dodger fan, one out away from tying the series up at one game apiece, Matt Holliday did his best to ” take one for the team…. ” . Cards ace Adam Wainwright feel’s having 50,000 have us waving white rally towels in Holliday’s presence was not fair…. 2 days later, the Dodgers would wrap up the LDS, sweeping the Red Birds in 3 games….

Dre’s Take

One of the key’s to the Dodgers beating the Braves was their clutch 2 out hitting. Both the Cards and Dodgers have outstanding pitching staff’s. The Dodgers, having disposed of the Braves in 4 games, should be well rested and confident with Greinke and Kershaw lined up to go in Games 1 and 2 in Missouri. The Cardinals bring a ton of post-season experience to the plate, having made it to the NLCS 3 years in a row. Andre Ethier is expected to get more playing time so we’ll see what kind of an impact he has in the series. It’s just too bad someone has to have their heart broke one more time…
Dre’s Pick… Dodgers in 6.

And finally….



And now, we , one more time, go back to 2009. I’ll let Vinny take it away…




It’s good to see the Blue on it’s first winning streak of the season, after winning the last 3 of the 4 game series against the Bucs.  Even the pitching has shown some signs of life.  Of course as soon as I say that, Kershaw has perhaps the worst outing of his young career against the Brewers .  Shake it off kid, it happens to everyone.  I’m really looking forward to seeing if Billingsley can go a 3rd straight game with a quality start.  You really didn’t thing the Brewers offense, anchored by Prince Fielder and Ryan Brawn, an offense which had been shut out in all 3 losses to the Friars in their 4 game set,  was going to remain dormant , did you ?






How ’bout Andre Ethier?  If the season ended today, he would be the first Triple Crown winner since Carl Yaztremski did it in 1967.  His current stats, .367, 9 HR, and 26 RBI’s.  Did you see his 2nd HR of the game this past Sunday travel half way up the RF Pavillion .  That may have been the furthest I’ve seen any of his HR’s travel.  Speaking of Andre…….





In the recent edition of one of my early season in-between features, THIS OR THAT, Friday, 4/30, on MY TOWN Night, UCLA was featured, so a few Dodgers were asked SC or UCLA.  Andre….


Neither.  Sun Devils ( Arizona State ) all the way.  (   Let’s remember, he’s a Phoenix native and played collegiately at ASU ) 





When one mentions Pedro Guerrero to me, here’s what comes to mind


1)                My youth.  As a kid in the early 80’s, Pedro Guerrero was my favorite Dodger.  OK, debatable between him and Fernando, and maybe Sax.  But those we’re some good players, and some good times.  I always looked forward to seeing Pete’s power display.


2)              His home run tear of June, 1985, when he tied a then NL record of 15 home runs in a month, a record he shared with Mike Schmidt.  And finally


    3)   His freakish slide into 3rd base in the final day 

           of ST, 1986, tearing his knee up and causing him 

           to miss most of the season.  And finally….  


4)              The darkest day of my life as a baseball fan.  Watching Pete throw his glove down in disgust like a Bad News Bear while watching Jack Clark’s 3 run home run in the 9th inning of Game 6 of the 1985 NLCS sail way beyond him and into oblivion.  Of course, time has healed all wounds but that shot of him whenever I decide to inflict past wounds on myself reminds me that not all athletes are in it for just the money and that there actually is some true passion behind these players.


 Pedro Guerrero wasn’t exactly a model citizen, and today he would be the first to admit as much.  Most Dodger fans  back in the day remember that he did not exactly leave the Blue in good terms, at one time clashing with Kirk Gibson .  Pete also realized that the good life he lived, along most ballplayers, or any celebrity , does not last forever.  Now that Pete has been humbled, he is asking for a second chance, a chance to return to baseball. 


  Guerrero sincere he’s turned life around

Ex-Dodger wants to return to game, says he’s changed man 





I really hope for the best for  Pete.  And should he land a job in the Majors someday, I really hope it’s back where it all started for him, back here with the Blue.  Best of Luck Pete, we’re all rooting for you.  





Former Dodger outfielder and current Padres assistant Dave Roberts was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma.  Fortunately, it was caught in it’s early stage and will continue to work with the Padres throughout this season.  Just one favor Dave…. You’re Friars are surprising a lot of us in the NL West, can you help bring them back to earth ?   All kidding aside, Best of Luck to you Dave, one of the finest ballplayers I’ve had the chance to meet.



Me with Dave Roberts, 4/30/2006




It’s not often that I comment here on my blog about something beyond baseball or any other sport, but I thought it be cool to share with you what the Phoenix Suns will be doing this evening, donning uniforms that say Los Suns, in honor of their vast Latino community .  Good for you .  That law is flawed anyway.   While I’ve never had a bad experience in the state of Arizona and I will not go so far as to boycott any Dodger/D’Back games at Dodgers Stadium, I’d like to know what is Governor Brewer trying to prove with this bill.  If anything, all this is going to do is create more chaos and perhaps potential lawsuits to those it could affect who are here legally but don’t have documentation while driving.  ( Like you’re gonna keep legal documents in the glove compartment of your car at all times ? )  I applaud the Phoenix Suns organization for doing this, use your national status to show that this great country of ours welcomes all.





Ernie Harwell


Ernie Harwell, whose broadcast career started with the Brooklyn Dodgers, succumbed to cancer yesterday at the young age of 92.  Harwell leaves behind countless admirers and is now amongst the broadcasters heavens with Jack Buck, Harry Carey, Harry Kalas, Phil Rizutto, et all.  RIP Ernie ( 1918-2010 )