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The Chase Is Heating Up

In The City of Brotherly Love, A Grand Homecoming For Chase…

They say only in Hollywood? Well, the City of Brotherly Love played the part of Hollywood tonight…

The Chase For the NL West…

In keeping with tonight’s theme honoring Chase Utley, is tonight the night we “Chase” past the hated ones ?

Drei’s Tale…


Can’t really blame the Phanatic for missing you Chase…

joebruin Even Joe Bruin wants in on the act for the one time Bruin now Dodger… Hey Joe ! How ’bout an 8-clap for Chase !!!

9th Inning… 

Drei’s Sunday Tale… A Visit From The Phanatic


Phanatic_DodgerStadium With the Phillies in town this past week, the “infamous” Phillie Phanatic decided to pay a trip inside the hallowed halls of Chavez Ravine. The way the Phillies are playing these days, I can’t blame the Phanatic for making the trek out west…Our beloved Dodger Dog was oh-so-happy to see big green creature… Hey, perhaps the two could work together and come up with some specialty dog ?

phillydog  Hey, a Philly Cheesesteak Dog !!!

PHILLY DOG This is more like it !!! A bigger pile of that Philly Cheesesteak wit Whiz and Onions on top of that Super Dodger Dog. The Phanatic has had such a long season he needs more than one of those Shock Tops… Between the Phanatic’s Philly Dog and The Mariner Moose’s Pike Dog, a Brooklyn Dog with cream cheese and caramelized onions…

Pike Dog Drei give’s a decided edge to the Philly Dog. Yeah, both dogs had cheese and onions, but the Philly Dog just has that Big Man appeal, while the Pike Dog…meh. That could explain why the Phanatic has a bigger waistline than the Mariner Moose. Hey Moose, don’t feel so bad ? I hear there’s a nice little  coffee shop on 1st and Pike…

Monday Night… 7/6/2015

The first of 4 games with the Phillies, with The Blue Crew coming out on top 10-7, at four hours and 13 minutes long would fall 3 minutes shy of the longest nine-inning game in the majors this season.  The game would also fall 5 minutes shy of the longest nine-inning home game in Dodger history. As for the Phillies, it would be their longest nine-inning game in team history.  7 pitchers would be used by the Blue Crew in this back and forth affair, and with the game tied at 7 in the home 7th, The Blue would finally pull away thanks in part to this clutch hit by former Phillie Jimmy Rollins…

Phanatic_Mon Nite The Phanatic not ” Pheeling ” so good thanks in part to his old pal Jimmy Rollins…

Thursday Night… 7/9/2015

With Zack Greinke taking the hill on this night, this game would be anything but a slugfest. Well, at least on the part of those from wearing the red caps….

Phanatic_Papplebon The Phanatic checking out Phillies closer Jonathan Paplebon. The Phil’s bats would be silenced with Greinke throwing 8 shutout innings. That wouldn’t stop The Phanatic from taking part in our 7th inning stretch, however, the Dodger Dog will not be overshadowed…

The Dodger Dog would more than enjoy The Phanatic’s visit to The Ravine, even if good ol’ Tommy feels otherwise…

phanatic_poor phanatic Poor Phanatic. He’s been going through some really tough times as of late. Even his GM Ruben Amauro Jr. won’t let him out of his contract… ” Now I know how my feathered buddy in Pittsburgh felt. I just hope I don’t go through this for 21 straight seasons… ”

Finishing the 1st Half With a Bang…

A-GON coming through in the clutch. With that bang in the home 8th giving the Dodgers a 4-3 lead and eventual win, the Dodgers head to the break 4.5 games up on the Giants. Gonzalez is one of five Dodgers heading to Cincy for the All-Star break, along with, deservedly, Kid K.  Later this week, Drei looks back on the 1st half . Oh yeah, speaking of heading to Cincy, should you be heading toward the Queen City for the Mid-Summer Classic or for your future ballpark excursions, check our review of Great America Ballpark at Stadium Journey, your source for worldwide stadium reviews and experiences

Extra Innings

DREI_PHANATIC Hey Phanatic, how ’bout sending us Cole Hamels ? Oh, and behind The Dog and Phanatic, as Vin would say… ” Just look at that doll… Not a care in the world… ”

All Star Mouse Hunting From the O.C to L.A., Part 1, The NL East

With the All-Star break just around the corner comes all the hoopla that surrounds this Mid-Summer Night classic. Each year, the host city spreads out baseball-themed statues for fans to search, be it a parade of statues in New York City that also featured scattered Big Apples to All-Star boots Deep In The Heart of Texas. The themed statues we’re usually bought by the MLB clubs after the All-Star game and put on display in their respective yards…

brooklyn One of the Big Apples from the 2013 All-Star game hosted by the Mets, paying homage to the Dodgers days in Brooklyn

DODGERS_APPLE Next to the 2 World Champions titles won as a kid and a high school freshman…THIS IS OUR YEAR !!!! ( BEEN SAYING THAT FOR, WHAT, THE LAST 27 YEARS ? )

MARLZ_BIGAPPLE Kid Marly Marlz taking a BITE out of that BIG APPLE ( ‘Sup Kid ? It’s been awhile since Kid N Drei have had any material for our readers… Kid N Drei will be out of hiatus eventually…)

This years theme in Cincinatti will be feature over-sized mustaches that will of course be scattered throughout the Queen City…


5 years ago, when the Angels hosted the All-Star game, Mickey Mouse themed statues we’re spread throughout Orange County, Los Angeles and all the way to Rancho Cucamonga. MLB conducted a scavenger hunt contest for those crazy enough ( Including yours truly ) to want to go through such effort to snap a selfie of yourself next to all 36 of these baseball themed Mickeys. It was a grueling and time consuming experience, but I did manage to pull off the feat, While it may have been grueling, it was a fun experience and if I had the Samsung Galaxy then, it certainly would have been a lot easier to pull off. Regardless, I had a great time doing the scavenger hunt and met a lot of nice people along the way, from well-wishers offering to take my pic to business owners and employees already knowing I was doing the scavenger hunt ( I had one person tell me that he knew I wasn’t a tourist because I was dressed in my Dodger garb and wasn’t getting all giddy next to The Mouse…LOL )

Today I feature the NL East themed Mickeys, 5 of the 36 during what I called at the time, my ” Hidden Mickey ” search…

MICKEY_BRAVES MICKEY_MARLINS The Braves and Marlins Mickey’s we’re captured at Downtown Disney, with the Marlins statue placed outside the ESPN Zone, the only one left standing now ( Barely…)

MICKEY_METS With the Mets Mickey next to the carousel over at Irvine Spectrum…

METS_NATIONALS  Nationals Mickey, Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga, just down the road from the home of the Rancho Cucamunga Quakes…

METS_PHILLIES Hollywood and Highland, letting the Phillies Mickey who’s town this is…

So those are just 5 of the baseball Mickey themed statues I snapped a photo/selfie with, from Hollywood to the House of Mouse all the way to Rancho. 

Halfway There… A Chance To Fatten Up… More Clubhouse Tension ?

Well, almost. Once the Dodgers have completed their Friday night match-up against the Mets, 81 games will be under their belt. As of right now, with 45 wins, the Dodgers are on pace to win 90-92 games. Should this happen, this will be the first time the Dodgers win 90 plus game in 3 consecutive seasons since 1976-78. Don Mattingly would also be the first L.A. Dodger to accomplish this feat and the first Dodger manager since Walter Alston’s Brooklyn teams from 1954-56. For all the heat Mattingly takes from the fans, Walter O’Malley would only offer one-year contracts to Mr. Alston, 23 total. Dodger managers sure can’t get a break can they ? 

All kidding aside, since 1954, the Dodgers have only had 9 managers in charge of the dugout 

Tension Among Each Other at The Ravine ? What’s New…


By now, you probably have heard of all the news regarding Yasiel Puig’s… polarizing presence, most notably altercations with Zack Greinke and Justin Turner. The news surrounding Puig comes from excerpts from the soon to be released book The Best Team Money Can Buy, from Molly Knight. The book, due for release on July 14, has actually received some positive reviews .  I’m interested to see what other aspects of the team are covered beyond the obvious excerpts that has everyone talking. In spite of the recent revelations, Don Mattingly has said that the clubhouse does remain solid. 

News of Puig’s run-ins with teammates is really nothing new in the world of sports. It’s really nothing new in the real world. After all, I’m sure you’ve had and probably still have that one or two co-workers of your that you wouldn’t exactly do happy hour with, right ?

Reggie Jackson was not always like by his teammates ( To put it kindly…) , be it with the Oakland A’s or the  New York Yankees. He won 5 World Series titles during his time with those 2 clubs, 3 of those against, well… ( Thank god I was either an infant or still going though my final stages of infancy…)

During the glory years of the 70’s, Steve Garvey’s ” Mr. Clean” image wasn’t always a welcomed presence inside the Dodger clubhouse, most notably with Don Sutton, just to name some well known “rifts” throughout the history of professional sports .

Of course we all know about the on again off again rift that Kobe and Shaq have had over the years. Yet we seemed to turn a blind eye when they we’re adding more glory up on Staples Center’s south wall. Kobe has recently admitted to making some of his Lakers teammates cry.

While Puig has a way’s to go before he can be mentioned in the same category of glory, what many tend to forget is that Puig is still a baby boomer waiting to fully blossom. Expectations we’re so high for him when he came to the big show 2 years ago. Because of the high expectations, it seems 2013 is a far distant memory. Perhaps many of us are expecting Puig to carry the team on his shoulders, which may be asking too much for the young kid.

Many Dodger fans, including this one, have made the comparisons of Yasiel Puig to another former Dodger outfielder who had similar potential, Raul Mondesi. There are many similarities between the two. We can only hope that the current storyline, this time, with Yasiel Puig, has a much happier ending…

4th of July Threads…

JULY 4TH THREAD Here is the Stars and Stripes Uniform Matchups  that will be worn by both the Dodgers and Mets during tomorrow’s 4th of July matchup. I love the U.S. Flag watermark on the hats. Not very distracting and tastefully done. As for the jersey’s, being that it’s the ” MLB Holiday Edition ” look, I will give it a pass. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want this as an everyday look, patriotism and all…

Chance to Fatten Up…

Our Boys in Blue kick off a 10 game homestand tonight with the Mets. After a fast start, the Mets have been struggling and are now at .500 with a 40-40 record. With the Phillies and Brewers, the two worst teams in baseball coming to town, this would be a great opportunity for The Blue to fatten up on their  45-35 record and perhaps add on to their 3 game lead heading into the all-star break. Easier said than done of course. Just ask the Giants, who, in spite of their 9-3 record against us, have a combined 3-10 home record against the DBacks and Rockies. Yeah, that’s baseball for you…

9th Inning… Defending Our Freedom and Colors…

United as One  Have a Happy and Safe July 4th weekend !!!

R.I.P. Mr Padre, Tony Gwynn

In his 20 MLB seasons, all of them in a Padre uniform, we had the pleasure to watch Tony Gwynn many a time , be it at Dodger Stadium or Jack Murphy Stadium . I really couldn’t tell you how many times I saw Tony Gwynn torment the Dodgers . Yes, he was a thorn on our side, as he was to every team he faced. But he played the game the right way. And in this day and age of high salaries and free-agency, he played all 20 of his seasons in a San Diego Padre uniform. Some career numbers against the Dodgers from the Dodgers-LowDown

Tony Gwynn Career Numbers Vs. Our Dodgers

225 Games
215 Games Started
931 Plate Appearances
822 At Bats
126 Runs
271 Hits
49 Doubles
8 Triples
10 Home Runs
90 Runs Batted In
32 Stolen Bases
16 Caught Stealing
90 Walks
30 Intentional Walks
41 Strikeouts
.330 Batting Average
.396 On Base Percentage
.445 Slugging Percentage
.841 On Base + Slugging Percentage

From L.A. to San Diego via Twitter

TGwynnDodgerStadium9202001 Tony Gwynn, in his final Dodger Stadium appearance as a player, 9/19/2001, during a pre-game ceremony celebrating his 20 year career .

TGwynnFanFest2010 Tony Gwynn sharing his baseball stories to fans at the All-Star Fanfest in Anaheim, July 2010 .

TgwynnandJr Fathers Day, June 2011 with then Dodger and current Phillies outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. . I had the pleasure to greet the elder Gwynn after the game as I was walking through the Stadium Club level. He was very cordial and took the time to greet well-wishing fans .

From Junior…

Tony Gwynn was more than Mr. Padre. He was Mr. Baseball. It can also be said that Tony Gwynn was the face of San Diego. R.I.P. Tony Gwynn. Baseball fans all over will miss you .


TonyGwynnStatue Here I am standing next to the Tony Gwynn Statue , April 2009 .

Happy Anniversary Yasiel !!!

But first…
Puig_CoPlayer0512-18 Congratulations on co-player of the month honors. For all the adversity that everyone is putting upon him, The Cuban Missile seems to be handling it well….

OK. One year ago tonight, Yasiel Puig made his big league appearance against the Padres. He would have 2 hits against The Friars, but it was this game ending double play that gave Blue blooded fans a taste of things to come…

He would go on to have a huge month of June, coming up clutch countless times, including here against the Phillies in the beginning of the Dodgers climb toward the top of the NL West. Here’s one of my favorite of Dre’s Bytes one’s I would shoot from last year

Yasiel Up, Bases Loaded, Home 7th, 2 Outs… from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

Puig would also have an opportunity to hit for the cycle on the last day of June against the same Phillies. How did it turn out ? Again, another of Dre’s Bytes…

Puig Going for the Cycle, 6/30/2013 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

Here’s to many more great moments to come Yasiel !!! Viva Cuba !!! Viva Puig !!!

Dre’s Thoughts 4/23/2014

At 12-9, half a game ahead of the Colorado Rockies heading into today’s action, considering the Dodgers recent offensive woes, the overuse of our bullpen, and of course, our porous defense at least early on, things could certainly be much worse then standing at 12-9 atop the NL West in spite of themselves. Last night’s 10th inning gaffe on a pop fly by the Phillies Carlos Ruiz on the part of Carl Crawford and Hanley Ramirez was a notable example of the Dodgers defensive ineptness. Dominic Brown would make the Dodgers pay by driving home the game winning RBI for the Phillies. Mattingly made no bones about the Dodgers defensive lapses after the game last night, as they have become a frustration .

crawford_hanram Somebody call for this !!! Crawford and Hanley bump into each other during Carlos Ruiz’s pop fly that would have been the 2nd out in the 10th. Instead, Ruiz reaches on this 2 base error and would be cashed in.

Tonight, Zack Greinke takes the mound for the Blue as he goes against Cole Hammels, making his 2014 debut for the Phillies.

Other Notes and NL West Thoughts

The Giants, after a 5-1 start, have leveled off a bit and have had their share of offensive struggles as well, losing 9 of their last 14.

Nothing has gone right for the DBacks this season, who currently stand at 5-18. I felt before the season that Kirk Gibson could be on the hot seat if the DBacks don’t make a run toward the post season. I’m starting to believe he may be gone before season’s end, maybe before the all-star break.

100 Years and Counting For Wrigley

And Ode to Wrigley, from Vin Scully

Today marks the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field . Wrigley Field is the 2nd oldest ballpark in the Majors behind only Fenway Park . Many historic moments have happened inside Wrigley Field, except a World Series championship celebration. If you’re like me and have hopes of hitting up all 30 MLB Parks, Wrigley should definitely be up there on your ballpark visit lists . HAPPY BIRTHDAY WRIGLEY FIELD !!!

LFlag A familiar sight to generations of Cubs fans, the blue L flag. ( The white W flag has also had it’s fair share of time up there too….)

2006wrigley Back in May, 2006 beneath the famous scoreboard.

wavelandave Out and abouts on Sheffield Avenue, behind the RF warning track. Yes, i’m that close to the field


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