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Cruising Rancho…Exploring The Mother Road…On Route 66


LoanMart Field…Still referred by many as The Epicenter. Home of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, the Single-A affiliate of the Dodgers. Rancho has been a stop for many who have donned the Dodger Blue, as well as a Friar or Halo, be it their first step to The Bigs or a rehab assignment…


Prior to taking in a Quakes game on this Saturday evening, July 21, 2018, my buddy Josh Jacobs of 99.5 KKLA and I decide to cruise nearby along the old Mother Road


Not far from LoanMart Field are markers along Foothill Blvd. paying tribute to the old Mother Road…

20180721_165809.jpgGetting my kicks on Route 66…One of my life’s goals is to one day cruise the ol’ Mother Road from L.A. to Chicago…

Josh and I are huge fans of Jack Benny. The late comedian had his ties to Rancho Cucamonga. A popular catch phrase of his radio show involved a train conductor who would announce over the loudspeaker, “Train now leaving on track five for Anaheim, Azusa, and Cuc… amonga,” taking progressively longer pauses between “Cuc” and “amonga.” No such route ever existed. 

A statue of the great comedian, once located at the entrance of the ballpark, is located in the lobby at The Lewis Family Playhouse inside the grounds of the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center. The statue has Jack with his violin in hand. A running gag as host of his popular TV program, “The Jack Benny Program” was how badly he would play his violin..


20180721_162224.jpgJosh mimicking Jack Benny’s frugalness throughout his program…



In paying tribute to Jack Benny, The Epicenter, as it was officially known at the time, was built on a street named after Jack. In an ironic twist, Jack Benny Way intersects with Rochester Avenue. Rochester Avenue was not named after the audience favorite character portrayed by Eddie Anderson on The Jack Benny Program. 

Josh Jacobs with some Jack Benny Fun Facts from outside of LoanMart Field on the corner of Jack Benny Way and Rochester Avenue…


20180721_193539.jpgPrehistoric life STILL exists along the old Mother Road…

20180721_184513.jpgJosh kicking it with the voice of the Quakes, Mike Lindskog…

20180721_163142.jpgGiving ol’ Jack a Touch of Blue…(You’re still not playing Take Me Out to the Ballgame with that violin…)

Those are just some of the sights along the old Mother Road on the way to LoanMart Field, or as some of you may still refer to as, The Epicenter…

9th Inning…Nat King Cole




Dre’s Sunday Slides and Sunday Funnies, 7/6/2014

As if there was any doubt who would be named pitcher off the month for the month of June.   Let the numbers,  which also include his 15 strikeout no-hit performance against the Rockies,  speak for themself.  At this moment,  Kershaw currently has pitched 36 consecutive scoreless innings.   His next start will be  Thursday evening art Dodger Stadium against the San Diego Padres.

The Sunday Slide

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Pregame bullpen session , KKKKKKKKKKKKKershaw ! On this day, 6/29/2014, Kershaw would accumulate 13 Ks against the Cardinals.



From the stands and fans throughout June…

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Celebrating Philippine Heritage Night and a 2nd Stanley Cup for the L.A. Kings !!!


Anze and Mini Puig together on the field after the post-game fireworks, on Philippine Heritage Night. Did I also mention we were celebrating a Stanley Cup for the Kings ?

Daniel, my lil’ bro, has it all covered tonight….

image This is L.A. !!!

Hey Daniel ? Who influenced you ?</

The lil’ bro Daniel reppin’ Team L.A. . Again, I ask Daniel, who influenced you ?

The Sunday Funnies

Today, Mini Puig and his author, yours truly, pay a visit to some pre- historic friends of ours….

Somewhere in Rancho….

Mini Puig, back where it all started , is having a playful reunion with his buddy, Tremor. From Tremor to Mini Puig… ” I See You ” . Tremor couldn’t help but to pay homage to Mini Puig’s buddy HanRam .

Traveling back in time, somewhere up in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains in the summer of 2006…

Yours truly is having a great time with his Jurassic buddy, Dinger ! Yeah, he may be partial the Rockies, but aside from this weekend, Dinger and Dre, or Double D, we’re actually good buds. If there’s one thing we agree on, it’s our disdain for some Seal up in The Bay. When I took this pic with Dinger on 8/30/2006, a LBSU alum was making his MLB debut for the Rox. Some Dirtbag named Troy Tulowitzky …


Josh Beckett takes the mound today for the Blue Crew as they try to make it 3 of 4 over the Rockies. The Dodgers, 29-18 away from The Ravine, currently holds a 1/2 game less over the San Francisco Giants for the NL West division lead.

Drei’s Random Thoughts for 4/10/2013


On This Day, 1947….


Jackie Robinson become the first African-American baseball player in the Major Leagues, starting at 2nd base for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Prior to his Brooklyn day’s, Jackie had played for the Dodgers minor league team in Montreal, the Royals.  And the game of baseball would get a much needed and long overdue change….  Speaking of baseball in Montreal, I really do hope that city gets another chance at hosting an MLB team….

Happy Birthday Dre !!!!


Happy 31st to Andre Ethier !!!!  And here’s to many more Happy Dre’s !!!  The pic above is from the Rancho Cucamunga Quake’s FB page, from last year during Dre’s rehab stint.  Also….


A Happy Belated Birthday to you as well A.J. !!!!  I’ve had the chance to see A.J. play at AAA Albuquerque and here in L.A.  .  It’s been great following your progress A.J. !!! 

Hockey at Dodger Stadium ?

It’s looking like a Kings vs Ducks game will happen sometime in January of 2014.  I have always wanted to see the NHL give us the chance to host a Winter Classic game to show that a warm weather city like L.A. is more than capable of pulling this off.  This would really be great for Kings, Dodgers, and even Duck fans…