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A Bolt to L.A.

15965475_1406978506000129_1533434314677888270_nNo folks. That is not a revamped version of our classic L.A. logo. 

As many of you know by now, the Chargers have formally announced that they will be moving here to Los Angeles, joining the Rams and thus giving L.A 2 NFL teams for the first time since 1982-1994, when the Raiders we’re calling the Coliseum home and the Rams we’re in Anaheim. 

Much has been made the last 48 hours about the Chargers announcement to relocate here to L.A, especially their updated logo, which many a Dodger fan has already had a field day with…

Even our Single A folks had to take a dig into this…

Not much fanfare has been made either since their announcement to move here. Not everyone has been so been so receptive to their move here either, most notably Mr. Bill Plaschke. Even our very own Dave Roberts, a San Diego native, isn’t so thrilled with the idea of the Chargers calling L.A. home

The Chargers are expected to move into the new Inglewood stadium with the Rams in 2019. In the meantime, they have announced plans to play at The Stubhub Center. Even if it’s only a temporary home, the fact that the Chargers will be playing in a venue with only 30,000 seats should already indicate their lack of confidence in making a first impression.

Sure, hosting 2 NFL teams along with USC may  have been difficult for The Coliseum. Sure, the Rose Bowl has made it clear they don’t want to deal with the NFL. But if Dean Spanos really wanted to start things off with a bang, wouldn’t he, as well as the NFL have found a way to fit 8-10 Chargers games at The Rose Bowl for the next 2 years? Sure it would have involved wrestling with the city of Pasadena and the Rose Bowl’s nearby residents. It’s not as if Dean Spanos hasn’t ruffled a “few” feathers already. But if not The Coliseum, why not The Rose Bowl? With over 88,000 seats wouldn’t this be a grand opportunity for the Chargers to endear themselves to the local fanbase? You know, get as many fans to come out and support your product in spite of last season’s performance?

This isn’t the first time a professional franchise from San Diego has joined our city that already had a franchise of it’s own.You may remember the Clippers took up residence at The Sports Arena in 1984. In spite of their recent and now expected success, they are still a long post pattern away from even posing a serious threat to Laker fandom. 

That’s not to say the Chargers can’t win away fans from the Rams. Of course, the Rams are just one season removed from calling The Coliseum home. Though the Rams return initially conjured up excitement for fans starving for NFL football, fan interest drastically decreased as witnessed by the large portions of empty seats at The Coliseum late in the season.(Don’t be fooled by the attendance figures. It’s based on tickets sold, many that we’re sold prior to the season during the so-called “Honeymoon Period”). The Chargers, coming off a 5-11 campaign, don’t exactly arrive with the glitz and glamour that attracts L.A. fans to the games.

L.A. fans hate losers. There’s really no other way to put it. Win, and win with bling, the fans will come. Yes, there has to be that bling attached. Remember, this is L.A., where people are attracted to glitz and glamour. The Clippers, while they have attracted more fans during their recent playoff run, again, are still a long post pattern away from ever overtaking the Lakers in this town in terms of popularity. Yes, the Lakers are still in serious rebuild mode. You can even “accuse” Lakers fans of living in the past. But those 11 “blings” they’ve brought to the City of Lights have forever forged a loyalty that even during a rebuild mode, the glitz and glamour at Lakers home games is still evident. As for the Lakers past, as distant as it may be, it’s still enough to make the Staples Center’s 3rd tenant want to cover it up during their home games. (I’ll spare you the selfie jokes…)

It’s going to take awhile for the Chargers to win over this city. Can it happen? Maybe. (I’m not exactly giving a strong vote of confidence am I ? ) Will it take as long as the Clippers to finally win over a fanbase? Only time will tell. L.A. fans had their “honeymoon period” with the Rams. It lasted all but 2 months, if that. The Chargers won’t have such a luxury. 

L.A. is a big enough market that the Chargers can certainly win over the fans who haven’t quite latched on to the Rams. L.A. is also the type of market that can be occupied with other more attractive entertainment options as well. L.A fans can also be fickle. 

It took over 20 years for NFL football to return here. It took less than 2 months for that so-called honeymoon period to wear off. So far, the Chargers have yet to make a favorable first impression.  Last but not least, did I already mention that L.A. hates losers? Only time will tell when fans here really go sour on both the Rams and Chargers, especially when that one Sunday comes when we lose out on TV on a more attractive game. 



Have we had enough yet ?






R.I.P. Mr Padre, Tony Gwynn

In his 20 MLB seasons, all of them in a Padre uniform, we had the pleasure to watch Tony Gwynn many a time , be it at Dodger Stadium or Jack Murphy Stadium . I really couldn’t tell you how many times I saw Tony Gwynn torment the Dodgers . Yes, he was a thorn on our side, as he was to every team he faced. But he played the game the right way. And in this day and age of high salaries and free-agency, he played all 20 of his seasons in a San Diego Padre uniform. Some career numbers against the Dodgers from the Dodgers-LowDown

Tony Gwynn Career Numbers Vs. Our Dodgers

225 Games
215 Games Started
931 Plate Appearances
822 At Bats
126 Runs
271 Hits
49 Doubles
8 Triples
10 Home Runs
90 Runs Batted In
32 Stolen Bases
16 Caught Stealing
90 Walks
30 Intentional Walks
41 Strikeouts
.330 Batting Average
.396 On Base Percentage
.445 Slugging Percentage
.841 On Base + Slugging Percentage

From L.A. to San Diego via Twitter

TGwynnDodgerStadium9202001 Tony Gwynn, in his final Dodger Stadium appearance as a player, 9/19/2001, during a pre-game ceremony celebrating his 20 year career .

TGwynnFanFest2010 Tony Gwynn sharing his baseball stories to fans at the All-Star Fanfest in Anaheim, July 2010 .

TgwynnandJr Fathers Day, June 2011 with then Dodger and current Phillies outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. . I had the pleasure to greet the elder Gwynn after the game as I was walking through the Stadium Club level. He was very cordial and took the time to greet well-wishing fans .

From Junior…

Tony Gwynn was more than Mr. Padre. He was Mr. Baseball. It can also be said that Tony Gwynn was the face of San Diego. R.I.P. Tony Gwynn. Baseball fans all over will miss you .


TonyGwynnStatue Here I am standing next to the Tony Gwynn Statue , April 2009 .