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If You’re Going to San Francisco…

OK, with The Boys in Blue already paying a visit twice, their next visit won’t be until September. But that shouldn’t stop any of you ballpark chasers on making the journey up north, should it?

Summer of Love_Haight and Masonic Mural

This summer marks the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love. The summer where folks from all over gathered from Haight-Ashbury to Golden Gate Park to preach Love and Peace, among other activities…

Summer of Love_Drei at Haight and Masonic Cruising The Haight…Haight and Masonic

Before heading to the De Young over at Golden Gate Park, to prepare myself, I decided to take a cruise The Haight, The Panhandle on to Golden Gate Park, along with a couple of my Blue clad buddies…

 Jerry Garcia mural, Haight and Cole

20170425_095850Drei and Jerry…


20170425_101929Blue Dog and Magic Gnomeon the corner of Haight and Ashbury

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love, The De Young Museum will be featuring The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll

Summer of Love_Stickers Faux pins 


Prior to entering the museum, several faux street signs line the entrance, each noting an “intersection” of past and present.


As I walked through the exhibit,  though my existence here in planet earth would be established 7 years after the Summer of Love, I made it a point to tell myself to get past the fact this would not be a re-creation of that whimsical summer as evidenced through the mannequins seen above modeling the clothes of 1967. 

Aside from the clothing, the exhibit features a vast and at times, a repeat of concert posters…

As a huge fan of 60s pop culture, though I was not expecting a recreation of that Summer of ’67 the overabundance of clothing and posters made the exhibit a somewhat underwhelming experience with little perspective as I could only muster so many posters. That may explain why this digital story provided on the exhibits page. In case you haven’t quite had your fill of art and fashion, here you go

Not all is lost inside the exhibit. The highlight for me was Bill Ham’s Kinetic Light Painting room that featured a psychedelic light show accompanied by that era’s music as I did my best to act as if I was on some acid trip…

Should you find your way through De Young, check out Stuart Davis: In Full Swing in the museum’s 3rd floor. Davis, born in 1892 was a lifelong jazz enthusiast whose art presents the vibrant colors of European Modernism. 

“Stuart Davis was an artist both ahead of his time, and completely immersed in it,” says Max Hollein, director and CEO of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. “His works provided comment on the times and were simultaneously a dominant force in postwar art. The de Young has always believed that artists have a duty to comment and critique our culture and we are pleased to show how one American artist responded to the tumultuous times he lived through.”

Admission to the De Young Museum is $15. Dual exhibition tickets to Summer of Love and Stuart Davis are $30, a good bargain given each exhibit is $25 each. 

Hey, Kid K, they named a street after you !!!


PicsArt_04-25-12.05.39 Hippie…Hipster…Is there a difference?

Ballpark Bites…Strolling The Garden at AT&T Park

 Over the years the ballpark experience has evolved. Ballpark dining is no exception. Social and dining areas can be found in most parks for fans to stroll the yard. At AT&T Park, the concept of a social dining area within the ballpark may have been taken another level. At the home of our rivals, beyond the center field fence is The Garden at AT&T Park. At The Garden, fans have the opportunity to dine along communal tables surrounded by crops of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Most of these communal tables have a bed of herbs that allow fans to pick and use for garnish.

ATTPark_Garden EntranceThe Garden at AT&T Park

ATTPark_CF GardenFresh thyme in bloom

20170425_171533Herb bed. Hey, a little strawberry is starting to bloom…

I had a chance to sample some of the goodies from The Garden Table and The Hearth Table, the two food stands at The Garden at AT&T Park, ranging from the anitpasta bar to a crisp and tasty Roasted Summer Vegetable Sandwich, 3 different flatbreads and a very summery (Dodger) Blueberry Shortcake. 

ATTPark_Food Spread w Magic and Dog Thats quite a spread. Behind this spread is in the middle of the communal dining table is an herb bed where fans are allowed to pick their herbs. The Magic Gnome and Blue Dog seem quite impressed with this spread

The 3 flatbreads in the spread are the garden cauliflower with olive oil, parmesan cheese, chive mascarpone and truffle oil, a house-made fennel sausage with roasted eggplant, caramelized leeks and goat cheese, and a grilled garden zucchini with shaved parmesan, olive oil, garden thyme and toasted almonds. 

I had a hard time determining which of the three flatbreads we’re my favorite. In the end, the cauliflower topped my list. 

For desert, a blueberry shortcake topped with whipped cream (Or Dodger Blueberry)

ATT Park_Blueberry Shortcake

The garden is also equipped with The Ketel One Bar, serving local beer and wine and other mixed drinks. 

ATT Park_Ketle One Bar

ATTPark_Watermelon IPA Hell or High Watermelon brew to go along with our gluten free treats….

With the garden and the garden’s dining area located directly behind the center field fence, a safety net is provided above the fans for their protection. Even with the net, every now and then a baseball will land there…

ATTPark_Baseball Garden.jpg

ATTPark_Drei Baseball.jpg

Along the center field fence, slits through dark tinted windows allow for fans to take a peek into the on-field action…

ATT Park_CF slit A peek into Dodgers BP…

ATT Park_Slit pic Reflecting upon the action…

My one regret upon my visit to The Garden at AT&T Park, aside from being surrounded by Halloween colors…LOL, is not having the opportunity to try some of the other offerings. Perhaps if I’m fortunate to return in September I can try some of the late summer/early fall offerings.

I had the chance to interview Hannah Schmunk, Manager of Food Education for Children with Bon Appetit Management Company. Among the many topics we had the chance to discuss we’re the change in crops throughout the season, as well as her work along with  current and Giants players  with the kids throughout the community in advocating healthy eating. You can listen to the interview on my podcast below…

Throughout the year, aside from serving hungry baseball fans, the garden serves as an educational tool for the community as well as an outdoor classroom for kids throughout the community…

With our Boys In Blue returning to AT&T Park in less than 2 weeks, for you fellow Dodger fans who may be making the trek up north, do take the time to stop by The Garden and try out some of their delicious offerings. One visit and you will definitely agree that dining in an open garden inside a Major League ballpark is one “hella” unique experience. (To use a Bay Area term…)

9th Inning…More Garden Pics

Click on the images for a full view…

ATT Park Garden_Aeroponic Towers Aeroponic towers…

Extra Innings…The Magic Gnome

ATTPark_Magic Gnome 1 Our Magic Gnome just couldn’t help but stroll The Garden. The Giants fan in the back has to be wondering “Who Let That Dodger Gnome Out”…

ATTPark_Magic Gnome 2 Magic Gnome giving the garden A Touch of Blue…

ATTPark_Magic Gnome 3 The Magic Gnome with some fellow Dodger fans…

ATTPark_Blue Dog Sammy and Magic Our Magic Gnome worked up quite an appetite running around the garden. Hey, look who joined our Magic Gnome and Blue Dog…It’s Sourdough Sam ! Hey Sammy, we won’t tell your buddy Lou Seal that you we’re hanging out with the Boys In Blue…

ATTPark_Chelsea and Sam Kicking it with the garden chefs, Chelsea and Sam…

Special thanks to Hannah Schmunk and the staff from The Garden at AT&T Park for all their hospitality !!! For more travel tips for your journey to AT&T Park and other sports travel tips, check us out at Stadium Journey

Stadium Journey



















Drei’s Tale…Crusin’ The Streets of San Francisco…Turning The Bay Blue

Leading Off…

For those of you old enough to remember that classic crime drama and that opening theme with that voice-over guy…If only I had that voice-over dude to narrate for me…

“The Streets of San Francisco, a DodgerDrei Production…”


20170425_090710Magic Gnome

Also Starring

20170425_102414-1 Magic Gnome’s Sidekick, Blue Dog…

With Special Guest Star…

20170425_152836Sourdough Sam

Tonight’s Episode…Turning The Bay Blue

Cruising The Streets…McCovey Cove, Tuesday Morning 4/25/2017


Drei here…It’s been awhile since Drei has cruised through The Streets of Baghdad By The Bay…Upon arriving Tuesday morning, April 25th, though not as cold as I expected, Drei still comes prepared for that cool San Fran breeze that comes off The Cove…

The streets around McCovey Cove has changed since Leslie Nielsen once cruised this part of town (Yes, I am serious…)


As you can see, the building next to the Lefty O’Doul Bridge along 3rd Street is still there, used today for mixed use…


Terry A Francois Blvd, pictured above. The area around McCovey Cove as well as AT&T Park was once an industrial part of town. Today, trees line Terry A Francois Blvd, providing gorgeous views of the cove and the bay beyond…


The trail along Terry A Francois Blvd behind the trees. In the distance is a statue of the man who the cove is named after, Willie McCovey. A miniature ballfield is next to the statue for future big leaguers…


The view of AT&T Park from the Lefty O’Doul Bridge…


The morning sunrise from the portwalk beyond right field. Even as a Dodger fan, I gotta admit, this makes for a lovely morning stroll…


Hey, it’s the Magic Gnome going for his morning walk…


Kid K has a great history up here…We’ll check back from The Cove later on…Hey ! Magic Gnome’s sidekick, Blue Dog finally joins in…

Cruising The Streets…Market and Powell


Yo, Magic Gnome ! Ready to hop on one of those classic cable cars? Car 24 is waiting behind you. 24 is a very popular number among the locals…


Can’t forget Blue Dog now…

Cruising The Streets…Cruising The Haight


While Magic Gnome and Blue Dog are enjoying their cable car ride, Drei decides to take a cruise up The Haight. Love is preached a lot in these parts going back to some Summer of Love, 1967…


The “Quiet Beatle”. One year after The Fab Four would perform at Candlestick Park their final concert ever, George Harrison would pay a visit to The Haight…

20170425_101448 Peace and Love

The visit to The Haight wasn’t exactly what George expected…

From The Haight, we discover that a street is named after a certain Kid K who will be taking the hill that evening. For whatever reason, the names Haight and Clayton go hand in hand up in these parts…

20170425_100258On the corner of Haight and Clayton…

20170425_100915“Yo Magic ! What up Blue Dog? Even up here, they give Kid K the ultimate tribute…”

As we continue to Cruise The Haight, we cruise past the complex where James Marshall Hendrix once resided…

20170425_101623Drei has to wonder, why The Red House and not purple ?

20170425_101929 “Hey Magic! You still a huge fan of Jimi Hendrix? Of course Dog! We used to blast Purple Haze all the time! My good pal from Boston, Larry, hated on Purple Haze every time we blasted it on Manchester and Prairie…”

20170425_102414-1“Yo Magic! What’s the big deal about this corner. DOG! 50 years ago in the Summer of ’67, people came form all over to celebrate Love and Peace on this corner of Haight and Ashbury…Haight? Magic, we’ve heard that word “Haight” a lot from the locals. We’re just trying to turn this town Blue while spreading peace and love…”

Cruising The Streets…The Panhandle


This park-like path just north of The Haight was the site of some free concerts among others Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead and even Jimi Hendrix…




Looks like the Magic Gnome is waiting for a one on one pickup game…

” I’ll take anyone one on one…Even that number 30 across The Bay, right here baby !!!”


“Yo Magic, how ’bout we go two on two against those ballers…Heck Magic, after we take care of these two I say we take on Stephen and his sidekick Draymond…DOG! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU NOT TO BE SUCH A HOT DOG !!!”

Cruising The Streets…Golden Gate Park

But first, a quick cruise back through The Haight…

20170425_095838 The legend…Jerry Garcia

20170425_095850Drei and Jerry, on the corner of Haight and Cole. Hey Jerry, I hear you and some guy named Ben have an ice cream shop down the street on Ashbury…


Or Hipster?


20170425_120640 Hey look…It’s Sourdough Sam ! That lovable Niner mascot who claims to be both the OG hippie turned hipster. Sammy insists we go with him to Hippie Hill…Summer of Love 50th Anniversary exhibit from the De Young Museum to be featured soon…


When his Niners weren’t playing games at nearby Kezar Stadium, Sammy spent many a day up on that darn hill, especially in 1967 (I don’t think Sammy remembers anything from ’67….) About that Summer of ’67…Or the months leading to that Summer of Love…


Hey Sammy, looks like you we’re lost among the throng. All looks calm now compared to 1967…

20170425_152436Never stop preaching Peace and Love…That’s quite a view from Hippie Hill. Speaking of Hills, and Cruising, back in L.A. Kid Marley Marlz has this beat. For some reason this beat from Kid would go perfect up here…

Hey Kid, you look nice and warm back home in sunny L.A….


Hey Sammy ! Looks like Magic Gnome and Blue Dog came to join you up Hippie Hill. I wonder how their 2 on 2 went…

Cruising The Streets…3rd and King

After cruising the streets from The Cove to The Haight, we now head back to the ballpark on the corner of 3rd and King. As we enter the ballpark, we discover that a garden is located beyond the center field fence…

20170425_183117 Yes folks, that is a garden inside the ballpark. 

20170425_183108Lets check out the garden…

20170425_184119(0)Magic Gnome making himself feel at home. That Giants fan be askin’ “Who let that Dodger Gnome in?”

20170425_18413420170425_184145Even with all the Dodger Blue, our Magic Gnome gives this garden, dare Drei say it, a Magic Blue Touch ?


Hey! These fellow Dodger fans found you Magic !!! All this cruising got Drei hungry…

20170425_174753That “Dodger Blueberry Shortcake” sure looks good. They must have known we we’re coming…


Now THAT is a feast ! Drei really liked that cauliflower flatbread on the left. They even have a fennel sausage flatbread here in the garden. Everything was soooooooo good !!!


Hey, Sourdough Sam even joined us !!!


HUGE SHOUTOUT to our master-chefs and their staff !!!


Drei THANKS YOU for all your hospitality, even with all my Dodger Blue on !!! Drei will have a feature on The Garden at AT&T Park both here and on Stadium Journey soon…

20170425_180550 It was quite a day…For Drei…In The City By The Bay…Drei even snagged a BP shot…

20170425_185523It really was quite a day for Drei…Cruising The Streets of San Francisco…Painting the Town Blue…Feeling the love from the locals…From McCovey Cove to The Haight and back (Again we wonder, why all the reminders to Drei, Magic and Blue Dog about Haight?) Oh yeah, all this capped off by a win by The Blue Crew. We sure turned The Bay…Blue

In the City By The Bay, on the days leading to the 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love, for two cities and teams that have a long storied rivalry, it is possible that between us, Peace and Love (And good food) can exist…



“Always great to hang with you up here Blue Dog…Good Times Sammy! I won’t tell you buddy Lou Seal that we kicked it together…”


Time to head back to L.A.



Throwing Back Thursday…Giving The New Yard a Blue Christening

fb_img_1459916138621.jpg Today marks the home opener for the Giants. 16 years ago the hated ones opened in their new home against the Dodgers. After 40 seasons at Candlestick Park, the Giants would move to China Basin to a gem of a park, and Kevin Elster would give it the proper christening…

Though I would not be at that first game, I did however catch the 2nd half of the 2nd game that had been suspended due to rain and all of the 3rd game of that 3 game series, which The Blue would sweep all 3 games to open the Giants new digs…

fb_img_1459916056346.jpg The locals giving me a Royal Blue treatment…LOL…

fb_img_1459916155526.jpg August, 2009. Hey, you guys coming over for dinner ?

 Always proud to turn The Bay…Blue !!!



No Off-Season for Dre’s Thoughts, MARAMING SALAMAT…THANK YOU !!!

I guess there is no off-season when it comes to posting stuff is there ?  It’s been almost a month now since we last set foot inside The Ravine.  My latest thoughts…

NL Rookie of the Year



As much as I would like to see Jose Fernandez build upon his ROY status in 2014, I really do have to question this one. Yeah, our own Yasiel Puig has at times done some things to rub fans, reporters and even teamates the other way but when you compare the impact that these two had on their teams it really does not compare. Before Puig came up in June the Dodgers we’re in the NL West basement looking up until Puig’s June callup provided the Blue Crew some much needed spark. And who could forget his magical June ? He would struggle down the stretch but there is no arguing the impact the Cuban Missile had on the Blue. What is surprising is that the votes we’re not even close.

Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS Game 3 So you didn’t get ROY. It’s all good. Perhaps the MVP next year ?

Meanwhile, Down South…

It was announced on Monday that the Atlanta Braves will be leaving Turner Field after the 2016 season to move into the suburbs of Cobb County. Should this go through as planned this would be the first of the post Camden Yards era yards to be left in it’s dust. Feelings are mixed amongst the fans in Atlanta about the move. Having been to Turner Field in 2007 I wouldn’t exactly put the Ted amongst the top yards in terms of game day experience but it certainly is nowhere near the bottom either. A lot of it has to do with location. Not exactly in the greatest part of town and access isn’t the greatest either. Having said that, the Ted really isn’t a bad yard at all. If the plans for the new stadium go through in time for the 2017 season ( though a rendering of the yard has not been released ) this would mean that Turner Field will have lasted only 20 seasons not counting the 1996 Olympics. Not good considering that yards built after Camden Yards we’re designed to last a good long time.

tomahawk With my souvenier tomahawk

dre_hank Looks like you may be moving to newer digs Hank

Other Post-Season Awards

Puig may have missed out on the Rookie of the Year, but 3 other Dodgers certainly didn’t miss out on their share of accolades. Zack Greinke, while outstanding on the mound even after battling back from a broke collarbone, was also pretty lethal with the bat as well, winning the Silver Slugger Award for his .328 average, best amongst all pitchers. Not too shabby considering his previous 8 seasons we’re spent in the American League where he hit a combined .170


Also, Juan Uribe was named the Dodgers Wilson Defensive Player of the Year for his outstanding work at 3rd base this season. Yeah, like many of you, I had my doubts about Juan coming into the season, and in spite starting the season backing up Luis Cruz, Uribe would have a strong season, highlighted by this 2 run home run off David Carpenter the Braves in Game 4 of the NLDS, sending the Blue to the NLCS.


And Finally…

Was there really any doubt who the 2013 NL Cy Young Award Winner would be ? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves…


Congratulations Kershaw on your 3rd consecutive Cy Young !!! Next season, a World Series ring !!!


OK, now back to a more serious topic. By now all of you are aware of the devastation that the people of The Philippines are going through. Over 1,700 have been confirmed dead, and the numbers are likely to rise. I am proud to say that California is home to the largest Filipino community not only in the United States, but also outside the Philippines. I am also proud to say that Los Angeles, with a Filipino population of over 330,000, is also home to the largest Filipino population of any U.S. city, so it would be safe to say that the Dodgers have the largest Filipino baseball fan base as well, ranked even higher than the Giants Filipino fan base ( Yeah, I had to go there. I’m sure our friends up in Daly City are reading this too…LOL… Hey, a little humor to a serious bit never hurt anyone…) . All kidding aside, understandably, there is much concern amongst the Filipino community here in California from San Diego to The Bay Area and of course all the way back here in Los Angeles as many relief efforts are being put to place. In addition , AT&T and Verizon are waiving fees for those who need to contact their loved ones in the Philippines.

If you are interested in helping the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, you can click here for a list of organizations where you can donate funds to assist those in need. From this Filipino-American Dodger fan, other Filipino Dodger fans in Los Angeles, but more importantly, Filipino’s in Los Angeles, throughout California, and everywhere, we say, MARAMING SALAMAT !!!! THANK YOU !!! Also, a huge MARAMING SALAMAT to the good people of Team Rubicon, a team of military vetrans that are also assisting in The Philippines under ” Operation Seabird “. If you’re unable to contribute, a simple thought and prayer will also do.

FiLApino Filipino’s repping L.A. and the Dodgers !!!! Thanks Jon for the pic !!! Oh yeah, if you’re a Filipino Dodger fan here in L.A. and have any pics of you and your friends and family at Dodger games, or any sporting events here in L.A, please do send them my way. I would like to feature them here on my blog.


lafilipinos Times may be rough for our fellow citizens of The Philippines, but the sun will shine once again…

Some Final Regular Season Thoughts

The long marathon, aka the regular season, 162 games worth, comes to an end tomorrow with the Dodgers cruising into October as The Blue will crosses the finish line as NL West Champions for the first time since 2009.  Where the Dodgers will open this Thursday , it appears we will not know until tomorrow, be it in St. Louis or Atlanta.   At this point, I wouldn’t really give much thought into where the Dodgers start next Thursday so long as our regulars are rested and ready to go.  And with the likelihood of Kershaw and Greinke starting Games 1 and 2, I still like our chances, be it we begin in the Show Me State, or the Peach Tree State.

Bringing Out the Worst in Fan Behavior…. AGAIN !!!!

Once again, another senseless act of violence has put another black eye amongst the fans in the Dodgers/Giants rivalry. As many of you know by now, Jonathan Denver, the son of a Dodger Stadium security guard, was stabbed to death in a bar nearby AT&T Park during an altercation with a couple other Giants fans, marking the 3rd reported act of violence in the last 10 years and the 2nd death as well. Folks, this is a great rivalry, I hate the Giants just as much, and I enjoy some good natured trash talk amongst friends and other fans, but hey, IT’S JUST A GAME !!!! When we say TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME, that doesn’t mean you should fear for your lives because of our difference of opinions on who we cheer for…..


class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-2154460″ />

Braves or Cardinals ? A Lot of October History with these 2….

And finally, a brief visual history of our potential opponents, with both the Braves and Cards sporting a rich history of October moments. Here are a couple of pics I snapped from their Hall Of Fame museums in 2005 and 2007. And now, we just sit and wait….

The first 3 of their 14 consecutive divison titles we’re when they we’re still part of the NL West….

2 more World Series titles have been added by the Red Birds since I took a shot of this, bringing their total to 13, the 2nd most in baseball only behind, well, you know….


The Traveling Fleece, aka……Blue

Before I begin, I hope you all had a great time celebrating yesferday’s unofficial holiday of pi, or should I say pie. I know I did thanks to the folks of Pepes NY Pizza in Studio City….


OK.  As fans, we all like to show our support, our unconditional passion towards our favorite teams, even if they always find a way to break our hearts.  With so many forms of media these days, most notably social media, displaying our undying love affair for the teams we support have gone viral in more ways we can even think of.  Be it Steelers fans displaying their Terrible Towels worldwide, or UCLA fans doing 8-Claps Heard Around the World, or even, yes, Dodgers fans simply displaying their Blue worldwide, there’s just no denying our longstanding support for our favorite teams.  In case you’re wondering, yes, the Dodgers do have a link where you can submit your pics showing off your undying support of Dodger Blue
2004 I would get my 1st of a line of Dodgers fleece blankets throughout the years on giveaway nights.  A simple design really.  A blue blanket with the iconinc Dodger script with the interlocking L.A. as the watermark background.  Other than of course Chavez Ravine, it’s made it’s way through 6 other stadiums as well, one no longer in existence.  It’s met fans of the opposition, kept my little sister warm , Dodged a tomahawk or two ( Pun intended ), made friends with a military family, payed a visit to support some future Dodgers in the minors, and even been on Prime Ticket !!!! The fleece now enters it’s 10th season.  Though it hasn’t left California since the 2010 season, it still intends to make it to all 30 MLB Stadiums, as well as the countless minor league parks as well.  If I could have known that some day this was going to go viral the fleece would have seen some landmarks as well . ( Though it’s not too late….)  So, you wondering where Blue has been over the years ?  OK, here goes….



The birth of Blue.  Here are a couple of pics with some friends and colleagues.  Blue is still wondering how I was able to pull off a coupke of Dodger Night Out’s since organizing activities with co-workers is never easy….




This would be the first of many appearances in PETCO Park for Blue.  The first pic is from April with my buddies Chris and Josh.  You will see Josh in more pics to come.  The bottom pic is with the sibs, August 1st.  The big bro is some really awesome guy for bringing his lil’ sibs on the road with him.  That was also the weekend of then GM Paul DePodesta’s infamous firesale.  That was also the first game for former Padre Steve Finley in Dodger Blue, much to the “delight” of the locals.  We could only wonder if Finley would have any kind of an impact for the Boys in Blue….  This was also the game Eric Gagne pitched 3 scoreless innings before the Boys in Blue would win hard fought 2-1 game in 12 innings, thanks to a pinch-hit solo shot by Robin Ventura.  Gagne wasn’t as effective after that game and many felt his 3 innings pitched, the most he pitched since going from starter to closer, had a lot to do with his in-effectiveness and later his arm troubles.  ( Though we can all zpeculate what else contributed as well…. )

SBC Park


Known as SBC Park at the time, after being re-named, Blue would endure many ” verbal ” assaults fromthe natives up north.  It would also encounter many blue clad friends as well for this late September matchup with the Giants.  It would even survive a threat from one of the older female ushers, who had threatened it’s entourage it would be kicked out if they continued to cheet loudly ( Since when is cheereing loudly an offense.  )  And finally, Blue enjoyed the look of the locals, as well as that particular usher, during the 9th inning as the entourage dressed in Blue countered the BEAT L.A. chants….GO L.A. !!!   GO L.A. !!!  The Boys in Blue would clinch the NL West 6 days later at home against the hated ones.  I think Steve Finley had something to do with that….

Old Busch Stadium, St Louis, May 2005



In Busch Stadiums final season before moving across the street to New Busch with some of baseball’s friendliest fans…


Giving old Busch and its mini arches a touch of Blue before bidding farewell…..

Back to PETCO


On any given day in San Diego, chances are you will meet someone with military connections.  Here we met this family whose son, a Padre fan,  was serving in the Marine Corps.  The family brought a sign to the game for the fans to sign, something we would do ourselves upon our encounter with them after the game, in front of Tony Gwynn Dr no less……

2006 and Back to PETCO


Hey !!!  BLUE made it on the field !!!! 

Dodging Tomahawks


Blue’s first trip to the east !!!  That’s quite a big drum there….


Saved from the tomahawk.  Blue would escape Turner Field in Atlanta unscathed by this tomahawk.  Blue would endure two days of tomahawks and war chants from the locals….



Tailgate at the Park, Elysian Park, before the Dodgers home opener in their 50th year here in L.A. …….

Minute Maid Park
Houston, Tx


Reppin’ with Blue Deep In the Heart of Texas….


Opening the season at PETCO….


Picnic at the park.  Blue sure knows how to bring life to a picnic.  This would be my buddy Art’s first game in a long time, bringing his kid Angel, also taking in his first game.  And of course, Josh and Letty, whom you may have by now noticed in previous pics….


Postgame pic with Blue


A Return Up North…


This time, it’s the lil’ sis Sarah who will put Blue on display…. At Union Station in DTLA, before catching a bus to Bakersfield to connect with the Amtrak San Joaquin train to the bay.  Blue is doing a nice job keeping the lil’ sis warm….


Blue still keeping the lil’ sis warm while waiting in Bakersfield for the train to the bay….

And finally…


The lil’ sis has arrived.  The Bay Bridge sure looks more attractive with Blue there….

ON Prime Ticket from PETCO


Blue loving the attention being given throughout SoCal….


Catching a Glimpse of Some Future Dodgers in Albuquerque….


Hey look, it’s Josh again.  He comes around as often as some local newsvan of many years ago.  Blue has made it’s way to Isotopes Park !!!!


Me n Blue, kickin it with one of the Dodgers and Isotopes ( AAA team of the Dodbers ) biggest fans… Homer Simpson… Doh !!!!

Back at The Ravine…



John and Elba keeping Blue company….

2011 With an Unlit Halo in Anaheim


At Angel Stadium, as Blue shines brightly in front of that unlit Halo….

And of course back at PETCO….


OK, Blue ain’t quite as visible here due to the fact it’s facing thw action toward the field.  However this pic of me and Lil’ D is still one of my favorites….


Yup, You Guessed it, Back to PETCO



Of course it does help that San Diego is only 2 hours south of L.A.   ……

Blue sure has spent a lot of time out in PETCO’s Park at the Park…


Of course, in the park where the pets go, Blue’s got a new best friend….


Final Pic of 2012


So Blue will be entering it’s 10th season.  As said earlier, it’s my intention to get Blue in all 30 MLB parks, even if some risks may be involved.  After all, it’s put up with verbal abuse in San Francisco to dodging tomahawks in Atlanta.  It’s been to Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, Old Busch Stadium, Minute Maid Park, Turner Field, SBC/AT&T Park, and of course , PETCO Park.  4 Division titles have been won in it’s existence, it’s now time to bring Blue a World Champion.  It’s waited a long time now.  Not as long as it’s owner and the fans, but it’s been awhile….  May 2013 be our year !!!!

And last but not least….Today’s Instagram Pic… Andre Ethier


Out in right field, May 2009. You can alsofollow me on my Instagram at Good_Drei.