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A Case of Blue Fever in L.A.

It’s been a little over 24 hours now since last night’s dramatic NLDS series clinching win.  And for those of you who we’re so fortunate to be at The Ravine to witness more Magic, or what people in the A-T-L are calling,The Worst Night in Atlanta Sports History, i’m guessing that a good many of you, who probably lost your voices, decided to call in today with a case of….. Blue Fever . I can’t say I blame you, though I’d never do that…( I hear you all laughing. It’s all good…). And if you still haven’t had enough….

And to think that at the end of last season we all had pretty much given up on Juan Uribe. Comeback Player of the Year candidate ? Kirk Gibson, Steve Finley, Rick Monday, you all have company now when it comes to the category of Biggest Home Runs in L.A. Dodgers history !!!!!


From the stands…

And outside workplaces throughout L.A.


Blue fever has sure caught on !!!!

While We Wait….

Now, we wait for our upcoming opponent, whom we will know by tomorrow night.

The Pirates will go with the rookie and former Orange Lutheran High and UCLA Bruin Gerrit Cole against the Cardinals and veteran Adam Wainwright in a decisive 5th game at Busch Stadium. If game 4 was any indication, tomorrow night should be a showcase for the pitchers once again. Does BucTober come through The Ravine come Friday, or do we travel to the Show-Me State ? No matter, the Dodger pitching staff should be plenty well-rested with Zack Greinke slated to take the hill in Game 1 of the NLCS Friday night and Kershaw back at it on his normal 4 days rest come Saturday. What other roster moves to be made by Saturday remains to be seen. Will Andre Ethier be healthy enough to take the field in a Best of 7 series ? Will there be any roster moves amongst the pitchers ? In other words, I’m interested to see if Paco Rodriguez, whose late season struggles have been heavily chronicled, makes the NLCS roster in addition to Ricky Nolasco, who could possibly be on the outside looking in to make way for late season addition Edinson Volquez, who had a strong September…..


Allright, since all these questions won’t be answered until Friday morning at the latest, let’s just go back to celebrating The Blue’s NLDS triumph over the Braves. It’s been a great BlueTober so far !!!! Hopefully, this won’t be the last of the celebrating….

Greatness never ends…. Koufax and Kershaw sharing a moment together. Let’s see this two more times !!!!