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Ballparks, Bytes and Bites, Cruising The OC, 8/7/2014

With Kid Marly Marlz, and Dre , aka Kid and Dre , ( How original huh ? )


Featuring Kid Marly Marlz


In another addition to the blog, I’ve added this new feature that i’ve decided to call Ballparks, Bytes and Bites. Ballparks, because much of Kid and Dre’s hijinx take place in a ballpark, Bytes, because, again, Kid and Dre’s video bytes, among other attempts at either broadcast or entertainment, come from the old ballpark, and Bites, to feature and review where Kid Marlz and I go for a pre or post-game bite. Dre does the reviews, and Kid Marlz, who you will see more of than Dre, well, he acts the part as, well, The Kid. ( Or is he really acting ? Because after all, to be Kid Marlz, he gotta have some, ok, a lot of, well, Kid at Heart…) You could say it’s a spin from Food Networks Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. Only the personalities involved here are much friendlier and non-pretentious and hopefully a lot funnier ( We do try folks…)

Today, we find ourselves cruising through the OC on the way to see our Boys in Blue take on the Angels in Anaheim on this Thursday evening. Before we find ourselves in Anaheim, The Kid decides he wants to try out Sonic since he’s seen the commercials but has never been ( Neither had Dre for that matter, because the only Sonic in L.A. County to Dre’s knowledge is over in Azusa ). So we venture to the one in Fullerton by the 57 Freeway. Oh yeah, just a thought for you ballpark travelers. If you plan to catch an Angels game in Anaheim during the week and you’re staying in L.A., you may want to plan on spending the day somewhere in Orange County. The traffic, no matter what route you decide to use, can really test your patience . ( Thank You Kid Marlz for putting up with it ! )

Bites… Sonic


As we finally arrive at Sonic, we see that this is your classic car-hop type drive-in, where you place your order through a speaker and servers in roller skates deliver your food. We opted for the outdoor patio. The food really wasn’t the greatest, I had the double bacon cheeseburger, which I thought was really lacking in flavor, but the shakes that we had we’re a big hit. I tried out the chocolate jalapeno shake, which wasn’t bad at all, and not too spicy either. Kid Marlz, (in a moment you’ll see why we call him The Kid) well, he enjoyed his strawberry cheesecake shake. While we we’re at Sonic, a couple of the Angels rival mascots found their way toward the kid…

Marlz_Mascots1 Well Marlz, it looks like you’ve made some new buddies there with Stomper, the Oakland A’s mascot, and The Mariner Moose . Of course our unofficial mascot, The Dodger Dog had to join them…


MarlzMoose4 Whoa Marlz, easy on The Moose’s Antlers…

MarlzMoose3 Aw. Marlz is sharing his shake with The Moose…

Marlz_Mascots2 You really are having the time of your life with your new furry friends aren’t you kid ?

Marlz_DodgerDog2 Of course Kid Marlz loves his Dodger Dog…

As for the dining experience at Sonic, the shakes we’re good. The rest, well… I’ll just say go for the shakes. ( You’ll all be glad to know no animals we’re harmed and the Moose’s antlers are still in one piece…)

Ballpark…Angel Stadium, 8/7/2014 . Dodgers vs. Angels

BigA Gotta give it the proper look …

Bud_Clydes Hey look, it’s the Budweiser Clydesdales !!!

Marlz_Clydes OK Marlz, you really gonna take all that beer ? ( In the meantime, Dre is having a friendly wager with the King of Clydesdales that come October it will be the Dodgers not the Cardinals repping the NL in this years World Series…

KidDreEntrance Turning The OC Blue !!!

Bytes… From the upper reaches of Angel Stadium, Matt Kemp at The Plate.

In the beginning of this byte, listen for an Angel fan behind me that doesn’t care for Matt’s or perhaps, my presence… How does Matt do in this at bat ? Also, The Kid discusses the 3 B’s in this at bat. Bison, Brew, and Bubbles !!! ( Bubbles ? )

Ballparks, Bytes and Bites from Andre Ojeda on Vimeo.

Speaking of bubbles, perhaps you may have heard the big fuss last week over the now infamous bubble machine . It appears that as of now, the bubble machine will not be going away anytime soon, as seen here after A.J. Ellis’ home run in Milwaukee during Sunday’s 5-1 win over the Brewers…

Of course, we always have our own bubble to blow as well, right kid ?

kid_bubbles Once a Kid…Always a Kid…Forever a Kid…Kid at Heart

And on this Thursday August evening, the Dodgers, behind a 2 hit 7 inning performance by Hyun-Jin Ryu, would put out the Halo 7-0, taking 3 of 4 in the freeway series .

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this first edition of Ballparks, Bytes and Bites. Next up, we go from The Ravine to the
West 626…

TurningITBlue Taking out the red and turning The OC Blue. ‘Til the next episode…

Off Season Insta Pics and Dre’s Conference Title Picks….




As you can tell, Dodger Stadium is almost ready to play host for next weeks NHL Stadium Series matchup between the L.A. Kings and Anaheim Ducks.  This will mark the first time a regular season NHL outdoor matchup will take place out here in the west.  Hopefully, this is the first of more to come.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a peek inside….. 

Ok, my conference title picks…


Denver over New England in a shootout, with Manning coming out on top 38-34


In a hard fought, black and blue matchup, the 49ERS come out of this on their way for the Quest for Six, 20-17. This game couldn’t be more evenly matched . Two teams , two coaches that can’t stand each other. Points should be at a premium and my 20-17 projection may be a bit high. I’m looking for the Niner running game to be the difference . Oh yeah, you all do know by now i’m also a 49ERS fan. You say being a 49ERS fan in L.A. is sacreligious ? Well, I guess Matt Kemp never got that message either….


Yup, even The Bison is a huge Niners Fan !!!!

Enjoy the games everyone !!!