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Ballparks, Bytes and Bites, 626 Day From The Ravine to the 626, 6/26/2014

But First…
On This Day, 1966, The Beatles perform their 2nd to last concert ever at Dodger Stadium on this day, August 28, 1966. Their final concert ever would be the next evening up in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park. Dodger Stadium would be 1 of 9 MLB parks The Beatles would ever perform at . With Candlestick Park scheduled for demolition soon, Dodger Stadium will be the only MLB park left standing where The Fab Four has performed.


We’re Baaaaaaaaack !!!

Kid N Dre bringing you our 2nd edition of Ballparks, Bytes, and Bites

Featuring once again, Kid Marly Marlz


And Dodger Dre with the story-telling. Or as Kid Marly Marlz likes to say when Dre has his beats on …

DRE_BEATS Dre Beats !!!

There’s something about being around a ballpark that brings out the kid in all of us…

Marlz_ElysianHills Every kid dreams of making it to the bigs someday, such as this kid looking from a distance high up on the Elysian Hills ( even this 30 something kid can dream, right ? )

Once inside the stadium walls, there certainly has to be other fun things and sweet treats that bring out the kid in all of us. After all, what kid can’t resist the sweet taste of cotton candy at the ballpark, right ?

wpid-picsart_1403758081202.jpg We’re just never too old for cotton candy are we Marlz ?

Of course there are also other sweet treats inside the yard that kids big and small can sink their teeth into…

MARLZ_BIGAPPLE Whoa Marlz ! That’s quite a BIG APPLE there for a BIG KID !!!

What kid doesn’t like to play with toys ? Dodger Stadium has toys of all sizes for kids of all ages…

MARLZ_KOUFAX Here’s a flashback here. Kid Marlz and his Koufax bobblehead in 2012. Notice no facial hair for the kid ?

MARLZ_BIGBOBBLE Now that, is a big kid’s bobblehead !!!

Speaking of bobbleheads…

MARLZ_WILSONBBL1 It looks like Kid Marly Marlz is having fun with his new lil’ bro, Brian, aka, THE BEARD…

MARLZ_WILSONBBL2 See the resemblance between the two ?

On this Thursday evening, June 26th, 626 day to those in and from the San Gabriel Valley ( 626 being the main area code of SGV ) , the Boys in Blue would do battle with the St. Louis Cardinals in a rematch of last year’s NLCS.

DODGERSCARDS_SCORECARDS The Dodgers and Cardinals both have long and storied histories, having met in the post-season 3 times in the last 10 years, something the Kid and I look back on among other throwback topics in this upcoming video byte as Andre Ethier is at the plate.  It’s a custom for Dre here to “try” and call the action when Dre is at the plate…

Drei+n+Kid+Marlz%2C+626+Night+at+The+Ravine%2C+Part+1 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

The Dodgers and Cardinals would be deadlocked in a scoreless game through 7.  As Dre here again try’s to do play by play for Dre, Marlz decides to use the moment to do some self-promoting of his instagram tag @mdario83

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/103876835″>Marlz Self Promoting @MDario83</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user29602044″>Andre Ojeda</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>  

The game remained scoreless until the bottom of the 8th, when Justin Turner would come off the bench and deliver…


Before Kenley Jansen would come in and shut the door down on the Dodgers hard earned 1-0 win over the Red Birds, Kid Marlz decides to strut his stuff to some California Love…

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/103877650″>Jansen Entrance Featuring @MDario83 (Short Version.mp4</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user29602044″>Andre Ojeda</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>  Hey Kid !  As you we’re doing your strut to some California Love, I noticed the fans behind you we’re leaving you… ( I had to get that out kid !!! LOL )

So on this Thursday evening in a hard fought match-up between the Dodgers and Cardinals, the Dodgers would prevail 1-0.  Could these two teams meet again in this years post-season ?  It’s getting close to that time of year folks…

From The Ravine to the West 626 For Some Post-Game Bites

Tonight, our post-game dining ventures take us to Alhambra located on the west end of the San Gabriel Valley on 626 day on 6/26.  Along Valley Blvd., one can find many late night Asian dining options.  On this night however, Kid Marlz and I decide to go to that one non-Asian spot on the corner of Valley and Garfield where patrons have gone for their pastrami fix for many years, The Hat.

THEHAT Having grown up not to far from here in San Gabriel, I have made many ventures to The Hat for my pastrami fix for many a years .  Sliced paper thin and piled high, marinated in it’s own juices, The Hat still continues to be my occasional late night stop especially after an evening game.

WETFRIES Some wet fries to go with the pastrami.  Looks like the Mini Beard and the Mini Puig have their eyes set on this meal.  

MARLZ_HAT1 Ready to dig in Kid ?

MARLZ_HAT2 In the meantime, while Kid Marlz is reading to chow down, Mini Puig and MIni Beard are wondering how are we going to finish all this food ?

MARLZ_HAT3 Mini Puig doesn’t seem to thrilled that Kid Marlz would chow down like that in front of them…

MARLZ_HAT4 You hungry kid ?  His lil’ bro, the Mini Beard doesn’t seem very amused , especially since the Kid isn’t sharing.  The Mini Beard looks like he’s ready to deliver some chin music to The Kid if he don’t share some of his pastrami…

MARLZ_HAT5 And the Mini Bearded one and The Kid are now at peace.  

On a side note, when Kid Marlz put some ketchup on his pastrami sandwich, that had to be the first time in all the years I’ve dined at The Hat that I’ve seen someone put some sort of “foreign” condiment on the sandwich.

Dre: ” You’re really gonna put ketchup on that ? “

Kid: ” Yeah buddy !!! ” 

Dre: ” Who put’s ketchup on their pastrami ? “

Kid: ” This guy !!! “

So, that sums up this edition of Ballparks, Bytes and Bites.  L.A. and it’s vast area is full of pre and post game dining options that many a Dodger fan has favorited.  I’m sure you have one of your own in your town as well.  So, what’s your favorite pre and post game dining spot ?

KIDNDRE_HAT Kid N Dre chowing down.  FYI, we we’re not able to finish the wet fries with our pastrami.  We aren’;t the first not to accomplish this feat.  We certainly won’t be the last.  That was a lot of food.   Even the Mini Puig and Mini Beard couldn’t help us.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this edition of Kid N Dre’s Ballparks, Bytes and Bites.  Next up, San Diego and PETCO Park.  What will Kid N Dre have in store for you next ?  Stay tuned…

minibeard You really are enjoying quality time with your new Lil Bro aren’t you kid ?  As always… Once a Kid, Always a Kid, Forever a Kid, Kid at Heart….  

DRE_BEATS_BISON Hey Kid !  You ain’t the only Big Boy who still plays with toys !  Dre got his Mini Bison to help with his Beats !!!  ‘Til the Next Episode…







Dre’s Sunday Funnies 6/29/2014

But first…


Backed by an offensive explosion that included a 6 run 2nd, the Dodgers,  coulpled with the Giants loss in extras to the Reds,  find themselves only one game back of the Giants.  The Dodgers wrap up their 4 game series with the Cardinals this afternoon with Clayton  Kershaw on the hill as they try to take 3 of 4 from the Red Birds and perhaps tie the Giants for the NL West lead.  

Drei’s Sunday Funnies for 6/29/2014

After a couple of weeks off, its back !  For those who have followed, you may have noticed the feature had been on the Mini Puig.   Well,  today,  we’ve added another Mini Creature to the story.  Yup,  that creature too is a head bobbler . 


Today,  we introduce…. The Mini Beard ! Yup, that mini bearded version of Brian Wilson that every Dodger fan got to take home this past Thursday.   Here,  The Mini Beard found himself a big bro,  Marlon, who you’ll see throughout this and future posts.


Can you see the resemblance between the two ?


On the field,  the sight of the postgame handshake line has been a familiar and frequent one lately for our Boys In Blue,  as they have won 15 of their last 23, going from 9.5 games back of the Giants to only one game in a span of just 22 days.   That’s right Dodger fans ! 22 as in Clayton Kershaw !  The pitcher who pitched a no-hitter on the 18th .  The pitcher who was named Player of the Week for his accomplishments.   Today’s starting pitcher sundry the Cardinals as the Dodgers aren’t to take 3 of 4….  OK, after a hard fought 1-0 victory over the Red Birds,  a game which Brian Wilson should get the win in relief on the night his Mini Ego would be taken home by over 48,000 fans,  Marlon’s little Mini Bearded one would venture out toward the 626 on, 6/26. 


What’s this ?  Those wet fries and pastrami look like those from The Hat !  And look who he’s joined the Mini Beard ?  Yup, it’s Mini Puig !  Oh,  The look on both Mini Puig and Mini Beard’s face with all that food surrounding them…


Hey !  Looks like Marlon,  aka Marlz, has worked up quite an appetite for himself.   After all,  one can only dine on so many Dodger Dogs.  The Mini Puig is pleading to Marlz,  ” HEY, VIEJO ?  WHERE’S MY PASTRAMI ? ”


Looks like Mini Puig has decided to get his own pastrami.   As for Marlz, he continues to chow down.  Mini Beard doesn’t look to thrilled.   ” Hey Marlz !  HOW ‘ BOUT A LITTLE CHIN MUSIC  WITH YOUR DIP ? ”


After being threatened by his lil’ bro’, the Mini Beard,  Marlz had decided to share some of his pastrami dip.  I guess you could say that Marlz did…. FEAR THE BEARD !!! 

A huge thanks to my buddy Marlon for taking part in this.  You can find on Instagram @mdario83 .  Tell him @good_drei sent you.   As I’ve said kid,  Never A Dull Moment At The Ballpark.  


Dre’s Friday Thoughts 7/19/2013

Tonight begins the 2nd half of the season, with newly the newly acquired Ricky Nolasco to get the nod tonight against the Nationals Stephen Strasburg.  In spite of a rough 1st half that did end on a high note, many are expecting the Dodgers to continue on their hot streak in the 2nd half and perhaps still run away with the NL West.  I don’t see why they shouldn’t, win the NL West if not run away with it.  So long as the core of the team can remain healthy in the 2nd half we should be ok……  Heck, Richard Justice has even gone to great lenghts to predict a Dodgers-Rays World Series….


Food For Thought

This past week the good folks over at the MLBlogs home page ( http://mlb.com/blogs/ ) asked the fans to share their ballpark dining experiences and post their pictures, so I was more than happy to submit a couple of specialty Dodger Dogs that we’re featured, one of them a St. Louis Dog ( Cardinals ) and one a Philly Cheesteak Dog ( Phillies ) . Going back to last season the Dodgers have served their specialty dogs at the Loaded Dog stand themed to certain opponents for that series. While they have not done this for every team, here’s hoping that eventually they will feature other “dogs” as well, like let’s say, a Cincinatti Dog when the Reds are in town, topped with Cincinattie Style Chili, or a Georgia Dog with the Braves, topped with sauteed onions and cole slaw…


Speaking of good eats, I’ve decided to feature some places outside the yard from throughout Cali that i’ve had the chance to dine at either before or after a game. Ready for a little food porn ? Ok, here goes….

Oh yeah, I have to satisfy my sweet tooth as well….

One More of Dre’s Ballpark Sounds From the 1st Half

OK now, fot those of you who have been paying attention, I’ve posted a few personal media clips here during the 1st half of the season and i’ve had a great time doing them. Here is one of my favorite clips from the 1st half from Sunday May 26th. It was the home 8th, Dodgers down 4-3, and they are still struggling 2 months into the season. Matt Kemp is called upon to pinch hit, but the end result was not a happy one, much to the dismay of the Dodger Faithful. Oh yeah, during the call, I lost track of how many outs, the audio was bad to say the least, and to highlight everyone’s frustration, JDoza and I have a somewhat war of words….

Rally Time From the Top Deck…5/26/2013 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

I can only imagine stuff like this happens in a broadcast booth in between innings as well. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering why I mentioned the Mendoza Line, yes, it was a reference to Mario Mendoza who i’m sure many of you baseball fans know about. My buddy there also happens to be a Mendoza as well and I remember kidding him a while back that he was supposed to raise the bar on the Mendoza line. Well, any J, you did say that the Blue would snap out of it after the All-Star break. Well, it’s after the All-Star break, and it seems that The Blue has snapped out of it earlier than that. As for any more “jinxes” , we’ll keep that between us… For now…LOL. Oh yeah, a some other thoughts…. Even though Matt Kemp has struggled, the Blue is still going to need him to step up come the 2nd half, especially if teams start to pitch around HanRam and adjust to Puig. Dre here thinks we see not only the Bison of 2011 come the 2nd half, but that both The Bison and Ethier, whom many of you wanted traded just a few weeks ago, will still have a huge impact as to how far the Dodgers go into October. One last thought, I said it just recently, I’ll say it again. 91 wins for a NL West title. So, that would mean the Blue would have to go 44-24 the rest of the way. Hey, the finished the first half on a roll. If healthy and The Bison returns to form, and the pitching continues to deliver, we just may be seeing some Dodger baseball deep into October….OK, enough from me. It’s almost gametime !!! 2nd half and the Road to October starts now ….. GO DODGERS !!!!