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Magic Number Countdown…12

Dodgers_1964 Topps All Star Tommy Davis Tommy Davis would don the Dodger Blue for 8 seasons, from 1959-1966, winning the National League batting titles in 1962 and 1963. Tommy is the only L.A. Dodger to win a league batting title. There’s a good chance you may have crossed paths with Tommy Davis as he’s usually active in various Dodger alumni events. I’ve had a chance to cross paths with Tommy Davis several times over the years, each time Tommy was very warm and engaging not only with me but with every fan as well…

Dodgers_Tommy Davis Tommy Davis, Autograph Alley, 2008

Dodgers_TommyDavis ScottVSlyke Rancho Tommy Davis and Scott Van Slyke in Rancho Cucamonga this past June during Scottie’s Rehab ( 2 class gentleman I might add…)

Dodgers_Drei Josh TommyDavis TD with me and my long time buddy Josh, Rancho Cucamonga, 2012

Other Dodgers Who Wore Number 12

Eddie Stankie

Ralph Branca

Dusty Baker

Jay Johnstone

Steve Finley

Jeff Kent

Juan Nicasio ( Current )

Extra Innings… Blue Monday…With Kid N Drei…

KID N DREI_MON NIGHT WE LOVE LA Kid N Drei may have been on summer hiatus, but we never went away. So what’s a Monday night at The Ravine like with Kid N Drei ? Here it is, all in 90 seconds…

KID N DREI_DODGER DOG N SAMMY Yeah Kid, Drei even let the Niner mascot, Sourdough Sam, join Kid N Drei’s… HOUSE PARTY !!! 

Tonight’s Magic Number Fun Fact….12

Going into tonight’s action, the Magic Number for the Dodgers to clinch the NL West is 12. A combination of 12 Dodger wins and DBack losses, and the Blue will be celebrating their 11th NL West crown. In doing the math, the earliest the Dodgers would be able to clinch the division would be next Wednesday night against the DBacks. Given the unlikelihood that the Dodgers clinch at the earliest next Wednesday, that would mean that realistically, the Blue could and in my mind should have the division clinched by next weekend and if that holds true, we would celebrate in front of…..THE HATED ONES !!!! Which now brings me to this fun and informal poll….

Magic Number Fun Fact….12

Back to tonight’s magic number…12 . Worn by Tommy Davis. Played with the Dodgers from 1959-1966. Was the last Dodger to win a batting title, doing so in back to back seasons in 1962-63….

Tommy Davis, 2008. Always glad to talk baseball with the fans….

In Other News Around the National League….

With a little over 3 weeks of baseball left, the only race now is in the NL Central between the Pirates, Cardinals and Reds. While it’s all but certain that the 2nd and 3rd place finishers would meet in the 1 game playoff, it is also quite possible that the 3 teams could finish tied for first come the season’s end. So, how would the NL Central champ be determined if that should be the case ? Well, according to this…http://www.baseballnation.com/2013/9/3/4687008/three-way-tie-breaker-nl-central-scenario. Which leads to my next poll….

Speaking of the NL Central…. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Pirates !!! With 81 wins under their belt, they have finally broken that dubious streak of 21 consecutive losing seasons !!!! And hey, we just may see them come October…. I actually am glad the Bucs have put a halt to that streak….

Me chatting it up with the Pirate Parrot at PNC Park, 2005. Looks like the Parrot will actually experience October baseball for a change, and we just may bump into each other once again….

All Shades of Blue

With the college football season already started and the NFL kicking things off tonight with Broncos thrashing of the Super Bowl Champion Ravens ( As a Niners fan the talk of the Super Bowl still somewhat stings…LOL ), I recently thought it’d be appropriate to combine what I call All Shades of Blue, so here goes….


Oh yeah, go ahead Bruin fans !!! I just had to give the Victory Bell a touch of Dodger Blue ( The annual prize given to the winner of the USC-UCLA football game… ). Like I said…. All Shades of Blue….

Apples Outside The Ravine

During the last homestand a couple of the All-Star Apple statues from New York were on display outside the left field entrance….



dre The 2 won in my lifetime. It’s been 25 years… It’s time to add another one !!!! Can you tell i’m excited about the Race to October ?


We’re getting close to Spring Training folks !!!  But before ST starts, the Dodgers once again embark on their annual caravan with this season’s theme giving back to the community.  One of the activities in line for todays caravan was a volunteer clenup of the L.A. River, which players past and present we’re in attendance to lend a hand to the 250 Dodger fans who took time to volunteer today.

Copy of Copy of dreispics0214 019.jpg

Amongst those in attendance, Don Mattingley, James Loney, Tommy Davis, Ken Landreaux, Bobby Castillo, and Rudy Law.  Not pictured, good old Tommy Lasorda, Jimmy Campanis, and Dre, who would be a late arrival as he was arriving from Phoenix.

It was a fun day to be amongst fellow Dodger fans and it really did feel good to do something good for OUR TOWN as we can say we contributed to the continuing efforts to make the L.A. River a place where hopefullly there will be a longer trail for bikers and joggers to take a nice stroll. 

dreispics0214 021.jpg

L.A. River, down on the edge

Oh yeah, speaking of Dre…

Copy of dreispics0214 024.jpg