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Drei’s Thoughts From Vin Scully Avenue

DODGERS_V SCULLY _DREI Greetings Dodgers fans ! After 13 games at 8-5 our Boys in Blue currently stand atop the division. If not for some early bullpen struggles The Blue could be 12-1. Oh well. However, the bullpen has turned it around the last 5 games….

Other Thoughts From Drei…

After struggling in his first start, Alex Wood bounced back nicely against the Snakes, going 7 1/3 to get his first win. Hopefully this is will be the start of some good fortune we expected when The Blue acquired him last season form the Braves…

Scott Kazmir, after blanking the Padres, has struggled the last two starts, both against the Giants. I’m still confident he will get his stroke back, my concern with Scott is how he holds up the entire season, given his recent history of ailments…

Kenta Maeda, well, he’s been everything we’ve expected and some

Possible Rookie of the Year candidate, or is Corey Seager still the team favorite ?

Off to The TED, One Last Time…

dre_hank The Blue heads down to Georgia to start off a six game road trip, with the first three of six at Turner Field against the Braves. Unless these two should meet in October ( Which many find highly unlikely ), this will be the Dodgers final appearance in Turner Field as the Braves are set to move into their shiny new digs next season. 

TURNER_DREI N TOMAHAWK Just happened to “Dodge” this tomahawk…

9th Inning…From Sunset to The Ravine


DODGERS_VIN SCULLY MARQUEE ” A Very Pleasant Good Evening and Welcome…”



Drei’s Food For Thought For 2016

dodgers0831_2 The Dodger Dog. The number one food item among generations of Dodgers fans. One of the things we Dodger fans look forward to when visiting The Ravine. This is the Super Dog, my preference. A lot more beef than the usual foot long. 

Ballpark dining has come a long way from the usual hot dog, peanuts and cracker jacks, with Dodger Stadium being no different. Speaking of cracker jacks…

img_20160326_162158.jpg How ’bout this latest creation ? A Cracker Jack & Mac Dog, to be served at PNC Park this season. This latest creation from Pittsburgh,a town known for throwing just about anything in their sandwiches, tops this dog off with mac and cheese, jalapenos, Cracker Jacks drizzled with caramel sauce on pita bread. I wonder if that toy prize actually comes with the dog ?

Of course PNC Park is hardly alone when it comes to ballpark dining creativity, or yet, throwing some form of popcorn into their dog…

img_20160326_164137.jpg @FoxSportsSouth  Meet TED, The Everything Dog, being served at Turner Field. On top of that all beef dog is pretty much everything in both your fridge and cupboard, and some, including popcorn, chili and Coca-Cola infused BBQ sauce, among other accoutrements… That’s not the only thing Turner Field is introducing in it’s final season…

 Twitter @darrenrovell  Dubbed the Burgerizza, this gut buster is “grilled 20-oz. all-beef patty, covered with five slices of cheddar cheese, topped with crispy bacon, and served between two 8-inch pepperoni pizzas.” Obviously not approved by the folks at PETA… These are just two of the creations Turner Field will be serving up Braves fans in it’s grand finale. Of course, the league ballpark dining creations don’t end there, many of these making Dodger Stadium’s new food items for 2016 seem rather tame. 

King's Hawaiian loaded hot dog Matthew Moreno-DodgerBlue.com

The King’s Hawaiian Dog, a Super Dog inside of course a King’s Hawaiian bun, topped off with a pineapple salsa. The Dodgers during the last few years have served up themed dog’s based on a particular heritage night being celebrated or who the visiting team is. The themed dog’s have been mostly a hit, but like our national pastime, some misses as well. So, you may be asking, what themed dog’s has Drei had ? 

Heritage Dogs


The Filipino Dog, served during last year’s Filipino Heritage Night. As a Filipino-American this was really more of a Hawaiian theme, with my fellow Pinoy Dodger fans echoing the same sentiment… Hit or Miss ? Miss

wpid-20140817_120823.jpg wpid-20140817_121625.jpg The Cuban Dog, served during Cuban Heritage Night/Day or when the Miami Marlins are in town. For those familiar the with the medianoche, this super dog is complimented with roast pork, ham, mustard, Swiss cheese and pickles. While I won’t be too picky to ask for this delight to be placed in a press, perhaps this dog would really go well on Cuban bread ? Hey, if the King’s Hawaiian can come in it’s own bread, why not the Cuban Dog ? Hit or Miss ? Hit

Visiting Team Theme Dog’s…

wpid-IMG_20130527_015246.jpg The St. Louis Dog, topped off with pulled pork, sweet bbq sauce and fried onion strips. Neither hit or miss, on this occasion I seemed to get more sauce than I did pork. 

Pike Dog The Pike Dog. Named after Seattle’s famous Pike Street, where on 1st and Pike some coffee shop sits, this was actually a Brooklyn Dog cream cheese and caramelized onions. Concept wasn’t quite there. Maybe some salmon inside the cream cheese could have bumped this dog up ? Hmm ? Lox and Dogs ? Hey, people in the Emerald City love their salmon…Hit or Miss ? Miss

PHILLY DOG The Philly Dog. My favorite of the visiting team themed dogs. There is no shortage of meat in this offering with this offering topped off with thinly sliced ribeye, whiz and onions. This even had the Phanatic’s approval, perhaps explaining why of the mascots featured here he has the biggest waist-line. A hit indeed and perhaps the only reason as of recent to  see the Phillies…

So those are some of the “themed” dogs that Drei has had a chance to devour, along with the Coney Dog (Tigers), Bratwurst ( Brewers. How original huh ? ) or the Chicago Dog (Cubs/White Sox), with the Philly Dog ranking as Drei’s top dog. Yeah, these Dog’s haven’t done much to help shrink Drei’s waist-line either… 

So, what other “visiting team themed dogs” does Drei here think Dodger Food Services can come up with? Hmm, how ’bout these suggestions…

Georgia Dog (Braves) Top it off with some sauteed vidalia onions and cole slaw

Cincy Dog (Reds) Some Cincy chili with a hint of cinammon

And if the Blue Jays ever make it back here 

Poutinne Dog. The thought of a super dog topped with fries, gravy and cheese curds has me drooling

 It probably won’t be long before they start selling tums or Rolaids in the stands. Frankly, I really don’t think the Dodgers are to worried about trying to outdo the league in regards to the ballpark culinary cuisine.  Because at the end of the day, the Dodger Dog is still the top dog among the blue blooded Dodger fans.

marls_2 GAMEOVER2 Seems like all this talk of food has got GlutenFreeSounds, Kid Marley Marlz,  into a food coma… Speaking of Gluten Free, something I highly doubt these food creations are, Kid Marley Marlz and his…GlutenFreeSounds





Throwback Thursday, Drei’s Ballpark Adventures… Turner Field, 5/5-6 2007

Before serving as the home to the Atlanta Braves, Turner Field would be the site of the 1996 Summer Olympics, hosting track and field events as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. It would be transformed into it’s baseball configuration prior to the 1997 season, eliminating roughly over 35,000 seats.

TURNER FIELD_PREGAME VIEW UPPER FL Pregame view from upper left field, 5/5/2007

Despite entering it’s 19th season in operation, Turner Field’s days appear to be numbered as the Atlanta Braves are scheduled to move into their new stadium in Cobb County in 2017 as part of a mixed use facility. Many factors have played into why the Braves, after only 20 season, will be leaving Turner Field, ranging from location to attendance numbers not meeting expectations. 

The announced move to Cobb County has been met with plenty of mixed reviews. As for why attendance numbers have not consistently topped the charts , despite the fact the Braves have made it to post season play 17 times since 1991, the reasons vary from the hot summer months, to a fan base dulled by the teams success all the way down to it’s location, which many feel is the main reason for the Braves scheduled 2017 move. Atlanta Magazine recently wrote a piece on the location surrounding Turner Field which discusses the surrounding area throughout the rest of the year, The Other 284 Days .  

Turner Field, May 5-6, 2007


TURNER FIELD_PARKING LOT OLYMPIC PILLARS View from the parking lot. Notice the pillars in front of the stadium. Those are what remain from the 1996 Summer Olympic stadium use

When visiting Turner Field, if you’re one who likes to re-create history, you may want to arrive early and visit the parking lot across the street. Why you may ask ? The field layout from the Braves previous home, Fulton County Stadium, is displayed with the original locations of each base, including home plate, as well as the location of Hank Aaron’s historic 715th home run


TURNER FIELD_PARKING LOT HANK ARRON FANS Envisioning Hank rounding the bases after hitting 715 and the 2 fans joining him in celebration

picsart Hey, there’s Bill Russel and Davey Lopes looking on. The two would remain teammates in the same position until 1981

TURNER FIELD_HANK AARON 715 MARKER Location where Hank’s 715 landed

Inside Turner Field, the Braves did a good job of providing some in-game entertainment options, including a team Hall of Fame museum and a drum line, dubbed the Heavy Hittaz. It’s a good thing too, because the surrounding area outside The Ted really does not offer much in terms of pre or post game entertainment

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


In the upper reaches of the left field corner is the Sky Field…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

TURNER FIELD_COKE BOTTLE Old Coke Bottle. The current one is now made up of LED displays

Turner Field did not exactly wow me, yet did not disappoint either. There really is no signature feature inside The Ted or any kind of special ambiance that would give you that true baseball feel. However, should you be in attendance when there are over 40,000 in the stands doing the Tomahawk Chop, the experience is definitely different as opposed to hearing it on television.  Turner Field is still worth a visit for you ballpark travelers, especially with The Ted shutting down in 2 years. Tickets for most any game, including post-season should the Braves make it into October play, are generally easy to come by. 

TURNER FIELD_UPPER RIGHT FIELD SEAT 5 5 View from upper right field, 5/5/2007

TURNER_VIDEO BOARD Cinco De Mayo. Of course, who better to represent than Nomar…


TURNER_DREI N HANK Kickin’ it with Hammerin’ Hank

TURNER_DREI N TOMAHAWK With my tomahawk that I managed to dodge…

Also in Atlanta…

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who would have been 86 today…

King HOme If you have the opportunity, you may want to pass through the Auburn district.  Pictured here is the childhood home of Martin Luther King Jr. 

ebeneezer Ebeneezer Baptist Church.

king coretta Tomb dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. and wife Coretta Scott King


Sitting Pretty Atop The West


With today’s 6-4 win over the slumping Braves, the Dodgers finish off their 7 game road trip with a 4-3 mark.  The Dodgers grabbed an early 5-0 lead before nearly letting the Braves come back as they would narrow it down to a one run lead at 5-4 as Brian Wilson’s 8th inning struggles continues .

Adrian Gonzalez would provide an insurance run in the 9th with his 3rd RBI of the game,  doubling home Dee Gordon, who reached base 4 times and would cross the dish 4 times as well.

Liking The Back End m

3 of the 4 wins came from back end starters Dan Haren and Roberto Hernandez with the 3rd coming from newly acquired Kevin Coreia. Thst is now 2 straight starts by both Haren and Hernandez where each starter has allowed 2 runs or less through 6 plus innings. That is what you like to see from the back end of any rotation . Hopefully Haren has withstood his mid-season swoon. I’m also starting to think we got a really good bargain in the Hernandez trade with Philadelphia.

Don’t Worry Baby ?

The words uttered by Brian WIlson. “Everything will turn out all right…” . Who is Dre fooling ? I know you’re, ok, most of you north of 35 years of age, know those words are from Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. With another outing like the one today, I am really starting to have my doubts about the one-time feared one. ” Well its been building up inside of me for, oh I don’t know how long ?… Don’t Worry Baby. Everything will turn out allright….” . Or we can only hope …

Throwback Thursday

Escaped the Ted unscathed. Not a single tomahawk could get in Dre’s way …

30 In 25 By Ground

How many of you baseball fans have ever dreamed of following your favorite team on a road trip ? How many of you have dreamed of seeing a game at all 30 MLB Parks ? How would you plan it out ? 30 in one summer ? 30 over a period of time ? 30 in 30 days ? Or how about… 30 in 25 days, all on ground !!!

Of course a lot of preparation is involved when it comes to road trips. But 25 in 30 days, on ground ? That would be a world record if accomplished. Personally, I couldn’t even do 30 in 30 let alone 30 in 25. When i’m travelling, even when ballpark hopping, I like to take it slow. Here are some of the yards i’ve seen our Boys in Blue play, and some parks where i’ve made some new “friends” .

And some new furry friends along the way…

OK, I’ll include one AL Mascot….

Moose Gotta love playing with the Mariner Moose. As long as I don’t bring some “monkey” inside his yard he’s always happy to play with me….

As for how many current yards i’ve been, my count right now is at 17. I will hit the 30 mark eventually. So, what are some of the yards you’ve strolled through ? What we’re your favorites ? Oh yeah…. Nothing beats a day at the ballpark ….

Honoring Dr. King, Jackie, and Hank, and Dre Goes Through Heartbreak ( AGAIN )


From Dodgers.com , two of the most influential Americans who left a huge impact on society, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Jackie Robinson.

And for you ballpark travelers or travelers in general…

When visiting Atlanta on your ballpark excursions to see the Dodgers, or your favorite team, youbmay want to pay a visit tothe Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta’s Auburn district, Dr. Kings childhood neighborhood.  Mass is held there once a year on the day of his birthday.  It is open yearound for visitors to walk inside and pay tribute.  This was taken in 2007.  While I was inside, audio clips of some of Dr. King’s speeches, including his ” I Have a Dream ” speech we’re played. 


You’ll also want to stop by the statue of Hammerin’ Hank in Turner Fields outfield concourse.  Hank Aaron is another icon who during his playing days endured plenty of racial hatred, including death threats during his chase of Babe Ruth’s home run record.  Speaking of, if you should ever arrive to a Braves game early, you may want to check out the empty parking lot across Turner Fields outfield entrance.  Why ?


That empty lot has the baseball outlines of the Braves old home, Fulton County Stadium.  If you’re with a couple of buddies, you may even want to re-enact the night Hank Aaron hit home run 715 .  One of you could be Hank, and two of you could be the two guys trailing Hank in this famous picture.  Or you could just do it solo and play the part of Hank.

More Heartbreak For Dre

Well, as of yesterday, football season is over for me.  And for the 2nd time in 3 months, I find myself heartbroken over the fact my team came , oh so.close.  And just like in October with the Dodgers, the Niners being ousted on a drive killing interception caused by Niner nemesis Richard Sherman has me pained, and heartbroken.  Oh well.  It was a great year for my 49ERS, who came 18 yards of becoming only the 1st team to win back to back conference championships on the road.  Oh so close…..  If you’re questioning why i’m a Niner fan, well, i’m not the only one in Dodger Blue who backs the Niner Faithful….


Well Matt, dare I say it….. How many days ’til baseball season starts ? 

No Off-Season for Dre’s Thoughts, MARAMING SALAMAT…THANK YOU !!!

I guess there is no off-season when it comes to posting stuff is there ?  It’s been almost a month now since we last set foot inside The Ravine.  My latest thoughts…

NL Rookie of the Year



As much as I would like to see Jose Fernandez build upon his ROY status in 2014, I really do have to question this one. Yeah, our own Yasiel Puig has at times done some things to rub fans, reporters and even teamates the other way but when you compare the impact that these two had on their teams it really does not compare. Before Puig came up in June the Dodgers we’re in the NL West basement looking up until Puig’s June callup provided the Blue Crew some much needed spark. And who could forget his magical June ? He would struggle down the stretch but there is no arguing the impact the Cuban Missile had on the Blue. What is surprising is that the votes we’re not even close.

Cardinals at Los Angeles Dodgers NLCS Game 3 So you didn’t get ROY. It’s all good. Perhaps the MVP next year ?

Meanwhile, Down South…

It was announced on Monday that the Atlanta Braves will be leaving Turner Field after the 2016 season to move into the suburbs of Cobb County. Should this go through as planned this would be the first of the post Camden Yards era yards to be left in it’s dust. Feelings are mixed amongst the fans in Atlanta about the move. Having been to Turner Field in 2007 I wouldn’t exactly put the Ted amongst the top yards in terms of game day experience but it certainly is nowhere near the bottom either. A lot of it has to do with location. Not exactly in the greatest part of town and access isn’t the greatest either. Having said that, the Ted really isn’t a bad yard at all. If the plans for the new stadium go through in time for the 2017 season ( though a rendering of the yard has not been released ) this would mean that Turner Field will have lasted only 20 seasons not counting the 1996 Olympics. Not good considering that yards built after Camden Yards we’re designed to last a good long time.

tomahawk With my souvenier tomahawk

dre_hank Looks like you may be moving to newer digs Hank

Other Post-Season Awards

Puig may have missed out on the Rookie of the Year, but 3 other Dodgers certainly didn’t miss out on their share of accolades. Zack Greinke, while outstanding on the mound even after battling back from a broke collarbone, was also pretty lethal with the bat as well, winning the Silver Slugger Award for his .328 average, best amongst all pitchers. Not too shabby considering his previous 8 seasons we’re spent in the American League where he hit a combined .170


Also, Juan Uribe was named the Dodgers Wilson Defensive Player of the Year for his outstanding work at 3rd base this season. Yeah, like many of you, I had my doubts about Juan coming into the season, and in spite starting the season backing up Luis Cruz, Uribe would have a strong season, highlighted by this 2 run home run off David Carpenter the Braves in Game 4 of the NLDS, sending the Blue to the NLCS.


And Finally…

Was there really any doubt who the 2013 NL Cy Young Award Winner would be ? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves…


Congratulations Kershaw on your 3rd consecutive Cy Young !!! Next season, a World Series ring !!!


OK, now back to a more serious topic. By now all of you are aware of the devastation that the people of The Philippines are going through. Over 1,700 have been confirmed dead, and the numbers are likely to rise. I am proud to say that California is home to the largest Filipino community not only in the United States, but also outside the Philippines. I am also proud to say that Los Angeles, with a Filipino population of over 330,000, is also home to the largest Filipino population of any U.S. city, so it would be safe to say that the Dodgers have the largest Filipino baseball fan base as well, ranked even higher than the Giants Filipino fan base ( Yeah, I had to go there. I’m sure our friends up in Daly City are reading this too…LOL… Hey, a little humor to a serious bit never hurt anyone…) . All kidding aside, understandably, there is much concern amongst the Filipino community here in California from San Diego to The Bay Area and of course all the way back here in Los Angeles as many relief efforts are being put to place. In addition , AT&T and Verizon are waiving fees for those who need to contact their loved ones in the Philippines.

If you are interested in helping the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, you can click here for a list of organizations where you can donate funds to assist those in need. From this Filipino-American Dodger fan, other Filipino Dodger fans in Los Angeles, but more importantly, Filipino’s in Los Angeles, throughout California, and everywhere, we say, MARAMING SALAMAT !!!! THANK YOU !!! Also, a huge MARAMING SALAMAT to the good people of Team Rubicon, a team of military vetrans that are also assisting in The Philippines under ” Operation Seabird “. If you’re unable to contribute, a simple thought and prayer will also do.

FiLApino Filipino’s repping L.A. and the Dodgers !!!! Thanks Jon for the pic !!! Oh yeah, if you’re a Filipino Dodger fan here in L.A. and have any pics of you and your friends and family at Dodger games, or any sporting events here in L.A, please do send them my way. I would like to feature them here on my blog.


lafilipinos Times may be rough for our fellow citizens of The Philippines, but the sun will shine once again…