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12 Years a Dodger…Dre

“Dre has gone through it all in the Dodger Blue. 7 playoff appearances, the most of any L.A. Dodger, 6 division championships, the uncertainty of when and where he will play. He’s gone from looking up to…To being looked up to. We’ve all gone through the highs and lows with him…”

“Dre is now The Dean of The Blue. Deep down, we all know that this could be Dre’s last opportunity in a Dodger Blue uniform to win that big prize that has eluded him.”

Win For Dre, October 17, 2016. 

ethier (Universal Citiwalk, February 2008)

Andre will be entering his 12th season wearing the Dodger Blue. Ethier joined Dodger Talk this week to discuss what these opportunities to give back to the community mean to him. He also goes on to elaborate on what it’s been like to remain with the Dodgers for so long.

From the Diamond to The Court

UCLA basketball has had an exciting season so far. Though currently struggling coming of a two game losing streak to Arizona and their upset loss to USC, their record stands at 19-3. I had a chance to go One on One with former Laker assistant as well as former Bruin and current UCLA radio commentator Tracy Murray, discussing UCLA’s defensive struggles on the court all the way to the toughest Trojan he faced in his days lacing them up at Pauley…


Throwback Thursday…Jackie’s First Game…Oh The Madness…



Jackie’s First Game, 3/17/1946


OK. You’re all probably saying, ” Wait a minute, wasn’t his first MLB game on 4/15/1947 ? ” That is correct folks. However, Jackie Robinson’s first ever integrated spring training game would take place on this day, 70 years ago on March 17, 1946 in Daytona Beach Florida for the Montreal Royals, the Triple A affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Here is perhaps the earliest recording of Jackie Robinson playing for Montreal on April 2, 1946… 

Throwback Thursday…Drei’s March Madness Memories

     “Let’s hope UCLA can continue their streak and perhaps RETURN TO GLORY.  Good luck Bruins in       the NCAA Tourney.  U…C…LLLL A…UCLA FIGHT ! FIGHT ! FIGHT ! “

My words from 2006 as prior to UCLA’s run toward The Final Four. These day’s, the State of UCLA Basketball is anything but glorious, another reason why Drei can’t wait for the regular season to arrive. But hey, i’m sure many of you have a great interest. Before your done reading this post, your brackets ( As well as mine ) will probably be broken. Yup, it’s March Madness folks…

7f72.jpg 3/12 2006. 3 Bruins and a Duck. Fast forward to the current day and it’s now Oregonwho is atop the conference and the top seed in the west. Oregon is one of 7 Pac-12 schools, including USC, playing in the tournament…

33ab.jpgKickin’ it with Jordan Farmar, 3/12/2006. Unknown at the time of this pic this was after Jordan’s final game at Pauley Pavillion. I asked Jordan if he’d be playing for dough come October ” Let me hang a banner up there first…” As for that 12th banner, well…LOL

fb_img_1458184060124.jpgFormer Bruin and current assistant Tyus Edney…

fb_img_1458184261883.jpg Ty Edney will always have a place in the heart of this Bruin fan for one moment in ’95 that took all but 4.8 seconds…

wp-1458188472318.jpeg Well Skip, since our Sons of Westwood ain’t dancin’, hopefully you’ll be the one who get’s us to that ” Other ” dance come October. It’s been 28 years..

So what’s your favorite March Madness memory ? 




Blue Down Under and Spring Madness


The Dodgers finished a very successful road trip to open the season, sweeping the Arizona Diamonbacks in their brief 2 game series.


Dee Gordon all smiles as he climbs the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  I really hope he wins the 2nd base starting job .

March Madness

OK, I know a lot of you are also pauing attention to March Madness.  So far our west coast teams have had a strong showing with San Diego State advancing and Stanford pulling off the upset over Kansas earlier today.   Speaking of Madness, with the Bruins playing later today in the round of 32, here’s my favorite moment….

4.8 – Tyus Edney 1995 NCAA Tournament: http://youtu.be/pHceOvR464s

It’s been 19 years ( Time sure fly’s fast…) since Tyus Edney’s mad dash .  As one put it, Boise to Oakland in 4.8 …


Tyus Edney .  One of many Bruins who have had the honor of signing my Pyramid of Success poster. 

Dont you just love this time of year ?  All shades of Blue working as one…


Go Dodgers !!!  UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !!!

Spring Madness Is In the Air

As a sports fan, i’m really enjouing this time of year.  In 2 days, the Dodgers depart Camelback Ranch for Australia to kick off the Opening Series with the DBacks. ( Isn’t it strange they wrap up the ST at Camelback before St. Patricks Day ? ) 

I was so fortunate to finally experience ST.  It’s something every baseball fan should experience.  If you’re fortunate to have a week off to do it, you may want to visit various stadiums in the area.

OK.  How many of you are still in Glendale ?  If you are and have time to kill before heading back to L.A., you may want to check out this statue of former Arizona Cardinal , Pat Tillman.



Paying respect to a fallen hero….

So, who else is enjoying this time of year ?  You know, Spring Training, March Madness.  Or as i’ve done, combined the two to make…. Spring Madness !!! 


Jordan Adams, cutting down the nets in Las Vegas after the UCLA Bruins took down the 4th ranked Arizona Wildcats in the Pac 12 Championship game, 75-71.  Adams would nail a 3 with over 30 seconds left to break a 68-68 tie.   Now that UCLA has won the Pac 12 tourney , hopefully they will get a favorable seed and carry that momentum over to the tournament. 


Joe Bruin getting in the spirit of things.  Joe’s also ready for some Dodger Baseball !!!  It’s been a good year for both the football and basketball teams in Westwood !!!


It’s sure feels great being a sports fan this time of year in L.A. , right Joe ?

And finally….


“Spring Madness” has officially begun !!!

Blue Getting Ready for March Madness…


You all didnt think that Blue has all his focus on Spring Training did you ?  Blue is also a huge college basketball fan as well !!!  With March Madness officially starting next week , tonight, Blue decided to take a stroll down Wooden Way inside UCLA’s Pauley Pavillion and pay tribute to the Wizard of Westwood, the man responsible for 10 of UCLA’s 11 National Championships.  I would be around for the 11th, though technically I could say I was also around for the 10th, even if I was only 7 months old when it happened in March of 1975.  Oh, the madness….

Drei’s March Madness Tweet and Countdown to Opening Day (@Good_Drei)

Andrei Ojeda (@Good_Drei) tweeted at 0:44 AM on Mon, Mar 25, 2013: 7 days ’till #OpeningDayLA ! C’grats to #FGCU on being the 1st 15th seed into the #Sweet16 ! Thx Howland for taking #UCLA to 3 #FinalFours ! (https://twitter.com/Good_Drei/status/316093149959290880) Get the official Twitter app at https://twitter.com/download

Like the rest of you i’m certainly counting the days toward Opening Day !!! But in the meantime….

How many of you have broken brackets ? My west was already done when New Mexico got ousted in the first round by Harvard. Oh yeah, how many of you ACTUALLY had Florida Gulf Coast University in the Sweet 16 ? Yeah… I didn’t think so. That’s why we all love March Madness. It breaks our hearts but at the same time we all love an underdog right ? Especially when it’s a school a good 90% of us i’m guessing nevef even heard of. March Madness…GOTTA LOVE IT !!!

Speaking of March Madness , I know I am in the minority amongst the Bruin faithful when I say the Ben Howland should have been given at least one more year to calm the storm amongst the Sons of Westwood.  When you think about it, considering he had two players leave the team this year ( Josh Smith and Tyler Lamb ) , the team was coming off a season where they missed the tournament and the naysayers had the team in turmoil ( Yes, you SI ), yet they still found a way to win the PAC 12 regular season title, and enetered the tourney without one of their best scorers in Jordan Adams, who injured his foot in the Pac 12 tourney against Arizona, Howland may have done one of his best jobs in his 10 year tenure at UCLA.  Let’s not forget 3 Final Four appearances and 4 Pac 12 titles.  OK, so no Final Fours in 5 seasons, bit again, considering the circumstances he was faced with this year…..  Oh well.   It really didn’t seem that long ago when the Bruin faithful thought it was only a matter of time when Howland and the Mighty Bruins would hang banner 12 up in the rafters of Pauley Pavillion and many we’re sporting those HOWLAND IS MY HOMEBOY shirts. 

Ben Howland’s signature in my Wooden Pyramid of Success poster that i’ve had Bruin players and coaches sign since 2002.  Howland signed over the box stating….PATIENCE.  Good things take time….  Not in the minds of those who believe in the WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY theory….

Did I forget to mention that we are 7 days away to OPENING DAY !!!  GO DODGERS !!!  You can also follow me on twitter @Good_Drei