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The Trade Talks Continue…Paying Tribute to Vin Against MLB’s Wishes…

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 Chris Archer may be the Tampa Rays ace for the time being, but talks of acquiring him via trade still loom, as well as possibly giving up our top pitching prospect Julio Urias for White Sox ace Chris Sale. The Blue has also shown interest in acquiring some lumber, looking at the the Reds Jay Bruce as well as Rockies outfield Carlos Gonzalez, the latter of which the Dodgers have plenty of familiarity with. 

A Double Standard Here Huh ?

The same people who run Cut4 are the same people who are threatening Puig with a  $5,000 fine if he should have THE NERVE to sport the WIN FOR VIN cleats. A double standard here huh considering the shoutout from those at MLB. Wasn’t it also last year when Yoenis Cespedes sported a yellow armband to call upon a parakeet?

9th Inning…Forget The Pokemon !!!

snapchat-5686987011408494089.jpgWho needs Pokemon, we got our Pet Minion Dave, right Kid? ” Is That Right Drei? “


Extra Innings…Kid’s Tribute to Vin


Kid Marley Marlz latest beats, paying tribute to our favorite Dodger Blue storyteller. This is just a small sample. Kid will have another tribute later this season….

Of course, check out Kid’s other beats as well…

As always, Kid with The Beats…Drei with The Tales…

 The pennant race is just heating up…KID !!!!