Dre’s Week In Review

It’s finally happened ! A sustained winning streak of 4 games or more, first with last weekend’s 3 game sweep of the Giants at AT&T Park and with last night’s win over the Braves, completing another 3 game sweep this time with Kershaw going the distance( What’s new folks ? ) , the Dodgers are on a season high 6 game winning streak and have their largest divisional lead of the season at 3.5 games.

Staying Put at The Trade Deadline

So, this is what we know. Matt Kemp is not going anywhere anytime soon. Andre Ethier has been reduced to a late game pinch hitting replacement role with an occasional start in the outfield, and our Boys in Blue, after all talks of who stays and who goes, did absolutely nothing , not wanting to give up their top prospects in Joc Pederson, Julio Urias, or Corey Seager. There was some talks about acquiring Padres reliver Joaquin Benoit, however, I’m glad that didn’t happen. I’ve always been weary of teams dealing within the division especially if potential future prospects are thrown into the mix. The last thing we want to do is provide a strengthen a division rival who we play 18 times a season for nothing more than a playoff rental. Having said that, that does not mean the Dodgers will be standing on their laurels satisfied with what they have even with a current 6 game winning streak and Matt Kemp playing like the Matt Kemp of 2011 . There is one more deadline coming up and that is the trade deadline for clearing waivers

” Waivers:
A waiver is a permission granted to a Club that desires to assign or release one of its players. There are basically two types of waivers — waivers for the assignment of a player and waivers for the unconditional release of a player. In both cases, waivers are granted only after all the other Major League Clubs have been given an opportunity to claim the player and none has done so. With regard to assignment waivers, permission is granted for a specific period of time. With unconditional release waivers, once permission is granted the player is a free agent ”

With Josh Beckett’s health up in the air pitching with a hip impingement, and Dan Haren being inconsistent as of late, giving up a team high 20 home runs, I would like to see the Dodgers make a move for another starter to help out with the back end of the rotation. Other than that, I think we just may have the pieces to the puzzle to go deep into October.

Outside The Ravine

Much has been made about the trade between the A’s and Red Sox between Yeonis Cespides and Jon Lester . Who get’s the edge here ? The A’s certainly we’re not shy about bolstering their starting rotation even if it meant giving up one of the best outfielders in the game. Some feel the trade has made the A’s the World Series Favorites .

The Detroit Tigers also made a big move as well acquiring David Price ( Name sound familiar Dodgers fans ? ) in a 3 team deal, also strengthening the Tigers 5 man rotation anchored by Verlander and Scherzer.

So again, while both the A’s and Tigers made bold moves, the Dodgers as of now have decided to stay put with what they have. Will it be enough ?

In Memorium

Last but not least I wanted to pay tribute to a friend of mine. Some or many of you Dodgers fans may know him. He was a field level usher for the past 5 years working at section 52 and helping with wheelchair customers. Daniel Hopkins, like by all, always with a smile and a laugh in his face, passed away this past weekend . Section 52 will never be the same without you Daniel. You may be gone, but you’ll always be remembered …

montage dre_dhop dhop R.I.P. Daniel . Field Section 52 will always be yours ….


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