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Cruising The Bay, In One Day…Kid N Drei…Part 6…Wrapping Up The Day…Back to The Cove

Leading Off… R.I.P. Dick Enberg

Legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg passed away yesterday at the age of 32. Enberg had a long and storied broadcast career that covered many southland teams including UCLA Basketball, L.A. Rams, California Angels and most recently the San Diego Padres. Enberg would have a long career covering many other major sporting events for NBC and CBS, including NFL coverage, Super Bowls, Wimbledons and World Series. Enberg was also a baseball coach at San Fernando State College, known today as the Cal State University of Northridge, or to locals, CSUN. OH MY was his popular catchphrase. You will be missed Dick…

Here is Dick Enberg interviewing Vin Scully during the Padres final road trip to Dodger Stadium in September, 2016…

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and suit

“To me, Dick Enberg was the greatest all-around sportscaster who ever lived and will never be emulated. He was a very dear friend of mine. He had my respect, admiration and my friendship. He will be sorely missed.” -Vin Scully

Back to The Bay…One Last Time…With Kid N Drei


It’s been awhile, but we’re back. Much has happened since Drei has had a chance to wrap up Kid N Drei’s, Cruising The Bay. And to be THIS close to World Series glory…

Looking back on Kid N Drei’s day…In The Bay…The day started off early, as we arrived to The Bay before 7.


We’d stroll through Alamo Square, pay a visit to The Laidies


We’d stroll The Panhandle, as well as Golden Gate Park

Screenshot_20170914-152630.pngKid Marlz feeling all high up in Hippie Hill, Golden Gate Park…


Kid is really digging this Summer of Love themed tour of The City, on The City’s 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love…But the highlight of the day was the stroll across The Golden Gate…After all, just like the song, San Francisco has opened it’s Golden Gate…


Before heading to the ballpark, as we leave Hippie Hill, Kid N Drei take one last stroll through The Panhandle…

It’s been quite a “hella” fun day, Drei…

You really are enjoying abusing “hella” here in The Bay, aren’t you Kid?

You “hella” know it Drei! What’s next, Kid abusing “hyphy”?

Is that “hella” right, Drei?

Ah…Nevermind Kid….

20171011_162058.jpg Congratulations Kid! That was quite a performance you put on there on that same hill where 50 years ago, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Greatful Dead and George Harrison performed for the OG hippies. Kid Marls D “officially” has his name etched along some prominent acts…

Time to cruise The Panhandle


The Panhandle. Where many a local take their daily stroll. Jimi and Janis once performed along The Panhandle. As we stroll along The Panhandle, where Jimi once played, we come across Nate Thurmond Court. Nate Thurmond was a Warrior great. At Nate Thurmond Court, Kid Marls holds court, in a “Purple and Gold” haze…

With both of Kobe’s NUMBERS, that’s right, numbers, 8 and 24, recently retired, Kid Marls D flaunts the classic 8, for it’s 8 that Kid feels should be the retired one. Big Nate, one of the greatest rebounders in the game…I’m sure Big Nate would be proud of number 8…



Hey ! A Magic Gnome sighting from April !!!

Well Kid, it’s almost time for Dodger Baseball. But before we head to The Cove, we take one last cruise, from The Haight to The Wharf for a pregame bite. Because Kid N Drei “operate” on such a low budget, with our devices low on battery life, we have nothing to show, from Fisherman’s Wharf. But hey, it’s not like any of you subscribe to the “No pictures, didn’t happen theory”, right?

After a pregame bite to The Wharf, Kid N Drei finally head back to McCovey Cove. As Drei said, toward the end of the day, our devices we’re running low. So, not many pics from AT&T Park.

It’s all good though. For it was a fun day in The Bay, with Kid N Drei. Kid really digs the rivals place. AT&T Park is a beautiful yard. It was Kid’s first time at AT&T Park, highlighted by this splash shot by soon to be Rookie of the Year, Cody Bellinger

We’ve sure had our moments of firsts here at the yard. It was at this yard, where back in April, Drei saw Cody’s first MLB game.

It was here tonight where Kid paid his first visit to McCovey Cove. Drei would see his first splash shot live, fittingly, by one in Dodger Blue…

The Blue would come out on top, 4-1, taking 2 of 3 from the rivals. Though The Blue had been struggling during the month of September, at one point losing 11 in a row, they would still be en route to over 100 wins.


Kid Marls D is making his way up in his Ballpark Cruise. That’s now 4 MLB Parks, for which Kid has cruised.

Of the current yards, Drei has cruised 16, a popular number in The Bay. Overall, Drei has cruised 23.

As for Kid’s 4 yards, they’ve all been here in Cali, all with Drei. Away from The Ravine, together Kid N Drei has cruised from The O.C., through The Gaslamp in on to McCovey Cove. Kid N Drei has followed The Blue in these four Cali yards, with Oak-Town coming soon. In the four yards Kid has visited with Drei, The Blue is 4-0, outscoring their opponents 23-3.

You know Kid, I know you’ve said that we make magic together. Along with magic, we also seem to bring good vibes on the road, to The Dodger Blue, you know, from Diego to The Bay…


It’s been a long day. A long, fun-filled day. Oh yeah, back to “firsts”, it was Kid N Drei’s first road trip together outside of SoCal. Looking back at all this, cruising The City, shooting 3 music videos, Kid’s excitement being in The City and Drei being all blasé and all that, (Drei’s made many a trip to The Bay, OK? LOL), you may be asking, how did Kid N Drei do this, all in one day? Like Kid has said to Drei…We Make Magic Together.

San Francisco has certainly opened it’s Golden Gate, for Kid N Drei. Kid Marls D has enjoyed his first true stay, in The City By The Bay. It’s history and it’s charm. Though he may have left his heart in San Francisco, home is where the heart is, for Kid Loves L.A.

It’s time to head home…Back on the overnight Megabus…Back to L.A.


Kid got plenty of rest throughout the trip, something lacking with Drei. It would be another long bus ride home.

It was another fun season of Kid N Drei’s tales. Hopefully at this time next year, The Blue finishes the journey to The Top…

20170913_135712.jpgHey Kid, how ’bout we turn The Bay, Blue? One more time !!!


Gotta give The Bay that Holiday Touch of Blue… HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE !!!

From The Bay…Peace and Love…From Kid N Drei



Notes On A Scorecard…7/6/2017 vs D-Backs…Moment After Moment


Leading Off…

Dodgers vs DBacks_42 on Scoreboard.jpg

April 15th shouldn’t be the only day we celebrate Jackie’s legacy, right ?

Dodgers vs DBacks_Scoreboard Back to Normal

OK, back to our normal lineup…

Dodgers vs Dbacks_Final Scorecard

After taking the first 2 of 3 from the Snakes, a pitchers duel between Rich Hill and Robbie Ray would take place. Through 7 innings, both pitchers would combine for 22 strikeouts, 9 of which would belong to Rich Hill. The only blemish from both pitchers would be solo shots from Jake Lamb and Logan Forsythe. 

The Dodgers would have their chances. Two of them, in fact as they had the bases loaded in the 1st and 6th innings, only to come away empty. From the 8th to the 9th The Snakes would score 3, one of them coming off Jake Lamb’s second solo shot. 

But the home 9th would show once again to never count the Blue out, AND, if you’re at any game the rest of this 2017 season and the deficit is 4 runs or less heading to the home 9th to NEVER HEAD TO THE EXITS !!! (Even if the deficit is more than 4 runs, with this years team you may still want put aside any doubts…)


The inning would start innocently enough, with Yasiel Puig leading off with a single. After a walk to Joc Pederson, pinch hitting for Trayce Thompson, Cody Bellinger, getting the night off, would come on to pinch hit for Yasmani Grandal. As excited as I was along with 40,000 other spectators, I couldn’t help but think if Cody lights up a Roman Candle and we go extras (Yes, I’ve been listening to Vin Scully a lot over the years…), who would be catching since Grandal came into the game for Austin Barnes. 

Nonetheless, Cody would also reach on a base on ball, loading the bases for Logan Forsythe. Logan on four pitches would also walk, forcing in a run. BTW, None of the pitches from Snakes closer Fernando Rodney we’re close. That would bring up Corey Seager. Seager, not having one of his better nights having struck out 3 times, would work the count to 2 and 2, before this...

Is it me, or do I have some sort of magical power for Dodger hitters who enter the 9th inning on striking out 3 times or more?

After an intentional pass to load the bases, setting up a force at the plate, Chris Taylor, who already has 3 grand slams, could he deliver his fourth with a walk-off slam?  

You know, I’m more than take that walk-off single. As Joe Davis would say…”Moment After Moment…”, no doubt taking a cue from good ol’ Vin…(Who wouldn’t?)

Instead of salvaging the final game of 3 and pulling within 3.5 games of The Blue, the Snakes would fall 5.5 games behind. The Dodgers have still yet to lose since July 2nd. Since, they have gone from 2.5 games up to now 10.5 games on the reeling Snakes…

Dodgers vs DBacks_SChat Pic

Furious Indeed !!!

What other “scorecard” moment will Drei bring? To quote Joe one more time…”Moment after Moment…Memory after Memory…”

Extra Innings…Goin’ Through The Cycle With The Rookie Sensation








Drei’s Notes On A Scorecard…4/6/2017 vs Padres…End of an Era For L.A. Sports

Puig Scorecard

Greetings. Welcome to my first edition of Drei’s Notes on a Scorecard. Today, our scorecards come from my first game of the year on 4/6 as The Blue would conclude their final game of a 4 game series with the Padres. On the notes from above, through 4, The Cuban Missile would do his damage from the bat, twice, driving in 2 runs each time for a total of four runs. That would be 3 home runs in two days for Yasiel Puig…

lad scorecard

Holy Charity From The Friars…

The Blue would score 6 more from the 6-7th innings en route to a 10-2 shellacking of The Friars. During that frame, The Friars would issue 8 walks, forcing in a run while also stealing one as well on a double steal. The Blue would only need 3 hits during that 6 run frame..

sd scorecard.jpg

A Not So Holy Welcome

This would be Jarred Weaver’s first start in a Padre uniform. Weaver would go 5, being taken deep twice by Puig. Weaver was acquired in February off free agency after a successful stint with the Angels.

Brandon McCarthy would go 6 strong, striking out 4. Luis Avilan and Chris Hatcher would have strong outings out of the ‘pen, with Hatcher striking out 3 in 2 innings.

So those are my first Notes On a Scorecard for 2017. It’s great to be back at the old ballgame…

Drei’s Ballpark Tales

blue dog and tremor 2

Featuring Blue Dog and his cousin from Rancho Cucamunga, Tremor…


blue dog and tremor

Nice day for these two to take in a ballgame…Nice of Tremor to make the trek from Rancho to see the big club with his cousin Blue Dog…Tremor’s Quakes kick off their season this week…

End of An Era for L.A. Sports…

vin chick bob

With the Kings 3-2 loss to the Anaheim Ducks tonight, an golden era has come to an end. Bob Miller, the L.A. Kings announcer of 44 years, is hanging up the mic. Miller had experienced some health issues earlier this season however he did come back to broadcast the Kings final two games, including their home finale yesterday. 

Though the Kings will be left out of the post-season, this decade is been the kindest to Miller, as he would be on hand for their 2 Stanley Cup conquests in 2012 and 2014. 

L.A. sports fans, already and admittedly spoiled by Vin and Chick, all agree that of the 3, Bob Miller is undoubtedly the most underrated. Much of that of course has to do with the long history of success by both the Lakers and Dodgers.

Between the 3, a total of 16 World Championships we’re won by their respective teams. Today really does mark the end of a golden era in L.A. sports. Thank You Bob !

9th Inning…R.I.P. Mr. Potato Head

Over the years, the Dodgers have had many a celebrity pay The Ravine a visit. One of the biggest and long time Dodger fans from the Hollywood circuit passed away this past week. Don Rickles, a regular and a frequent player during the early days of the Hollywodd Stars game, passed away at the age of 90. In this clip from 1985, Don Rickles does a roast of The Boys in Blue…R.I.P. Don Rickles



Beyond The Yard: A British Invasion

”  The one MLB venue The Fab Four performed at that is still in use and will be the only one standing after this year. Yup, you guessed it….”

beatles_dodgerstadium(The Beatles, Dodger Stadium, 8/28/1966)


53 years ago this week The Beatles would arrive to America, setting off a British Invasion of sorts. They would later perform on The Ed Sullivan Show.



During their touring years of 1964-66, The Fab Four would perform at 9 various MLB ballparks. Of the 9, of course, Dodger Stadium is the lone one standing. On August 28, 1966, as the Dodgers we’re battling the hated ones in a battle for first place at Candlestick Park, The Beatles would perform their 2nd to last ever concert at The Ravine on August 28, 1966. 

The Beatles would perform their final concert ever the next evening at Candlestick Park. That would be The ‘Stick’s most impressive event of 1966, as our Boys in Blue would win the NL pennant by 1.5 games over the hated ones…

Of course, we can never get enough of Beatlemania, or Vinny. We’ll just let Vin tell a tale of A Hard Days Night at The Ravine on August 28, 1966. The Beatles and Vin…




Throwback Thursday… 10/8/2009…9th Inning, Game 2, 2009 NLDS…As Told By Vin

October baseball. When the fall air is filled with joy and heartbreak. 

Recently Dodger fans voted on their Top 20 Vin Scully moments. Without a doubt, many of your favorite ones, many that are not so obvious ( See Gibson’s home run…). 

Many of you out there have a favorite Vin moment that you we’re at. With the NLDS about to get underway, here’s my personal favorite post-season call, as told by Vin. The Cardinals one out away from tying the Best of 5 NLDS at one game apiece. Somewhere in the top deck, I’m just hoping James Loney keeps the inning alive. Take it away Vin…


dodgers_jim-hill Celebrating with KCBS’s Jim Hill

9th Inning…Vin For President


Election time is almost here. Not happy with either candidate? Remember, you can always write in a candidate…Even the one above !!!





Blue Monday

Blue Monday. It’s the Monday after the regular season ends. It’s the feeling you get when you try to come to the realization that the best to ever bring you the game will never set foot inside a broadcast booth again…It’s the feeling you get when you try telling yourself you will no longer hear the countless stories that was poetry in motion…It’s the feeling you get when the man himself won’t be there to provide you moments of grief…Moments of heartbreak…Moments of joy…It’s that moment when you realize you will no longer hear the echoes from the man himself…IT’S TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL !!!

Through all those feelings of great sentiment, that, my friends, is not Blue Monday.

Blue Monday is a playoff moment that is tied to The Blue and our NLDS opponent, the Washington Nationals. It happened on October 19, 1981, during Game 5 of the 1981 NLCS. Olympic Stadium, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium. When the Nationals we’re the Expos and called the provincial land of Quebec their home and native land.  

In this deciding 5th game, with the game tied at one in the top of the 9th and 2 outs, Rick Monday would deliver…

The Dodgers would hold on for a 2-1 victory, sending them to a World Series date with the New York Yankees and an eventual championship. The 1981 season’s would also mark the only time the Montreal Expos would reach post season play. Ironically, 1981 would also be the last time the Dodgers and Yankees, frequent rivals in the Fall Classic, would face each other in World Series play.  

The Expos would eventually move to DC in 2005 and become the Washington Nationals. To this day, especially in Montreal, this day is forever known as…Blue Monday

RickMonday (The swing that coined the phrase, Blue Monday…)

1981, BLUE MONDAY, AND THE MONTREAL EXPOS (With the man responsible for Blue Monday…Mr. Rick Monday)







My Favorite Dodgers-Giants Moments…From Vin


Over the years you’ve told us many a tale about a rivalry between the North and the South…The tales have brought joy and heartbreak to both sides of our proud state. It was up north on the final day of the 1982 season where I got my first taste of this classic rivalry…


Even among longtime bitter rivals, you are given the greatest amount of respect, as told by longtime broadcaster and the voice of the Giants, Jon Miller…

Photo courtesy Jon Miller (Vin Scully with Giants broadcasters, L-R, Duane Kuiper, Mike Krukow, Jon MIller and Dave Flemming, 8/25/2016 via Jon Miller)

The stories over the years are countless. They resonate beyond Dodgers fans…Giants fans…baseball fans all over…

Yup. It’s hard to believe that in the 67 years you’ve told your tales, 37 of them that I’ve had the pleasure to listen to, everything has come full circle…

Drei’s 2 Favorite Dodgers-Giants Moments From Vin…

Like many of you, I have my share of more than just 2 Vin Scully moments involving the Good ( Dodgers ) and The Bad ( Giants )…Moments that I was there for…

2. October 3, 1993…103 Wins and Not a Scene In The Bay…

Just like 1982, the Giants had to win the final game of the season to force a one-game playoff against the Braves for the NL West crown. The Dodgers, particularly 1993 NL Rookie of the Year Mike Piazza, had other ideas…

The Dodgers would torch the Giants 12-1, leaving the hated ones one game behind the Braves. 1993 would be the last year of the pre Wild Card era. In spite of having baseball’s 2nd best record in 1993, the Jints we’re nowhere to be seen in late October, much to the delight of this fan, and the dismay of those who made the long trek down I-5, only to make the longer trek back home…( Perhaps that’s what Nancy Bea meant when she serenaded our visitors with Do You Know The Way to San Jose…). 

1. October 2, 2004…Wherever It Lands…

The Giants, 2 back of The Blue with 2 to play, carried a 3-0 lead into the home 9th. The Dodgers would rally to tie, then Steve Finley slammed his way into Dodger Blue lore…

The slam would give the Dodgers their first division title in 9 years. The hated ones would be knocked out of post-season play the next day…

It really hasn’t set in yet that this weekend is your final curtain call. It’s quite fitting that your final call comes with these two storied rivals on the field…The Dodgers and the Giants…One getting ready for a post-season run…One fighting for a post-season run..Yet it was you (And Joe Morgan, ironically Jon Miller’s longtime EPSN Sunday Night Baseball partner…) introduced this kid to the Dodgers-Giants rivalry…

Extra Innings…A Sunday Tale…From The LFP…With Kid N Drei…


Kid: Drei, I’m gonna miss Vin more than I’ll miss Kobe…

Hey Kid…How ’bout a tune paying tribute to Vin…

(Best when listened with headphones…)


Counting Down That Magic Number to 4…Dear Vin…

dodgers_duke-snider_getty-images (Duke Snider/Getty Images)

The Duke of Flatbush, Duke Snider would wear the Dodger Blue in both Brooklyn and L.A from 1947-1962. A two time World Series Champion, the Duke would hit 407 career home runs while compiling a career .295 batting average

Dodgers_Home Jersey Logo

Dear Vin…Part One…Drei’s Tale, Kid’s Beats

As the days wind down, it seems unreal that you will be leaving us. But a part of me says you will never leave us. In your 67 years behind the mic, you have entertained this Dodger fan for 37 of those 67 years, delivering stories filled with drama, heartbreak, and euphoria…


9th Inning…Kid Dario’s Tribute to Vin…



Extra Innings… Looking Back…2006…Back to Back…To Back…To Back

As told by…of course…

Magic Number Countdown…13

Joe Ferguson - Los Angeles Dodgers
Joe Ferguson #13 of the Los Angeles Dodgers on May 1, 1973. (Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images)

Joe Ferguson would have two stints in the Dodger Blue from 1970-76 and from 1978-81 as a stellar backstop with a solid arm not only behind the plate but in the right field as well, as Sal Bando would find out here from Game 1 of the 1974 World Series against Oakland. On the receiving end, Steve Yeager, from one solid backstop to another…

6 years later with the Dodgers facing elimination from the NL West race Joe Ferguson would also come up big this time with his bat…

The Dodgers would go on to sweep that final weekend series against the Houston Astros, forcing a one-game playoff between the two, only to have the Astros finally prevail…

More Dramatics From 13…

Alex Cora would be another solid infielder for the Blue, providing stellar play at both 2nd and SS from 1998-2004. Who could forget this 18 pitch AB in 2004?

9th Inning…Happy Birthday Jerry

Jerry Doggett, Aug. 25, 1983  (Jerry Doggett, Photo by Ken Hively/L.A. Time, August 25, 1983)

Today marked what would have been the 100th birthday of another legendary former Dodger broadcaster, Jerry Doggett, whom Vin always spoke highly of…

 Like Vin, Jerry would come from Brooklyn and would be part of the Dodger broadcast team from 1956-1987 . The 80s child in me remembers the days when Vin did the first three and last three innings on TV, while either Jerry Doggett or Ross Porter did the middle 3 innings on the tube with Vin doing radio during the middle 3. Yup, gone are the days of the solo broadcaster…( That picture above…I swear you would think it was taken today…)

Dodgers_Home Jersey Logo




It’s That Time of Year…Magic Number Time…24

In their quest for their 4th straight NL West Division title, the Magic Number Countdown is back. With The Blue up 3 games on the Giants, the Magic Number to clinch their 4th straight division crown is 24. As we get closer to October, though many of you are familiar with how the Magic Number works, for those who arent, you subtract 1 for each Dodgers win and/or Giants loss. So it is possible that 2 numbers can be knocked off in the same day, especially on days we meet the hated ones, which we will be doing 6 more times. As the numbers decrease, I will be posting a new number paying tribute to a random Dodger who wore that “Magic Number”. So, let’s start with today’s number 24. 

24 Walter Alston


Walter Alston would manage The Blue in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles for 23 seasons from 1954-1976, guiding the Dodgers to 7 World Series appearances, including their first and only title in Brooklyn (1955) and a 4 game sweep of the the Yankees in 1963. Known as “The Quite Man” ( Not a stretch to say he was the opposite of Lasorda…) Alston would be elected to the Hall of Fame in 1983

Back To Route 66…

This 3-run blast by Yasiel Puig would give the Blue a 3-2 lead over the Friars. Though the Friars would take the lead, the Blue would rally once more, capped off by this 2-run shot by former Friar Yasmani Grandal, who seems to enjoy  torturing his former mates...

A Dream Come True…Jose De Leon

Of course, the story of the day had to be rookie Jose De Leon strike out 9 in 6 innings his big league debut. In true Dodger fashion, it was the kid’s dream to not only make it to the bigs but to have none other than Vin call his game, a dream many of us would still like to have. 

Extra Innings…Flashback…Sunday at the Park With Kid N Drei


Yes Kid…WE LOVE L.A !!! Only 10 more home games Kid. We gotta come up with one more tale, even if it’s one that you can laugh at Drei about…Check out Kid Marley’s tribute to Vinny…